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    Intel Achievement FAQ by Jersey Driver

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    F.E.A.R. for the Xbox 360
    Created by Monolith     The game website is www.whatisfear.com
    Intel Achievement FAQ
    Version:  1.1
    Original Date:   2/10/07
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Spoiler Warning / Special Notes
    3. Voicemail / Laptop Locations by Level with full descriptions of contents
    4. Version History
    5. Final Comments, Contact Info, Copyrights, and Thanks
    First off, I just want to say that this game is fantastic, whether played 
    on an Xbox 360 or on a PC.  The 360's achievement points for this game are
    reasonable, with a little practice.  At 5 achievement points, the Intel 
    achievement is often overlooked, but in reality, it's rather easy to get 
    with a little exploration.  This achievement can be combined with any other 
    achievement.  For example, if one is trying to beat the campaign on Extreme 
    Difficulty (Fearsome 100pts.) they can collect all the pieces of intel and 
    get those 5 as well.
    That said, this achievement is what I like to call an "instant achievement".
    Once you find the last piece of evidence, you get your points.  Other such 
    instant achievements in F.E.A.R.'s campaign are:  
    Explorer, Exterminator, Initiation, Water Treatment Facility, Armacham, 
    Slums, Secret Facility, Explosive Expert, Environmentalist, Slow Jo, Medic, 
    Bullet Sponge, and two hidden ones, Suicide King, and Vermin Badge.
    After searching up and down for a FAQ with message locations and laptops, 
    I decided to break the mold and write one myself.  This is my first FAQ so 
    please bear with me.  If you see a mistake, or a better way to describe a 
    location please send me an email and I will include the information and 
    credit for your suggestion.
    2. Spoiler Warning / Special Notes
    The very nature of this FAQ is one of information about F.E.A.R.'s 
    campaign.  Sure, it may have been possible to make the FAQ spoiler free, but, 
    I've chosen to give information about what is said on the phone messages, 
    as a double check.  You can compare the message to what I have written down,
    and it should correlate.  Although, in reality, these messages never change.
    The phone at any particular location will always say the same thing, every
    time.  Unlike the laptops...
    Starting at Armacham, the laptops have an interesting quirk about them:
    if you miss a laptop, that information is not lost.  Instead it is "moved" 
    over to the next laptop.  
    For example, the first laptop in Armacham (Level 4-2, Laptop 3 below) mentions
    "Icarus", and the next one mentions "Perseus".  If you skip the first laptop,
    the 2nd laptop talks about "Icarus".  This is very important.  As you read
    this FAQ, if you notice that what is being said about the laptop is different
    than what I've written, double check and make sure you have all the previous
    laptops.  On a frustrating note, if you beat a level before getting all the
    laptops in it, you must start the game from the beginning again and make sure
    to collect them all again.  You cannot just use the "select mission" option.
    If you do, the first laptop you get talks about "Icarus".  
    Besides the first two laptops, before Armacham, there are at least 2 laptops
    that are always spoken about in the same manner, no matter how many previous
    laptops you skip. They are the laptop in Harlan Wade's office, and the laptop
    in The Vault.  
    Final words on spoilers.  If you don't like them, may I suggest you play 
    through the game first, then come back and do this achievement.
    3. Voicemail / Laptop Locations by Level with Full descriptions of contents
    Voicemail 1 - Situation 2 - 1 (First Encounter):  
    You will come to a room where you must use a yellow lever to move a big 
    metal container to proceed.  If you are looking directly at the lever, 
    the voicemail is right behind you, on a desk with a grenade and a computer.
    Note:  This voicemail should trigger the game to give you a little hint 
    about how to answer voicemails.
    1 message - "This is Chad at Accounting.  Nobody seems to know what is 
                 going on, but we seem to be hearing lots of loud noises.  
                 Have you guys heard anything over there?"
    Voicemail 2 - Situation 3 - 1 (Infiltration):
    Before you battle anyone in this area, there is large open area with a 
    turntable walkway over a large empty vat.  The room that has the switch 
    to make the walkway rotate has a voicemail.
    1 message - "Mike, what the hell is going on over there?  It sounded like an
                explosion!  I can't get through to anybody, call me back."
    Laptop 1 - Situation 3 - 1 (Infiltration):
    After a large battle and a checkpoint, you will enter a hall with 2 G2A2's, 
    body armor, and a medkit on the wall.  Connected to this hall is a room.  
    Laptop is on the table.
