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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Interloper91

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/13/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                         ~ HITMAN : BLOOD MONEY WALKTHROUGH ~ 
    --------------- Hitman : Blood Money
    --------------- FAQ / Walkthrough (PS2)
    --------------- By CruZer_69
    --------------- Email : cruzer_eyvazli_69@hotmail.co.uk
    --------------- Started : 09/04/07 
    --------------- Finished : 13/04/07
    --------------- Version 1.02
    Version History
    ¬ Added Version History
    ¬ Added a site in "Sites".
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    Copyright 2007 Riyad Eyvazli
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    answer you and will simply ignore it.If you sent me an email and I haven't
    repied, just be patient because I don't check my email every day.
    Thank you!
                                 Please read the above
    ================================ PLEASE NOTE ================================
    This guide does not contain EVERY SINGLE kill for the specific target. I will
    name quite a bit of different kills and techniques for every target when I 
    get to them, but this will not have ALL the kills available for that target.
    I will name probably 3 - 4. If you want to know every single way to kill 
    somebody please refer to other FAQs that do have that.
    This walkthrough is based on Expert difficulty. If you follow exactly how I 
    say in this guide , for most of the levels you will get the SIlent Assassin
    rating. However on a couple of missions you might get a proffessional or two
    but i will describe in this FAQ the closest and best ways to get to Silent
    Assassin and i also might add some kills you could do which won't get you 
    the SA rating.
    Thank you for reading.
    =============================== PLEASE NOTE =================================
                       < < < <  C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S  > > > >
      0) Hints & Tips               _________________________________ [HH&T]
      1) Death Of A Showman         _________________________________ [DOAS]     
      2) A Vintage Year             _________________________________ [HAVY]  
      3) Curtains Down              _________________________________ [HBCD] 
      4) Flatline                   _________________________________ [HBMF]        
      5) A New Life                 _________________________________ [HANL]       
      6) The Murder of Crows        _________________________________ [TMOC] 
      7) You better Watch Out...    _________________________________ [YBWO]
      8) Death On the Mississippi   _________________________________ [DOTM]
      9) Till Death Do Us Apart...  _________________________________ [TDDA]
     10) A House Of Cards           _________________________________ [AHOC]
     11) A Dance With the Devil     _________________________________ [ADWD]
     12) Amendment XXV              _________________________________ [AXXV]
     13) Requiem                    _________________________________ [HBMR]
     14) Sites                      _________________________________ [SAFD]
     15) Thanks                     _________________________________ [TTAS]
    Note: Use the numbers and letters on the end to put in the search function
           "Ctrl + f" to get to a place quicker.
                      < < < <  C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S  > > > >
    ¬ Key:
     ( x ) - optional
                    < < < <  H  I  N  T  S  &  T  I  P  S  > > > >    [HH&T]
    ¬ If you need to kill someone silently and stealthly always go for the 
      fibre wire and poison if you can rather than guns. Guns leave blood.
    ¬ Always reload after you have finished firing your weapon.
    ¬ Bombs are noisy.
    ¬ If you can : Knock out the a non target rather than kill.
    ¬ Always study the route of the target first.
    ¬ Try to make more accidents rather than kills.
    ¬ Always hide a body after you killed it unless NOBODY ever comes by this 
    ¬ Don't forget that a good hitman - is a silent hitman.
    ¬ Use your money wisely and don't just buy any upgrades.
    ¬ Take time during a mission, if you are playing it for the first time, to 
      analyse your surraundings.
    ¬ Take advantage of everything around you.
    ¬ Always try to be one on one with your target if possible if you're gonna 
      shoot, poison or wire them.
                  < < < <  W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  > > > >
                          MISSION 1 : DEATH OF A SHOWMAN                 [DOAS]
    ¬ Location  :
    ¬ Weapons To Bring : None
    ¬ My Quick Level Descripton : Easiest level.
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Chemist 
                     < <  Kill Joseph Clarene (Swing King)  > >
                                < <  Escape  > >
     When you start turn left and follow the wooden path. Walk towards the ledge 
    and 47 will automatically climb it. Continue forwards onto the rocks and up
    the what looks like a broken bench to finally get onto the ground. Keep going
    forwards until you meet the big gates. Then wait for the guard to come and
    talk to you. A cutscene will be triggered of 47 banging the guard at the 
    gates and opening them.
    Turn left and go through the wooden door. Now turn right and get near the 
    wooden desk. Go to your inventory by holding the "Square" button and moving
    with your directional buttons until you find a coin and release the "Square"
    button. Now with the coin in your hand, press and hold L3 and aim for the 
    bull picture out the open window. Then release L3. The guard's attention will
    be averted to the coin you just chucked. Wait for them to investigate then
    exit the nearest door and head forward through the double doors.
    Ahead of you will be a gangster. Go to your inventory, get out the fibre wire
    and press and hold to enter sneak mode where 47 will sneak and tighten the
    wire. Approach the gangster from behind and when you're close enough release
    the R1 button. Congrats! You just made the first kill. Pick up the gangster's
    gun and holster it by pressing "Square". You can kill the guy on the horse
    if you wish.
    Now, if you are looking from the back of 47 from where you killed the 
    gangster, turn around approximately to South East and you will see a red
    trellis. Go up to it and climb it. Keep running forwards once 47 is at the 
    top and 47 will jump the balcony. Go forwards again and pick up the shotgun 
    slanting against a box. Now get ready to kill two gangsters after you pick
    the lock.
    After you killed them dispose of their bodies by putting them in the disposal
    boxes. Now hide in the closet and wait for the scientist to come in and start
    to do something to the money. Come out the closet and kill him by any means.
    Doesn't matter how. I prefer chucking a knife at him cuz it's cool. After you
    killed him pick up the keycard he dropped and his suit. Then walk out the 
    door to your left, and left again. Carry on walking along the wooden path past
    the guard.
    Carry on walking and you'll mett double doors on your left. Go through them 
    and you'll see a crate. Hide a pistol in the crate and get rid of any other
    weapons in your inventory. Grab the crate and go back through the double doors
    continueing to the left. Let the guard frisk you then go through the doors and
    put down the crate. Take out your gun and unholster it. Grab out your fibre 
    wire and go to the top of the elevator. Strangle the guard at the bottom. 
    Go down the hole.
    Break the utility box in fron t of you and then carefully sneak peast everyone
    forwards to the toilets. Go through the two toilet doors and you'll see a 
    guard taking a piss. Take out your gun and sneak behind the guard and grab him
    as a human shield. Clear out the room next door with three guards. Then knock 
    out the victim in your grasp.
    Climb the ladder and go forwards to the case. Grab it and unpack it to reveal
    a Dragunov. Snipe the three guards outside the window. One is walking in front
    of you on the ground. One is standing on the left and on a roof and the last 
    one is standing on the ferris wheel on the right. Drop the Dragunov after that
    , turn around and go right where there is no rail and through the door. Look
    left and descend down the drain pipe. Once you're down and your back is to
    the pipe turn left and keep going until you see a door with a sign above it
    saying OFFICE. Go through it.
    Pick up the syringes lying neatly in front of you and carefully climb the 
    stairs. Wait behind the wall until the guard stops speaking and goes back to
    looking out the window. Once he does this push him over by pressing R1 when 
    behind him. 
    Go to the secretary's office and get out your syringe. Poison her drink and
    hide in the wardrobe. She'll come in drink it and fall. Go into Clarence's 
    office on the left. After the cinematic kill him any way you want. There's a
    baseball bat on the wall, a fire extinguisher on the floor where the guard is
    and a hammer on the desk. Pick your choice.
