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    Weapon Guide by brgriff

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    Rainbow Six: Vegas Weapon (and Equipment) Guide
    Version: 1.0
    Author: B Griff
    Date Created: 1-23-09
    A brief foreword  (drowerof)
    Weapons/equipment by type  (epyt)
    Equipment & Gadgets  (E&G)
    Accessories accepted by weapon type  (seirossecca)
    Weapons information  (snopaew)
    Tips  (spit)
    Good Loadouts  (stuodaol)
    Where to find "drop" weapons  (pord)
    Terrorist Loadout  (tsirorret)
    Conclusion   (noisulcnoc)
    A brief foreword:  drowerof
    Although there is already a walkthrough/general FAQ for this game, I decided to 
    write one that concentrates on the weapons because I feel that this is one of 
    the main focuses of the game.  Also, the walkthrough FAQ, under the weapons 
    heading, is missing a few entries.  I will attempt to give a more complete 
    guide that includes everything weapons (and equipment) related.
    As far as the aspect of weapons in RS:V goes, I don't think I have missed any-
    thing, however, if you find any glaring omissions, feel free to contact me at 
    bj_griff@hotmail.com and I will be sure to correct the FAQ.  I will also in-
    clude a few tips for weapons and how they are used in practice.
    Weapons/equipment by type:  epyt
    Equipment types fall into eight broad categories:
    Assault Rifles:  These include the 552 Commando, AK-47, AUG A3, FAMAS, G36C, 
    G3KA4, M8, MTAR21, & SCAR-H CQC.
    Equipment:  This covers your Headset, Night Vision Goggles, Rope & Rappel 
    equipment, Thermal Vision Goggles, Explosives, Snake Cam, and Vaccine.
    Gadgets:  These include the Breaching Charge, C4, Flashbang, Frag Grenade, 
    Incendiary Grenade, Riot Shield, and Smoke Grenade.
    Light Machine Guns:  These are the 21E, M249 SPW, MG36, and MK46.
    Pistols/Sidearms:  These include the 92FS, Desert Eagle, Glock 18, MK 23, 
    Raging Bull, and USP40.
    Shotguns:  These are the 870MCS, M3, SPAS 12, and XM-26 LSS.
    Sniper Rifles:  This covers the M40A1, PSG1, Scout Tactical, and SV-98.
    Submachine Guns:  These are the MAC 11, MP5N, MP7A1, MP9, P90, and UMP45.
    Equpment & Gadgets:  E&G
    Headset:  This keeps you in communication with your team, as well as giving you
    video updates of the activities of the enemy.  This is not optional equipment, 
    it is always part of your loadout.
    Night Vision Goggles:  These are the antiquated analog "green screen" night 
    vision.  Apparently Rainbow Six cannot afford new wave digital night vision.  
    Nonetheless, these goggles come in useful in a couple of spots throughout the 
    Rope & Rappel Equipment:  Sometimes you need to rappel or drop in by rope.  
    This is the standard rope and rappel equipment used by the Rainbow Six team.
    Thermal Vision Goggles:  These allow you to see through a smokescreen by 
    registering the temperature of the objects seen through them.  Warmer objects 
    (such as humans) are seen in yellow, orange, and red.  Cooler, inanimate 
    objects are usually shades of blue or purple.
    Explosives:  One of your teammates places these on any number of target objects
    that need to be destroyed.  Simply place the command and get away from whatever
    is being destroyed.
    Snake Cam:  Use it to look under doors and explore the next room.
    Vaccine:  Use these to heal a fallen comrade.  If fallen friendly is in the 
    line of fire, send your other R6 teammate, instead.
    Breaching Charge:  These explosives bust open a door, damaging any enemies 
    behind it.  They are fairly useful.
    C4:  You can throw these charges to a remote area and detonate them by remote 
    plunger.  Relatively useful.
    Flashbang:  Blinds and disorients the enemy.  Very useful.
    Frag Grenade:  Fills the area with deadly shrapnel.  Very useful gadget.
    Incendiary Grenade:  Although not as deadly as a frag, these will generally 
    kill or at least incapacitate your enemy.
    Riot Shield:  Protects against most attacks from the front.  It is useful, 
    although it takes the place of one of your weapon slots.