    "Interesting.  I found a waste water analysis summary addressed to an Armacham 
    review company.  According to the abstract, there is some major contamination
    coming from upstream.  I can't imagine why Armacham would be interested 
    unless they are responsible."
    Voicemail 3 - Situation 3 - 2 (Heavy Resistance):
    You will eventually find yourself in a large mechanical room; there are 
    6 replica soldiers to fight in this large space.  After dispatching them, 
    go upstairs.  There is a small room to your right.  There is a desk with 
    2 grenades and a voicemail.
    1 message - ..."Hey man, I heard something crazy is happening there. You 
                    alright?  Let me know.  We are still on for Friday night, 
                    right?  Call me back bro.  I hope you're alright."
    Voicemail 4 - Situation 3 - 3 (Bad Water):
    Towards the beginning of the level you will hear a radio talking about the 
    situation and come to a room with a camera.  Take a right past the camera.  
    You will stairs in that small hallway.  Go up the stairs and follow the path 
    to a room in the back.  In that room, there is a voicemail.  Note:  This is 
    one that MANY people miss.
    1 message - Ian Hives -"Hi Bill, it's Ian Hives.  Look, I just got your email.
                            I wish I could give you some more background on this, 
                            *sigh* but, it's strictly need to know.  Hell, I 
                            don't even know what all this is for.  For now, 
                            just focus on the specific contaminants in the task 
                            summary, maybe I can fill you in a little more once 
                            we've completed the survey."
    Laptop 2 - Situation 3 - 4 (Exeunt Omnes):
    Early in the level, you must eventually shut off the power to proceed.  
    The following room has a laptop on a table, next to some armor.  Very hard 
    to miss.
    "Remember that waste water report I mentioned?  There is a little more info 
    here.  The contamination originates from the Auburn area.  That place is 
    practically deserted now.  Probably not a coincidence.
    Laptop 3 - Situation 4 - 2 (Watchers):
    There will be a part early in the level, where if you are walking slowly, 
    you'll hear Fettel's voice say: "Stay out of my way."  The next big room 
    is a conference room, with an ATC guy dead in it.  Laptop on table.  
    Hard to miss.
    "There's a reference here to something called Icarus.  It says here it was a 
    bioengineering program that started in 1973.  Something about the health 
    issues related to microgravity: loss of muscle mass, bone density,
    sh*t like that." 
    Voicemail 5 - Situation 4 - 2 (Watchers):
    Walking down a hallway, you will see an ATC guy get thrown through a window.
    As you enter that room, there is a wooden booth-like area with two phones.  
    One phone has a voicemail.
    1 message - Outside Number - "Peter, it's Carla at Custom Avionics.  Where 
                                 is everybody?  I can't reach anyone over there.
                                 I need to talk to Brent about this draft he sent 
                                 over.  But he hasn't returned my call.  It's 
                                 really important he gets back to me as soon as 
                                 possible, ok?  Thanks."
    Voicemail 6 - Situation 4 - 2 (Watchers):
    Shortly after the previous voicemail, you will enter an office area where 
    you fight 3 Assassins.  There is only one way out of this area.  In the 
    room through which you leave there is a voicemail on the wall.  
    Relatively hard to miss.
    3 messages - 1 - Charles Habegger - "It's Chuck Habegger.  I've analyzed the
                                        readings and I'm recommending we suspend 
                                        Perseus until we can figure out what's 
                                        causing the synchronization.  The patterns
                                        are identical to what we saw last time.  
                                        But, obviously the consequences would be 
                                        a helluva lot worse."
               - 2 - Charles Habegger - "I got your message.  Maybe you've 
                                        forgotten, but when this happened before,
                                        Fettel was only a child, and the fall out
                                        from that f*ck up was that Origin had to
                                        be permanently shut down. This time, we're
                                        talking about a highly trained military 
                                        commander with a telepathic link to 
                                        hundreds of soldiers who don't think for 
                                        If you are worried about being behind 
                                        schedule now, imagine what'll happen if 
                                        we end up with full scale revolt."
               - 3 - Marshall Dissler - "Hi, it's Marshall. Just got off the phone
                                        with Chuck Habegger.  He's worried about 
                                        his findings.  He said that he's talked 
                                        to you about suspending the program
                                        temporarily.  I've got to agree.  If there
                                        even the slightest chance of another 
                                        synchronicity event we've got to take it 
                                        seriously.  I'm gonna head over to the 
                                        Perseus compound and check things out 
                                        myself.  Why don't you give me a call on
                                        my cell.  Let's discuss this.