    After you killed your target, look left and climb out via the window out the
    office. Look left and you'll see a bomb and a detonator. Pick them up and 
    continue forwards. You'll see another window, climb through it. Sneak your way
    to the winch and plant a bomb there. Get out back through the window again 
    and far enough so when you detonate , the explosion won't kill you. Detonate
    it and then climb back through the window again. Go down the stair and through
    the door to the left to complete your first mission.
                              MISSION 2 : A VINTAGE YEAR               [HAVY]
    ¬ Location : Chile
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer) (W2000)
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Most Outside"
    ¬ Disguises mentioned : Delgado's Guard 
                           < <  Kill Don Fernando Delgado  > >
                              < <  Kill Manuel Delgado  > >
                                    < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially when
       looking for potential traps.
    2) We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy the 
       merchandise in the wine cellar.
    3) The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine cellar.
    4) The insides are guarded by highly trained guards
    When the mission starts go all the way behind you and round the corner until 
    you meet a guard. Sedate him and take his clothes. If you are doing method A
    on "Kill Don Fernando Delgado" then this is the better way for you.
    When you start go forwards and turn right when you can go round the right 
    corner. There will also be a guard patroling here. Sedate him and take his 
    clothes. If you intend to take the method B on "Kill Don Fernando Delgado"
    then this one will be better for you.
                           < <  Kill Don Fernando Delgado  > >
    ------- METHOD A
    If you decided to bring a sniper rifle with you then you can do this. If you
    look on your map, go to where the ICA sign is to the far left of the map. If 
    you keep going alon the fence you will meet a small place where you can snipe
    the Don's leg when he is standing on the balcony.
    ------- METHOD B
    Assuming you've got guard clothes already and that you are standing where the 
    beginning of the mission is then follow this. Go through the nearest double 
    doors. From here go forward/left to the door where there is a guard standing.
    Go through it. From here go straight, past the guard until you see a door. But
    don't go through it. To the right should be a pipe. CLimb it and once on the
    roof you should see a window. Climb through that. Now you're in the Don's 
    place. If he's playing on his cello then fibre wire, posion syringe him,
    shoot him etc. Or you can sedate syringe him and then chuck him off the 
    balcony to make it look like an accident.
    ------- METHOD C
    Enter the Hacienda via METHOD B and if the Don is on the balcony in the other 
    room you can syringe him, fibre wire him, or better push him off to make it
    look like an accident. Don't worry abou the guard in the room - he's asleep.
    There are lots of ways to kill him but i cannot name them all as there are 
    too many.
                             < <  Kill Manuel Delgado  > >
    ------- METHOD A
    When Manuel is going down the stairs make sure no one is looking then push him
    off to make it look like an accident.
    ------- METHOD B
    When Manuel is in the place where there is a desk and chair, make sure no one
    is looking then fibre wire him , poison, hammer smack him etc and dump him in
    the nearby container.
    ------- METHOD C
    Plant a bomb on the barrel winch as you enter the wine cellar from the 2nd 
    floor and when Manuel is standing below it, detonate it and the barrels will
    fall on him.
    If you want to get SA you have to lure the guard away from the place first
    otherwise he will die by the explosion.
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    Take the path in the DIFFERENT DISGUISE METHOD above, take your suit back and 
    if you keep moving forwards and right eventually you will see lots of slopes 
    leading down. Follow it (it goes for ages) until you see a worker standing by
    the edge. Push him in. Carry on sneaking forwards and you'll see a guard also
    standing by the edge. Make sure the worker coming from the elevator isn't 
    looking then push this guard into the water too. Carry on following the path
    to where the sleeping guard is and press escape when you are near the plane.
                               MISSION 3 : CURTAINS DOWN                [HBCD]
    ¬ Location  : Paris
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (W2000) (Silverballer)
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Cleverest Deaths"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Technician , Worker
                         < <  Kill Alvaro D'Alvade  > >
                        < <   Kill Richard Delahunt  > >
                                < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
    2) There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It is closely
       observed and only actors are permitted.
    3) Lead actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
    4) The large chandilier is attached with bolts to the floor of the attic.
    5) Only actors are allowed on stage.
    6) Light Technicians have keycard to Light Control Room.
    7) There is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful.
    8) The prop gun used for the execution in the opera is an exact replica of a 
       real World War 1 pistol. 
    As you come in speak to the police man receptionist to get a real WW I gun.
    After that get into the toilet behind the receptionist and wait for a 
    technician to come in. When he's pissing, sedate him and put him in the 
    After speaking to the receptionist go to the door on the other side of the 
    receptionist. Make sure no one saw you go in. Go down the stairs and there 
    will be a guy in white uniform. Sedate him and put him in the container. 
    Careful though, there's a patroling cop around. Don't let him spot you.
                         < <  Kill Alvaro D'Alvade  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    From the Different Disguise method follow this. Go through the double doors.
    Go right and pick the lock of the furthest door. Make sure no one is watching.
    Keep going forwards through the other door too and then turn right at the 
    corner. Look for a door with a green EXIT sign above it on your left and go
    through it. Go forwards again through the door in fron of you and then turn 
    right to go up the stairs. Now you are in a boiler room. Take either door and
    now you will be in a big hallway. Wait for the sitting guard to go to the 
    bathroom then go in the first door on your right if you took the girl's 
    changing room, make sure there's no one in the room at that time. Hide in the
    closet and wait for the executionner to come. He'll leave the prop gun on the
    desk and leave. Come out of the closet and take the prop pistol. Remember the
    WW I pistol you picked up in the beginning? Well you are going to put the 
    real one on the table instead of the prop one. Come out the room and enjoy
    th show of Alvaro ACTUALLY dying.
    ------ METHOD B
    Do exactly like in METHOD A but instead of waiting for the actor to leave, 
    sedate him and take his clothes. When the bell rings for the actors to come,
    go on stage and stand on the "X". Get out your REAL gun and wait there for 
    ages. When the Woman starts to scream , shoot Alvaro for real.
    ------ METHOD C
    Do like in METHOD A but don't go in the actor's room. Instead go through the
    double doors on your left and up the stairs. When you come out the stairs
    you'll get a promt to place a bomb if you go round the further edge. Now 
    when ALvaro gets on stage detonate the bomb and the lights will fall on him.
                           < <   Kill Richard Delahunt  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    Do like in METHOD C for "Kill ALvaro D'Alvard" but don't plant the bomb there.
    Go through the door behind you and plant the bomb on the thing in the middle.
    Now go down the ladder and turn left to go into the hole. Only once ALvaro
    is dead will Delehunt run up to the stage. While he is running. He'll trip
    up. Once he does so, detonate the bomb and the chandilier will come crashing
    down on him.
    ------ METHOD B
    Only works if Alvaro is dead. Once Alvaro is dead, Delehunt will run onto the
    stage and start crying his eyes out like a little baby. Plant the bomb like
    in METHOD C for "Kill Alvaro D'Alvard" and detonate it when he goes in the 
    desired position. Obviously if you used METHOD C to kill Alvaro you cannot
    use this method to kill Delehunt.