    Smoke Grenade:  Creates a somewhat useful smokescreen for you to attack from 
    behind.  Use your thermal vision goggles to see heat signatures of enemies 
    behind the smoke.
    Accessories accepted by weapon type:  seirossecca
    Assault Rifles:
    6X Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target 6 times.  Usefulness:  
    ACOG Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target 4 times.  Usefulness:  
    Laser Sight:  Improve weapon accuracy at the cost of alerting enemy to your 
    presence.  Usefulness:  Average.
    Reflex Scope:  Provides clear reticule in any light condition.  Usefulness:  
    Light Machine Guns:
    Laser Sight:  Improve weapon accuracy at the cost of alerting enemy to your 
    presence.  Usefulness:  Average.
    Recoil Control Stock:  Improve weapon accuracy by reducing recoil.  Usefulness:
    Reflex Scope:  Provides clear reticule in any light condition.  Usefulness:  
    Rifle Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target.  Usefulness:  Good.
    Pistols (Varies by model):
    MK 23, USP40, 92FS, Desert Eagle:
    Laser Sight:  Improve weapon accuracy at the cost of alerting enemy to your 
    presence.  Usefulness:  Average.
    High-Capacity Magazine:  Increase magazine capacity.  Usefulness:  Good.
    Glock 18, Raging Bull:
    Laser Sight:  Improve weapon accuracy at the cost of alerting enemy to your 
    presence.  Usefulness:  Average.
    Laser Sight:  Improve weapon accuracy at the cost of alerting enemy to your 
    presence.  Usefulness:  Average.
    Reflex Scope:  Provides clear reticule in any light condition.  Usefulness:  
    Rifle Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target.  Usefulness:  
    Sniper Rifles:
    6X Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target 6 times.  Usefulness:  
    12X Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target 12 times.  Usefulness:  
    6-12X Scope:  Two-tier aim, increase by 6 or 12 times.  Usefullness:  Good.
    Submachine Guns:
    Laser Sight:  Improve weapon accuracy at the cost of alerting enemy to your 
    presence.  Usefulness:  Average.
    Reflex Scope:  Provides clear reticule in any light condition.  Usefulness:  
    Rifle Scope:  Improve your aim by magnifying your target.  Usefulness:  Good.
    Weapons Information:  snopaew
    Because Notepad does not allow for tables, I am forced to present the following
    information about the firearms in RS:V in a different format.  Each weapon name
    will be followed by a series of letters, numbers, and symbols:
    The first letter will denote the type of trigger group, in other words, the 
    types of action that the weapon allows, as such:
    A denotes a weapon with Semi-auto and Full-auto trigger group.
    B denotes a weapon with Semi-auto, 3-round burst, and Full-auto trigger group.
    C denotes a weapon with only Full-auto trigger group.
    D denotes a weapon with Semi-auto, 2-round burst, and Full-auto trigger group.
    E denotes a weapon with only Bolt action trigger group.
    F denotes a weapon with only Semi-auto trigger group.
    G denotes a weapon with only Pump-action trigger group.
    The second letter, Y or N, denotes whether or not the weapon can be silenced.
    The next series is a representation of Damage, Range, and Accuracy 
    (respectively), followed by the maximum capacity (including "plus 1" if pos-
    sible) of the weapon.  This is designated by a series of three numbers 1 
    through 10 separated by hyphens, followed by capacity (a double-digit number).
    The last series of numbers denotes the number of "clips" or magazines full of 
    ammo that may be carried for the particular weapon.  This includes the clip 
    that is automatically loaded when you bring the weapon up.  For instance, if 
    you bring up the MP5N, before you have fired it once, it shows the number "8" 
    in small numerals next to the "31" (clip capacity).  This is the number of 
    clips BEYOND the one already loaded.  Thus you actually have 9 clips of ammo 
    for this weapon.  Not applicable for pistols, as they are unlimited ammo.
