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    Achievement Guide by oldschool312

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 
                                 Achievements Made Easy 
                                     Version 1.0                                
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History                     [VHY]
    3. Defeating Super Villains
         A. Dragon Slayer                  [DGS]
         B. Blue Screen of Death           [BSD]
         C. Underwater Battle              [UWB]
         D. Swimming with the Fish         [SWF]
         E. Defeated Grey Gargoyle         [DGG]
         F. Mandarin's Downfall            [MDF]
         G. Game Over                      [GMO]
         H. Son of a Devil                 [SDV]
         I. Mephisto's Defeat              [MPD]
         J. The Executioner's Blade        [EXB]
         K. Giant Relief                   [GTR]
         L. The Trickster                  [TKS] 
         M. Warrior's Path                 [WRP] 
         N. Deathbird's Defeat             [DBD] 
         O. Titanic Victory                [TNV]
         P. The Power Cosmic               [PCC]
         Q. Doomed Ending                  [DME]
    4. Unlocking Heroes
         A. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.          [AGD]
         B. Wakandan Royalty               [WKR]
         C. Scarlet Swashbuckler           [SSB]
         D. Surf's Up                      [SRU]
         E. Dressed for Success            [DFS]
    5. Multiplayer
         A. I Have a Friend                [FRD]   
         B. Super Hero Team                [SPT] 
         C. Teamwork                       [TWK]
         D. Ultimate Team Alliance         [UTA]
         E. Battle Tested                  [BTT]
         F. Battle Hardened                [BTH]
         G. Mad Skillz                     [MDZ]
         H. Teh Mast3r                     [TM3]
         I. The Destroyer                  [DTY]
    6. Trivia                              [TRV]
         A. Marvel Geek,Comic God, and,
            Marvel Master 
    7. Defeating enemies
         A. Fledgling Super Hero           [FSH]  
         B. Legendary Super Hero           [LSH] 
         C. Fall to Death                  [FDH]
         D. Pugilist                       [PGT]
         E. Melee Master                   [MMS]
         F. Scared of Heights              [SCG]
         G. Touch of Death                 [TDH]  
         H. Ultimate Super Hero            [ULH]
         I. Widow Maker                    [WMK]
         J. Excelsior                      [EXS]
         K. Golden Age of Comics           [GAC]
         L. Good Samaritan                 [GSM]
    8. Downloadable Content Achievements
         A. Gamma Garb                     [GMG]
         B. Acrcher Apparel                [APL]
         C. Optic Outfits                  [OPC]
         D. Teleport Threads               [TPT]
         E. Doom's Duds                    [DMD]
         F. Magnetic Regalia               [MGR]
         G. Symbiote Skins                 [SBS]
         H. Creed's Cloth                  [CDC]
         I. Mutant Love                    [MTL]  
         J. Doppelganger                   [DPG]
         K. Wrong Claws                    [WCW]
         L. Fleeting Allies                [FTL]
    9. Legalities                          [LGL]
    1. Introduction
    *********************This Guide is Not Spoiler Free****************************
    First off this has to be my favorite Xbox 360 game thus far. It was the first 
    game I earned 1000 gamer points in. I personally love the idea of achievement
    points. I have not purchased or rented a game for achievements but they have 
    added a lot of hours of game play to the games I get. Previously I would play
    through a games story mode on Normal, possibly Hard, and play on-line a little
    if available. Now I keep coming back to the games I enjoy trying to unlock 
    some more points. The games I really enjoy I want to get all the achievement
    points. Hopefully this guide will aid you in your quest for a perfect 1000 
    (now 1250) in Ultimate Alliance.
    2. Version History                                                   [VHY]
    -Version 0.80 (4-21-07)
       -All available achievement points discussed 
       -Waiting only on DLC to be released
    -Version 1.0 (4-26-07)
       -DLC achievements added
    -Added note about the Deadpool's sim discs (8-6-2007)
    3. Defeating Super Villains
    These achievements are not very difficult at all. Basically if you play through
    story mode solo or co-op these achievements are yours. The bosses are fairly
    simple to beat without a strategy going into battle, with a strategy they will
    be helpless.
    A. Dragon Slayer                                                       [DGS]
    Defeat Fin Fang Foom (15)
    Fin Fang Foom is the first boss at the end of the Helicarrier mission. He
    stands at the end of the roof of the Helicarrier. There will be soldiers in
    the fore ground that can be primarily ignored (except for providing health 
    and energy orbs). Focus on using ranged attacks on the dragon. Once his health
    diminshes enough he will fly away. Run up to the turrett and fire until you hit
    Fin Fang flying over head. When Foom returns to the deck he will attack so exit
    the gun and hopefully fly back toward the far end of the Helicarrier. His 
    attacks are easily avoided from a distance. As long as you are not too close he
    can not melee you. 
    B. Blue Screen of Death                                                [BSD]
    Defeat M.O.D.O.K. (15)
    M.O.D.O.K. is waiting at the end of the Omega Base. Upon facing MODOK you will
    have to answer a series of questions. If you get them right you receive no 
    damage before the battle if you get them wrong MODOK still doesn't have a 
    chance. Each correct answer moves your team closer each incorrect answer gives
    them a zap. Once you have answered enough questions correctly or incorrectly
    its time to face M.O.D.O.K. He does not have any really dangerous abilities.
    This killing machine stay at the top of the stairs and has a laser beam attack
    and a radial attack. Neither is particularly dangerous. Having a couple team
    members with Xtremes saved up makes the battle quite easy. You can pretty much
    ignore the AIM soldiers and focus on attacking M.O.D.O.K. with your favorite
    powers. A combination of ranged and melee attacks will suffice here. Attack 
    with the melee character. If and when they are low on health step back and 
    unleash some ranged fury.
    M.O.D.O.K Questions
    What is the atomic symbol for gold?     Au
    What percentage of the Earth's atmosphere is oxygen?    21 percent
    Which of the following is not a geologic period of the Earth?   Neoprene
    What does M.O.D.O.K. stand for?    Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing
    Which of these is capable of escaping a black hole?    Nothing
    How far is the Earth from the sun?     8.3 Light Minutes
    What is the half-life of Strontium 90?   29.1 years
    Which of the following is not a subatomic particle?   Fumf
    Which race exterminated itself with technology from the Watchers?  Proscilicans
    C. Underwater Battle                                                   [UWB]
    Tigershark and Attuma were defeated (15)
    Tigershark and Attuma are fairly formidable if only because of the 
    environmental advantage they possess. Both of these enemies are very adept at
    swimming. They are quick. Each can dart around and attack with ease. The heroes
    however are not as good at swimming. Ranged attacks work very well against 
    these two. Using a strong projectile to hit them while avoiding their attacks
    is a good strategy. If you do not have a character on your team with good
    ranged abilities (shame on you!), use the consoles on each side of the map.
    Activating the computers will create a whirlpool like event in the corners of
    the map. This will allow the heroes and the villains to meet toe to toe, which
    is good for you and bad for them. A combination of a web shield and a leveled
    up web warrior absolutely destroys these two fishys.
    D. Swimming with the Fish                                              [SWF]
    The Mighty Kraken was defeated (15)
    The first thing you should notice about Kraken is that his health bar at the
    top of the screen is purple. This indicates that he is impervious to your 
    attacks. Enemies with purple energy bars have a trick to beating them. Figure
    out the trick and defeat the evil doer. The trick here is to defeat the
    minions near Kraken. Once they are gone he will destroy a column. Enter the 
    column for a button pressing sequence and make the column topple onto Kraken.