    ------ METHOD C
    Only works if you've brought a sniper rifle with you. Once ALvaro is dead,
    Delehunt will come on to the stage and start crying. Do like in METHOD C
    for "Kill ALvaro D'Alvard" but don't plant the bomb. Go through the door 
    behind you and go down the ladder. Unpack your sniper here. Go left and there
    will be a hole. Time it correctly and watch out because there is a guard 
    patrolling behind it and will see you, so do it quick. Fall in , Aim at 
    Delehunt and fire. Then go back up. This could work for ALvaro too if you're
                                  < <  Escape  > > 
    Escaping could't be simpler. All you gotta do is retrace your steps from where
    you came from and to the beginning of the mission.
                                 MISSION 4 : FLATLINE                [HBMF]
    ¬ Location  : Rehab Clinic
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer)
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Most Fun Deaths"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Security Clinic staff, Patient 
                         < <  Kill Carmine DeSalvo > >
                               < <  Kill Rudy  > >
                             < <  Kill Lombardo  > >
                               < <  Find Agent  > >
                           < <  Smuggle Out Agent  > >  
                                < <  Escape  > >
    1) Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often wait in
       the park outside.
    2) Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
    3) The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a 
       gymnasium and a large spa area.
    4) Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.
    5) Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope they don't
       get alcohol poisoning.
    6) Weight lifting can be fatal.
    7) Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camping stoves into
       their rooms. Sounds dangerous!
    8) Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the morgue.
    As you start go forwards but don't go along the path. Go slightly left so you 
    are walking on grass to make things quicker. Keep walking past the big 
    boulders and past the huge tree up the stairs which you will see. Wait for 
    the cop to leave then pick the lock to the nearest door and head right. A cop
    will spot you and tell you that you have no bussiness here. Get behind him 
    and sedate him. Then take his clothes, the rehab keycard and steal the video
    There is a different method but it involves you losing your guns which is not
    a big problem but the other way you get the cop's uniform. This way you get a 
    patient's uniform. 
    When you start. Go along the path. Keep following it until you see a guy 
    having a cigarette break and there is a ticket next to him. Sneak and grab the
    ticket. Now go through the front door of the clinic and put the ticket in 
    front of the nurse. She will open the door for you and you go and change your 
    clothes. Leave any guns you have here as a cop will frisk you afterwards. 
    You're in!
    Alternatavily, as you are going alon the path in the beginning you'll see a 
    guy hiding behind the garbage bins. Sedate him, Take his clothes and then 
    dump him in one of the bins.
                                < <  Find Agent  > >
    Go to the place in the first paragraph. If you haven't taken that method you 
    will have to sedate the guard in the chair. Open the keycard door and go 
    forward. Open the next one too and go forward again. Hide behind the wall
    between the door and the window. If there is a standing Orderly in the room
    wait for him to go away, then climb through the window, sneak and sedate the 
    sitting orderly. Take his clothes, the cell key and dump his body in the 
    nearby container. Now look to the right and go through the door. Go down the
    stairs and locate the agent in one of the rooms. He's got ginger hair, he's in
    the third room from the left if that helps. A cutscene. Then sedate him and
    then another cinematic.
                            < <  Kill Carmine DeSalvo > >
    ----- METHOD A
    When he finishes doing the bench press he will lie for a bit. Stand behind
    him and choose the option to strangle him. 47 will strangle Carmine with the
    weaights. Obviously make sure no one sees this.
    ------ METHOD B
    WHen he's by the towels, make sure no one is looking then either syringe him
    or wire him
    ------ METHOD C
    If you disguise as the therapist you can lure him into your office (the big
    one with two armchairs) and then kill him there. The office is upstairs.
                                 < <  Kill Rudy  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    When he's grilling his feet in the jacuzzi just push him in. Make sure the 
    pest who's sometimes in there with him isn't in there.
    ------ METHOD B
    If you go upstairs, the room in the middle top of your map (near the 
    counciling office) you can plant a bomb there. When Rudy is having a drink
    from his beer from his globe, detonate it for the chandilier to fall on him.
    ------ METHOD C
    Rudy occasionally goes to take a drink in the library from his beer which
    is located if you open the globe. Go there, make usre no one is looking when
    you do this sinful deed and syringe poison the drink.
    ------ METHOD D
    If you disguise as the therapist you can lure him into your office (the big
    one with two armchairs) and then kill him there. The office is upstairs.
                               < <  Kill Lombardo  > > 
    This guy is probably the easiest to kill out of the three.
    ------ METHOD A
    The legendary, most satisfying, most easiest way is just to sabotage the gas 
    which is located upstairs furthest left top corner of the map. Just go
    up to the room and press X to "Sabotage Gas".
    ------ METHOD B
    When he's in his room, go through the balcony of the room next door to his 
    room get behind him and fibre wire him, poison syringe him or shoot him
    with the silverballer. 
    ------ METHOD C
    If you disguise as the therapist you can lure him into your office (the big
    one with two armchairs) and then kill him there. The office is upstairs.
                       < <  Smuggle Out Agent and Escape  > >
    Go to where you started at the beginning of the game and go to the one 
    opposite the police office. In there, the Agent will be lying. Make sure
    no one is looking and then press X to revive the Agent. Head to the door
    that says EXIT above it afterwards.
    THAT'S IT!
                                MISSION 5 : A NEW LIFE                [HANL]
    ¬ Location  : San Diego
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer) (W2000)
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Easiest kill"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : FBI Agent, Clown
                       < <  Kill Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra  > >
                           < <  Retrieve the Microfilm  > >
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
    2) The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
    3) Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots into the 
       garden with an airgun.
    4) Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to 
       tranquillize wild animals.
    5) Rumor has it that Vinnies' wife flirts with hired staff. But Vinnie trusts 
       her completely.
    6) Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
    7) A barbeque is being prepared for the party. Be careful with flammable 
    8) Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.
    As you start go forwards and left past the hedges. You will see a yellow hot 
    dog van. Go to the back of it and there will be a catering crate and donuts.
    Wait for the caterer to leave then grab the donuts and go to where you 
    started in the beginning of the mission. Drop the donuts somewhere there then
    sedate syringe the donuts. Grab them again and drop at the bag of the van 
    where you first found them. Wait for ages. After a while the caterer will
    come back from the house to the van and grab the sedated donuts. He will 
    bring the donuts at the bag of the white van opposite his one. The FBI agent
    will come out and carry the donuts inside the van. Him and the other FBI
    agent will eat them and shortly fall down. Go inside the white van, change 
    into their clothes, steal the video tape and come out.
    Near to the yellow Hot dog van and the white FBI van, there is another van -
    A Clown van. Wait behind it for the clown to come, as soon as he is behind 
    his van,make sure no one is looking then sedate him and put him in the big
    box inside the van. I prefer the FBI costume to this one but it's up to you.
                          < <  Retrieve the Microfilm  > > 
    The Microfilm is located in Vinnie's wife's necklace. To retrieve it read the
    following methods.
    ------ METHOD A
    When the poolboy goes in the small shed next to the outdoor swimming pool. Get
    in there with him, sedate him and take his clothes. Now wait near the outdoor
    swimming pool and Mrs Sinistra will come up to you and tell you to follow her
    to her bedroom. Do so and once she's there she'll go to sleep. Snatch it from
    her neck once she's sleeping, or sedate her if you so wish even thought it's 
    not needed.
    ------ METHOD B
    Do the same as in Method A but don't sedate the poolboy. Grab the lighter 
    fluid in the shed and exit it. Go to the barbecue grill near the outdoor pool
    and spray the lighter fluid on it. When Mrs Sinistra will interact with it she
    will be on fir and run around and eventually fall in the pool. Grab the 
    microfilm once she's down.