    Laptop 4 - Situation 4 - 2 (Watchers):
    You will soon get to fight 2 more Assassins.  After the battle, there is 
    a laptop on a couch.
    "Looks like the Icarus program got shut down in favor of something called 
    Perseus, which -- from what I can tell -- was funded by DOD. I'm guessing 
    that's where Fettel and his soldiers come from."
    Voicemail 7 - Situation 4 - 2 (Watchers):
    After rescuing Norton Mapes, you are sent on a mission to shut down 
    security.  On the way there, you'll see a desk absolutely cluttered 
    with junk, soda cans, magazines, and cheese snack bags.  There is also 
    a voicemail on his desk.  Could be hard to miss, due to all the clutter.
    1 message - Ian Hives - "Norton, it's Ian Hives.  Look.  Umm...  Alice Wade
                             stopped by my office this morning ... I feel a
                             little awkward saying this, but I really need you to
                             tone down the innuendo around her.  It's not that I
                             personally give a rat's ass, but the last thing we 
                             need right now is a sexual harassment case drawing
                             unwanted attention to this task force.  It's supposed
                             to be a secret after all.  OK?  Thanks Norton."
    Voicemail 8 - Situation 5 - 1 (Bishop):
    Right after the start of the level, there is a set of cubicles.  There 
    re 5 total Replicas around you, 3 on your floor, and 2 on the 2nd floor.  
    After dispatching them, go around to each of the offices that line the area.
    One of them will have a voicemail.  Easy to miss when your adrenaline is 
    1 message - Harlan Wade - "Mike, it's Harlan Wade.  Chuck Habegger seems to
                              think that people are blowing smoke up his ass on
                              this Perseus situation.  Now, I don't know which one
                              of you sh*t-heels over there is calling the shots,
                              but you better stop d*cking around fast, because the 
                              readings are getting worse by the minute. It's 
                              really a simple choice, you can either listen to the
                              expert advice you're being given or you can brace
                              yourself for the assf*ck of the century.  Cause it's
                              coming, you mark my words on that."
    Voicemail 9 - Situation 5 - 1 (Bishop):
    The next room after the first battle, there are more cubicles, and two more 
    Replicas to battle with.  Destroy them and continue on.  In the following 
    hallway, enter the first door on your left.  The desk there has a voicemail.
    Easy to miss.
    1 message - Marshall Dissler - "Hi.  It's Marshall Dissler.  Looks like you
                                    were right about the energy signature; 
                                    identical to the original.  Still trying to
                                    come up with an explanation, but I figured 
                                    that you'd at least want confirmation.  I'll 
                                    be in touch when I know more."
    Voicemail 10 - Situation 5 - 1 (Bishop):
    After the fire alarm goes off, enter the area opened by the alarm.  Going up 
    the stairs, you'll find yourself above the area of the first fight in this 
    level, mentioned in Voicemail 8.  One of the offices lining the wall has a 
    1 message - Alice Wade - "Hey Aldus, it's Alice Wade.  I put some photocopies
                             in your mailbasket.  It's a bunch of news articles 
                             I dug up about Auburn from the last 25 years.  
                             There's a surprising amount of corroboration about
                             the physical symptoms that old woman told us about.  
                             Seems a lot of people over the years recorded 
                             feeling uncomfortable or nauseated after 
                             spending any amount of time there.  But, if it was 
                             some kind of chemical or radiological contamination,
                             why didn't the city find anything in the soil or the
                             ground water?  It doesn't make a lot of sense.  Oh
                             well, I'll talk to you soon."
    Voicemail 11 - Situation 5 - 1 (Bishop):
    There is a voicemail on the wall, in the security room where you shut off 
    the fire alarm.  Hard to miss.
    1 message - Marshall Dissler - This is Marshall.  Look, something's happening
                                   over here at the Perseus Compound.  I can hear
                                   gunshots, but the security system just went 
                                   down, so I don't know what the situation is.  
                                   Just send all available security teams to lock 
                                   this place down.  I'll call back once I have 
                                   a better idea of what's going on."
    Laptop 5 - Situation 5 - 1 (Bishop):
    After riding the elevator, you will eventually come to a room where you'll 
    see a dead body flying down a shaft into pile of dead bodies.  (For those 
    going for the "Survivalist" achievement, don't jump on the pile, it will 
    kill you)  Open the door, and you'll be looking directly at a laptop.  
    Very hard to miss.
