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    FAQ/Walkthrough by passLion

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                            Phantasy Star Universe
    O.1 - Starting off
    ***Table Of Contents***
    Opening Lyrics [LYC]
    Things to know [TTK]
    Chapter 1 [CH1]
    Chapter 2 [CH2]
    chapter 3 [CH3]
    	Opening Lyrics [LYC]
    Who said we are lost again in this lonely world
    I say we can start again we're on the same ship
    It's called starship Earth
    It is not too late it's our home so don't say that it's fate
    We must not give up to build our future on our dreams
    We will never lie down to die
    But we'll find a way to survive
    We all have somebody we love we know that's we're here
    We battle for freedom
    It is a battle against the Dark
    I have my dreams you know I'm not afraid of bleeding It is the time!
    We battle for tommorow
    It is a battle against time
    and we can do miracles so take my hand we need to save this world!
    Thanks to: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/whitenote/20060822#p2
    	Things to know [TTK]
    Triangle = Special attack (if there's one)
    Circle = Action / pick up
    Square = Attack (While holding R1 = attack with weapon on left hand)
    X = hold down and use L1 and R1 to use items (in shortcut) and change equip 
    L1 = target
    R1 = use left hand weapon
    R3 = First Person View
    Left Analog = movement
    Right analogue = camera
    D-pad = navagation in menus and alternative for sorting through the "X" menu.
    Bring up the map by pressing: Start, choose the 3rd icon, Circle. D-pad 
    scrolls L1 and R1 zooms, X exits.
    Learn about characters here: 
    PP - This is the guage for the weapons, a gun uses up the gauge, or a special
    	attack for a sabre or anything similar (triangle). It restores slowly
    	on its own, however there are items and PP restore cubes to restore the 
    	guage fully. (this is still a guess)
    Your AI companions will mostly stand there and look pretty while you get
    surrounded by monsters.
    	CHAPTER 1 - Of Light and Darkness [CH1]
    After a juicy intro about the history of the world PSU sets in...
    Marty is hit by the PSU Delorian......
    I mean Ethan is hit by a car that the priestess was riding on and she healed 
    his leg... a little story teaser aaaand...
    Anime style opening with Kelli Sae doing vocals singing engrish = instant 
    classic. (In fact, this whole game and it's chapters works like an anime)
    Ethan's sister was waiting on him to go to a ceremony, as you walk around,
    the pedestrians closest to you dissappear (DO NOT PANIC, THAT IS NORMAL!).
    Take the time to look around with R3 to sight see if you want.
    ok, enough of that, head to where everything is across the dome.
    Between the 2 ramps (closed), there are the elevator entrances, either one 
    select 4F, then turn right and walk straight to the last entrance on the right.
    The two bumps into a weird guy who claimed they took his wallet, but in fact,
    he was the thief. Ethan follows the guy (watch how the guy runs/walks XD).
    So... go down to the only open path (he's actually waiting for you), and get 
    another cutscene. The Vol Brothers, are here to kick butt.
    Things to notice:
    - All characters' hands are frozen in that pose, so when Ethan was supposed to 
    punch "Carrot top"s head, he's poking him.
    - Lumia's, Ethan's sister, screams are hilarious.
    Blah blah blah and more cutscenes (something BIG happened)
    Once you're able to play again, keep going to the only path avalible.
    Then you can finally start fighting. Leogini gives you a communicator, and a
    weapon set. Go straight, the blue orb is the save point, press circle to save.
    Leogini will keep contacting you thoughout.
    NOTE: YOU CAN'T PAUSE. The monsters will chase after you; they can even go
    through doors.
    So I'll leave you to kick it PSO style till another important thing shows.
    When you explore around and see a loop on the upper right of the radar, there's
    a sword in the first crate. You can equip that by pressing start, menu icon 2,
    select the sword on the list (first one), press circle, first option, and
    select the next empty slot below the first weapon set.
    Go back out (X X X) Hold X, and use D-pad to select the weapon set you want.
    The left column are the item shortcuts, the one already set is monomate 
    (To use mono, hold X and choose the icon on the left column and let go of X)
    (You can navigate the "X" menu with L1 and R1 instead of D-pad)
    Advancing till you see two of the Vol Bros (they're dancing idly~). Behind them
    are the save point and a glowing platform, that is the HP restore platform.
    Step on that and stay there for dosages of HP+ (dosages meaning you have to 
    stand there and wait for the HP bar to grow bit by bit).
    You'll see some locked doors along the way, the keys will show as a red dot on 
    the radar after you clear a room of monsters. Pick up with circle, then
    use them on the reader.
    Ok, I'm gonna stop till you find the third brother...
    Found him? Are they dancing? Good.
    that's a mission complete for you, and you're on to another thing.
    keep walking and you'll hear someone call for help under rubbish.
    Leogini will give you Goggles, equip those goggles (start, 2nd icon, scroll to
    category 3 with D-pad, select goggle and equip. Kinda like the sword but for 
    the other column).
    Select goggle from the "X" menu, and press square to use it, adjust the view 
    to the transparent orb and it'll confirm. Then exit the goggle and attack the 
    orb to clear the rubble.
    Go straight and you'll be saving a few more people along the way and also 
    clearing paths with your new tool.
    You'll eventually reach an area where you found your sister and a boss appears.
    Alien with tentacles and eh...
    Attacks: close swipes, tentacle dig through ground and pops out
    My tactic: keep attacking with sabre and maybe gun too and keep using 
    Mini anime-esque credits, then it'll show these options:
    Go to save screen
    Advance to next chapter
    	CHAPTER 2 - Typical Lives (Remlia and her son) [CH2]
    NEATO MOM! My favorite show's coming on! "It's called starship Earth~"
    3 months later, Ethan became a guardian from showing off his skills.