    Repeat this process for each column and get 15 achievement points. Kraken
    does have a few attacks in his arsenal, but they should not provide much of
    an obstacle. He will smash the ground in front of him. This acts as a radial
    attack. His other primary weapon is a ranged black liquid. Both attacks can
    be avoided simply by standing behind one of the columns until the enemies
    are defeated and he breaks open the column.
    E. Defeated Grey Gargoyle                                              [DGG]
    Grey Gargoyle was defeated (15)
    Grey Gargoyle will jump and crash to the ground for a radial attack. His other
    primary attacks are melee which may temporarily turn your hero into stone. If
    this happens just switch to another character to continue the attack. Shaolin
    Healers will appear from time to time to regenerate Gargoyle's health. Take 
    them out so they do not hinder your progress. A strong ranged character can 
    stand in the hall before Grey Gargoyle's room and unleash a lot of damage 
    without much danger. He never followed anyone into this hall.
    F. Mandarin's Downfall                                                 [MDF]
    The evil Mandarin was crushed by the forces of good (45)
    This is a multi-faceted battle. Initially, it is your team versus Mandarin 
    only. Attack him as you would any other super villain. His attacks primarily
    consist of a tornado/wind attack, a fire ranged attack, and an attack that can
    freeze your hero. Once enough of Mandarin's health is depleted he will run 
    away and reveal some exploding spiders you must deal with. Use your ranged 
    team members to take out a couple spiders before they get too close. Once these
    few spiders are gone Mandarin reveals yet another enemy to fend off. This 
    form of Ultimo does not really do much damage but is a major annoyance. Now
    that all his tricks are revealed, its time to go after Mandarin. In order to 
    reach Mandarin you must use one of the yellow teleporters on the ground. The 
    problem is each time you enter the teleportor the Ultimo grabs you and takes
    you out of Mandarin's room. Killing the bot won't help because another one 
    instantly spawns. The key to getting at Mandarin is to have one of the spiders
    follow you across the teleporter. The spider will enter Mandarin's room and
    Ultimo will grab the spider and explode. Once Ultimo explodes your team can 
    enter Mandarin's room and attack. He will then go to another room so you will
    have to repeat the process. Basically, I would just stand behind one of the 
    teleporters at an angle and the spiders would run at me across the teleporter.
    After performing the spider trick a total of 3 times, Mandarin will return to 
    the main floor so the heroes can finish him off.
    G. Game Over                                                           [GMO]
    Arcade was defeated (15)
    Arcade is another boss who is pointless to attack. You have to figure out the 
    simple puzzle involved in order to defeat him. There are 4 hidden compartments
    in the floor. When a hero stands one of the trap doors, they fall and are 
    shuttled to a cannon. The cannon fires the hero toward the top of Arcade's 
    head. If Arcade is near the center of the room you will land on him for a 
    button pressing sequence (just repeatedly tap the button). If he is not near
    the center you fall to the ground. Land on his head 4 times to defeat this
    sinister enemy. Arcade has a ranged laser attack and a radial stomp that will
    impede your progress to the trap doors. I have found Spider-Man to be a very
    good hero to control during this battle. His web swinging ability works 
    well to avoid Arcade's attacks and manuever to each of the trap doors quickly.
    H. Son of a Devil                                                      [SDV]
    Blackheart was defeated (15)
    Before engaging in battle with Blackheart, survey the area for six glass 
    structures. Destroy each of these structures to give your team an advantage.
    If any of the six remain and you defeat Blackheart he will just regenerate. 
    The structures will emit an energy blast if you get to close, so use ranged
    attacks to destroy them. Blackheart's two main attacks are a radial ground 
    smash and a ranged energy beam, both of which knock your characters back and
    down. Once his regenerators are destroyed its much easier to defeat Blackheart.
    You will only have to kill him once.
    I. Mephisto's Defeat                                                   [MPD]
    Mephisto was struck down (45)
    The fight against Mephisto is multi-leveled. First you must steal his sword
    and destroy the statues in the center of the area. The sword only appears 
    when his health meter is purple and there is a green arrow over his head. The
    sword steal is accomplished by activating a grapple then repeatedly pressing
    the on screen button. Attacking Mephisto brings out the sword. Once all statues
    are turned to rubble Jean Grey or Nightcrawler is released and will attack.
    For the time being ignore the X-men member and focus your attacks on Mephisto.
    Once Mephisto's HP is decreased enough it permanently turns purple. Attack 
    Mephisto from this point on is useless. It is now time to turn your attention
    to either Jean Grey or Nightcrawler. Attack the mind controlled X-man until you
    knock some sense into them. They will make a last selfless act, helping your
    team defeat Mephisto.
    J. The Executioner's Blade                                             [EXB]
    Executioner and Enchantress were defeated (15)
    Executioner inflicts damage while Enchantress is a perfect support character.
    She will frequently heal Executioner as his health decreases. In order to stop
    her healing ways you must perform a 3 button combo (finishing move). Focus the
    attack on Enchantress. Once she is done the melee attacks of Executioner are 
    easily countered with a strong ranged hero. While attacking Enchantress be 
    aware of her ability to for lack of a better word "enchant" your hero, making
    them not want to attack.
    K. Giant Relief                                                        [GTR]
    Ymir fell to the forces of good (15)
    This ice giant towers over the battle field. Unfortunately there is a forest
    of trees impeding your team's progress toward this enemy. The camera will stay
    in its fixed position while an enemy with a large spear will continually 
    respawn. Defeat the enemy with the spear and pick up his weapon. Move toward
    Ymir and watch for him to slam his ice club to the ground. If you are near the
    area he attacks, a button pressing sequence will be initiated allowing your 
    hero to climb the giant and position the spear into the back of his neck. Stab
    4 times for the victory.
    L. The Trickster                                                       [TKS] 
    Loki was defeated (45)
    This achievement is (not suprisingly) tricky. At the end of Raven's Spire you 
    face Loki and if all goes well defeat him and are transported back to Warrior's
    Hall for a discussion with Nick Fury. After Loki is defeated though, the 
    familiar chime of an achievement earned does not occur. Most, myself included,
    find this to be odd. It is not a glitch though. Considering who you just 
    defeated, the god of mischief, no one should be surprised to find Loki's 
    initial defeat was a trick to get you to free the Destroyer armor.
    Enter the four portals in Warrior's Hall and find obtain each of four swords 
    required to release the armor. Once its released enter portals until you
    find Loki knealing in one of the rooms. I think he may usually be in the 
    far left room. In any event once he is located attack the Destroyer Armor until
    it explodes and you have your achievement.
    M. Warrior's Path                                                      [WRP] 
    Gladiator was defeated (15)
    Gladiator will fire red lasers as he flies above you and come crashing to 
    the ground to deliver a strong radial smash. He can not be harmed as long as
    the four consoles located around the battlefield are active. Move to each 
    console and turn it on. Now unleash your Xtreme attacks and continue to attack
    until Gladiator's health meter returns to purple. Repeat until he meets his 
    N. Deathbird's Defeat                                                  [DBD] 
    Deathbird was crushed (15)
    The new and temporary leader of the Shi'ar will fly above for a good portion of
    the fight. Attack her with ranged powers. On the few occasions she lands switch
    to your strongest melee hero to pound her into submission. While she is flying
    she can and will grab a hero and bring them into the air. This action starts
    a button pressing sequence that if successful will drive Deathbird to the 
    ground for some decent damage and allow for more quick attacks. Once her 
    health has been cut in half, the crystal in the center activates and protects
    her from damage. In order to break the bond attack the crystal. Once her bond
    with the crystal is removed she is open for more attacks.