    "Well, this confirms the point of Perseus was to train telepathic commanders
    to work with cloned soldiers, although it looks like Paxton Fettel was the 
    only commander in the program.  The weird thing is, they refer to him as the 
    second prototype."
    Voicemail 12 - Situation 6 - 1 (Sayonara, Sucker):
    After finding Norton Mapes, go left down the hallway.  You will enter 
    another hallway with several labs and workspaces.  Go into the one in 
    front of you and just to the right.  Go to the back lab.  There is a 
    technician hanging from a vent in the correct room.  There is also a 
    health booster in this room.  Lastly, there is also a voicemail in this room.
    1 message - Outside Number - "Jason, it's me.  I just saw the news.  What's 
                                  going on?  Please call me back and let me know
                                  you're okay.  I'm really freaking out."
    Laptop 6 - Situation 6 - 1 (Sayonara, Sucker):
    You will enter a room with 2 Replicas coming up a set of stairs in the back.
    If you come in fast enough, they will say something like "Check the stairs".
    There is also a MOD-3 Rocket Launcher in this room.  Going down the stairs 
    that the soldiers came up, you walk under some pipes and come up into another
    room with two more Replicas.  In that room, there is a laptop on the back 
    wall's bench.  This one is easy to miss if you are rushing around.
    "Here's is some more info about Fettel.  He was developed as part of something 
    called Origin.  It says the first prototype didn't work out, Fettel was the 
    second, and there was never a third.  They just pulled the plug a few years
    after he was born."
    Voicemail 13 - Situation 6 - 1 (Sayonara, Sucker):
    You will come up to a security room where you hit a switch to open the 
    glass doors blocking your path.  In this room, there is a voicemail on the 
    wall.  Hard to miss.
    1 message - Genevieve Aristide - "John?  It's Genevieve.  It seems the 
                                     senator's plan failed.  His special forces
                                     team has been unable to neutralize Fettel.
                                     We should assume the worst.  Instruct the
                                     security force to repel all outsiders. We
                                     need time to clean things up." 
    Laptop 7 - Situation 6 - 2 (Unauthorized Personnel):
    After battling the 2nd turret of the level, the next room has a laptop on 
    the bench.
    "There's a little more here on Origin.  The reason they shut it down was a
    'synchronicity event.'  It doesn't say what that means, but I guess there 
    were a few casualties."
    Voicemail 14 - Situation 6 - 2 (Unauthorized Personnel):
    After seeing Mapes trying to climb into a vent, you will be scissored by 
    a pair of turrets.  Quickly jump into the room on the right.  That room has 
    a voicemail on the bench.  Easy to miss if you are playing like Rambo and 
    just taking the turrets' damage.
    1 message - Bill Moody - "Hey, this is Bill Moody.  I'm sorry I didn't get 
                             back to you sooner but we got a little behind 
                             schedule.  I'm still out here at the South River
                             treatment plant.  Anyhow, I've got some preliminary
                             results for you.  All the compounds you had me test
                             for are present, although the concentrations are
                             significantly higher than expected.  I should have 
                             a complete report on your desk on Monday morning.
                             Talk to you soon."
    Voicemail 15 - Situation 6 - 2 (Unauthorized Personnel):
    You will get to a section where you must clear out the air from a lab.  
    When you get to the switch to turn on the fans, look to you right.  There 
    are some stairs.  Up those stairs is a health booster and a voicemail.
    2 messages - 1 - Bill Moody - "Hey Janice, it's Bill Moody.  Ian Hives sent me
                                  down to the South River treatment plant to do
                                  some wastewater analysis.  I'm concerned about
                                  my findings since that effluent comes from 
                                  residential areas.  It may be originating in
                                  Auburn which might actually explain a lot.
                                  I'm going to send you a copy of my report so you
                                  can make sure the proper people are informed."
               - 2 - Ian Hives - "Janice, uh yeah, it's Ian.  Look, I wanted to
                                  give you a heads up that you might be getting
                                  a call from Bill Moody.  I think the best course
                                  of action would be for you to act like you give a
                                  sh*t about his concerns.  I think all he really
                                  wants is to believe that someone in authority is
                                  taking the ball and running with it.  I f*cked
                                  up by blowing him off, so I'm guessing he'll run
                                  to you.  Anyway, look, lemme know how it 
                                  works out."
    Laptop 8 - Situation 6 - 2 (Unauthorized Personnel):
    Directly after Voicemail 15, you make your way down to the previously toxic 
    lab.  On a bench, you will find a laptop.  Very hard to miss.
