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"No fantasy draft + No Madden = Average game"

Well, this is only my third Madden Game I've really gotten into playing, (the other two being 03 and 05 for the PS2). This was my first Madden on an Xbox controller, and I must say, it fell short of my high expectations.

Gameplay - 7

The most important factor in any game. It determines its overall fun value, and its replay-ability. Madden 07 gameplay is neither good, nor bad, just....average. The main thing keeping its score from an 8 was the lack of a fantasy draft. WTF EA! They have always included a fantasy draft in the past games, why not this one. HUGE missing feature there. Everything else is as I said before, average. Another nagging thing is the NFL draft, in the first couple rounds it takes probably 30 seconds (no joke) per pick. This gets incredibly tiresome. People who are good, not great, at playing like myself, will find themselves in a difficult situation. If you play on All-Pro the computer is so ridiculously easy that you can easily whip out a 70-21 win like I do pretty much every time. But when you try to step it up to All-Madden, the game becomes almost impossible where if you make ONE bad choice, you're screwed. Another thing I can't get the hang of is this new, Lead Blocking Controls. It seems that if you do not use them, your blockers do not block. You can have a wide open field ahead of you with three blockers approaching one opponent, and guess what, you'll get a 2 yard loss. Could have done better.

Graphics - 7

I am ashamed of EA. I wanted this game so badly because I was pumped at how realistic everything was going to look. And to be honest, I can't tell 07 and 05 apart that easily! Come on! This is XBOX 360 not Playstation 2. EA most definitely didn't use all the potential here. The player models, again, for how much potential, look average. The running looks so ridiculous in this game. The players thighs basically overlap creating a running style that looks like the players are running with sticks up their butts. Stadiums are pretty nice, especially how the field slowly drenches itself in water as rain pours down, and muddy fields tear up as the game progresses. No complaints there. That's a thumb sideways for EA.

Sound - 8

I actually love the sounds in this game. On-field conversations and comments are a realistic, nice thing to add. Not to mention funny. The sounds of linemen smacking into each other sounds real as life and quarterback noises are.....ok. Another thing that made me angry about this game is that MADDEN DOESN'T ANNOUNCE HIS OWN GAME! In place of Al Michaels and John Madden, there is some random radio announcer guy commentating. This game is called Madden 07! Point deduction there.

I had very high expectations of this game, and they were nowhere near being met. If you're a Madden fan like myself, of course pick it up, just don't expect to play it much after a couple weeks.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/12/07

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