    The acronym HCM stands for "High-Capacity Magazine."  If this follows the 
    Damage, Range, Accuracy, and Capacity & Clip numbers, this stands for the 
    maximum capacity of the pistol when High-Capacity Magazine is chosen as the 
    Weapons that are included in the armory initially (before any progress is made 
    in the game) are not marked with an asterisk.  Alternately, weapons that ARE 
    only accessible by picking them up in the battlefield are asterisked to denote 
    that they are "drop" weapons, meaning that you must end the mission carrying 
    them to access them in later missions.  Twenty weapons (guns) are included in 
    the non-drop lineup, the other 12 must be picked up in the battlefield.
    Also, the Riot Shield must be picked up in the battlefield, it is not part of 
    the initial weapons and must be picked up as other weapons are.
    The last letter is the ROF, or Rate of Fire.  This is marked as H for high, A 
    for average, L for low, VH for very high, and HB for high for bolt-action.  If 
    the weapon's rate of fire is so low as to be negligible, it is not listed.
    Here is the list of weapons with all denotations included:
    552 COMMANDO:   B Y 8-7-4 31 12 H
    AK-47:   A Y 7-5-4 31 12 * A
    AUG A3:   A Y 7-2-5 31 12 * A
    FAMAS:   A Y 7-6-4 26 15 H
    G36C:   A Y 7-6-5 31 12 * A
    G3KA4:   A Y 7-8-5 31 12 * A
    M8:   A Y 7-6-4 31 12 A
    MTAR21:   A Y 8-6-4 31 12 H
    SCAR-H CQC:   A Y 7-8-5 31 12 A
    21E:   C N 6-3-6 100 10 L
    M249 SPW:   C N 8-4-4 100 10 A
    MG36:   C N 7-4-4 101 10 * L
    MK46:   C N 7-4-4 100 10 A
    92FS:   F Y 4-6-6 16 HCM 19 
    DESERT EAGLE:   F N 8-6-6 8 HCM 10 *
    GLOCK 18:   A N 3-5-4 11 *
    MK 23:   F Y 5-3-6 13 HCM 16
    RAGING BULL:   F N 9-5-5 6 *
    USP40:   F Y 4-3-5 14 HCM 17
    870MCS:   G N 9-2-3 8 21
    M3:   G N 8-2-3 8 21
    SPAS 12:   G N 9-2-3 8 21 *
    XM-26 LSS:   A N 7-1-4 6 33 * A
    M40A1:   E N 10-9-10 6 16
    PSG1:   F N 8-9-10 6 16 L
    SCOUT TACTICAL:   E N 10-9-10 6 16 L
    SV-98:   E N 10-9-10 6 16 * 
    MAC 11:   C Y 4-2-6 33 16 * VH
    MP5N:   B Y 5-2-8 31 9 A
    MP7A1:   A 4-2-8 41 7 A
    MP9:   A 5-2-9 31 16 H
    P90:   B 4-2-7 51 10 * H
    UMP45:   D 5-3-9 26 19 L
    Tips:   spit
    ALWAYS use the outfitting chest:
    The reason being, even if you do not wish to change weapons, you will restock 
    on ammo and if you have tossed a grenade, incendiary, or what have you, you 
    will fill back up to three on it.  Needless to say that this can be vital 
    depending on the mission you are playing.
    ALWAYS "plus one" your weapon:
    This is accomplished by pushing the reload button ("X" by default) AFTER you 
    have already reloaded your weapon to the max.  Works with all weapons, except 
    for the following:  21E, MK46, M249 SPW, M3, 870MCS, SPAS 12, and Raging Bull.
    Smoke grenades quickly dissipate shortly after they stop hissing.
    You cannot throw "gadgets" when you are holding the riot shield.
    The "recoil control stock" has little use.  Though it does control the recoil a
    little there are better accessories for LMGs.
    The pump-action shotguns are slow in between shots.  The XM-26 LSS, although 
    not found until later in the game, are much better for follow-up shots in semi-
    auto mode.  I wouldn't suggest using it full-auto, though, as this burns 
    through ammo too quickly.
    For your two gadgets, you should probably use frag grenades and incendiary 
    grenades, Unless you like to use smoke grenades a lot.  Flashbangs can work, 
    too, but I prefer to have gadgets that actually do damage.  C4 isn't bad but 
    somewhat slow to use so I usually skip on it.  
