Review by TheGreatNita

"Where's 2K Sports when you need them?"

Where to begin...I don't think there's really a need go in-depth about this game.

EA sports used to be the best in sports games. Period. Somewhere along the way to '07 though, they decided to screw their loyal Madden-ites every year with "okay" sports titles.

Madden 07 on Xbox 360 fails on so many levels it's simply ridiculous. It's obvious EA bought that exclusive NFL deal because they knew 2K was hot. They even have the ESPN deal. So...Where is it? Why have a licence if your not gonna use it? Typically, EA fails on presentation with Madden. Again.

Gameplay? We've been using the same controls for a decade now. As usual, EA is selling games because John Madden's name is on the box. Speaking of which, where is John Madden throughout the game???? The only time you hear him is picking plays. He's not announcing? This isn't even Madden anymore. EA has turned Madden into a shell of it's former self. All these "NEW" features EA throws at us, they're only NEW on the 360. PS2/Xbox already have these features. Once again, EA fails to deliver good gameplay.

Graphics? Looks about as good as it does on regular Xbox. WTF? I dont get it. What's the problem here??? NExt gen folks, next gen.

Did I mention the camera on Superstar mode is complete GARBAGE?

Sound? Don't expect to hear a good announcing team, because there is none. Sadly, we're stuck with a radio announcer who sucks anyway. Other than that, the sound is okay. But again, NHL 07 has great commentary.....I guess EA was too CHEAP. Surprised? Me neither.

The worst part about video game football is the lack of options. I love football as well as video game football, yet I'm forced to buy a product that is 25% complete, and designed by lazy programmers and a staff that doesn't want to pay money to give us gamers something that's worth it.

Bottom line is, if you love football your stuck with getting this game. Of course you could buy Blitz but...

Where have you gone 2K Sports? A nation of screwed gamers turn their lonely eyes to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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