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"A great addition to the Rainbow Six series."

Alright, to clarify something before you read this review, it is focused only on Single Player. Why? Because I have no Xbox Live. Anyway, many people have heard of the name Tom Clancy. When you read that name, you start to picture a tactical shooting game in your mind or a stealth game. Splinter Cell? Ghost Recon? If you haven't heard of those, don't fret. Rainbow Six Vegas is a great way to start for the Tom Clancy games, and this one by far is the best Tom Clancy game I've played.

Story [? rating]
Sorry to disappoint, but I or you could care less about the story in this game. It's rather boring, and it's mainly about a terrorist group from Mexico, that have managed to control the major part of a popular Vegas casino. It's up to you to stop them from killing the hostages, triggering a bomb, or... maybe something more sinister. Yeah, sounds pretty boring, right? Considering how I barely listened to the characters talking, I never did get the real point of the story. For that reason, I give the story a ? rating.

Gameplay [8.9]
Ooookay, the major part of the gameplay. The real reason why your gonna buy the game. Graphics or not, gameplay is mainly the reason a game gets a good review. Err, anyway, about the gameplay, it is very fun. If you like squad based shooting games, then this is the right game for you. It also feels realistic, with the cover system and all. A true tactical game, Rainbow Six Vegas has a great roster of weapons. Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Sub machine guns, shotguns, shields, grenades, pretty much the weapons you would need in a real life hostage situation. One of the things I disliked about the gameplay was that you can EASILY die from a few shots to the body. But, this can be avoided if you cover behind walls, objects, cars, anything. Strategy is key in this game. Teamwork, is important as well. Whenever you come upon a door, you can order your squad to prepare to raid the room, in variety of ways. Whether placing a discharge bomb on the door, or throw a nade, it'll get the job done. You can also use a snake cam, which you can see beyond the door without getting noticed. A very useful gadget. Another useful gadget is your thermal sensor thingy. Whenever you use smoke, you can use your thermal sensor, and quickly dispatch the terrorists. The game has a bunch of awesome gameplay elements, such as rapelling down buildings, thus breaching in through the windows, OR those awesome fast ropes, where you can quickly get down a high place, confusing the enemy. Pretty much everything I wrote in this section covers the gameplay. Add that to multiplayer, and you have yourself a fun fulfilling game.

Graphics [8.5]
The graphics are nothing new, but they are pretty eye-candy. With all those bright lights in vegas, of course your gonna say the graphics are pretty. Well, pretty may not be the right word to describe it, but it's enough to say that the graphics are good looking. Overall, the graphics in the game is great.

Sound/Music [8.0]
Onto the sound and music section. First thing I didn't like about the sound was that the voice acting was kinda low, but it wasn't so low that you could barely understand them. The voice acting is superb, and is nicely executed. Your enemies shout out where you went, or shouting out hostile remarks to you. It's what you would hear if you were in a situation like that. The music in this game is also nice. I kinda forgot how the music goes, but I really liked the background music in the casino. For example, you can hear elevator music in random places, and sometimes techno music, which is attractive for some reason. Overall, sound and music is great.

Final Word -
I think that every Tom Clancy fans and to any shooter fans should buy this game. It'll be worth every cent you paid for. Considering how highly I rated this game based on single player, I think that alone should make you buy the game. If I had Xbox Live, I probably would've rated this game a 9, considering how fun I had with the single player mode, and how it would feel to team up with real humans.

Overall [8.6]

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/13/08

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (US, 11/20/06)

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