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"Draw Four, Skip You, and Reverse It Back to Me"

Uno is one smart card game that makes an excellent debut for the Xbox Live Arcade. If you have never played Uno, it is one of the most fun card games that could last a few seconds or go for a half an hour. The game is played by throwing down matching numbers or colored cards and left with no options you can throw down wild cards and change the color as well as reverse the turn, skip a player, and make them draw cards. Uno is played somewhat differently online as there are a few new items to add with the 35th Anniversary and other gametypes. But playing the basic game of Uno is free of the frustration and anyone can end up winning no matter how skilled they are. The game is very user friendly for new players as well for anybody that wants to be lazy and just hit buttons.

You can either play against the computer or go online and have it out with in an intimate atmosphere with three other players. One thing about the online play though. I do not recommend using the video camera unless you know who you are playing with. Sure you get this game free by buying the camera, but you might see things you do not want to see. Playing without a camera limits you to playing others without cameras so you do not have to worry about getting in a game with some kid with his pants down. Despite the camera issue you get to meet some interesting players that you otherwise would not have the opportunity if all you ever played were online shooters. Unlike other games that just bunch you together without much time to get to know anyone except for the annoying players, you get to spend plenty of time playing with people in a light hearted game. And you still get to get your kicks in on Uno. Passing the draw two cards around until it hits someone who does not have a draw two card is just as fun for me as blasting somebody with the Spartan Laser in Halo 3.

Uno is a stress free game for all of us players who can get easily frustrated with other online games. You can really relax with this game and it does not get boring as each game is different. You could play a match without ever having to draw a card from the stack, but the next game may see the deck being shuffled three to four times. No one player can really command the game and it does require some sort of strategy to get rid of your last card. A lot of times you will have players that have all of one color of cards and you have to keep the played cards a different color to keep the game going and the other player drawing cards. You can perform two challenges in Uno. The first is the Uno challenge. If a player does not press X to call out Uno after playing his card then other players can press Y really quick to penalize the player. You can also challenge a player that plays a draw four card on you. If the player is not using the card as a last resort then you can challenge the play and make him draw four. If it is his last resort card then you will lose the challenge and draw six cards instead. There are other different gametypes such as the 35th Anniversary game where you can play the 35th Anniversary card and the next player has to play either a three or a five. It is a slight change in the game.

The achievements in the game are relatively easy to unlock as well. All have to do with the gameplay and if you have the patience to sit through the repetitive music over and over then you should be able to get most of them within a few hours of play. Even after you get all of the achievements unlocked you still like to come back to this game and play it through a a few matches. The online community is very large and diverse so you will enjoy Uno online whether you have never played this game or are an avid Uno card player. Some of the achievements include calling Uno and winning the game; successfully bluffing with a draw four card twice in a game; change the color of the cards five times in a game, and there more simpler achievements such as playing 40 of certain cards like the draw two and reversal cards. With over a million downloads you know you are getting a very worthwhile game and I personally think this should be one of the first games in everybody's arcade game list.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/08

Game Release: Uno (US, 05/09/06)

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