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"Haha! You forgot to call Uno!"

Many games today are all good graphics and fancy gameplay. In reality, a game as simple as Uno can be ridiculously fun. In fact, I would rather play Uno over Call of Duty: World At War, GTA4 or Halo 3 any day.

Gameplay (10/10)

Uno is a card game. The object of the game is to be the first one to get rid of all your cards. There are four different color cards. You can place a card of the same color on top of another one. For example, I have a Blue 5. I can place this on top of any other blue card. I can also change the color of the card in play. For example, the last card placed was a yellow 2. I can then put a blue 2 on top of this card. There are also wild cards, which allow to choose the color currently in play. There are also cards that reverse play, skip the next player and make the next player draw two cards. The rules of Uno are difficult to explain. The developer realized this and made many different game modes.

Everyone plays Uno differently. Because of this, you can bend the rules anyway you want. This is a great idea. You can change everything from the scoring, Uno type and how the penalties work. You can even decide if you have to call Uno manually or not. This level of customization is what makes this perfect. One of the problems with playing Uno in real life is the confusion about all the rules. This game is also really relaxing and is a nice change of pace from games like Call of Duty 4.

Graphics (8/10)

Uno is a card game, so the graphics aren't too important. But, it actually looks kind of good. The playing table is nice and colorful. The cards look as nice as cards can. I like how cards are flung on to the deck and aren't even. It's a nice touch. The game also has avatar support. This actually is kind of nice. The avatars react to what happens in the game. For example, they get angry when they get skipped and laugh when they make somebody draw four. I really like this touch.

Sound (8/10)

Uno has some awesome music. The tunes are really nice. It's also a good background for the nice relaxing card playing. The music can probably get grating after a while. The sound effects, like cards flipping and what not is fine, but hardly noticeable. The high score comes from the good music.

Replayability (7/10)

Like most games, this score differs for many people. I, personally, can find myself playing this card game for a long time. Just like an actual Uno deck, this is one of those things you'll probably pull out every once in a while, but not something you will play constantly.

If you like Uno, Xbox and the ability to always have someone to play with, Uno is totally worth the 400 Microsoft points.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/19/09

Game Release: Uno (US, 05/09/06)

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