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Reviewed: 05/23/06

Uno solidly recreates the past card game and combines it with someone always avaliable to play on Xbox Live.

At one point in pretty much most of all of your lives you have played Uno, and if you enjoyed that time playing the game that really is the key factor of if you should get this game or not. Uno solidly recreates the days of playing the Uno card, and clears up any confusion that you may of had while playing the game. You can play with pre set rules or you can make your own rules of the way that you used to play Uno. The amount of options they give you in picking of the rules is really quite deep and should pretty much cover any style of play that you used to play with.

If you have not played Uno in your life it is a card game where you want to be the first person with no cards left. There is much more to it than just that though. There are four different colors that can be in play at any time. Based on what color it currently is you can lay down a card of that same color, or you can change the color by having a number card of the same number in a different color of the card that is in the pile. Also there are cards that allow you to change the color to whatever you want at any time. These are known as "Wild Cards.". There are two types of wild cards, there is one where you just simply change the color in play (You could even keep it the same color that is already in play if you want.), and there is a card that allows you to change the color and makes the next person draw four cards. The wild draw four card can by challenged however (If you have it set in the rules that you can challenge it.). If someone lays a wild draw four and still has playable cards of that color or number then the person who layed the card has to draw four cards. The color will still stay the color the person who played the card though. If you fail the challenge then you have to draw 6 cards instead of 4. There is a lot more to the game, that I really don't want to get into a this point because it would take too much time, and is kind of complicated, that is pretty much the basics of the game. Uno is based on a good deal of luck, but it also takes a good deal of strategy to win games too. Uno can be a deep game if you allow it to be, or really it can just be a fun game for you to kick back and play.

The gameplay of this game is very accurate to the way that you have played the past card game. The only difference you will see is that you are using a controller to play the game rather than cards. The controls of the game run very smooth and it is very simplex. It really just plain feels like you are playing the card game. If you enjoyed the game of uno in the past then the gameplay will really appeal to you.

One problem I see with the gameplay is the computers AI. It really isn't all that great, it fails to call out Uno way too often, and really it isn't very smart. It pretty much plays the right cards it has too, but you really get a sense that they really aren't putting a lot of thought into each one of their moves. They seem to make a lot of mistakes. That wouldn't bother me too much if they gave you an option to tune the computers AI, but there is nothing like that in the game so you are stuck with the AI. Also there is no difficulty setting so you will just be playing the same AI over and over again with no skill increase by them. Make no doubt about it that the heart and soul of this game is the online play.

Now when you think of an Uno video game I doubt the first thing you think about is the graphics, however it is still a slightly important part of the game. As for the graphics on a whole the deliver good enough to the point that you can enjoy a good game of uno, however the presentation is kind of dull and dry. I wish they gave you a wider variety of areas you can play uno rather than just one dull looking background. The cards have a pretty nice deal of animation that can add a slight amount more of excitement to the game, and they do a good job of just plain letting you play Uno which is really what this game is all about.

The music of this game was pretty much ripped directly from an elevator, however it can be pretty catchy at times. The sound of the game is alright with a nice swiping noise as the cards go down, and the animations that some of the cards have, have decent sound effects. The game itself doesn't support custom sound tracks, but you can just listen to your own music from the bar that you can bring up by selecting the Big X in the middle of the controller.

For 5 dollars this game is a bargain if you enjoyed the past uno games and are looking for a game to enjoy for awhile on XBOX live or just to play when you are bored. However if you are just looking to get this game for single player alone I would say it isn't for you. As I said before the AI isn't very good, and the single player modes itself lack a great amount of depth. Unless you enjoy playing with the weak AI over and over again pointlessly then stay away if you aren't going to play this game online. Also there is no 2 player support so you cannot play with a friend of family member if you wanted to, which I find to be very weak.

If you are going to play online then the game has a great deal of value. Have you ever run into the problem of wanting to play a game of Uno in real life and not able to find anyone?? Well with Xbox Live that problem is gone. There are many people online always looking for a game of Uno. Whether you are looking for a ranked game where you can build your true rank rating or just looking for a game for fun.

Every game mode has its own scoreboard so you can play any game mode you want and still be on a scoreboard. In ranked games you are randomly put with three other people. If you win a good amount of games your true rank skill will increase. The true rank system actually works pretty good, but Uno is such a random game you mostly just want to get into as many games are possible. In ranked games you have to play with the pre set rules, but in unranked games you can play by any of the rules you like, or you can play by the pre set rules.

Final Thoughts
If you enjoy the game of Uno and want to play on XBOX live then this game is a must have for you. It is a good XBLA game, and at 5 dollars it is a great deal. This game brings absolutely nothing new to the table so if you are looking for something new or revolutionary then you best look somewhere else. All this game does is deliver a solid game of Uno with lots of people to play on Xbox Live.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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