    ANY weapon is sufficient to beat any scene in Rainbow Six: Vegas.  Although I 
    include some ideal loadouts in this guide, you should not be discouraged to 
    pick up other weapons if you run out of ammo for one of your initial loadout 
    weapons.  This is driven home by the fact that in the "Escape" scene from the 
    first act, you are stripped of all but your pistol.  Yet after a few tries you 
    should be able to beat this part.  Also remember that your team members, when 
    you have them (which is for most of the game) are expendable, and you can send 
    them ahead of you if you fear there is an enemy ahead, or ambush in waiting.  
    Anytime you can get a height advantage, go ahead and take it.  When you have a 
    height advantage you have the luxury of crouching behind cover that would 
    normally not be sufficient to protect you from enemy fire, plus you can back up
    when being shot at and usually be out of the line of fire completely.
    Frag, Clear, Retreat:  
    At many points in the game when you and your team enter a room you find there 
    are many enemies behind the door.  The best thing to do in this scenario is to 
    stack your allies up, frag and clear, and then, after your allies have taken 
    out a few foes, call them to return to you, in relative safety, somewhere 
    behind the door.  If you continue to let them fight in the room with the 
    enemies, they are likely to be gunned down.  Now you are in an almost hopeless 
    situation.  If you call them back before this happens you can restack them at 
    the door so they can take down more foes.  When most are gone you can simply 
    open and clear and Michael and Jung will pick off any stragglers and you're
    Flash and Clear, Weapons Free!:  
    Unless a door is open, when you stack your team up against it, they can only 
    use a flashbang if the "Rules of Engagement" is on "Infiltrate."  But if you 
    are going into a situation where there are hostages at gunpoint, your teammates
    won't fire on disoriented foes.  The best thing to do in this situation is to 
    make the ROE (Rules of Engagement) Infiltrate as your teammates stack up, then 
    execute the Flash and Clear command, and then immediately change the ROE to 
    Assault.  Your teammate will still throw the Flashbang in the room, but will 
    automatically attack any hostiles inside, which almost always saves the hos-
    Upside-down Rappelling:
    When you are creeping down a building on your rope, flip upside-down to attack 
    enemies behind windows with your pistol.  If you stay right side-up when doing
    so, you will find that most of your body is exposed to enemy fire.  When 
    upside-down, only your head is exposed, giving your foes a smaller target.	
    Good Loadouts:  stuodaol
    There are a few combinations of primary and secondary weapons that work well 
    no matter what the situation may be, they are as follows:
    UMP45 & M249 SPW
    UMP45 & SCAR-H CQC
    XM-26 LSS & Riot Shield, plus Glock 18
    MP9 & SCAR-H CQC
    UMP45 & XM-26 LSS
    MTAR21 & UMP45
    and for massive firepower:
    M249 SPW & P90
    M249 SPW & MP7A1
    and for great stopping power:
    MP9 & 552 Commando OR MTAR21
    for down-range combat:
    and finally, for close quarters:
    XM-26 LSS & M249 SPW OR MAC 11 OR AUG A3
    For your sidearm, until you have the Glock 18, the MK 23 is probably your best 
    bet.  Once you have them all, depending on your style of play, you may prefer 
    the Desert Eagle or Raging Bull.  These weapons have great stopping power 
    (damage) but a slow recovery time between shots.  Also, the Glock 18 is full 
    auto, so it acts as a tiny SMG, in a way.  I prefer the Glock but if you find 
    after trying them all you prefer the "one hit kills" of one of the other guns, 
    then go for it.  You will rarely use your sidearm anyway, except when rappel-
    ling.  It is not very often you will run out of ammo in both of your main 
    weapons, and even if you do you can simply pick up a dead terrorist's weapon.
    Your selection in gadgets is somewhat mission specific, but for nearly all 
    scenes, I chose the Frag Grenade and Incendiary Grenade.  There are only two 
    scenes where I would pick differently, though if you play straight through you 
    will not have access to an outfitting for one such mission:
    In the scene "Spillways" there is a part where Jung must hack the dam computer.
    Before you command him to do this, you can place a C4 charge in front of the 
    overhead door that opens down the way where all the baddies pour out of (I 
    think there are at least six).  Just keep your eye on the door and when it 
    starts to open detonate it and that will take care of most of them, making this
    part much easier.  If you're quick you can even throw another after at the 
    overhead door behind you and kill the two terrorists that come through this 
    one.  Unfortunately you have to carry C4 as one of your gadgets for quite a 
    while since there is no outfitting chest near this part if you choose to go 
    this route.
