Review by Lordaeron

"Part rail shooter, part beat 'em up, all awful."

First, let me say I'm a fan of the Eragon book series. It's a fantastic, fast read that's thoroughly entertaining. That being said, I mildly enjoyed the movie and l couldn't get into this game for the life of me. Rather than the usual break down of all aspects of the game, I'm just going to dive right in since the game is viewed as a complete work, not parts of a whole.

That being said, the graphics are decent in this game. It's not going to blow you away or sell any consoles in the process (especially considering that I think they even released versions of this game for the Saturn, Game Gear, Virtual Boy, and N64). You'll realize from the cleanliness that you are playing a late last gen game or a early next gen game. Meanwhile, the cinematic sequences are terrible.

As far as sound is concerned, I'm pretty sure they got the actors from the movies to voice their characters in the game. With this in mind, they get Ajihad of the Varden to narrate the game, who gives the game a "Lion King" feel. Other than that, the music is decent, as is the voice acting. Nothing to write home about here.

Gameplay. The game play could have been a lot better, and it could have been a lot worse. The combat system is fairly intuitive, magic isn't what I had hoped it would be but I suppose that's fairly accurate from a book/movie standpoint. The flights on the dragon are awful. The dragon is so massive it takes up a solid 1/4th of the screen at all times which makes maneuvering very difficult. Also the dragon's body doesn't give you a good idea of when you'll hit the terrain. In other words, don't expect golden axe 2 meets panzer dragoon from this game. Were it not so repetitive, this game has potential.

As far as replay value, I'm having a hard enough time biting my lip and going forward with the last 4 levels, the only thing keeping me going are the achievements and gamer points. On a system other than Xbox 360, I imagine I would have completely lost interest by now. Thank heavens for GameFly. While we're on that topic, shameless plug for gamefly : (GameFly is giving away a free Nintendo Wii or 1 Year of GameFly just for getting five friends to become paying members of their service. Click on my personal invitation link below to see how you can earn one (plus it will help me earn mine). I expect the mods will pick that link out of there but if not, sweet, join me in my quest for a free Wii :P )

Should you rent or buy this game? Rent it. Please, for the love all all that is sensible, rent this game. The ONLY condition where it would be acceptable to buy this game is if you're at the video store and you see the used game rack and this game is for sale for cheaper than it would be to rent this game. "But I saw the game for sale real cheap, 12$!" I DON'T CARE! Unless you're paying 13$ to rent a 360 game, then it is NOT worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/03/07

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