Review by Jrod21

"EA fumbles on this one..."

I love the NFL, but I don't like Madden, never have. I was a big ESPN 2K kind of guy. But since there's no other options anymore, I picked this one up....big let down even for Madden.

Gameplay: 5/10
The game runs poorly, with a lot of glitches, and it freezes on me, on about 80% of my off-seasons, during Franchise mode. Characters move like robots, and the QB's throwing animation is just terrible. There are too many cons that make this game just not very fun. It does have online mode which makes things better for the gamer, but not much. Almost all players currently playing in the NFL are in this game, and the new Kicking feature is much better than the previous ones. I don't like the Lead Blocker feature, it's pointless and the EA team could have left Lead Blocker out, and put more focus on the other features or lack thereof.

Story: 9/10
It's a sports game so there really isn't a story. The best teams win, and the worst teams lose...that's it. I won't punish the game because of it's genre.

Graphics/Sound: 2/10
This is next generation gaming people. Madden 07' looks 100% like Madden 06' even with the HD graphics. It still looks good, but it's the same as the previous years game. There are few face models *Example: Drew Bledsoe has Trent Greens face. Jon Kitna has a generic face, and a mullet...that's not realistic at all*. The face models are bad, but the in game commentary is a game killer. We want better presentation, and Madden 07' gets a 15-yard penalty for the total disregard of presentation and innovation.

Play Time/Replayability: 4/10
A sports game usually has high replay time, because no two games ever completely go the same way. But with the terrible presentation, this game becomes a snooze fest after about 10 hours of play time.

Final Recommendation: 4/10
No sports game should be THIS boring, it should be a crime to disgrace the NFL like Madden 07' does. This game is definitely not a buy. Rent it over the weekend for $4 and you'll get your fill very quickly. These next few years where EA has the NFL exclusive license will be a dark time for NFL fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/13/06

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