    ------ METHOD C
    When she is walking around the edge of the indoor pool, run up to her and push
    her to make her fall in. Then grab the microfilm from her neck.
    ------ METHOD D
    When Mrs Sinistra is swimming in the indoor pool, notice the roof above it is
    made of glass. Shoot it with a silenced weapon, preferable a sniper rifle 
    probably and the glass will shatter on her - killing her. Grab the microfilm
    after she's dead.
                        < <  Kill Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    I think this is the easiest and the most non fuss way. Outside the house, 
    behind the yellow hot dog van will be a circuit box. WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING
    break it and the guard in Vinnie's room will come out and go to inspect it. 
    Go to Vinnie's DOWNSTAIRS room while he's watching TV and fibre wire or 
    syringe him. I think the animation if you use the fibre wire is Vinnie 
    struggling from 47's grasp by rolling his feet. Quite funny actually.
    ------ METHOD B 
    In the kitchen there is a catering crate. Whne no one is looking put a mine in
    the catering crate. Now, when vinnie goes upstairs, place it near his chair 
    (downstairs) and detonate it when he comes back down to sit again.
    Note : Careful not to kill the guard in the room 
    Note : This might not get you the SA rating
    ------ METHOD C
    Hide upstairs in the computer room. WHen Vinnie goes upstairs to do something
    next to his computer. Sneak up behind him and fibre wire him or poison 
    syringe him.
    ------ METHOD D
    Only if you have a sniper rifle with you this will work. In the white van with
    the two guards is an option that says "Reidal Phone witness". Click on it and 
    then go to the Pet Clinic (opposite Vinnie's house) and snipe him from there.
    He will be near the front window.
                                    < <  Escape  > >
    From where you started , if you look behind there will be massive gates. Just 
    go there and press Escape. Well DOne, you finished the mission.
                            MISSION 6 : The Murder Of Crows                [TMOC]
    ¬ Location  : New Orleans
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer) (W2000)
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Most People"
    ¬ Disguises mentioned : Red Bird costume
                          < <  Kill Mark Purayah II  > >
                         < <  Kill Raymond Kulinsky   > >
                          < <  Kill Angelina Mason   > >
                          < <  Protect Jimmy Cilley  > >
                       < <  Retrieve the Diamonds Case  > >
                                 < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background sound and music, which
       could reveal someone's location.
    2) Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff.
    3) Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on next door
    4) Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and music themes.
    5) Some private apartments have a useful view.
    6) Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
    7) A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple of hours 
                        < <  Retrieve the Diamonds Case  > >
    The Diamonds Case is optinal but will nett you quite a lot of money if you get 
    it so read on.When you start a stupid red bird will be talking in front of you.
    Wait till he finishes speaking then follow him for ages until he stops in one 
    of the places. Make sure the patrolling cop doesn't see you, then sedate him, 
    take his clothes and dump his unconcious body in the garbage box. If you took 
    a sniper rifle with you then you will obviously need to use it so drop the 
    sniper case and pick up the diamonds case. Behind you will be a green door,
    go through it and then take the left door . Here will be an empty space where
    no one comes. A perfect place to drop your diamonds briefcase. Now go back and
    get your sniper case. Come back to the Diamonds case when you've finished all
    your objectives and Escape.
                           < <  Kill Mark Purayah II  > >
    ----- METHOD A
    The building next to Purayah  is the library. If you go there, and then to 
    the second floor there will be a barred door. You can still see Purayah 
    through it though. Drop or place a bomb anywhere near it and when Purayah
    comes close to this door , detonate it and he'll die.
    ----- METHOD B
    The place where there is a hanging piano. Near the hanging piano will be a 
    pipe. Climb it (with your sniper rifle) , unpack the sniper and aim at the 
    balcony. Shortly Purayah will come into view at which point you should 
    shoot him.
    ----- METHOD C
    Deliver him the Diamonds briefcase in the red bird costume but put a bomb in
    the case. When you leave it , run away far enough and detonate the bomb to
    balst Purayah.
                            < <  Kill Raymond Kulinsky   > >
    ------ METHOD A
    He will be either in the Blues Bar, the Salsa bar or the the other bar. I find 
    he is mostly in the Blues Bar. In the backalley should be a waiter taking a 
    fag. If he isn't wait for one to come. then sedate him and put him in the 
    nearest garbage bin. Then go upstairs of the bar and fibre wire Raymond, 
    poison syringe him, or shoot him with silverballer.
    ------ METHOD B
    When Raymond is out on  the Balcony on either clubs push him over. Make sure 
    no one sees this or you're in trouble.
    Alternitavely you can sedate him and chuck his unconcious body over the 
                              < <  Kill Angelina Mason   > >
    ------ METHOD A 
    In any of the alleys she goes to, when shes stopped, sneak behind her and 
    either fibre wire her, poison syringe her or even shoot her with silverballer.
    If there isn't a garbage bin around to put her in then hide her somewhere 
    that no one will see. In most of the alleyways she stops in, sometimes a 
    cop walks by.
    ------ METHOD B
    Go to the place described in METHOD B of "Kill Mark Purayah II" but don't 
    climb the pipe. See those two people at the table. If you look where one
    of them is facing you'll see a big box. Climb it (don't worry they won't see
    you, but there is a patrolling cop around so be careful) and keep climbing
    along, walk hug the wall with the fence and keep moving, jump from one 
    balcony to the other and plant a bomb on the thing that is holding the piano.
    Stand well away and when Mason stands below it, detonate the bomb and the 
    piano will squash her to death.
    METHOD B of Mark Purayah and METHOD B of Angelina Mason are very close to 
    each other and this is really good. It's like "Two birds with one Stone".- GET
                            < <  Protect Jimmy Cilley  > >
    Once you kill all the assassin birds then the objective will be automatically
    completed. If you hang around too much then Raymond will eventually shoot 
    Jimmy, unless you took the red bird costume and the Diamonds Case in which
    case you've got all the time in the world. 
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    The Exit is located at the middle bottom of the map. Just go there and press
                            MISSION 7 : You better watch out              [YBWO]
    ¬ Location  : Rocky Mountains 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer) (W2000)
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Not an easy disguise to obtain"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Santa, FBI Agent
                        < <  Kill Lorne De Havilland  > >
                            < <  Chad Bingham Jr.  > >
                                 < <  Kill ?  > >
                           < <  Retrieve Video Tape  > >
                                 < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
    2) The bartender knows how to improve performance in the grottos!
    3) Waiters often shower in the staff changing rooms.
    4) Even small annoying dogs can eat sausages.
    5) The glass-bottomed outdoor jacuzzi looks down on the pier 70 feet below.
    6) Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
    7) Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
    8) Lorne recently hired a former US Airforce helicopter pilot.
    When you start head for the elevator ahead of you and go behind the guard as 
    the security camera will see you otherwise. Go to the 1st floor. Once the 
    elevator doors open again, head left and left again and beleive it or not left
    again until you see a door that says "Staff Only". If there is a guard 
    watching either distract him with the coin or wait till he leaves then enter 
    the Staff Only and turn left to go into the kitchen. There will be Santa here.
    Once his back is turned to you, sedate him and dump his body in the container.
    Look at the sausage on the table. You will need this to get rid of Lorne's 
    dog , so poison it and take the sausage and put it in your inventory.
                              < <  Chad Bingham Jr.  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    Get an aphrodisiac from where the waiter is and spike the martini. One of the
    waiters will bring Chad the martini that you spiked and he will get all horny.
