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"Pinata eat'n, Shovel beat'n, invisible character with floating curser fun"


You are an invisible character with unknown origin, luckily you have a floating curser in front which does just about every action in the game. You start the game in front of a girl named Leafos. Leafos miserably screwed up her piñata garden and needs your help. The game starts from here.

Gameplay/controls: 9/10
There really isn't to much to complain about the gameplay. Everything is easy and explanatory (except for all the secret species, how to get those, etc.). All of the functions are easy to remember and easy to control. The curser speed could be faster. It take you quite some time to reach the other side of the garden if you have the level 3 garden space. And unless you take the time to go into your journal and then into the list of all your piñatas, it can be difficult to find the piñata you want. It also take some time to get items and services that you need through town. Overall, the gameplay is nice and the controls are nice.

Story: 9/10
There really isn't much that can be judged on the story. Every so often, you will get a chapter added to you story book telling of this one man's adventures with his children and his piñatas. There are small stories here and there with the other character in the game, but nothing much. Overall, the story that is there, is pretty cool and interesting.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are very interesting. This is one of the thing people usually point out is the beautiful graphics. The textures are very nice and smooth. The way the creators made the grass blades and the paper on the piñatas is pretty strange. Those textures kind of sway slowly and will move into each other, it is hard to explain, but looks nice. Overall the graphics are amazing.

Sound/Music: 10/10
The sound and music in the game is amazing. The sound is nice and clear and they picked great music for the game which also is nice and clear. I do not think Rare could have done a better job in this category. Overall, the sound and music in this game is very beautiful.

Replayability: 10/10
This is a game you can play over an over again. Once you are done with a garden, you can build several other gardens that all share the same money (chocolate coins), item and garden space upgrades, and piñata possibility. So basically you are building a garden right beside that one but in a separate location and is not connected except for the above items. Overall, this game is easy to get addicted to and you just want to play it alot (just ask me, I played it for 8 hours the day I got it and many more following).

Final Recommendation: 9.6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/05/07

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