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"Don't F.E.A.R. this!"

F.E.A.R. is a game that introduced amazing Slo Mo effects that were controllable through the games story and online in some of the games modes in an interesting way. The game suffers though from a few things you'll read in this review.

Story 9/10:
The story is pretty much the same old story you heard before. Your part of a special group, the First Encounter Assault and Recon team. You investigate weird phenomenon. Yadda yadda. Its much more interesting to play the game and see it for yourself if you want a true draw into the games appeal! Although the game looks better on the PC and draws you better with its effects.

The story until the very end is definitely great. Very creepy!

Game play 10/10:
The gameplay is pretty easy. You have slowmo, you use it! You use it and time slows down and you can run around shooting things easier until it runs out and everything speeds up again. Nifty! Other then that its really the same as anything else. You go around shooting things and blowing stuff up in creepy places. Back when Matrix was popular the double guns were a hit in this game. They did a good job with the bullet trails and damage effects!

The AI is very intelligent! And I mean VERY. Assuming you play it on the highest difficulty though, then it gets really fun. You'll swear (literally) you were playing against some real people. They hide around corners and peek and shoot. They come in groups and do tactics. They nade, run away and rearm. They are smart and you better not mess up! And its just not a bunch of basic soldiers. I'll leave it at that!

Multiplayer 5/10:
If it wasn't for the problems of MP this game section would get a 10. MP is one of the funnest, if NOT the funnest online I played for the 360! Its easy to get into, its fast and its furious. BUT its suffers some problems though.

For one people have alot of options that make the game really random when you join. You might not have the weapon you want (it can be blocked) or you may end up in a game where the speed is doubled! Which makes mines and nades almost useless and shooting harder to do. And to add to it alot of people complain in the game and don't know how to play some of the modes so confusion is always in motion. Another problem is even after months of being out there are a few downloads for it but they each cost about 500 MS points still. Alot of money.

Graphics 8/10:
Well people say the graphics aren't as good as the pc version. And they are right. But its still an awesome game to play. its a dark, gritty, stale looking kinda game so don't expect to much in the way of colors or changing environments.

Controls 5/10:
The controls are really weird. Most games tend to the same general setup. ?=shoot, ?=Jump...etc. But these controls are very awkward and take awhile to get use to. Especially because you do need every button at some point. You'll probably forgot about leaning, healing and nade switching the first week or two.

Sounds and Music 10/10:
This is all part of the "F.E.A.R." package. Both are great and make you really get into the game. However online turn off the music because you'll definitely need to hear whats going on to survive.

Replay Value 9/10:
I can see playing the single player a few times and obviously the MP forever!

Pros & Cons:
-Awesome gameplay
-Great sound effects and music
-Online rocks despite problems
-Scares you in single player
-AI is great

-Some MP problems
-Weird controls at first
-Can't choose what server to go to!
-No MUTE option!

Overall 7/10:
Overall I'd say rent the game first. Most people tend to like F.E.A.R. for one reason or another. It has solid gameplay and is a blast to play again and again.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/24/07

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