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"Viva Pinata! Not your average candy filled paper animal!"

First of all, I bought this purely on a whim. I was in Wal-Mart, it was there, I had heard of it, I bought it. Basically end of story. All I can say is: What a great way to spend $49.88!

A lot of people may dis this game for being a child's game, but that isn't entirely true. Yes, there is a thing about children safety when online, but that isn't the point. The point is the game can be enjoyed by a wide audience, if given the chance. After my review, I hope you will give it that chance.

Graphics: 9

The graphics are simply amazing. On first glance, you may not agree, but when you see the detail that goes into each Pinata, your opinion should change. A game like this can't really be compared to a game like Gears of War. The cut-scenes are like something you would see out of a Pixar film. Graphics don't have to be lifelike to be very good, and this is a very good example of that.

Game play: 9

So you get a garden, a trashed garden (Think something like Harvest Moon), and you have to start cleaning it up and getting it ready so pinatas will come and visit (And stay if you get lucky!). The game REALLY eases you into the game play, as the game is made for younger kids to play. This isn't such a bad thing, except for the fact you will be wasting at least an hour having your hand held. If you can get past this, the real game opens up! Working on your garden, making pinatas romance, building dwellings, etc. etc. etc. Great fun!

Sound: 9

The sound is very good. I found the voices of the characters in the game to be humorous, but some may find it a bit annoying. This is easily remedied by turning the sound down or off. I really liked the music and sounds however, so if you get annoyed with the voices, just bear with it and enjoy the rest of the audio. I just wish I could have some better speakers then my computer's, as they are broken and make buzzing noises every once and a while (And to think I still think the audio is awesome!).

I only reviewed it on three accounts, because I normally review on the story, but this game doesn't really have a story, other then "you are a gardener, get some pinatas in there". I don't think this is a negative point though, as a story would probably take away from the game play. This game might be advertised for younger kids, but don't be put off by it! If you are interested in buying it, but don't want to drop the $50 on it quite yet, give it a rent! I am sure that after you get a taste of it you will want to buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/14/06

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