    His bitch next to him will ask him if he wants to do it and he'll say yes. 
    Follow them. They will go to the bedroom. While they will be in there, YOU 
    come in and his bitch will go away and Chad will go a different way. Follow 
    him. WHile he's going down the stairs push him and Chad will be unconcious.
    Then just shoot him or poison syringe him.
    ------ METHOD B 
    DO exactly like in Method A but don't push him down the stairs. Instead - 
    follow him even more and he will go to the balcony. Do whateva here. Fibre 
    wire him, posion syringe him, shoot him with silverballer, push him off etc.
    ------ METHOD C
    On the Staff floor, if you go out on the balcony, you can see the jacuzzi 
    Chad is in above you. SHoot it and cuz it's made of glass Chad and his 
    friends will fall A BIG HEIGHT.
                                 < <  Kill ?  > >
    There is another unknown target you need to kill. When you are following Chad
    in Method A , in the red corridor, a woman in Santa clothes will beckon you
    into a room. If you follow her there will be a cinematic. Skip the cinematic
    and move away. She will say that Men are too easy. Get your baller out,
    shoot her in the face and say to the TV screen "Men are too easy eh? Well...
    Women are too easy TO KILL!" Ha, take that stupid woman in red.
                          < <  Kill Lorne De Havilland  > >
    For this you need a bodyguard suit. You can get one on the Staff floor. From
    where you probably killed Chad (balcony) jump over the balcony and follow the 
    path and you will be on another balcony which is bigger. Go inside and take 
    the door directly in front of you as you enter the transparent double doors.
    In here will be a sitting guard. Sedate him and take his clothes. Now go 
    back to the main social area of this building. 
    To access the Studio Floor you will need to open your map. You see that 
    elevator at the top of the map? You need to get there.
    Once you're at the top there are several ways to kill Havilland.
    ------ METHOD A
    When he's having a ciggerete break by the balcony come in and drop the 
    poisoned sausage to his dog. Then sneak behind Havilland and push him over.
    ------ METHOD B 
    Do exactly like in METHOD A but fibre wire him or poison syringe him or even 
    shoot him with your good ol' baller.
    ------ METHOD C
    Go to the biggest room on the map on the studio floor. There will be people 
    there making a film. There is a ladder at the back. Climb it to get to the top
    and plant a bomb where you CAN plant one (just go around until you see the 
    X turn into "Plant Bomb" ), now detonate the bomb when Havilland goes under 
    the lights.
                             < <  Retrieve Video Tape  > >
    The L shaped room on the studio floor (where all the computers are) has the
    video tape you're after. There will be two guards coming in and out of this 
    room so make sure either are not waitching , then grab it.
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    To escape go via the boat you came from in the beginning of the mission. Just
    retrace your steps to the beginning and press Escape.
                           MISSION 8 : Death On the Mississippi          [DOTM]
    ¬ Location  : Mississippi 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : Silverballer 
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Most Kills"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Sailor, 1st Class Purser
                             < <  Kill Skip Muldoon  > >
                           < <  Kill The Gator Gang (6)  > >
                             < <  Retrieve pictures  > >
                                   < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a dangerous 
    2) Man over board - the wild waters of the river will cause certain death.
    3) The captain's cake is being prepared in the gallery in the rear of the 4th
    4) Only the 1st Class Pursers are allowed in the Gators Private area.
    5) The lower class kitchen prepares food for both the tourists on board as 
       well as the Gators on the top deck. Extra flavor could be added.
    6) The boss has received some heavy duty hunting gear from a business alliance
       The present is kept secure at the staff quarters.
    As you start run to the left of the staircae in front of you and along the 
    boats. You'll see a small staircase to your right and there should be a 
    sailor there soon. As soon as he comes out the door and enters his own 
    personal "office" directly opposite , go in and sedate him and take his
    clothes and grab the key on the desk. Now come out.
                         < <  Kill The Gator Gang  - 1  > >
    Below where you got your disguise should be the engine room. Unlock it or pick
    the lock (make sure no one sees this) and carry on forwards. Before you know
    it you'll see one of the Gator Gang members. He's wearing a green  T - Shirt,
    blue jeans and a cap.
    ------ METHOD A 
    When the Gator gang member is standing on one of the edges of the mechanics
    push him in to make it look like an accident.
    ------ METHOD B
    When he's walking, he'll make a stop in between the middle things. Sneak up
    behind him and fibre wire, syringe or shoot him. Or you can even sedate him
    and then chuck him over the rails of the mechanics down there but why do 
    that when you got METHOD A. Or you can just do all these thinks while he is 
    waiting with his back to you closer to the entrance.
    1 done , 5 to go
                         < <  Kill The Gator Gang  - 2  > >
    From the outside ship if you go up the main staircase and take either doors 
    in the front, then take the main front door in front of you and don't go up 
    the stairs. You'll see A gator gang member and his girlfriend kissing. 
    Approach them and they'll stop. Then they'll go to his room and talk really 
    quickly. When the door opens, stand in the way of it so it doesn't close but
    so you are not actually in his room. Shortly after that his girlfriend will
    leave and he will be alone with his back to you. Sneak in, close the door,
    shoot him with a silverballer or sneak behind him and wire him or poison him.
    Then exit his room.
    2 done , 4 to go.
                         < <  Kill The Gator Gang  - 3  > >
    Now go back to where you were when you entered either door to get inside. This
    time take the stairs upstairs. Now go forwards and through the room where 
    there is a guard standing near it. Then take the right and then the left 
    through the double doors. Keep going forwards through another double door. Go
    forwards and take the left single door. Then walk forwards and then left 
    through a door that says "Private". One of the Gator Gang members will be 
    walking around here. Either push him off the edge or fibre wire him, syringe 
    him and then chuck him off the ship. 
    3 down , 3 to go. All your targets are now left on one floor.
                            < <  Kill Skip Muldoon  > >
    Now come out the door you came in and head through the one to the right of the
    the purser. As you come in, go to the the door next to the private one, that 
    says "Staff Only". Next to the wardrobe will be a 1st class purser suit. Make
    sure the patrolling guard doesn't see you and then change into those clothes.
    Now go back through the door you just came in through and this time take the 
    "Private" door which is right next to it. Approach the purser here and he 
    will tell you to take the cake up to the boss (The Captain - Skip).
    ------ METHOD A
    Poison the cake and bring it all the way to Skip Muldoon who is located at 
    the Private staff floor. When Skip eats it he'll get poisoned.
    ------ METHOD B
    An even better way is to poison the cake AND put your silerballer in there.
    Once Skip dies, you can kill off all the other targets on the floor with the
    ------ METHOD C
    Place a bomb in the cake and bring it up to the Captain. Once he's near and 
    you're not then detonate the bomb and Muldoon will get blown off. However this
    will not get you the SA ranking because of the noise.
    To get to the Private deck it's quite simple. If you're facing the cake in the
    kitchen then take the left door. Then continue left again and go up the stairs
    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO GUNS. Having it in the cake is fine though. Go through
    the door and let the guard frisk you. You're in.
    If you don't wanna lose your guns then instead of going to get frisked go to 
    the left of the building and there will be a locked door. When the other
    purser around isn't looking, pick the door and come in.
