Review by Xplaya1

Reviewed: 04/20/07

Missed the game winning field goal.....

Simply, something is amiss in just about every aspect of this game.


Gameplay here is a mixed bag, but is, fortunately, good with only a few gaffs. There are a few minor problems, such as the game seems to skip before and after plays, but, the main problem in the gameplay is hit detection, and this covers a broad range of things. Everything from receivers dropping wide open passes, fullbacks missing obvious blocks, receivers not even attempting to catch the ball or the game even loading the catching animation, defenders making phantom tackles (when they are not near you but somehow tackle you), linemen who dive over players as if they are 200 lbs lighter, your QB getting sacked when he wasn't even touched, your halfback getting tackled in almost a "magnet" looking fashion, etc. And on top of ALL of this, there is some pretty bad clipping issues. Just watch one replay, and you will see linemen's arms and hands through each other, shoulder pads going through the chest's of players, and WR's and/or DB's hands/arms going through one another. Gamplay is still fun, but these problems need to be fixed, especially since this is supposed to be "Next Gen".


Overall, they are great, the best in any football game in my opinion, but still are sorta lacking that "Next-Gen" magic that many games are now showing.


As good as it can be, when referring to button layout. Since you can customize the controller completely, you can't complain on this one.


Madden 07 has good features, but it is lacking. Franchise Mode, Superstar Mode, Exhibition, Online Play, Mini-Camp Mode (could be a LOT better), and Create a Player are all standard stuff. But gameplay features such as Field Vision passing, the Truck Stick, and running back specific moves are all really nice additions. Overall, though, both feature sets need some tweaking and more options added.

In conclusion, my overall feeling with Madden 07 is satisfied but with a slightly bitter taste. This game is fun, but every so often I can't help but think "This would be even more fun if "so and so" was fixed or if "so and so" was just a bit better." Overall I am satisfied, but if this is how Madden 2008 is, I won't be so satisfied then.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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