Review by therater13

Reviewed: 03/24/08

Should be destroyed.

Here is my review for Eragon; for starters this game should not be taken as a game. It is a sick joke that tries to steal your money. This scam got the best of me and took $14 from my pocket, it was swift and cunning and I was defeated.

Graphics: for an Xbox 360 game they suck, for regular Xbox they are acceptable but next generation demands more from this, lacks polish.

Audio: The audio in this game sucks also, its boring and the voice acting and overall acting is almost as bad as the movie, but at least the movie was watch able, this game is not even playable, I could not push myself to finish it, not even for the gamer score.

Story: If you saw the film you pretty much know the story, except in the game the story is all over the place and nothing is really explained so if you did not see the film then you are out of luck unless you can try and figure out the story as you go along, for example one mission you are training in the woods and the nest mission your fighting some guards in the middle of some random market, and it is very corny.

Game play: The game plays like a dull hack and slash game, it has uninspired combat, though pulling some of the combinations when attacking is kind of neat( that is why one point is given to this game) it is still very budget and limiting. Magic sucks in this game and it is pointless to use unless you need to really move something. You do not even have free roam in this game; everything is set on a straight and direst path like an old arcade hack and slash. This game sucks. I did not even get to a flying mission thank god, I could not stomach the game much longer after getting a bit less then 100 gamer points from completing the boring missions, your ally A.I in this game sucks also, and the enemies are pretty stupid also.

Rent or buy: avoid this scam like the plague, even if you are a huge fan of the film and even if your life was influenced by the film do not buy or even rent this game, I would not even call it a game. If you see it in a bargain bin at a store, set the bin on fire and do the rain dance.

Overall score: 1/10

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Eragon (US, 11/14/06)

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