                         < <  Kill The Gator Gang  - 4  > >
    When you bring the cake to the Captain there will be one of the Gator gang 
    members in the room with him (or could be rather). He will go away once you
    place the cake. He will go through the bedroom. Follow him with a SNEAK.Once 
    he's there shoot him in the head. Then, just to avoid any inconviniences ope 
    the door that leads outside and when the purser is near the edge of the ship, 
    push him off to make it look like an ACIIDENT.
    4 down, 2 to go.
                            < <  Retrieve pictures  > >
    In this room will be a green safe. Open it and press X to retrieve the 
    pictures. Simple as that.
                         < <  Kill The Gator Gang  - 5  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    SHoot him or fibre wire him or poison syringe him when he's taking a piss in
    the toilet. He will go there occasinally.
    ------ METHOD B
    A purser will bring him a hamburger once in a while. When no one is looking
    poison the hmaburger and the Gator gang member will die once he takes a 
    chunk out of it outside.
    5 down, 1 to go.
                         < <  Kill The Gator Gang  - 6  > >
    He's the one that frisked you in the beginning. I think personally that he's 
    the hardest to kill. The only GOOD way i know is to stand on the RIGHT side of
    the building. So that you are positioned behind the frisker. Once you can see
    him just shoot him in the head.
                                < <  Escape  > >
    Remember the engine room where you killed the first Gang member. Directly
    opposite the door from where you enter the engine room will be another door.
    Enter it and take either door on the left or the right. Once you're through
    one of them just go to the middle where both the doors lead, and there will be
    a boat. Escape using the boat.
                           MISSION 9 : Till Death Do Us Apart          [TDDA]
    ¬ Location  : Mississippi 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer) 
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Easy Kills"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Party Guest, Guard
                              < <  Kill the Groom  > >
                            < <   Kill John LeBlanc  > >
                          < <  Protect Margaux LeBlanc  > >
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make Rednecks panic.
    2) The water is home to alligators.
    3) The priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
    4) The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family graveyard.
    5) The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the wedding
    As you start turn right and then right again through the single wooden door.
    then take the left wooden door and turn left again and take the wooden door to
    your right this time. There will be a party gues coming in here once in a 
    while. Sedate him, take his clothes and put him in the container. Exit through
    the window. 
    This one is not very good since you need the party invitation too. So...
    As you start turn right and then left and keep following the wooden path
    until you meet another wooden path on your right. Take it and you'll see
    a really drunk guy who keeps puking. Follow him and eventually he'll lead
    you to the black building and fall asleep. Take his party invitation and 
    you can take his clothes too but there's no need for that. Just the party
    invitation is good enough.
                           < <  Protect Margaux LeBlanc  > >
    This objective is completed from the beginning. However if anything happens 
    to her this objective will be incomplete and you will fail the mission and 
    you're gonna have to restart.
                               < <  Kill the Groom  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    Best way is to poison the cake in the kitchen. When you come in through the 
    front door, go to the left side of the stairs (to your right) and before 
    you enter the double doors go right. There's the kitchen with the big white 
    cake to poison at your will.
    ------ METHOD B
    After the actual wedding ceremony, the groom will be following the wife 
    a lot. Get him on his own (preferebly near the toilets and then kill him and 
    hide his body in one of the rooms that doesn't get visited.
    ------ METHOD C
    In the attic there are places where you can put your bomb on and then detonate
    it and a chandilier will fall. Well, when the groom is playing on the piano
    there's a chandilier above him. Place a bomb in the attic on the thing that
    holds it up and then detonate it when the groom is playing.
                           < <   Kill John LeBlanc  > >
    To get upstairs you'll need a guard outfit. The best one i can find is in
    this way: From the front doors head to the left (to the right of the stairs)
    and enter the rooms that had the "Washrooms" sign near it. Now take the 
    door on the left (you'll need to pick it). There's a patrolling guard in here.
    Sneak up behind him and sedate him, take his clothes and you can just leave 
    him in this hallway because he's the only person in this small area.
    ------ METHOD A
    Pappy goes to the family graves every now and then. Place a bomb anywhere 
    round where he mourns and detonate it when he goes there.
    ------ METHOD B
    Pappy goes to the family graves every now and then. When he's there get up 
    to him and push him into the grave hole.
    ------ METHOD C
    One of the chandiliers an be bombed so it falls on Pappy. There are three in
    the attic, the bottom one is the one you need. The chandilier will fall where 
    Pappy starts walking up the stairs. Place the bomb there and then fire away 
    when he starts climbing.
    ------ METHOD D
    When Pappy goes upstairs and goes to the TV room to watch TV. Sneak behind 
    him and wire him, poison him or syringe him.
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    Go back to where you started from the beginning of the mission and take the 
    boat you came from. Or you can take the priest's boat which is where the 
    guards quarters are (near to the big white pavilion thingy where there are
    tables and where people eat.
                            MISSION 10 : A House of Cards               [AHOC]
    ¬ Location  : Las Vegas 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : (Silverballer), W2000 
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Most Waiting"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Hendrik Schmutz
                         < <  Kill Sheikh Al - Khalifa  > >
                         < <   Kill Tariq Abdul Lateef  > >
                           < <  Kill Hendrik Schmutz  > >
                          < <  Retrieve the diamonds   > >
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first things 
       you do at the casino.
    2) Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have keycards
       which only provide access to the floors they work on.
    3) As requested, we have left an Agency Pickup in your hotel room, #701.
    4) The casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire alarms
       are located on the top floors.
    5) It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may provide this
    6) The VIP lounge has been reserved all day by the SHeikh - only waiters are 
       allowed in this area.
    7) There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent cheating.
       Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
    8) The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary looking 
       suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.
                            < <  Kill Hendrik Schmutz  > >
    Go inside the building then take either way and follow the way until you get
    to the main place downstairs. Speak to the receptionist on the right hand 
    side of the place here. She'll give you a key for your room : 701. Next go 
    up the stairs and take the RIGHT ELEVATOR. Once the elevator doors close,
    climb the hatch and wait for AGES for Hendrik to come into the lift. Once
    he's in and the doors are closed, strangle him and take him to where you are.
    Take his keycard room and take his clothes. ake your sniper case and climb 
    down the hatch. Now open the door and head over to Hendrik's room.
    Hendrik's room is on the 7th floor. The room number is 707. EVen though it's 
    easy to find using your map, i;ll direct you to it anyway. When you come out
    the elevator on the 7th floor, take the left and continue left round the 
    corner. Then take the right when there's a grey door to your left. Carry on
    going forwards and then turn left when there's a wall in front of you. Carry
    on following the way, don't take the double grey doors but just continue 
    following where the way will take you. You'll meet double doors and a keycard
    reader in front of you. Use Hendrik's keycard and come in. Grab the DNA case
    and come out again.
                          < <  Kill Sheikh Al - Khalifa  > >
                           < <  Retrieve the diamonds   > >
    ------ METHOD A 
    Bring the Sheikh the DNA briefcase. One of his bodyguards will come and 
    collect it and then will head to the scientist's room. The Sheikh will try
    to start a conversation with you but it will all fail miserably. Then wait
    for AGES once again and the Sheikh will receive a call from the scientist.
    He will not be able to find any reception inside so he will come out. Follow
    him and he will be going up the stairs. Do anything you want to him here.
    ------ METHOD B
    Do like in METHOD A but wait till he goes outside. He will have his back to 
    you and he will be speaking to the scientist on the phone. Fibre wire him, 
    poison syringe him, shoot him, whatever. Just make sure no one from the hotel
    sees this and also sees his dead body.