    O. Titanic Victory                                                     [TNV]
    Titannus was defeated (15)
    There is no mystery when facing off against Titannus. He is purely a melee 
    fighter that occassionally charges his attacks. I'd recommend having all four
    of your team members save an Xtreme to use at the start of the fight. Titannus
    has a lot of HP. Fortunately though he is not on the attack during the entire
    battle. Often he will run around the room destroying the area, this provides a
    good opportunity to get in some quick strong hits. Throughout most of the game
    the block button is fairly useless, it can come in handy during this battle.
    Standing back and attacking with a strong ranged character and blocking when
    Titannus nears is a decent strategy. Moonknight, though a melee character, is
    a boss killer and works very well in this battle too.
    P. The Power Cosmic                                                    [PCC]
    The mighty Galactus was toppled (45)
    Galtactus is yet another enemy you have no chance at attacking with your 
    powers. In order to defeat him you must activate the 3 conoles on the 
    battlefield, then hit the correct button sequence when Silver Surfer appears.
    There are several Galactus Punishers to impede your progress. They can
    primarily be ignored as you move from console to console. Galactus' main attack
    is a fist smash that slams onto the platform. All said ignore everything but
    the 3 consoles. It would be easy to fly from one computer to the next but 
    Galactus is too smart for that. He will shoot you down quickly so just stay 
    grounded as you move. Spider-Man with a leveled up Web Shield is a good 
    character in this situation. The third time is the charm against Galactus, 3
    Silver Surfer attacks and the big guy falls down.
    Q. Doomed Ending                                                       [DME]
    Dr. Doom was utterly defeated (45)
    After seeing his dark Fantastic Four, defeated Dr. Doom decides to take matters
    into his own hands. Initially, he will take no damage from any attacks, so 
    ignore him and focus on the large X's scattered about the room. There are 5.
    Each one marks a throne that must be destroyed to weaken Doom. After, a throne
    is destroyed a dark Fantastic Four member emerges. Ignore them as well until
    all the thrones are turned to rubble. Now that each X is gone head straight for
    Doom. This triggers an action sequence where you will need to repeatedly press
    the on screen button. If successful your hero will touch Dr. Doom and steal 
    some of his power. The is not so one-sided any more. Doom moves quickly around
    the room when he is attacked therefore melee characters are not extremely 
    useful during this battle. A solid strong ranged hero works wonders. Doom's 
    primary offense is a very strong lightning attack. If you find the health of
    your hero's getting too low use the constantly respawning Fantastic 4 members
    as a source of red and blue orbs. It is unlikely (after just fighting the 
    dark Fantastic 4) that you have any Xtreme attacks, but on the off chance you 
    do unleash them. The respawning dark heroes can also be used to replensh the 
    Xtreme meter. The main strategy point here though is to focus on ranged attacks
    (Spider-Man's Web Warrior (plus Shield), Iron Man's Plasma Disc, Human Torch's
    Inferno etc.). 
    4. Unlocking Heroes
    A. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.                                               [AGD]
    Unlock Nick Fury (30)
    In order to unlock Fury you will have to beat the game on Easy or Normal. This
    is not the place for a guide on how to beat the entire game, but adhering to 
    some of the principles discussed will here will help. I would recommend just
    defeating the game on normal. None of the difficulties are entirely challenging
    but defeating the game on normal allows you to carry over hero stats and 
    abilities to an attempt at the hard difficulty.
    General Tips:
    -At practically any point you can use the portal to go back to the base and 
     rest up when you are low on health or energy. This works even during boss 
    -Points applied to abilities can be removed. If you added points to an ability
     and found it is not as good as you thought it would be, all the points except
     the first can be removed and redistributed to other abilities.
    -Take advantage of the team concept. As your team gains reputation points
     the team will level up. Attribute points can be spent in a variety of 
     categories making your heroes stronger.
    -Don't forget to use some S.H.I.E.L.D. Credits to level up at least one costume
     for your most used heroes. 
    -Save frequently. Though it is not exactly a problem with Ultimate Alliance,
     there is nothing worse than having to redo parts of missions because of an
     unexpected death.
    -The heroes you are not controlling seem to take less damage than the one you
     are controlling. Use this to your advantage. When your hero is low on health
     use the direction pad to take control of someone else to conserve the health
     of the "injured" hero.
    -There is a block button. I forgot about this (did not even use it except for
     a couple of the sim discs). The block button (LB) can diminish the amount of
     damage taken.
    -All of the experience and credits acquired during sim discs are kept for story
     mode. So these missions can be used to help level up your heroes. This is 
     especially true of the Asgard versus missions. The enemies never stop coming
     therefore there is a lot of experience and credits to be gained.
    B. Wakandan Royalty                                                    [WKR]
    Unlock Black Panther (30)
    Unlocking the King of Wakanda requires the collection of at least 5 action 
    figures placed throughout the worlds of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The figures
    are located:
    1. Stark Tower: After defeating the Omega Base mission access is granted to
                    Iron Man's Lab. Enter the lab and go down the stairs the action
                    figure is under the first set of stairs.
    2. Atlantis: In the dive chamber across from the entry point. (If you don't
                 get this one I don't think there is a way to come back later and
                 collect it).
    3. Valley of Spirits: This action figure is behind destructible Buddha statues
                          at the end of the Forbidden Passage just before entrance
                          to Mandarin's Court.
    4. Murderworld: Go through door 3 in the Fun House. In this area the exit will
                    be blocked and clowns will attack. Destroy the clowns and walk
                    toward the flowers along the wall and search for the action 
                    figure. It is difficult to see but I promise it is there.
    5. Mephisto's Realm: In the portion of the realm where the Book of Majernik
                         says "Whilst thy name is carven in stone, thy shall be
                         invincible," the action figure is in a grave to the rear
                         of the the area.
    6. Bifrost Bridge: Early in the level you should come across a ship. At the
                       right end of the ship sits an action figure.
    7. Courtyard of the Gods: After completing the Bifrost Bridge, you have access
                              to the Hall of the Honored Fallen. In the far right
                              portion of the hall there is an action figure.
    8. Asgard: Move a statue in the East Wing and the West Wing. If both statues 
               are in place a secret area is accessible at the end of the West 
               Wing. The secret area has a weapon's cache with an action figure.
    9. Niffleheim: At the end of Spire's Ascent after fighting Baron Mordo and 
                   Ultron do not immediately exit to Raven's Spire. Instead, move
                   through the now open gate and turn around and there you have 
                   it a well hidden action figure.
    C. Scarlet Swashbuckler                                                [SSB]
    Unlock Daredevil (30)
    Daredevil is unlocked just like Black Panther except this time you are 
    collecting Daredevil acton figures. Find 5 and this Marvel hero is yours.
    1. Omega Base: Down the stairs to the right just before the first gear of the 
                   drive train that needs destroyed
    2. Atlantis: In the Atlantean Trenches just before entering the Atlantean 
                 Throne Room, free the trapped soldier from the clam. He will give
                 you the combination to a safe located in a nearby submarine. Open
                 the chest for an action figure
    3. Valley of Spirits: In the portion of the Golden Court where the fire 
                          breathing statues are located, jump to the floor below
                          and find an action figure in the center of the room 
                          along the wall with the aforementioned statues.
    4. Sanctum Sanctorum: Go upstairs to the Sanctuary. The action figure is near
                          the book Vision was requesting. The book is indicated 
                          by a large X.
