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"Review for people who arnt into all the new features and gimics"

Ok first of all, ive played every football game franchise I think of from, tecmo bowl, 2k, EA madden, blitz, hitz, etc.

What ive always liked in a football game the most, is dead on controls, and realistic gameplay. In madden 07, I simply dont find that realistic gameplay here. Unless you consider realistic being hitting the button to get the play off, and hitting another button to throw , perform a stiff arm, dive, juke etc. On offense, get used to getting knocked down very often, from npc players who dont even make contact, or at best brush by your jersey, and your player goes down. Ive had my players get tackled with no one around them, a computer npc player will dive, not make contact with my player, yet my guy still gets knocked down. This is something other maddens have done, and 07 again cant fix that problem. One time using ronnie brown on miami, a off linemen, went air born, as if he jumped off the shoulders of another linemen lol, and flatneded my RB like a pancake, something again that is wrong with the gameplay, when 300 lb linemen can jump over other linemen and land airborn on a running back behind the line of scrimmage.

On offense, if your not cheaply tackeled, your WRs will drop tons of balls. Ill have wide outs wide open, have the ball just hit them and drop it, or not even make a catching animation, even though I hit the correct button to catch the ball. Again not realistic.

It seems like this game, runs its gameplay off averages of real players, and not the actual skill of the player using them. I dont see how so many thrown balls could be dropped, when having a WR open with no defenders around them.

I as ive stated, play football games for the controls, and realism, EA dosnt do a good job on either. THe crowd is blurred out, like there is a fog only in the stands, and no where else on the field, and obvious attempt, from EA to simply not sped the time to make crowds look different, and realistic, and stand out, like everyone has wanted for years. On top of that, every play that ends, goes into a shot of several players standing on the sideline, the same scene, after every play, which is very anoying, and certainly not next gen, or even current gen.

For me I dont care about superstar modes, I buy football games for the football, not so I can take some cry baby like T.O. and pretend im him.

I know my review didnt touch up on every spect of the game, I did this to stick to what makes and breaks a sports game, gameplay, and in this case EA still cant do it right, or any better then 2k did when they made football games.

Bottom line, if your looking for a football game, you have no other choice thanks to EA. If your a huge football fan, who likes tons of extra modes, and can overcome this games bad gameplay and short comings, youll find something to like. Also if your new to football games, youll end up loving this game, as being wowed by its graphics, hearing the voices of players, announcers etc.

But for football game vets, or those looking for more then madden has offered the last two years, dont expect much more then last years. And at $60 thats a major let down from EA yet again. Especially considering how bad their NBA live 07 is.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/09/06

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