    If you're wondering how to get to the Sheikh read this then. As soon as he 
    comes via his limusene, he will head for the Lounge. I will assume that you've
    just come out of the downstairs elevators.
    Head downstairs and then turn immediately to go downstairs and into the big
    "CASINO". Take either of the stairs down and then turn right and go right
    and soon you'll see another double door. Go through it and then turn right,
    going past the toilets and into the restaraunt/bar...whatever it is. If
    you have any weapons then drop them in the 1st cubical of the ladie's toilets 
    because you will be frisked in a second.
    Now see those two guards and the end of the area, who are standing beside the 
    entrance to the lounge, they are going to frisk you so head over there and let
    them. Now turn left and then turn right past the bodyguard to get to the 
    NOTE: If you've killed the scientist before the Sheikh then METHOD A and 
    METHOD B won't work. Try METHOD C.
    ------ METHOD C
    When the Sheikh's bodyguard comes in and puts down the payment briefcase and 
    take your DNA one the nyou can do this. Once the bodyguard is well way, stand
    to the left of the sitting SHeikh (near the other bodyguard) but don't leave 
    this private place otherwise the SHeikh's bodyguards will start shooting you.
    Press L3 and HOLD to throw the briefcase and the Sheikh will stand up and 
    start looking at you. Then just aim for the ground and throw your suitcase so
    as not to lose it. The SHeikh will still be looking at you. Sneak behind him
    (or more like at the side of him) Get your poison syringe out and you can JUST
    poison him from a tilted side and he will fall down...dead and the bodyguards
    won't see it. Now just go for the exit with the Diamond's briefcase. 
                        < <   Kill Tariq Abdul Lateef  > >
    Wheny you are in Hendrik's room, unpack your rifle case. Take it to the
    balcony and aim for the window right opposite you but above you. The scientist
    should be standing there. Snipe him out with your W2000 and then pack the 
    sniper rifle back into it's case. Now exit into the CASINO level.
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    if you just in the CASINO level (have just come down from the stairs) then
    turn left and go through the door that has the red EXIT sign above it. Keep
    going forwards and then press escape when you can do it.
                          MISSION 11 : A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL            [ADWD]
    ¬ Location  : Las Vegas 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : Silverballer, (W2000) 
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Most violent"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : CIA Agent, Suit Guard Office, Suit Guest Heaven
                           < <  Kill Anthony Martinez  > >
                             < <  Kill Vaana Ketlyn  > >
                                  < <  Kill Eve  > >
                              < <  Kill Maynard John  > >
                             < <  Retrieve information  > >
                                    < <  Escape  > >
    Intel : 
    1) Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties.
    2) Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a laptop on
       the top floor.
    3) Don't go for a Swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
    4) Be careful playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
    5) Bartenders are usually well informed.
    6) Look out for the singer at the heaven party. Looks can be deceiving.
    7) The devil is never to be trusted.
    8) There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more than just 
    As you start, walk towards inside and talk to the guard on duty - the 
    receptionist. You will be caught on camera but you can grab the tape 
    afterwards. Sneak follow the police man and when he stops at the small room,
    sedate him and take his clothes.  Now go back to where you were talking to
    the man and take the right door this time. Go down the stairs and enter 
    through the only door. Head a lot forwards until you can turn left. Turn left 
    and then turn right when you meet the black limo. Behind the open van will be 
    a guest suit. Make sure the patrolling guard doesn't see you and then change
    into the guest suit. With this suit you're only allowed on the top floor.
    If you don't mind losing your weapons then lose all of the ones you have in
    your inventory and head to the guards guarding the elevator. They'll frisk
    you and then you can go through. What I suggest though is to go to the side 
    of this place , to where the guard who is having a cigarette is. Sedate him 
    and dump his body in the container, so that you can pick the lock without him 
    seeing you. Climb up the stairs. 
                            < <  Kill Anthony Martinez  > >
    ------ METHOD A 
    Go to the top floor and walk around. You'll see Martinez walking around too
    with his big ass suitcase. Once he goes to take a piss in the toilets, MAKE
    SURE NO ONE IS IN THE TOILETS WITH HIM and then fibre wire him or poison 
    syringe him and take his clothes. You can take his big-ass case if you wish
    with you. Come out and close the toilet door. Make sure no part of his body
    is sticking out from the bottom or they'll find his body.
    ------ METHOD B
    I only had this done once to me but I think if you wait a HELL OF A LONG TIME
    then Martinez will come out the top floor (via the elevator) and stop at the
    garage. Then he'll take the other elevator in order to get to the basement.
    From the place where you climbed the ladder, there will be two elevator
    hatches. Go to the further elevator and get your fibre wire out. Wait for 
    Martinez to enter, then strangle him, take his clothes, take his weapon case 
    if you wish and drop down to the actual elevator. This suit is the best since
    you have access to everything, apart from the cop booth with the video tape.
                           < <  Retrieve information  > >
    Talk to the bartender and he'll tell you about Eve. Now go to her private room
    which is the big room with no one in it. If you are playing on a less than 
    Expert then a point of interest will be there too. There will be a laptop 
    on the desk with 47's face on it. Interact with the laptop and you got the 
                                 < <  Kill Eve  > >
    ------ METHOD A
    When you're in the room with the laptop, get your silverballer out and hide
    in the closet. Wait for Eve to come, then come out and shoot her. She's quite
    fast and don't let her come close to you because her knife can do A LOT of
    ------ METHOD B
    When she finishes singing if you meet up with her, she'll say that you're 
    really sexy and you should follow her to her room. DO us and once you're in,
    she'll lock the door and try to kill you. Get your 'baller out and shoto the 
    hell out of her.
    ------ METHOD C
    Snipe her while she's on stage with either your W2000 or the silverballer.
    I prefer the silverballer personally. Smaller gun, and WAY quicker to put
    it away. The W2000 will take ages to pack up.
                           < <  Kill Maynard John  > >
    This is really fun actually. To find Maynard, he's the red bartender in the
    corner serving drinks. Walk up to him and a cinematic will be triggered. He
    will challenge you to a duel in the Torture chamber. Follow him to the 
    torture chamber and then there will be another cutscene. He wil run to the
    other side and then the BATTLE BEGINS. Choose your weapons on the table, but
    I prefer using my customized silverballer. When he's shooting at you, hide 
    behind the shelves and see where the muzzle flash is coming from. Then aim
    and when the aim goes red - SHOOOOOOOTTT!
                            < <  Kill Vaana Ketlyn  > > 
    ------ METHOD A 
    If you are in Martinez's clothes then Vaana will ask you to come and do some 
    things with her in her room. Follow her and once you're alone do whatever 
    you want to her (as in kill her...) but SILENTLY.
    ------ METHOD B
    You can rig the pyro show by going to the big place that Vanna stands by
    before she commences. Once Vaana will start it will all go fine and then by 
    the end she will be in flames and fall in the shark tank where one of the 
    sharks will eat her.
                                < <  Escape  > >
    Go back to where you got the Guest Heaven outfit and look around. See that 
    blue Van? Well go there near it and pess escape and off you go! One last
    (proper) mission left!
                             MISSION 12 : AMENDMENT XXV                 [AXXV]
    ¬ Location  : Washington DC 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : Silverballer, W2000 
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Hardest Level"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : Museum Staff, Guard, FBI Agent
                         < <  Kill Mark Parchezzi III  > >
                            < <  Kill Daniel Morris  > >
                                  < <  Escape  > >
    Intel :
    1) The guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the metal 
    2) Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away by
    3) The White House is surrounded by an iron gate - which varies in height.
