Review by Lostdragon_411

"If you like dragons or getting acheivements, this game isn't so bad."

** INTRO **

A lot of people really give this game a bad rap but in my opinion it's not all that bad. This is of course under the assumption that one would rent this game as opposed to buying it. A word of warning though; this game probably won't appeal to alot of people because of it's lack of innovation and the fact that most people dislike the book and the movie. I can't say much for whoever the people may be who are a die hard fan of the movie ( because the game has somewhat different stuff happening ) but as a casual fan of the movie, I thought it was fine. Anyhow, on to the rest of the review...

** Gameplay ** (( 5 / 10 ))

Aside from the flying missions somewhat, this game is not the kind of game you will want to play if your looking for innovative gameplay. Most of the missions you will play are a fairly standard hack and slash scenario with a CPU controlled ally, utilizing fairly bland moves and defeating various general soldiers, as you make your way through the somewhat altered sequence of events from the movie. You also get an unlimited supply of arrows which you will make heavy use of, and a few simple magic tricks to both aid you in fighting and manipulating terrain in a linear fashion to progress throughout the levels. In the flying levels, you mount your dragon; saphira, and fly though looping terrain to kill off groups of guys on the ground with arrows and fire. While many people may not find this paticularily interesting, I found it cool only because I'm a big fan of dragons.

** GRAPHICS ** (( 5 / 10 ))

I find it fairly hard to judge graphics in the scope of other people's views, simply because most of the time, I find graphics within the past few years to be good. Alot of people play ridiculous games on their PC's with uber good graphics, and I spend a fair amount of time playing old video games like Nes and Genesis. So in my opinion, I would say while the graphics weren't great enough for me to be amazed by them, they definately got the job done, and I especially like how the dragon looks... Except for in the cutscenes, which for some reason had really lame graphics. Whoever made them seemed to be trying to be creative or different or something, but ended up failing and as a result having everything come off really awkward.

** SOUND ** (( 6/10 ))

Everything is there soundwise that needs to be. There aren't really many sound problems but occasionally, if you bypass all the guards and are zipping through the level your allies might say something with awkward timing... but that happens in a lot of games really. The music in the game is fitting though not stellar or anything. The voice acting I think is fairly good, and the phrases your ally will say are actually not all that bad, as he will say alot of different stuff for different situations.


Unless you find this game for an exceptionally super cheap price, I don't think much should warrant this game for purchase, as it is relatively short and most people will find the game exceptionally bland and tedious. However, if your like me, and you liked the movie while everyone else hated it, and you like dragons and getting achievements, you will probably get a little enjoyment out of this game. All in all, while it's not a great game, it isn't freakishly terrible, and it's alright for just having something to do for an evening.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/23/07

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