Review by offscott

Reviewed: 07/18/08

Very good Game

Viva pinata is a game when you have to put alot of gameplay time into it, you have to make you garden as good as perfect to complete it whitch is very difficult.Note that this is based for children. I'd give it a 7/10 because its very good, very addictive but has alot of glitches, some seviere to your garden.


The graphics are very good, I wouldn't think there was anything out of place at all


This game has alot of combintions, there is a different garden every time! there are lots of pinatas as well and has very much tools, except the grass packets, there should be more. There are lots of pinatas in the game but you'd always wish there'd be more more and more pinatas in it but the game has got a limit of storag

Kids or adults?:

Its for either kids or adults really, but more kids than adults I'd say.

Boys or Girls?:

Again, its either for boys or girls bt Id think more girls would play it because of the cover of the game. As I say don't judge a game by its cover, its for anyone!

Hard or Easy?:

most of it is hard but fun no any things are easy, except from the beginning of course.

Random things?:

There are losts of random things in it for example, a wildcard. A wildcard is a pinata what is different from the rest which is completely random, but very difficult. I'f you'd like a wildcard make a new garden and keep breeding the pinata ou want to turn into a wildcard.
Sadly you could've gotten twins but a very horribleglitch means that you can only do it to whilm (worms)

What cool Stuff can I do?

You can get out of your garden by looking up ing the sky and keep trying to move out the line

How big can your garden get?

Your garden can get very big in 3 extensions I think.

My tools, they're rubbish!

Don't worry your tools will get better once you get farther on in the game but you'll have to buy your own watring cans and grass packets if you'd like more of them but the spade is upgraded by and old man.

Whats the story before this?

You'll have to find out for yourself!


Overall Its one of the best games around on the xbox360 ever and it'll never get old because there isn't a limit what you can do!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Viva Pinata (EU, 12/01/06)

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