Review by Colet64

Reviewed: 08/14/06

UNO is a very relaxing game and is sure to entertain even the non-gamers.

It seems that as I age, my fingers become more restless and a bit slow, thus making games a wonderful hell of frustration and agony. It doesn’t matter how big that hole in my wall from my controller is, aggravation overwhelms me. Lucky for me, UNO always allays my troublesome game experiences.

UNO is a wildly popular card game and of course, Microsoft jumped right on it to import it to the Xbox Live Arcade. And to be honest, I found that this move was a good one, indeed. I do not know what condition my controller, wall, or 360 would be in if I had not bought this game.

You play the game with four players, you included, obviously. You’re handed a set of cards, all with numbers on them ranging from zero to nine and all with different colors, ranging from blue, red, yellow, and green. You can also have special cards, such as a Wild Card, where you choose the color; Reverse Card where you reverse the rotation; Draw Two Card where you make the person after you draw two cards; and you have the Skip Card, where you skip the person subsequent to you.

At the start, one card is placed in the middle and whoever starts must follow with the same number of a card, same color, Wild Card, or if the starting card is a special card, the same special card. If the player does not have a card accordingly to the one in the pile, he must draw a card. This trend continues throughout the players until someone finally goes card-free. The game then displays a table showing the winner’s score. The score ranges from low to high, depending on how well you played, and how many cards you drew and the like.

Then Round Two begins and it starts all over. The rounds continue until someone has a score over the chosen number, and the chosen number is normally 250.

During gameplay, I noticed a very soothing and a very serene flow of music. The acoustic guitars and the very melodic saxophones drifted away, making the game a very good experience.

Xbox Live is supported by the game and you can play different modes, such as Ranked, Quick, and Player Matches. The game records your wins and losses and calculates your TrueSkill ranking. It also gives you a ranking, showing you where you rank in that mode out everyone else that has played it. It’s always a little fun to look at your little stats to see what you’ve accomplished.

If you’re into buying the game, just for the achievements, then you might find this game a bit too easy. The achievements are unlocked through time, and usually can be all achieved within a day if you play it quite a lot.

UNO is a great game. It’s excellent. The music is very relaxing, the game is very addicting and fresh and it’s a great addition to the Xbox Live Arcade. Microsoft made a tremendous decision with this game; there’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t find this game the least bit entertaining.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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