    In the scene "The Doctors," right near the end there is an outfitting chest and
    then you go into a room where Jung must hack the computer to open the blast-
    proof doors in the level above you.  Immediately after he starts hacking 10-12 
    terrorists enter and try to shoot you and your team.  This part is much easier 
    if you equip smoke grenades as your second gadget.  You can throw them at the 
    feet of Michael and thus provide cover for your team as you pick the baddies 
    off one by one.  Be prepared to use all three and afterward, make sure you 
    visit the outfitting again to switch back to incendiary grenades.
    Where to find "drop" weapons:  pord
    Here is a list of the drop weapons, with where you can first (and in some 
    cases, second) find them as you play through the scenes.  Please note also that
    many drop weapons can be found in the Terrorist Hunt mode, and if you can't 
    beat terrorist hunt with the weapon you want in hand, just have it on you when 
    you get killed.  When the menu pops up asking if you want to retry, just move 
    the cursor to "Quit to Menu" and if you check your inventory, you should now 
    have the weapon.
    MAC 11: Carried by the terrorist watching TV at the beginning of "Inbound," the 
    very first scene of the game.  Also, throughout the rest of the scene several 
    terrorists carry it.
    P90:  Carried by a terrorist in the casino vault in the scene "Security."  Also
    pops up throughout the rest of this scene.
    MG36:  In the first interior room of "Exclusive Gone Wrong" one of the terror-
    ists is carrying it.  If you don't find it there, it is used throughout this 
    scene by various enemies.
    AUG A3:  "The Strip" scene.  Many of the enemies here carry this Assault Rifle.
    G36C:  On a second playthrough, I found one of the enemies in the "Exclusive 
    Gone Wrong" scene, the very first room (with the skylight) was carrying this 
    weapon.  If you can't get it there, however, you can get it in the scene "Tower
    Assault" in the Vertigo Spire.  Several enemies in this scene carry it, 
    especially in the patio outside.
    G3KA4:  This is first found about halfway through the very first scene, 
    "Inbound" and several more times throughout the Mexican Border scenes.
    AK-47:  The first enemy you ever encounter, the first in the scene "Inbound" 
    carries this ubiquitous weapon.  Also, in the scene "Fremont" directly under 
    the canopy is a big firefight with many terrorists (where you save the family's
    daughter).  Several of the terrorists are carrying the AK here.
    SV-98:  Found in the room that connects to a walkway that crosses the trainyard
    at the beginning of the scene "Trainyard."  Also, there is one in the VIP 
    lounge in the scene "Exclusive Gone Wrong" and on top of the scaffolding at the
    end of the street at the very end of the scene titled "Mafia House."
    SPAS 12:  These are found all over, but the first instance is in the scene "The 
    XM-26 LSS:  There is one in the dark, fiery last part of "Hell's Gate" when you 
    are descending the bell tower.  Otherwise, pick it up in the "Gabe" scene, in 
    the first hallway where you see arcade games wrapped in brown paper and cello-
    Glock 18:  The first one I found was in the street area of "The Strip."  There 
    is also sometimes one in the "Prime Time" scene. If you don't find it in one of
    these two places you may have to wait till quite a bit later (Irena carries 
    one).  I would suggest getting it here, though.
    Desert Eagle:  The first instance of this is in the "Security" scene, though it
    is also available in "Extraction," the last scence of Act II: Calypso Casino.
    Raging Bull:  I first found this pistol in the "Exclusive Gone Wrong" scene on 
    the casino floor that features dragon statues (not the one the VIP lounge over-
    looks).  Sometimes you cannot find it there but you can find it in the next 
    scene, "Fremont."  Barring that, the first two enemies in the scene "Mafia 
    House" are carrying it.
