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"Best party game on the 360"

The only Rayman game I've ever enjoyed was the very first one. I just didn't care for the 3D ones all that much. When this new one was announced for the Wii I was only slightly interested and then when I heard it was a mind game style of a game I didn't want anything to do with it. Then it came to the 360 and that darn console and its feature of keeping track of every played game. I just had to play this now. Is it worth playing? Read on!

One day Rayman and his little blue buddies are chilling. Then the evil rabbit enemies come and take all of his friends so now Rayman must fight in this tournament to get his friends back. It's lame but it works.

Graphic wise this game is a total let down. The character models don't look as detailed as those in the Wii videos. Not saying the graphics are horrible but the character models are a bit lifeless and the levels look pretty good as well but they don't have much going on in them usually.

The sound in the game is alright. Sound effects are amusing. I don't remember voice work, if there is or isn't any. The music is amusing though. "Pump it" by Black Eyed peas, Girls Just Want to have fun and a few others are not just featured in the dancing game but also as level background music.

Control in the game is interesting. I don't have a vision cam yet so I can't comment on how those work. The normal controls are pretty good. Most games just use the L and R triggers. Otherwise it's just A and the analog stick. I found aiming with the stick and drawing too, to be rather iffy at times and a bit overly sensitive. I can see this working better on the Wii.

The game is just a much of mini games. The way the story mode is set up is that you have four doors you can enter. Each has a single mini game. Compete and win at least three and a big gate opens and a shooting level is there. Think of it as the boss level. Wash and repeat 9 times. It's not too hard, rather simple but it's amusing.

The mini games are a mix of good and bad. There's a jump rope one, the dancing one was a blast and was my favorite one. Off hand I really don't remember the others You usually have to shoot a Rabbid with a toilet plunger. So the variety is kind of there but it is a lot of shooting.

The first person shooter things were some serious fun. Level design was a bit bland and it works as a rail shooter but it was fun. Not too hard but fun.

Sadly the game doesn't have much else to offer. Achievements and unlockables but those work hand in hand. No on-line multiplayer so that's a big lose for a party game. It does have single console multiplayer but eh, I'd rather have on-line play.

To be honest if I had to pick between the 360 version and the Wii version I'd go with the Wii version. Only because the control is more suited for this style of game. It works fine on the 360 but with no LIVE stuff it's pretty much pointless to have it on the 360 if you own a Wii as well.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 7/10
Replay Value - 3/10

Final Score - 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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