    5. Murderworld: In "Castle Doom" a Daredevil action figure is just after
                    picking up the Mysterio disc. Its to the right of the entrance
                    to the next portion of the castle. If you exit and are chased
                    by the moving spiked wall the action figure has been missed
                    (maybe until the next play through).
    6. Mephisto's Realm: The action figure is under a tree before you first 
                         encounter Ghost Rider.
    7. Bifrost Bridge: Be sure to lift Odin's left arm and you will find a weapon's
                       cache with an action figure.
    8. Asgard: Early in the level just to the left of the first porch you find.
               This porch also houses a weapons cache with a skill point.
    9. Niffleheim: There is a house near the end of the Shore of Corpses. The
                   action figure is on the roof 
    D. Surf's Up                                                           [SRU]
    Silver Surfer was unlocked as a playable hero (30)
    Unlocking Silver Surfer (without the cheat code) can be one of the bigger 
    challenges in Ultimate Alliance. In order to obtain Silver Surfer, a bronze
    must be achieved on each of the sim disc missions. The first step of this 
    process is finding all of the discs during the game's story mode. Here is a
    brief summary of each disc's location.
    Captain America: In the Omega Base just before the battle against Crimson 
    Wolverine: In a sleeping quarters during the Omega Mission just before you
               disarm the gamma bomb       
    Iron Man: Iron Man's lab on a table near Elektra                      
    Ultron: During the Shi'ar Empire level after Corsair leaves follow the keycard
            carrying enemy to the right             
    Mr. Fantastic: In the Temple of Negrete during the Atlantis mission. The disc 
                   is in a secret area behind a breakable wall                 
    Daredevil: Unlock Daredevil by collecting 5 action figures during story mode
    Crimson Dynamo: In the Forbidden Passage during the Valley of Spirits mission,
                    soon after encountering Dr. Strange                
    Thing: Valley of the Spirits' Golden Court in a room opposite where the Ultimo
           Schematics are found                         
    Black Panther: Unlock Black Panther by finding 5 action figures during story
    Doctor Strange: Sanctum Sanctorum                 
    Mysterio: Murderworld near the beginning in the area with multiple side rooms 
              right before the wall with spikes chases your team (If this disc is
              missed you CAN NOT go back and get it later)
    Elektra: Easily spotted in the Maze-O-Death of Murderworld
    Scorpion: Mephisto's Realm just past a bridge before you encounter Blackheart
    Blade: Near the beginning of Mephisto's Realm
    Ghost Rider: Stygian Abyss in Mephisto's Realm, it is on a rock you must jump
                 to reach on the left side of the map                   
    Luke Cage: Murderworld's Big Top to the left just before reaching Senator Kelly
    Spider-Man: After entering the Midgard Gate walk toward the TV screen to
                retrieve the disc. It is in the area just before the bridge where
                you have to avoid the fire blasts
    Storm: The very beginning of Bifrost Bridge
    Thor: In Warrior Hall at Valhalla                           
    Deadpool: The disc is found in Asgard while you are retrieving Heimdall's Horn
              (This disc CAN NOT be gotten by extracting to the area later. If the
               disc is missed the achievements are too until a future play through)
    Invisible Woman: The first area you enter after encountering Tyr in Asgard
    Shocker: Niffleheim after defeating Ulik and Kurse the disc is next to the 
             SHIELD Access Point
    Spider-Woman: In Niffleheim (Spire's Ascent) just after defeating Ymir, to the
                  left of the first bridge you cross. It is accessible with a hero
                  that can fly                   
    Iceman: Near the beginning of the Shi'ar Empire mission
    Piledriver: Near the beginning of the Skrull Planet mission after destroying
                the first magnetic shield generator                     
    Ulik: During the Shi'ar Empire mission just before aligning the antennae
    Human Torch: In Skrull Planet right before you reach the Heights of Progress
    Dragonman: In the Heights of Progress portion of Skrull Planet near the 
               SHIELD access point                     
    Ms. Marvel: In the Cityscape portion of Skrull Planet it just past the flaming
                wreckage after entering the area                   
    Kurse: Available from the beginning                        
    Lizard: Available from the beginning                        
    Paibok: Available from the beginning                        
    Super Skrull: Available from the beginning                  
    Thunderball: Available from the beginning                   
    Now that we know where the discs are located here are some general tips for
    beating each of the missions.
    -Level up at least one costume for the discs, the added defense can help alot
    -Redistribute skill points at the start of the mission and then just before 
     the boss
    -Equip quality gear on your hero before the disc, Asgard Armor is very good
    -Find the respawn point (not available in Mephisto's Realm)
    = = = = = = = = =
    Versus Missions: 
    = = = = = = = = = 
    Ultron, Crymson Dynamo, Mysterio, Scorpion, Shocker, Piledriver, Ulik, 
    Dragon Man, Kurse, Lizard, Paibok, Super Skrull, Thunderball
    These missions will be the easiest to defeat. Just take a team of your four 
    favorite heroes into any of the missions and destroy everything you see. The 
    bosses are really no match for a team.
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    Helicarrier Missions:
    = = = = = = = = = = = 
    Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil, Invisible Woman, Spider-Woman
    The Helicarrier is infested with enemies. The main respawn point is located 
    just after the room you have to break the wall to enter. Kill the enemies in
    here then exit to the room you just left. Now move forward again and the 
    enemies are there again. Basically if you fight your way through the rooms
    destroying all enemies in your way and kill the boss in a reasonably timely
    manner you will get the medal you desire.
    = = = = = = = = =
    Asgard Missions:
    = = = = = = = = =
    Thor is the only hero to have a mission based in Asgard. The basic principle
    here is to stay near the beginning of the level killing the endless supply of
    enemies until the desired points are met.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Mephisto's Realm Missions:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Doctor Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider, Iceman
    These missions are potentially the trickiest. There is no respawn point as far
    as I can determine. The key here is to kill quickly and move forward. The 
    faster you move through the disc the more points that will be added to your 
    score. These four missions are probably the ones you will retry many times in
    order to get the achievements associated with the discs.
    At the 2 points you come across the fire giants be sure to steal their swords.
    It helps take out enemies quicker. The 2nd fire giant is right before the boss
    battle. The weapon can be taken to the battle for some extra damage. Every time
    you come to a ledge with enemies nearby throw them to their death for quick 
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    Omega Base Missions:
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    Wolverine, Thing, Elektra, Luke Cage, Spider-Man
    The Omega Base sim discs have a wonderful respawn room. When you enter the room
    with 6 consoles stay there and kill enough AIM Soldiers until you get the 
    necessary number of points. Destroying one of the consoles stops the nearby 
    respawn point. Once you have gained enough points destroy the remaining
    consoles to continue. The only places you have to fight is in the respawn room
    and the boss room. Run by all other enemies, there is no need to put your hero
    in unnecessary danger.
    = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = =
    Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Storm, Deadpool
    Move through this amusement park nightmare killing all the evil clowns and 
    exploding jack-in-the-boxes as you go. Just before the boss you find the 
    respawn point. Jump in the bumper car (except with Storm) and run over all
    the clowns you see. When enough points are received, destroy the car at the 
    end of the rink and move in to face the boss. During Storm's mission, stand
    just outside the rink near the steps and use her lightning attack to kill all
    the clowns that come near. They will not leave the rink and will not be able
    to hit you with their poisonous green goo.
    = = = = = = = =
    Skrull Planet:
    = = = = = = = =
    Human Torch, Ms. Marvel
    Skrull Planet does not have a continuous respawn areas but several areas that 
    will respawn a couple enemies. Moving through the area shouldn't be two 
    difficult, these two heroes are mighty powerful. In order to accumulate enough
    points take out all the enemies you come across. Just as in Mephisto's Realm
    take advantage of the few points enemies can be thrown from ledges. These 
    easy kills add points and saves time.