    Shield:  Though I wouldn't call it a "weapon," per se, it takes a weapon slot 
    and is picked up like a weapon so I include it here.  The riot shield can first
    be picked up at the VERY beginning of the scene "The Strip," something I missed 
    the first time through.  Just look around the bodies of policemen/SWAT in the 
    area where you first link up with Michael and Jung andyou'll see it lying on 
    the ground.  The second place you can find it is under Fremont Street.  After 
    you go down the stairs after fighting the terrorists in Fremont St. proper, you
    find yourself in an underground sewer-like system.  The riot shield is leaning
    against the wall in one of the first hallways you walk through.
    Turret:  The turret is a stationary weapon used by terrorists in many levels, I
    won't try to list them all here.  You cannot pick up a turret (Light Machine 
    Gun) so you cannot add it to your inventory.  You can use it, and it feeds from
    a 100-round belt, much like the LMGs that you CAN carry.  It does not come in 
    very useful, really the only time I used one was in the scene "Escape."  I only 
    include it here so that I can say my Weapons Guide is "complete."  It is of 
    limited accuracy, cannot be silenced or accessorized, and no statistical data 
    is available for it.
    Terrorist Loadout:  tsirorret
    Here is a quick guide so that you know what to expect to be up against when you
    enter a level.  It is simply what the terrorists are carrying for each scene.  
    It is not 100% accurate because the weapons seem to be randomly generated, to a
    certain degree, but is for the most part pretty accurate.
    Act I: Mexican Border
    Scene 1: Inbound
    MAC 11, AK-47, G3KA4, 92FS, 870MCS
    Scene 2: Trainyard
    AK-47, SV-98, G3KA4, 870MCS, 92FS, MP5N
    Scene 3: Mines
    Scene 4: Escape
    870MCS, G3KA4, AK-47, MP5N
    Act II: Calypso Casino
    Scene 1: The Strip
    Shield, AUG A3, Glock 18, SV-98, 21E, SPAS 12
    Scene 2: Security
    552 Commando, Desert Eagle, P90, SPAS 12
    Scene 3: Prime Time
    MAC 11, AUG A3, 21E, SPAS 12
    Scene 4: Dr. Smythe
    AUG A3, 21E, MAC 11, SPAS 12
    Scene 5: Extraction
    AUG A3, 21E, MP5N, Desert Eagle, SPAS 12
    Act III: Downtown Vegas
    Scene 1: Exclusive Gone Wrong
    MG36, SPAS 12, 552 Commando, P90, Raging Bull, SV-98
    Scene 2: Fremont
    AK-47, Raging Bull, 552 Commando, Shield, MG36, SPAS 12, P90
    Scene 3: Mafia House
    Raging Bull, SPAS 12, P90, MG36, 552 Commando, SV-98
    Act IV: Vertigo Spire
    Scene 1: Tower Assault
    92FS, P90, 870MCS, 552 Commando, G36C, UMP45
    Scene 2: Tower Bar
    UMP45, 552 Commando, 870 MCS, 92FS, G36C, MG36
    Act V: Dante's Casino
    Scene 1: Hell's Gate
    AUG A3, UMP45, XM-26 LSS, MP5N, FAMAS, MK 23, USP40
    Scene 2: Gabe
    XM-26 LSS, AUG A3, UMP45, FAMAS
    Scene 3: Kan
    P90, Sniper Rifle (probably SV-98), MG36, FAMAS, XM-26 LSS
    Scene 4: Data Hub
    P90, MG36, FAMAS, XM-26 LSS
    Act VI: Nevada Dam
    Scene 1: Tourist Center
    MTAR21, UMP45, 552 Commando, XM-26 LSS, MK 23
    Scene 2: The Dam
    UMP45, 552 Commando, FAMAS, MTAR21
    Scene 3: Spillway
    UMP45, 552 Commando, FAMAS, MTAR21
    Scene 4: Facility
    FAMAS, MTAR21, MK 23, 552 Commando, MG36
    Scene 5: The Doctors:
    FAMAS, MTAR21, 552 Commando
    Scene 6: Irena
    FAMAS, Glock 18
    Scene 7: Top of the Dam
    552 Commando, MG36, P90, MTAR21
    Conclusion:  noisulcnoc
    I hope you have enjoyed my Weapons Guide and found it useful.  If you wish to 
    reproduce this guide elsewhere please acknoweldge me (B Griff) and provide a 
    link to the original on Gamefaqs.com.  

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