    4) Guards will respond if the laser alarm system in the Museum is triggered.
    5) The 1st Lady has a dog, which is regularly taken out for a walk in the 
    6) The oval office has been the setting for many historical meetings.
    7) Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for 
       renovation purposes.
    You Start outside with some tourists - and all of them are females (?). As you
    start if you wait just a little bit then the tourist with the suitcase will
    go and stand on the other side of the bus and have her back to her case. As 
    soon as that happens put your silverballer in her case, even though you can
    kill both your targets with just your W2000. Speaking of which, I advise you
    to buy the upgrade of non detectable sniper case - Very useful for this 
    mission. Anyway as you do so continue to the front entrance - put your case 
    on the machine and then wait for the woman to come. Once they tell her to 
    come with them, one of the guars grabs the case and takes it to the Staff 
    quarters. That's where you're going next - after a toilet stop of course.
    Go to the toilet that's to the right of the guard guarding the authorized 
    entrance and wait there for a museum guard to come. Close the door behind him
    and sedate him or human shield him and then knock him out and then take his 
    clothes and leave him in the toilet. Now to get that silverballer. Go to
    the room on your map that has a star in it. In here will be the case in where
    you put the gun. Take the case and take it behind the other working guard
    so the one looking in your direction doesn't see you and retreive the baller.
    Now put down the case and grab your own sniper one.
    If you can, lure one of the guards in the beginning before you go through the 
    metal detectors to the toilet in the beginning. Then close the door and 
    sedate him and take his clothes. If you do this method then you won't need to
    sedate another guard but this is not easy to do. Eventually you'll need a 
    military guard suit to get in the main building.
    Also, in the tour place, will be a woman who can't get her eyes off the stuff
    she sees one one of the places. WHen she's looking over you can push her onto
    it and the alarm will sound, thus alarming all the guards (or some of them for
    me) and making them all come to this place, while you can sneak through the 
    "authorized access only" door, then turn right through the door and then right
    again into the shower to grab the guy's clothes sitting on the bench. It's a
    Museum guard suit. 
    Note : This method is very bad and hardly worked well for me. I advise you to
           stick with the other two.
    If you used a method which gets you the museum guard outfit then follow this 
    to THEN get the military guard outfit.
    Now you have the access to all the guard places on this level and you're not 
    allowed to go to the main building of course. Speaking of which, grab the 
    keycard to the main building which is on the desk in the Staff Quarters where
    the two military guards are.
    Then come out and go outside (the ouside where you go through the kitchen near
    the dining room, not the other outside). There will be a lonely guard 
    patrolling here. Get behind him, sedate him or knock him out any other way and
    then take his clothes. Hide his body behind that big thing just in case 
    anyone does come along.
    Now go down the long corridor and open the double doors to the main building 
    using the keycard you got in the Staff Quarters.
                            < <  Kill Daniel Morris  > >
    ------ METHOD A 
    Following from above, just follow the path to the main building and eventually
    you'll be in a place with a fireplace. Wait for the Vice P to come out and 
    then follow him. He will go outside and walk his stupid, black, annoying, dog.
    Get behind him, make sure the patrolling FBI agent doesn't see and then get 
    your silverballer out and blast him in the head. You can use fibre wire and 
    the poison syringe too if you wish but it's too slow and the guard might see 
    you or the VP might before he does. 
    ------ METHOD B
    In the same place as above if you look around you will see some plants leading
    to the roof, well, you can climb that. Do so (with your W2000) and unpack 
    your rifle up on the roof making sure no one is seeing this. Then aim for when
    Morris will come with your sniper to walk his dog and shoot him once you catch
    the sight of him.
                         < <  Kill Mark Parchezzi III  > >
    To get to where Mark Perchezzi is (the Oval Office) you have to have the FBI
    bodyguard suit. From where you kill Morris outside should be a lone patrolling
    one of these. If you've used up all your sedatives, then toss a coin and then
    get a gun out and grab the FBI agent as a human shield and then knock him out.
    Hide his body in the big dip which is in front of the entrance to the building
    You'll need to grab his keycard as well and his clothes and walk into the 
    building. Parchezzi is in the "Oval Office" which can be entered at the 
    bottom right of your map. ENter the office and a cutscene will go off. After
    the cutscene Parchezzi will detonate a bomb and you'll fall. When you're 
    back up follow him. He goes up on the roof. Find the stairs which is quite 
    close and go up on the roof.
    ------ METHOD A
    There will be a big firefight up on the roof. SHoot him with your silverballer
    a couple of times and he should go down.
    ------ METHOD B
    I think the best way to kill Perchezzi once you are on the roof, is to hide
    behind one of the metal boxes and sniper him out using your W2000. One 
    headshot should do it.
    ------ METHOD C
    Before the whole thing with Perchezzi starts, drop a bomb somewhere like on 
    the stairs and when Parchezzi runs up the stairs to get to the roof, detonate 
    the bomb after the cutscene when he starts to run.
                                 < <  Escape  > >
    All you've gotta do is go all the way back to where you started in the 
    beginning and get your suit back obviously and go to the main gates and 
    press "Escape". That's It Done!
                               MISSION 13 : REQUIEM                       [HBMR]
    ¬ Location  : ? 
    ¬ Weapons to bring : None 
    ¬ My Quick Level Discription : "Biggest Joke"
    ¬ Disguises Mentioned : 47's white suit.
                             < <  Kill Everybody  > >
    This mission is really fun but it's not that easy. As soon as you see 47's 
    body and the credits begin to go, wiggle the left analog stick and very 
    shortly afterwards 47 will get up. For a few seconds it will be slomo which 
    is cool and you could get a couple of head shots in at this time. Try to
    get behind somebody and grab them as a human shield.
    If you can't do that then run up the stairs and hide behind the two thin
    columns and wait for the guards to come and dispatch them all, one by one.
    As you are killing all of these guards, some idiots will be trying to escape
    (don't worry they can't). There will be about four of them. One of them 
    will be the reporter or whatever he is : Rick Hendersen, one will be the 
    stupid wheelchair idiot/scarface who goes by the name of Cayne, and two of 
    his bodyguards. They will be waiting at the cars for you (I dunno why they 
    don't just escape!) Kill them all. It's also quite funny to see the reporter
    banging on the gate shouting for help. 
    If you REALLY wanna have fun killing them, then go to the two stone sheds 
    opposite the cars and in one of them will be lots of melee weapons like the 
    screw driver, hammer, GARDEN SHEERS and a Shovel I think. Yummy!!!
    Then watch the real ending and have fun!
    Congratulations you completed the GAME!!!!
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    they choose to. Any other sites, please do ask permission before you upload 
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    ¬ www.supercheats.com
                                       THANKS                            [TTAS]
    I have come to the conclusion of this FAQ. I hope it helped and that you 
    have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
    ¬ Thanks to Gamespot
    ¬ Thanks to everyone who has read this
    ¬ Thanks to Io-Interactive and Eidos for making an Awesome game like Hitman
      Blood Money and other hitman games.
    ¬ Thanks to the above websites in "Sites" if they got my FAQ.
    ¬ Thanks to all the Hitman fans so i don't feel alone!
    ¬ Thanks to God for the world that we live in.
    And don't forget to write to me if you see errors.
    Copyright 2007 Riyad Eyvazli
    By CruZer_69
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