    E. Dressed for Success                                                 [DFS]
    Unlock all outfits for all characters (45)
    In order to unlock the second costume each character has to kill 30 enemies. 
    The third costume is acquired by kill 175 enemies. These enemies have to be 
    taken out by a human controlled character. Kills by computer controlled heroes
    do not count. Finally, the last costume is unlocked by achieving at least a 
    bronze on each sim disc mission. The exceptions are: Moon Knight (does not 
    have a 3rd costume), Nick Fury (no disc), Colossus (no disc), and Silver 
    Surfer (no disc). A good way to get the costumes for the characters that were
    not used much during story mode is to use the Asgard versus sim discs. Enter
    one of these discs (Thunderball, Kurse, Ulik, Dragon Man, Piledriver, Crimson
    Dynamo) and just kill the unlimited supply of enemies. See Surf's Up above 
    for general tips on getting medals in the sim discs.
    5. Multiplayer
    All of these achievements must be acquired with another person. If you have 
    others who can play locally (in the same room) it will go by much quicker. 
    Getting some of these online will likely be frustrating, unless you have a 
    friends list full of MUA players. Playing Arcade games would probably be best 
    for acquiring the multiplayer achievements quickly. Just completing levels
    will get you a lot of achievements while winning some of the rounds will 
    get you closer to 100 victories. Also, it seems that the end of an arcade round
    may be considered a level. I am not completely sure what constitutes a level,
    but if each arcade round is a level it will be much easier to keep track of 
    how many levels have been completed. If someone can confirm or disprove this
    just let me know.
    A. I Have a Friend                                                     [FRD]   
    Complete 1 level in Co-op mode with at least 1 other player (5)
    The achievement description may say co-op but arcade mode works just fine. Join
    any Xbox Live game and add these 5 points to your gamerscore. If Xbox Live 
    is not an option plug in a second controller and run through an early level 
    controlling two characters.
    B. Super Hero Team                                                     [SPT] 
    Complete 25 levels in Co-op mode with at least 1 other player (15)
    Just perform the I Have a Friend achievement 25 times. Note that it says at
    least one other player. Technically you could get this achievement and the 
    Ultimate Team Alliance achievement at the same time. 
    C. Teamwork                                                            [TWK]
    Complete 1 level in Co-op with 3 other players (5)
    This one is a little more difficult than I Have a Friend but still very 
    attainable. Just enter or host an Xbox Live game and have 3 others join or play
    to the end of a level. It is unlikely that you will be able get this 
    achievement easily on your own. 
    D. Ultimate Team Alliance                                              [UTA]
    Complete 25 levels in Co-op with 3 other players (15)
    This was the last achievement I got. I found it terribly frustrating to find
    an Xbox Live game that one of the 3 other players would not quit. Fortunately,
    I was able to have 3 people over and got this one locally. It went a lot 
    smoother than trying it on-line. This is also one that is very unlikely to get
    individually. Having four controllers is not enough you would have to move four
    characters through 25 levels. Its more plausible with 1 friend and 3 other 
    controllers (each person controlling 2 characters) but still somewhat of a 
    challenge. The easiest way to get this achievement is to have 3 other people 
    play on the same 360.
    E. Battle Tested                                                       [BTT]
    Won 1 Arcade Mode game (5)
    Arcade mode is multi-player mode where each player tries to attain the high
    score in a level. The high score wins. Points are awarded for a variety of
    accomplishments. The more awards won during the level the higher the score.
    The possible awards and the way they are given are:
        Greed: collect the most coins
        Style: most kills with combos
        Wrestler: most kills with grapple attacks
        Assasin: most kills with a weapon
        Healing: picked up the most red healing orbs
        Punisher: gave out the most damage
        Demolition: destroyed the most objects
    Winning one arcade mode is almost impossible to not do. So go ahead and add 
    these 5 points to your total.
    F. Battle Hardened                                                     [BTH]
    Won 20 Arcade Mode games (15)
    This is a cumulative achievement. All 20 do not have to be won during a single
    Ultimate Alliance session. Once the total number of arcade wins reaches 20 
    the sweet sound of another achievement will be triggered.
    I have no idea who originally developed this strategy for the arcade mode
    achievements but there is a very easy way to get them without ever logging onto
    Xbox Live. The following concept was found on the GameFaqs message boards but
    unfortunately the person that originally provided the information is unknown
    to me.
    Start a game and play to the Omega Base or extract to Wrenchworks. Once there 
    save so as to create another file. Activate a 2nd controller and select arcade
    mode. There is a short distance to travel in order to reach the Omega Exterior.
    There are 10 enemies between the save point and the exterior. In order to
    register an arcade win kill at least five enemies with the hero controlled by
    the profile you want the achievement for. Before exiting the level Dum Dum 
    Dugan will say something and you will arrive at the Omega Exterior. The arcade
    point tally screen should appear and a win is received. After the win is 
    verified load the file you made at the Wrenchworks save point and repeat.
    Another way to get this achievement easily is to just have a friend play
    through the levels with you and allow you to win. Once you have the
    achievements, return the favor.
    G. Mad Skillz                                                          [MDZ]
    Won 3 Arcade Mode games in a row (10)
    See the Battle Hardened Description.
    H. Teh Mast3r                                                          [TM3]
    Won at least 15 Arcade Mode games in a row (25)
    See the Battle Hardened description. This achievement has to be acquired in 
    one setting. If you turn off the 360 or get disconnected from Xbox Live any
    progress toward 15 in a row will be lost. The reload method described above 
    still works.
    I. The Destroyer                                                       [DTY]
    Won 100 Arcade Mode games (25)
    See the Battle Hardened description. The 100 wins are cumulative. They do not
    have to be during any single gaming session. Win one today then the rest six 
    months from now and the achievement will still register.
    6. Trivia                                                              [TRV]
    There is no reason not to get these achievements especially with this guide.
    All of the answers are provided, how much easier could it be.
