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"Just as bad as it was when it first came out, over a decade ago..."

Mortal Kombat. A series that have been rapidly deteriorating with every new outing. A game that relies on violence and "fatalities" to sell rather than an actual fighting engine.

Graphics 2/10
UMK3 moved away from cartoony graphics of the earlier games and used real actors to model the characters. Which actually made the game look worse graphically than MK1 and 2. You have dull looking characters on bright over-the-top backgrounds. Often the characters will look like cutouts from a magazine stuck onto your screen.

Sound 1/10
Bad music. Bad sound effects. There is not one tune that is memorable, and the sound of random gibberish being shouted by the characters when they did moves makes you want to mute the game.

Gameplay vs. AI 1/10
Now the actual gameplay is just horrible. The AI will always have advantages over your human controlled character. They can throw you out of any move you may attempt. They will be reading your controller input and counter anything you do. But does that make them hard to beat? No, it just makes them insanely cheap because they can read your every move, and to make it worse, their moves have more priority over your moves.

A typical match involves you miraculously scoring a hit on the AI, then jumping forwards and backwards until the timer runs out so you can win by having more health than the CPU. And that will work fine until you get to the Sub-boss. The Sub-Boss is immune to a lot of your attacks, takes 1/3 of damage, and can take away half your life with 1 hit. If you played some KOF games and thought 98 Rugal was cheap, wait till you meet this guy.

The game introduced a new run feature. Which you can use to charge at your opponent and initiate a dial-a-combo. But against the AI, this will pretty much never work. They will sweep you, they will uppercut you, they will throw you, they will counter with their own dial-a-combo. And since the AI's moves have more priority over yours, you will come out on the receiving end more often than not.

Gameplay vs. humans 4/10
Now this is just a tad more fun. You are not limited to abusing the jumping glitch to win. You can actually put to use the limited arsenal of moves you are given. But the match will soon become a struggle to see who can connect the first hit to start one of many broken infinite combos. And this is one of the very few, if not only, fighting game to have a broken combo for each character.

Overall 2/10
Save your points. This is not worth a buy. The MK games have never focused on being a fighting game. It has always been focused towards gore and fatalities. If you really want to see what this game is like, try to hunt for it at old pubs or arcades and see if they have this game. If you are just interested in seeing some of the fatalities, a quick trip to youtube will satisfy you.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 08/14/07

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