    "This is interesting.  When they pulled the plug on Origin, apparently they
    just locked the door and threw away the key.  They don't get into a lot of
    detail, but I guess the place is really dangerous to be in.  Wonder if there's
    some kind of chemical leak or something."
    Voicemail 16 - Situation 6 - 3 (Afterimage):
    Near the beginning of the level, you will hear someone say "It wasn't my 
    fault."  Keep walking straight into an office.  Voicemail on bench.
    1 message - Genevieve Aristide - "Ian! Can you send me copies of any materials
                                      your task force has put together on the
                                      Origin anomalies?  Harlan is supposed to be
                                      updating me daily, but apparently he's got
                                      his ass full of the grudge he insists on
                                      carrying.  I hope he's not dribbling too 
                                      much poison in people's ears.
                                      I take full responsibility for what happened
                                      to the team.  But wishing won't bring them
                                      back.  In any case, now's not the time for
                                      assigning blame.  We have to work together
                                      as a team to get through this crisis.
                                      Thanks so much."
    Laptop 9 - Situation 6 - 3 (Afterimage):
    You will battle 3 ATC men, and then you will go down some stairs and fight 
    3 more.  In the room of the 2nd battle, there are offices on the left wall.
    The first door has a laptop on a desk.  Easy to miss when the action starts 
    "Get this!  A few weeks ago, ATC re-opened the Origin facility.  They were
    planning to clean it out, start the program back up, but they lost contact
    with everyone they sent in.  So they just sealed the place back up."
    Voicemail 17 - Situation 6 - 3 (Afterimage):
    Betters will mention Alice Wade while talking to you.  After that, there 
    will be a long hallway with 2 guys at the other end.  After you kill them 
    both, continue down the hallway and take the first door to your left.  
    In one of the cubicles, there will be a voicemail.  
    Well hidden, very easy to miss.
    1 message - Outside Number - "Hey it's me.  Call me ok?  I'll try your cell
                                 (Personal Note:  This voicemail is worthless)
    Laptop 10 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    Right at the start, you have to bust through a window to continue.  In the 
    room you bust into, there is a laptop on a desk.  Easy to miss if you break 
    the wrong window.
    "This Harlan Wade guy has been associated with Origin since the beginning.
    He's the one who put it together."
    Laptop 11 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    After the elevator ride, take the left hallway.  The room has a Laptop on 
    a lunch table.
    "Listen to this.  Marshall Dissler, Bill Moody, and Aldus Bishop were all
    working on some type of task force together.  The others members are Ian 
    Hives, Alice Wade, Norton Mapes, and Charles Habegger, and Harlan Wade is the 
    one pulling the strings. I guess that means Fettel's working his way up
    the food chain."
    Voicemail 18 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    Continue down the hallways after Laptop 11.  You will reach Alice Wade's 
    office, with a big name tag on the front.  On her wall there is a voicemail.
    You MUST hear this voicemail to continue the story.  Hearing the voicemail 
    gives you your next objective.
    2 messages - 1 - Harlan Wade - "Alice, it's your father.  You've gotta get 
                                   outta there.  You're in danger!  Get to my
                                   office and find my laptop.  There's a text file
                                   called Brodius.  Hurry!"
               - 2 - Aldus Bishop - "Hey, It's Aldus.  I read through those news
                                    clippings and I definitely think you're on to
                                    something.  I'm going to see if I can track 
                                    down some other people who've lived or worked
                                    in the area during that time.  Even a couple
                                    of interviews would help.  
                                    I'll keep you posted."
    Voicemail 19 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    Directly across the hall from Alice Wade's office, you can see a blinking 
    voicemail message.  Just break the glass and activate it.  There is another 
    way to get to that room, but this is FAR easier.
    1 message - Harlan Wade - "Hi, it's Harlan Wade.  I've been trying to get a 
                              hold of Genevieve all week but the bitch never picks
                              up her f*cking phone.  Look, if you see her, tell 
                              her we're in deeper sh*t than I thought.  Her 
                              brilliant idea of reopening the vault set something
                              in motion that I can't explain and I don't know how
                              to stop.  I sure hope she's happy."
    Voicemail 20 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    After the elevator falls, you climb up the shaft and make it to an area 
    with a checkpoint.  Right in front of you, you should see an office area 
    with a voicemail on the wall.  Make your way around to the door.
    1 message - Outside Number - "Hi, It's Sue.  It's about 2:30.  I guess you're
                                  at a meeting as usual.  Anyway, just wanted to
                                  make sure you got my email about tomorrow night.
