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"Get over here!"

Just as, according to Pulp Fiction, you are either an Elvis person or a Beatles person the same applies to the two heavyweights of retro beat 'em ups. Some prefer the tactical play of Street Fighter 2 where as others really cannot be bothered and would rather see gallons of blood, decapitations and quick, effective combos and they veer towards Mortal Kombat.

Both were great games, especially on the SNES and both have been released onto Xbox Live Arcade for a whole new generation of gamers.

Graphics - 7

As with SF2 the graphics of Mortal Kombat are still perfect for the game. The animation may be light on frames but it all looks great. MK's forays into 3D prove that the old style was best.

Vivid colours, lashings of blood and a good sense of humour are all evident. It suffers in comparison to modern beat 'em ups of course but it looks great in its own right.

Sound - 7

The old thumping music, painful sound effects and Shao Kahn's booming voice are all in place. It sounds great, even if it doesnt have hours of Japanese orchestral music and a cast of great actors.

Gameplay - 8

After the shoddy port of SF2 with it's horrible levels of difficulty my hopes weren't high for MK3 but you know what... it's great. Combat (i'll never spell it their way!) is fast, brutal and tense. Try button mashing and you'll get taken down quickly. Learn some strategy, get some practise and develop those thumbs and it pays dividends.

Sure, I can barely complete the game on 'Novice' but I managed it, got my achievements and am now fully immersed in the online aspect.

Of course, you get your fair share of idiots online. This can't be helped. Expect your rep to get shredded by bad losers for a start but hey that's not Midway's problem. This has settled down now that the original bunch of them have all gotten their 100 wins. Your biggest problem is people picking the ultra-cheap C-Smoke character but you'll soon be countering them all over the shop.

It may not have the flash of DOA4 but it's a hell of a lot more fun.

Overall - 8

Sure, I'm being nostalgic maybe but I love this game and playing it online against some great players has given me a whole new perspective on the game. I'm now a better player and this game is dominating my online time at the moment.

44 wins to go til I get my 100. I'll enjoy every match along the way.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/07/06

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