    -Marvel Geek (5): Answered 15 trivia questions correctly 
    -Comic God (15): Answered 20 trivia questions correctly in a row
    -Marvel Master (10): Answered 150 trivia questions correctly
    = = = = = = = 
    Act 1 Answers
    = = = = = = =
    The Fantastic Four have their headquarters in what building? (Baxter Building)
    Peter Parker works as a photographer for: (The Daily Bugle)
    Thor has two war goats to pull his chariot. They are named: (Toothgrinder and 
    Before becoming Radioactive Man, Chen Lu was: (A Nuclear Physicist)
    S.H.I.E.L.D.'s highest ranking agent is: (Nick Fury)
    Captain America was frozen in which war? (World War II)
    The vampire hunter Blade is: (Half vampire)
    Before turning to a life of crime, Mysterio was: (A special effects artist)
    Dr. Doom went to the same college as: (Reed Richards)
    What is commonly believed to be the Black Widow's previous occupation before
         becoming a Russian spy? (A ballerina)
    Ghost Rider is known as: (The Spirit of Vengeance)
    Deadpool joined the Weapon X program because: (He had incurable cancer)
    Who paid Mac Gargan to become the Scorpion? (J. Jonah Jameson)
    What did Dr. Pym discover that allowed him to change size? (Pym Particles)
    Who here was not a member of the Howling Commandos? (Jasper Sitwell)
    What vehicle is the Avengers primary mode of transport? (The Quinjet)
    Which Inhuman did Johnny Storm date? (Crystal)
    Iceman is a member of which team? (The X-men)
    Which Super Hero is romantically interested in Sue Storm? (Namor)
    What was Dum Dum Dugan before he joined the military? (A circus strongman)
    What is the name of Tony Stark's building that the team uses as a headquarters
         in Marvel Ultimate Alliance? (Stark Tower)
    Wyatt Wingfoot is a member of what tribe of Native Americans? (Keewazi)
    What was Wolverine's name when he was a Horseman of Apocalypse? (Death)
    Daredevil and Elektra met at which school? (Columbia University)
    Weasel's real name is: (Jack Hammer)
    Edwin Jarvis is the butler to: (Tony Stark)
    Captain Leonard McKenzie was the father of: (Namor)
    The Vision is an android created by: (Ultron)
    Fin Fang Foom is an alien form: (Maklu IV)
    How many rings of power does Mandarin possess? (Ten)
    Spider-Man was talked into creating the Spider-Mobile by the advertising firm 
         of: (Carter Lombardo)
    When just a child living on the street Storm attempted to: (Pick the pocket of
         Professor Xavier)
    The Thing has how many fingers on both hands, including his thumbs? (8)
    Silver Surfer's 'surfboard' is composed of: (the same material as his body)
    Nicky Fury has a brother who became the villan: (Scorpio)
    Ms. Marvel has never been known as: (Rogue)
    In college, Mr. Fantastic roomed with: (Ben Grimm)
    Bullseye killed Elektra with: (her own sai)
    Bucky was: (Captain America's sidekick)
    What does the K in MODOK stand for? (Killing)
    Jarvis was at one time a member of: (The Royal Air Force)
    When she worked for Hydra, Spider-Woman's first mission was to:(Kill Nick Fury)
    Wyatt Wingfoot was a college roommate of: (Johnny Storm)
    Weasel has worked closely with: (Deadpool)
    Namor's cousin Namorita is: (A clone)
    Namor is half Atlantean and half: (Human)
    Dr. Doom was expelled from college because: (He caused an explosion with an
    The Grey Gargoyle is able to: (turn his victims to stone with a touch)
    Attuma believes he is destined to rule Atlantis because: (it was written in 
         the Atlantean Chronicles)
    Mandarin lives in: (The Valley of Spirits)
    = = = = = = =
    Act 2 Answers
    = = = = = = = 
    Who is not a member of the Vishanti? (Tyr)
    The Vision is programmed based on the brain patterns of: (Wonder Man)
    The other Black Widow is also known as: (Yelena Belova)
    The Sanctum Sanctorum is the home of: (Dr. Strange)
    Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of: (The X-Men)
    Who was Luke Cage's partner in Heroes for Hire, Inc? (Iron Fist)
    Reed Richards tried how many times but failed to: (Revert Ben Grimm to his 
        human form)
    Tony Stark created his first armor:(with a pacemaker to keep his heart beating)
    Invisible Woman's mother: (died in a car accident)
    Who saved Ghost Rider from his deal with Mephisto? (Roxanne Simpson)
    Elektra's father was a: (Diplomat)
    Daredevil's father was killed because: (He wouldn't throw a boxing match)
    What villain was resurrected by using a cloned body of Captain America? 
         (The Red Skull)
    What is woven into Black Panther's suit to absorb attacks? (Vibranium)
    Dr. Doom's full name is: (Victor von Doom)
    S.H.I.E.L.D. uses a piece of equipment known as an LMD, which stands for:
         (Life Model Decoy)
    Wong is Dr. Strange's: (Student)
    Nightcrawler's real name is: (Kurt Wagner)
    Ms. Marvel became the Super Hero Binary after: (Being experimented on by the 
    Nick Fury's middle name is: (Joseph)
    How did Rhino get the super-strong suit he wears: (He was part of an Eastern
         Bloc experiment)
    Where does Arcade trap his victims? (Murderworld)
    The Sanctum Sanctorum is located at: (177a Bleecker Street)
    The Ancient One is the teacher of: (Dr. Strange)
    Who is Nightcrawler's mother? (Mystique)
    Where is Clea from? (The Dark Dimension)
    Spider-Man's real name is: (Peter Parker)
    Storm has a deep fear of: (Enclosed spaces)
    Before he became the Thing, Ben Grimm was: (Leader of the Yancy Street Gang)
    Hank Pym has not worked under which name? (Big Man)
    Professor Xavier was unable to walk after suffering a spine injury during a 
         battle with: (An alien named Lucifer)
    Wong's father was named: (Hamir)
    Mephisto considers Blackheart to be: (His son)
    Arcade's two assistants are named: (Miss Locke and Mr. Chambers)
    When she uses too much power Jean Grey can potentially become: (The Phoenix)
    Clea is a close friend of: (Dr. Strange)
    Daredevil first wore a mask when: (He attempted to save Elektra and her father)
    The Human Torch's uniform is never damaged by flame because it's made of: 
         (Unstable molecules)
    Dr. Strange originally sought out the Ancient One: (To cure his damaged hands)
    One of Peter Parker's worst enemies in high school was: (Flash Thompson)
    Thor was once turned into what animal by Loki? (Frog)
    The Shocker's suit does what? (Deflects physical blows with a vibrational 
    Dr. Doom wears a facemask: (Because his face is scarred)
    The parents of Professor Xavier are: (Sharon and Brian Xavier)
    Margali Szardos is: (the gypsy who raised Nightcrawler)
    Who was not a herald of Galactus? (Hurricane)
    How did Spider-Woman get her powers from Spider-Man? (She didn't)
    Mariko Yashida was engaged to marry (Wolverine)
    Jean Grey's powers activated early in her life when she witnessed: (Her friend
         being hit by a car)
    Dr. Doom attempted to get to Mephisto's Realm for many years because:
         (Mephisto held his mother's spirit prisoner)
    = = = = = = =
    Act 3 Answers
    = = = = = = =
    The Asgardians refer to Earth as: (Midgard)
    Odin is not the father of: (Loki)
    Black Panther is the king of: (Wakanda)
    Who created the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America?(Emil Erskine)
    Matthew Murdock's father was a boxer with the nickname of: (Battling Jack
    Who built H.E.R.B.I.E.? (Reed Richards)
    Thor's hammer can only be lifted by: (Those the hammer deems worthy)
    After cutting off Sif's blond hair, Loki replaced it with new hair created by:
    What did the wolf Fenris do to the warrior Tyr? (Bit his hand off)
    What does Valkyrie call Dragonfang? (Her sword)
    Enchantress is able to enslave men with a: (Kiss)
    Dr. Doom attended what college with Reed Richards: (Empire State University)
    Who is able to become as hard as a diamond or completely intangible? (Vision)
    Bifrost is another name for: (The Rainbow Bridge)
    Hermod is known primarily as the god of: (Speed)
    The vampires refer to Blade as: (The Daywalker)
    What earth-shattering news did Loki tell Deadpool? (That Deadpool was a comic
         book character)
    Dr. Strange is also known as: (The Sorcerer Supreme)
    Ghost Rider made a deal with Mephisto: (To save the life of Crash Simpson)