                                  Sorry for the short notice, but we won't have to
                                  stay late.  Call me back when you get in.  Bye.
    Voicemail 21 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    Shortly after the last voicemail, you will take part in a large battle with
    around 6-7 Replicas.  Afterwards, go upstairs and down a hallway.  As you go
    down the hallway, you will pass a fire extinguisher on the left, immediately
    afterwards, take the next right into an office area.  Inside is a desk with 
    a voicemail.  You might have Replicas coming after you, so be careful.  
    (If anyone can better explain this location, I'd love to hear it.  
    Email listed below)
    1 message - Alice Wade - "Hi, this is Alice Wade.  I just wanted to give you 
                              a quick status report.  We're still collating data,
                              but it's pretty clear that whatever happened to 
                              Auburn wasn't because the usual socioeconomic 
                              factors.  The downturn was actually a symptom of
                              people avoiding or leaving the area for other
                              reasons, which we'll summarize in our presentation.
                              One more thing.  From what we can tell, it all 
                              started around 20 years ago.  I'll let you know when
                              we have a clearer picture.  Thanks.
    Laptop 12 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    Continuing through the level, you will notice a gate closing in front of 
    you, and two Replicas will appear on your right.  After the battle, you 
    must jump through some glass into an office area.  Moving forward, in a 
    darkened area, you'll see the XPS screen of a laptop on a table.
    "So the whole point of this task force I told you about, had to do with some
    bad sh*t that started happening after ATC opened up the Origin facility. 
    Judging by this report, the epicenter is in the Auburn district.  That must
    be where the facility is."
    Laptop 13 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    In the same room where Alice Wade was being held (also known as Harlan 
    Wade's office), there is a laptop.  Betters will keep reminding you to 
    "find that laptop".  This Laptop MUST be activated to proceed with the story.
    Ironically, this laptop only makes Betters say "Ok, I got the file."  
    Keeping in line with the story, this laptop should contain the "Brodius" 
    file from Voicemail 18.
    Voicemail 22 - Situation 7 - 1 (Alice Wade):
    In the same room where Alice Wade was being held (also known as Harlan 
    Wade's office), there is also a voicemail on his desk.  Easy to miss if you 
    are in a rush.
    2 messages - 1 - Charles Habegger - "Harlan, it's Habegger.  Look, I know how
                                        you feel but I don't see any alternative.
                                        We need to purge the vault.  Somebody's 
                                        got to go in there and deal with it or
                                        else this whole situation is going to
                                        boil over.  If you won't do it for the 
                                        rest of us, do it for Alice."
               - 2 - Phil Vecchio - "Harlan, You were right.  The crazy bitch is
                                    determined to blow the site to kingdom come.
                                    God knows who she thinks is going to pick up
                                    the pieces when her plan backfires.*deep sigh*
                                    I've had enough of this sh*t.  I'd rather be 
                                    sipping girly drinks on a beach in Tahiti by
                                    the time the media gets wind of all this.
                                    Talk to you later buddy."
    Voicemail 23 - Situation 7 - 2 (Flight):
    During the level, Betters will call Alice Wade a "stubborn little bitch".  
    After this, you will end up in an office area.  This area has 3 large panes 
    of glass right in front of you as you enter.  In that room, there is a 
    voicemail on the desk.  (You can just jump through the glass)
    3 messages - 1 - Harlan Wade - "Hey Phil, it's Harlan.  I'm pretty sure 
                                   Genevieve is considering some pretty drastic
                                   measures to cover her bony ass.  I'll tell you
                                   straight up, that I'll be f*cked if her or any
                                   one of her little toadies is going anywhere
                                   near The Vault.  She's already caused enough
                                   damage thinking she can just march in there and
                                   start over from scratch.  If she comes to you
                                   for back up, remind her that we locked that
                                   place up for a reason."
               - 2 - Genevieve Aristide - "Phil, how are you?  It's Genevieve.  
                                          I haven't seen you more recently lately.
                                          We should get together for happy hour
                                          once this mess blows over.
                                          Oh, speaking of which, I have a favor to
                                          ask.  I know you and Harlan go back a
                                          ways, so I was hoping you could try to
                                          reason with him.  He refuses to forgive
                                          me for sending those poor people into
                                          The Vault; as though I'm happy about
                                          what happened.  I made a mistake.  But,
                                          I don't see why everyone else should
                                          have to pay for that.  Anything you can
                                          say to him to get him to see reason
                                          would be appreciated."