    Your robot servant Pete wakes you up, select the last option to skip through 
    a bunch of infos.
    left side- computer, they send you info and news here, other guardian can
    		call you.
    right side- your bed, sadly you can only SIT on it, and press X to switch pose
    Door to the right- useless?
    back left- storage platforms on the ground, save point, and your lovely front 
    Go to Level 5, you can only use the ramps, there'll be a few stuff happening 
    along the way.
    Talk to the lady behind the counter and she'll grant access to Planet Parum.
    Go to the first entrance from the left to aboard and select Planet Parum.
    Ethen will look towards the East tunnel after he's done yapping, go to that 
    tunnel. Then go to the Guardian base (has similar design and format as the
    Level 5 one at home). Talk to the girl behind counter there, then head to the 
    other end through the West tunnel to the shopping district.
    Toward the left is a bunch of tables and a refreshment counter, walk to the 
    CUTSCENE! (remember the guy with gray hair, you'll need to add him later)
    Then Karen will teach you about parties.
    During the long dialogue, she'll show you what happens when YOU get added.
    After that, add and unadd her by talking to her, second option, then first 
    option (yes), repeat to unadd.
    Then add her again, and go back to the PPT central area, find the guy with 
    grey hair and add him, go to flyer base and choose 1st option and the 1st 
    Your allies' mobile vehicle comes in and there's a little feud going on,
    the cutscene ends with Mr. Angry Armor-man calling you and your party members 
    Go to the door right next to the one you came in, there'll be another cutscene
    A SEED Core falls from the sky!! Karen checks its stats with her visor.
    Save spot and PP restore and HP restore on the map after the cutscene, if
    anyone in your party's hurt, have them stand in the HP recover spot
    (Shadow the Hedgehog warp?) since there are no ways you can use monomates on 
    After going through the tunnel, you'll be in a different envionment: 
    everything's on fire!
    Karen will give you a new tool, equip it by going to menu (start), select the
    second square, number 3, select the tool (???????? Photon Eraser (9
    characters)) above the meseta/coins.
    Select the first option and set it to one of the empty slots, you can use it by
    holding down X, and scroll with L1 till you get to the icon for the tool 
    (phaser like).
    Just like the goggles, which is what we'll actually use first to scan for these
    4 orbs on the ground near the Pod. Scan them and make them all "appear", switch
    to the phaser and zap away. Once those orbs are neutralized, attack the pod
    normaly with a few swing and you're done.
    It drops a Cosmo Atomizer (????????? (9 characters)), which restores 
    ALL HP, and a key card for the gate to the right. (might drop something 
    Some of themonsters will light you on fire, and there's no items (to my
    knowledge) that can stop that fire, but you can walk away and let that fire 
    stop burning.
    You'll encounter more of those SEED cores, guess that's the objective now,
    wipe out enemies and their SEED cores. The orbs will be more scattered.
    Last area will have you fight the same creature you fought as boss in the first
    chapter, and get 2 red keys.
    Mission Complete! But chapter 2 isn't over, go straight to see a broken sign
    where a ranch (your original destination?) once stood.
    A creepy kid comes out *shudders* and leaves you trapped in the ranch.
    Monsters spawn and the shield's off for some reason. Save spot and HP restore 
    further down.
    Go to the tunnel to the left and youll see the kid escape through the same spot
    where you entered... which proves how much of a loser you and your party are.
    more monsters and gates and possibly humorous situations... Hey! go to first 
    person view (R3) and check out the sky! Ech...
    Save spot after more of those stuff
    The team talk about Relics, and this huuuge version of one of those monsters
    that charges at you appears.
    Big version of crawling monster
    To defeat:
    attack from it's rear, or better yet, try and get it so you're totally jammed
    inside the monster's polygons as he back up into you and slash away.
    It'll raises it's front legs up and slam the ground and paralyze you for a few 
    Mainly front attacks, and slamming attack.
    If your party members die, they'll come back when you hang around long enough 
    and not die yourself.
    little boy tells them to stop hurting the boss, and says something about his dad
    and a promise... not gonna spoil it.
    	CHAPTER 3 - Relics [CH3]
    Nice crotch shot of Ethan at the start~
    Girl at F5 guardian base, she unlocks some stuffs (don't know what they are 
    yet, I know onw of them is the free mission (meaning you can play that mission
    any time)).
    Go to the PPT to Parum and there'll be a lengthy convo between you and the gray
    hair guy, he gives you his Guild Card.
    Go to Parum and Karen'll give you hers
    Now you can add them from the menu, select the 4th square, the first option to 
    add and then select their names (the little icon on the most right to their 
    name indicates if they're in your party already or not).
    Then it's to the east tunnel you go and to the flyer base, straight ahead.
    And go for the free mission.
    After that, head on over to the Guardian Base, the other building on the East
    side. A cutscene automatically plays and a new character is introduced,
    Dr. Bowlcut-dyed-red man  (for actual character info, there's a link to those
    at the start XD). That's one scary hair-doo. New mission unlocked.
    Let's hope that hair-doo doesn't haunt your dreams tonight.
    You know what to do then, right? Flyer base and choose the new mission.
    (1st choice in the mission list)
    Take a look at the info and you can see the numbers 3-3, that's the party
    requirements, (min) three people to (max) three people. Choose the free mission
    (one below) and the number's 1-4, up to 4 people in your party can do the 
    http://www.pso-world.com/ - for getting me started on some chapters
    http://d.hatena.ne.jp/whitenote/ - for lyrics

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