    Iceman was able to hide his mutant powers until: (He had to freeze the leader
         of a gang of bullies)
    Who is second in command of the Fantastic Four? (Sue Storm)
    Luke Cage can only be injured by: (Adamantium weapons)
    What can Mr. Fantastic do? (Alter his appearance to look like someone else)
    Ms. Marvel had her powers stolen by: (Rogue)
    Before joining the military, Nick Fury was part of: (an airplane wing walking
    Which is the correct spelling of Peter Parker's alter ego? (Spider-Man)
    Which of these is not true of the Thing's physique? (Has no nose)
    Bifrost is the bridge to : (None of the above)
    The Black Knight gave Valkyrie: (Her winged horse)
    To recharge power, Odin must: (Enter a state known as Odinsleep)
    After being fatally wounded by Bullseye, Elektra managed to: (Make her way to
        Matthew Murdock's home)
    Pepper Potts is the name of: (Tony Stark's secretary)
    The Silver Surfer is from the planet: (Zenn-La)
    Wolverine's bones are covered in: (Adamantium)
    Volla is an Asgardian who: (Can foresee the future)
    Who has not lifted Thor's hammer? (Daredevil)
    Which is not one of the races in Asgard? (All are found in Asgard)
    What makes Spider-Woman so attractive to men? (Pheromones)
    Storm's real name is: (Ororo Munroe)
    What is Robbie Robertson's job at the Daily Bugle? (Editor in chief)
    Sif and Thor didn't marry because: (Sif couldn't understand Thor's attachment
        to humans)
    Asgard is made up of how many worlds? (Nine)
    What does not describe Ymir? (A Fire Giant)
    What magical item does Loki use? (Norn Stones)
    The Black Widow's husband became: (The Red Guardian)
    Hank Pym created Ultron based on the brain patterns of: (Himself)
    S.H.I.E.L.D. is affiliated with: (The United Nations)
    What experiment was Dr. Doom working on that exploded in college? (A 
        communicator to talk to his dead mother)
    The Wrecking Crew got their super powers when: (An enchanted crowbar they held
        was struck by lightning)
    Loki is the true son of: (The Frost Giant Laufey)
    = = = = = = =
    Act 4 Answers
    = = = = = = =
    Attilan is located: (In the Blue Area of the moon)
    The Inhumans develop their superpowers after they: (Breathe in the Terrigen
    What team wasn't Blade a part of? (The Lethal Legion)
    What was the name given to the project to create Captain America? (Operation:
    Ghost Rider was bound to the demon named: (Zarathos)
    The Inhumans were originally humans who: (Were experimented on by the Kree)
    Black Bolt does not talk because: (His voice is so powerful it could level a 
    When Gorgon stomps his foot it: (Makes a mini-earthquake)
    Galactus was originally: (an alien named Galen)
    Super-Skrull was created to: (defeat the Fantastic Four)
    The Starjammers are lead by Corsair, who is the father of: (Cyclops)
    When he was created by Ultron, The Vision's first mission was to: (Kill the 
    What is Wakanda's greatest mineral resource? (Vibranium)
    What was the name of Matt Murdock's receptionist? (Karen Page)
    Deadpool is known as: (The merc with the mouth)
    The Watchers upload all information they accumulate to: (The One)
    Black Bolt once whispered a word and: (Destroyed half of Attilan)
    The Skrull were a peaceful race until they were attacked by: (The Kree)
    The Shi'ar race evolved from: (Birds)
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Central is the organizational headquarters which is located in:
         (New York)
    Dr. Doom originally took the throne of Latveria from: (King Vladimir)
    Which item doesn't Dr. Strange use: (The Infinity Formula)
    Invisible Woman was at one time known as: (Invisible Girl)
    Which villain did Tony Stark use his Centrifugal Force ray on to make so heavy
         he sank through the floor of the  factory? (The Crusher)
    Hank Pym uses his cybernetic helmet to control: (Ants)
    The equipment that gave Luke Cage his powers was created by: (Stark 
    Silver Surfer's real name is: (Norrin Radd)
    Which does not describe Lilandra Nermani? (Romantically involved with Magneto)
    The Skrulls had a homeworld called Skrullos until:(it was devoured by Galactus)
    The Starjammers are a group of former: (Shi'ar prisoners)
    Who is king of the Inhumans? (Black Bolt)
    Why was Attilan moved to the Moon? (To escape humans and their pollution)
    What Kree device was used on Carol Danvers to turn her into Ms. Marvel? 
    Nick Fury was at one time the leader of: (The Howling Commandos)
    Does the Thing really have a Sweet Aunt Petunia? (Yes and she's a young woman)
    Thor was banished to Earth for a while because: (He violated a truce between 
         the Asgardians and the Frost Giants)
    The 'fastball special' is when: (Colossus throws Wolverine at an enemy)
    When Storm was a child, the gang of street urchins she was in was lead by:
         (Achmed el-Gibar)
    In battle, the Silver Surfer uses: (The Power Cosmic)
    What device did Reed Richards successfully use to keep Galactus from consuming
         the Earth? (The Ultimate Nullifier)
    Karnak's special power is: (to see the weakness in any item, person, or plan)
    The only person who might be considered a friend of Uatu is: (Reed Richards)
    What does not describe Gladiator? (Loyal only to Lilandra)
    Triton is good friends with: (Namor)
    Who does Dr. Doom blame for the explosion that got him expelled from college?
         (Reed Richards)
    Elektra was resurrected by: (Stone)
    Loki managed to foul up the creation of Thor's hammer by: (Shortening the 
    Crystal's power is the ability to: (Control fire, water, earth, and air)
    To protect Attilan from destruction, young Black Bolt was kept: (in a 
         soundproof room)
    How did Medusa converse with Black Bolt when he was in the soundproof room?
         (With a special sign language)
    Eitri, Brok, and Buri are dwarven blacksmiths who created: (Thor's hammer)
    = = = = = = =
    Act 5 Answers
    = = = = = = =
    Castle Doom is located in: (Latveria)
    How does Dr. Doom enforce the law in his country? (An army of robots)
    Willie Lumpkin is: (Mailman to the Fantastic Four)
    The Vision was created from parts: (used in the original Human Torch)
    Nick Fury's brother Jake led the group of villains known as: (The Zodiac)
    The Avenger's Mansion was located at: (890 Fifth Avenue)
    Who is Psylocke the sister of? (Captain Britain)
    Mikhail Rasputin, the brother of Colossus, was at one time a: (Cosmonaut)
    What did the Shi'ar do with Cyclops' parents? (Kidnap them and make them 
    What villain did T'Challa destroy the hand of while protecting his father?
         (Ulysses Klaw)
    Which Super Hero is the alter-ego of Steve Rogers? (Captain America)
    Daredevil was blinded as a child by: (Radioactive waste)
    How did Willis Stryker have a big impact on Luke Cage's life? (He framed Luke
         for a crime so he would go to jail)
    Who has not been a love interest for Wolverine? (Spider-Woman)
    Thor's war hammer is made out of: (Uru)
    The capital of Latveria is: (Doomstadt)
    As a child, the Thing lived where? (Yancy Street)
    Which does not describe Storm's mother: (A former member of the X-men)
    Before joining S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Woman was a member of: (HYDRA)
    At one time, Peter Parker's Aunt May was very close friends with: (Dr. Octopus)
    Norrin Radd became the Silver Surfer to: (Save his home planet from Galactus)
    Who used the Ultimate Nullifer to keep Galactus away from Earth?(Reed Richards)
    Which Super Hero had a best friend named Harold "Happy" Hogan? (Iron Man)
    Sandi Brandenburg is known as: (Deadpool's manager)
    Which odd turn of events did not happen to Psylocke? (She teleported the X-men
         to the Negative Zone with Cerebro)
    Deacon Frost is the vampire who: (Attacked Blade's mother)
    Why was all the research on the Super Soldier Serum lost? (Dr. Emile Erskine
         was killed)
    Franklin "Froggy" Nelson is Matt Murdock's: (Business partner)
    Dr. Strange was originally a: (Neurosurgeon)
    Johnny Blaze is the real name of which Super Hero? (Ghost Rider)
    What's the name of the college Wyatt Wingfoot and Johhny Storm attended?