               - 3 - Genevieve Aristide - "Hi.  It's Genevieve.  I just want to
                                          remind you that the Origin facility was
                                          a liability long before this situation
                                          erupted.  I was simply trying to clean
                                          up an old mess.
                                          I was hoping we could renovate or even
                                          repurpose the site, but clearly the 
                                          risks are unacceptable.  I see no
                                          alternative but to destroy it 
                                          completely.  If you have a better
                                          suggestion, I'd love to hear it.  In the
                                          mean time, I have a company to save." 
    Laptop 14 - Situation 7 - 2 (Flight):
    Soon after Voicemail 23, you will reach a nice looking open lounge area, 
    complete with 2 sofas and a coffee table.  Laptop on the table.
    "I found some more information on Origin.  The prototypes were created from a
    genetic reference.  I think that's just a euphemism for someone's DNA.  
    There's no indication of who the lucky son of bitch was, but, I'm guessing
    Harlan Wade, since he started the program."
    Voicemail 24 - Situation 7 - 2 (Flight):
    You will appear at some stairs near the 7th floor or so.  Walk down to the 
    5th floor.  The very first office there is Genevieve Aristide's, and there 
    is a voicemail on her desk.
    2 messages - 1 - Harlan Wade - "Genevieve, Harlan Wade here.  I got your
                                   message.  First off, please don't presume to
                                   know my feelings, it's insulting.  And don't
                                   lecture me about "burying the dead" like some
                                   f*ck-wit shrink!  The bottom line is that we
                                   wouldn't be in this situation if you didn't
                                   ignore my warnings!  And now, you want to dig
                                   the hole deeper.  Sooner or later, you are
                                   gonna dig right down to hell!"
    	   - 2 - Phil Vecchio - "I got your message Genevieve.  I think what
                                    Harlan is trying to say is that, we should be
                                    leery of knee-jerk impulses.  I understand
                                    there are some time pressures to consider,
                                    but we really need to be thinking
                                    strategically.  Reopening The Vault at this
                                    point strikes me as a dubious proposition,
                                    considering all that's happened.  It's
                                    probable that we'd just be adding fuel
                                    to the fire." 
    Laptop 15 - Situation 7 - 2 (Flight):
    Proceeding through the level, you'll approach a section where you'll hear 
    the Replicas say "Kill the Lights!"  After dispatching of everyone, you must 
    go to the back of this area into an office with cubicles to turn the lights 
    back on in a closet.  In this office area, the rearmost right cubicle has a 
    laptop on it.  Easy to miss.
    "Well, Fettel wasn't made from Harlan Wade's DNA. There's an email from Wade
    about the subject being in an induced coma.  Those ATC security goons killed
    Bishop cause somebody didn't want this getting out.  Their worried about some
    ethically questionable bioengineering experiments.  I think they are covering
    up some pretty nasty sh*t."
    **After this there are no pieces of Intel until Situation 9 - 1**
    Laptop 16 - Situation 9 - 1 (Lapdog):  
    After you see Norton Mapes for the first time in the level, he will tell the
    FTC soldiers to do something about you because he is not finished wiping the
    drives.  Continue past him and around a corner.  You will come across more
    FTC soldiers.  After taking them out head straight ahead and there will be a
    laptop on the counter ahead.  (This description brought to you by l33tmeatwad)
    "More info on Origin.  The genetic reference they used for the program was
    apparently a powerful psychic.  Makes sense.  If you want a telepathic
    commander, you need a telepath.  And it was a woman.  Says here, she gave
    live birth to the prototypes.  Seems Wade was convinced that the psychic 
    characteristics were genetic.  He figured there would be a better chance
    of it passing along to the fetus if it was gestating inside the subject.  
    So they put her in a coma, made her carry genetically engineered babies
    to term, then induced labor.  That's pretty f*cking sick."
    Laptop 17 - Situation 9 - 1 (Lapdog):
    Towards the middle of the level, ATC men will begin closing gates on you.  
    After the 2nd gate is closed on you, there is a room with a red ladder to 
    climb down into the basement.  There is also a checkpoint in this room.  
    On a table in that room, there is a laptop.
    "I've figured out what a synchronicity event is.  There was an incident where
    they lost control of Fettel, he just suddenly started freaking out.  He was
    only about 10 years old at the time, but I guess he killed a few people.
    In the investigation, they discovered that there had been a telepathic link
    between Fettel and Alma, even though she was in a coma.  They concluded she
    was influencing him.  That must have been why they pulled the plug on Origin."  
