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"Viva Pinata not just for kids!"

Viva Pinata. Only a child's game, I think not. Not only does it feature a fresh style of game play, but it has found that magic way to keep many of its brilliant ideas without ruining the child safety that the developers have striven for. By the looks of the advertisements for Viva Pinata, this game was meant strictly for children, but it has the same fun for the adult as any Sims game would have. It allows you to make your own living, breathing environment, and customize your very own pinatas with numerous accessories such as Pirate hats, Rosettes, and Scarves, to name a few.

Viva Pinata also makes it incredibly easy to maneuver through your virtual garden. Whether you want to instruct your pinatas into their personalized homes, or get rid of a nasty “Sour Pinatas”, you will find it easy enough for a young child to operate.

Follow the tale of Jardiniero as you progress through the game. See how he became the so called “Legendary Gardner” of Pinata Island, and see how he ended up in his ratty old wheelchair. Find out exactly how all of the characters of Pinata Island are all inter-connected and find out why nasty characters such as Professor Pester came to be.

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to experience any HD-Quality Viva Pinata, but even without, it has incredible graphics and it will astonish anybody playing, or watching. Viva Pinata is fantastic in using audio clues to tell what is happening. You will quickly realize which sounds mean what and how to deal with problems quickly and effectively by knowing exactly what's wrong.

Viva Pinata has absolute 100% replay value. Every time that you play, you will have different experiences and different turnouts to everything. Even if you do manage to beat the virtually impossible game to beat, you could simply restart, and have just as much fun the second time around.

If you enjoy games such as the Sims, Animal Crossing, or Harvest moon, you will love Viva Pinata. I would suggest renting the game first, due to the fact that Viva Pinata is noticeably different and new, so you really don't know if you will love it or hate it. I would rate this game as a 9.6 out of 10 because of the great game play, replay value, and the fact that it is 100% safe for children. -.4 because of annoyances that can sometimes get out of hand and will become very frustrating, such as pinatas fighting, or Professor Pester ruining intricate landscapes. I think many will enjoy this game and I hope that everyone is as satisfied with it as I am.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/09/07

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