         (Metro College)
    Colossus did not know he had the mutant power to turn to steel until he:
        (Stopped a tractor from crushing his sister)
    Cyclops cannot control his optic beam unless he is: (Wearing special glasses)
    Dr. Cornelius was the head of: (The Weapon X Program that dealt with Wolverine)
    Ben Grimm's battle cry is: (It's clobberin' time)
    Deadpool never removes his mask because: (His face is severely disfigured)
    Daredevil is known as: (The man without fear)
    Cyclops spent his childhood at an orphanage in: (Omaha, Nebraska)
    How long did Dr. Doom's trans-dimensional experiment in college work before it
         exploded? (Two minutes and thirty-seven seconds)
    Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was known for leading the group called: (HYDRA)
    When she was a Soviet agent, the Black Widow initially spied on: (Stark 
    Who was Captain America's sidekick in WWII? (Bucky)
    Elektra was killed by Bullseye shortly after she refused to kill:(Foggy Nelson)
    When he was 15 years old, Tony Stark's parents were killed: (In a car accident)
    What is not true about Colossus in his metal form? (Immune to magnetic attacks)
    What is the name of the wrestler Spider-Man defeats as he attempts to cash in
         on his new found powers? (Crusher Hogan)
    At the time she took Ms. Marvel's powers, Rogue was a member of: (The 
         Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)
    Dr. Doom's mother died because she made a bad deal with: (Mephisto)
    How does Dr. Doom describe his form of government? (An enforced monarchy)
    7. Defeating enemies
    A. Fledgling Super Hero                                                [FSH]  
    Defeated 10 enemies (5)
    This is one of the easiest achievements you will ever get. This achievement 
    should be received in the first 10 minutes of playing. Defeat any type of 
    enemy in any manner to receive 5 achievement points.
    B. Legendary Super Hero                                                [LSH] 
    Defeated 100 enemies (15)
    Legendary Super Hero will take a little more time but still is an easy 
    achievement. There are no special requirements. This achievement will by yours
    just by playing through the game.
    C. Fall to Death                                                       [FDH]
    Threw 5 enemies of a ledge (10)
    In order to throw an enemy off a ledge there are a few requirements. First 
    their must be a ledge. Next you need an enemy. Finally, grapple the available
    enemy and motion the analog stick toward the ledge. There you have it an enemy
    has been thrown to their death. Excellent places to throw enemies off ledges
    -Skrull Planet: Cityscape
    -Mephisto's Realm
    -Sim Discs: Blade, Iceman, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider
    -Omega Base: Primary Lift
    D. Pugilist                                                            [PGT]
    Performed 5 Finishing moves (5)
    Finishing move achievements took me some time only because I never really used
    the moves. The finishing moves are just combos that take out enemies. Some 
    enemies have specific combos (as seen on screen) that take them out easier. 
    Examples of combos are pop up (AAB), trip (ABA), and stun (ABB). 
    E. Melee Master                                                        [MMS]
    Performed 50 finishing moves (15)
    See Pugilist [PGT]
    F. Scared of Heights                                                   [SCG]
    Threw 50 enemies of a ledge (20)
    See Fall to death [FDH]
    G. Touch of Death                                                      [TDH]  
    Performed 200 finishing moves (30)
    See Pugilist [PGT]
    H. Ultimate Super Hero                                                 [ULH]
    Defeat 4000 enemies (50)
    There really is no strategy to get this achievement. All it takes is game play.
    Fortunately, as you attempt the other achievements the kills will count. If you
    have played through the game at one difficulty and medaled on each of the 
    sim discs you should be reasonably close.
    I. Widow Maker                                                         [WMK]
    Threw 500 enemies of a ledge (30)
    See Fall to Death [FDH]
    J. Excelsior                                                           [EXS]
    Beat the game in Hard Mode (50)
    The main tip for beating the game on hard is to use your saved stats from 
    defeating normal when you start a game on hard. The carry over allows leveled
    up heroes to start from the beginning. The tips for unlocking Nick Fury [AGD]
    are also pertinent here. There is not a major difference between hard and 
    normal so there should not be a problem getting this achievement if you want 
    K. Golden Age of Comics                                                [GAC]
    Attained Gold in all comic missions (30)
    See Surf's Up [SRU] but adjust for the number of points required for gold.
    L. Good Samaritan                                                       [GSM]
    Complete the Cityscape level without any enemies dying (20)
    It is easiest to get this achievement with a flying hero. The Cityscape level
    is in Act 4, Skrull Planet. The level begins after defeating Paibok and Super
    Skrull and ends when you enter the Heights of Progress. All that has to be 
    done is fly from the beginning of the level to the end. Do not kill any 
    enemies. If all enemies were avoided the achievement will chime in as you exit
    the level.
    This note is from one of the guide's readers:
    Fight through the level as normal. When you reach the end of the level exit. 
    Before moving through the next area turn around and return to the Heights of 
    Progress. Now exit the Heights of Progress one more time to get the
    8. Downloadable Content Achievements
    A. Gamma Garb                                                        [GMG]
    Unlocked all the outfits for the Hulk (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    B. Acrcher Apparel                                                   [APL]
    Unlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    C. Optic Outfits                                                     [OPC]
    Unlocked all the outfits for Cyclops (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    D. Teleport Threads                                                  [TPT]    
    Unlocked all the outfits for Nightcrawler (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    E. Doom's Duds                                                       [DMD] 
    Unlocked all the outfits for Doom (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    F. Magnetic Regalia                                                  [MGR]
    Unlocked all the outfits for Magneto (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    G. Symbiote Skins                                                    [SBS] 
    Unlocked all the outfits for Venom (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    H. Creed's Cloth                                                     [CDC]
    Unlocked all the outfits for Sabretooth (20)
    Go to an Asgard sim disc mission and kill, kill, kill. Once you get to 250
    you will get the achievement.
    I. Mutant Love                                                       [MTL] 
    Cyclops has spoken with Jean (20)
    Be sure to have Cyclops on your team as you enter Murderworld. Your first 
    encounter with Jean will not provide the achievement. Continue to the Big Top
    and meet up with Jean again. After defeating her there is still no achievement.
    Don't worry though defeat the clowns and use the coin to play the arcade game
    in the center ring. Once you make it through Pitfall, the achievement will
    chime. Congratulations for uniting these two sweethearts.
    J. Doppelganger                                                      [DPG]
    Doom has spoken with himself (20)
    Doom will be surprised to see himself during the final boss battle. After 
    collecting the pieces for the statue be sure to add Dr. Doom to you team to
    unlock this achievement.
    K. Wrong Claws                                                       [WCW] 
    Sabretooth has been mistaken for Wolverine (20)
    I had know idea where this one was going to happen. The other achievements 
    could be figured out ahead of time. Gladiator mistakes Sabretooth for Wolverine.
    I kept him in my party throughout most of the game and finally someone made
    this unfortunate mistake. Sabretooth, needless to say, was not too pleased
    about the error.
    L. Fleeting Allies                                                   [FTL] 
    Magneto has spoken to Xavier (20)
    Fleeting allies takes place at the beginning of Mephisto's Realm. Once you 
    enter Xavier and Magneto have a unique conversation. Just be sure to have him
    in your party when you use the Orb of Teleportation to go to Mephisto's Realm.
    9. Legalities                                                         [LGL]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    E-mail: oldschoolwv312@yahoo.com
    Copyright 2007 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312 

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