    Laptop 18 - Situation 9 - 2 (Bypass):
    After activating the first two switches to open the vault, you will come to 
    a room with 3 Replicas, two on your level, and one above you.  Finish them 
    off, and on the 2nd level, up the red metal staircase, you will find a laptop 
    on top of a box.
    "This is starting to make sense.  The name of the woman they used for Origin
    is Alma.  That's who Fettel is looking for.  He's going home."
    Laptop 19 - Situation 9 - 2 (Bypass):
    In the room with the 2nd set of two switches to open the vault, you must use
    a separate switch to move a box to get the vault switch to work.  To get to 
    the box moving switch, you must climb up a red ladder.  At the base of that 
    ladder is a laptop.  Hard to miss.  Harder to describe.
    "Aw, Jesus.  She was just a kid.  Says here, Alma was 8 years old when Origin
    started up.  They used a little girl.  No wonder they were so f*cking anxious
    to keep a lid on this mess.  Company's gonna burn for this. That's why 
    Aristide hasn't returned my calls.  She's probably on a plane to Jamaica."
    Voicemail 25 - Situation 9 - 2 (Bypass):
    After the first switch of the last two switches to open the vault, you must 
    go downstairs and around to activate the final switch.  While going 
    downstairs, you'll go down a hallway.  You'll go right, then left, then 
    left and you'll see a small set of red stairs in front of you.  Go down them.
    There is a voicemail on the bench.
    2 messages - 1 - Genevieve Aristide - "Harlan, it's Genevieve.  Listen, I
                                          understand your feelings, I really do.
                                          But this is no time for such mentality.
                                          If Origin is uncovered, every single one
                                          of us will burn for it.  It's time we
                                          buried the dead, don't you think?"
               - 2 - Genevieve Aristide - "Harlan, it's me again.  If you want
                                           an apology then I apologize!  I was
                                           wrong, you were right!  In any case, I
                                           want to be sympathetic, but the
                                           situation is urgent.  I'm sending Mapes
                                           to take care of things since you seem
                                           reluctant to do what needs to be done.
                                           I hope you can find it in yourself to
                                           assist him." 
    Laptop 20 - Situation 10 - 1 (The Vault):
    After the final "showdown" with 3 Replica soldiers, you will enter a hallway 
    with a bench to your left.  On that bench is the final piece of intel, a 
    laptop.  The following dialog is spoken by Harlan Wade, not Betters.  This is
    another laptop that is the same, no matter how many previous ones you've
    "She was a very disturbed child.  Terrible, debilitating nightmares, 
    hallucinations, hysteria.  She never had a chance at a normal life.  It was
    Dissler who realized she was telepathic.  He speculated that she was extremely
    sensitive to the negative emotions of people around her.  We removed her from
    that chamber only twice.  She was 15 when the first prototype was born.  She
    was supposed to be comatose, but she started screaming when we induced labor
    and didn't stop until the liquid filled her lungs.  There are plausible
    scientific explanations for everything that followed but, I really think it
    was just a question of hatred.  
    It is the way of men to make monsters, and it is the nature of monsters to
    destroy their makers."
    Achievement Unlocked!  Congratulations.
    4.  Version History
    Version 1.0 - First attempt, short snippets of each piece of Intel, missed 
                  Laptop 16
    Version 1.1 - Basic grammar and spelling changes, added quirks about laptops,
                  added location of Laptop 16 (thanks again to l33tmeatwad), and
                  added full descriptions of each piece of intel.  Time consuming,
                  but worth it.
    5.  Final Comments
       I hope this FAQ helped you.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or 
    additions to this FAQ send me an email at latinchemist (at) yahoo (dot) com. 
    Please mention "FEAR INTEL FAQ" on the subject line, or else it will be 
    ignored as possible spam.  Through my own searching, I have found a total of 
    25 voicemails and 19 laptops.  Through the watchful eyes of l33tmeatwad, I 
    can now conclusively state that there are actually 20 laptops.
    Unfortunately, I can't double check this number, due to the fact that once
    the achievement is unlocked, it will never tell you again if you have picked
    up all the intel.  If you find any that I did not or if you feel like a 
    description of one could be clarified let me know.  If you didn't get the
    achievement after the last laptop, please let me know, and I'll help you in
    anyway necessary.  You can also contact me using Xbox Live at the gamertag
    Jersey Driver.  Please mention this FAQ in any friend requests, or else
    it will probably be ignored.
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