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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vorpal_Salad

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/21/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Phantasy Star Universe (PC/PS2/Xbox 360)
                                    July 28, 2012
                                     Version 1.0
                            Written by:  Diogo Ribeiro
                                 Email:  sombra@magnolia.com
                                     Email Policy:
            If you find any problems in this FAQ/Walkthrough, such as wrong
            or missing information, or if instead you'd like to share some
            additional info (hints, tips) not found here, drop me an email.
            I will give full credit and update the document accordingly.
            Before emailing me, check the Frequently Asked Questions section
            to make sure you won't contact me about info already written here.
            To contact me about this walkthrough, use "PSU Guide" on your
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      The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:
      This Document is Copyright 2012 by Diogo Ribeiro
      Phantasy Star Universe is Copyright by Sonic Team/Sega
      I am not affiliated with Sonic Team, Sega, or anyone involved in the creation
      of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site as long as its contents are
      not changed and I am contacted about this decision. You may not charge for,
      or profit in any way from this FAQ.
    Table of Contents:
      [PSUINTRO]  Phantasy Star Universe - Introduction
      [PSUABOUT]  About this Guide
      [PSUREFER]  Reference Guide
      [PSUSTATS]  Character Statistics
      [PSUPARTN]  Partners in Phantasy Star Universe
      [PSUSTRAT]  General Strategies, Tips and Hints
      [PSUPCCFT]  PC Configuration and Troubleshooting
      [PSUFRAQS]  Frequently Asked Questions
      [PSUGUIDE]  Phantasy Star Universe - Walkthrough
      [PSUCHA01]  Chapter 1 - Of Light and Darkness
      [PSUTRI01]  Trial 1: Linear Line Platform
      [PSUTRI02]  Trial 2: Destroy the SEED-Vance
      [PSUCHA02]  Chapter 2 - Typical Lives
      [PSUSTO01]  Story Mission 1: "Meadow Purify"
      [PSUTRI03]  Trial 3: Purify the SEED
      [PSUTRI04]  Trial 4: Defeat Gol Dolva
      [PSUCHA03]  Chapter 3 - Relics
      [PSUFMI01]  Creature Discomfort: Exterminate the creatures en route!
      [PSUSTO02]  Story Mission 2: "Relics Inquiry"
      [PSUTRI05]  Trial 5: Clear the Lakeshore Area
      [PSUTRI06]  Trial 6: Defeat the De Ragan
      [PSUOPTI1]  OPTIONAL: Further into the RELICS site
      [PSUTRI07]  Trial 7: Defeat the Svaltus
      [PSUCHA04]  Chapter 4 - Rogues
      [PSUSTO03]  Story Mission 3: "The Milate 04"
      [PSUTRI08]  Trial 8: Defeat the DG
      [PSUTRI09]  Trial 9: Defeat the Gohma Dilla
      [PSUTRI10]  Trial 10: Regain control of the train rear
      [PSUTRI11]  Trial 11: Defeat the Vol brothers
      [PSUCHA05]  Chapter 5 - The Divine Maiden
      [PSUSTO04]  Story Mission 4: "Rescue the Maiden"
      [PSUTRI12]  Trial 12: Purify the SEED and hurry to the crash site!
      [PSUTRI13]  Trial 13: Defeat the Onmagoug!
      [PSUCHA06]  Chapter 6 - Captives of Moatoob
      [PSUSTO05]  Story Mission 5: "Kidnapper Inquiry"
      [PSUTRI14]  Trial 14: Clear the canyon area and hurry to the coal mine!
      [PSUTRI15]  Trial 15: Watch out for traps and head for mine's inner core!
      [PSUOPTI3]  OPTIONAL: Further into the Galenigare Mines
      [PSUTRI16]  Trial 16: Defeat the Grinna Betes
      [PSUCHA07]  Chapter 7 - Photon Stealing
      [PSUSTO06]  Story Mission 6: "Karen's Rescue"
      [PSUTRI17]  Trial 17: Clear the swamp area with the floader!
      [PSUTRI18]  Trial 18: Defeat the Onmagoug! (II)
      [PSUTRI19]  Trial 19: Defeat the Adahna Degahna!
      [PSUCHA08]  Chapter 8 - In Mellvore's Wake
      [PSUSTO07]  Story Mission 7: "In the Ruins"
      [PSUTRI20]  Trial 20: Exterminate the SEED
      [PSUTRI21]  Trial 21: Defeat the SEED-Forms!
      [PSUTRI22]  Trial 22: Rendezvous with Tomrain
      [PSUTRI23]  Trial 23: Defeat the De Ragnus
      [PSUCHA09]  Chapter 9 - Hot SOS
      [PSUSTO08]  Story Mission 8: "Search for Lou"
      [PSUTRI24]  Trial 24: Ride the Lunga, clear the desert area!
      [PSUTRI25]  Trial 25: Go through the cave and hurry to the Landeel!
      [PSUOPTI4]  OPTIONAL: Further into the East Kugu Desert
      [PSUTRI26]  Trial 26: Defeat the Magas Maggahna!
      [PSUCHA10]  Chapter 10 - Rite of Divination
      [PSUSTO09]  Story Mission 9: "Divination Escort"
      [PSUTRI27]  Trial 27: Defeat the Kagajibari!
      [PSUTRI28]  Trial 28: Purify all of the SEED Cores!
      [PSUOPTI5]  OPTIONAL: Further into the Agata Islands
      [PSUTRI29]  Trial 29: Defeat SEED-Magashi!
      [PSUCHA11]  Chapter 11 - Unification Point
      [PSUSTO10]  Story Mission 9: "Defend the Gates"
      [PSUTRI30]  Trial 30: Reach the confinement system with the striker!
      [PSUTRI31]  Trial 31: Defeat all creatures in Area A!
      [PSUTRI32]  Trial 32: Defeat the Dimmagolus!
      [PSUCHA12]  Chapter 12 - Life Choices
      [PSUSTO11]  Story Mission 10: "Guardian's Calling"
      [PSUTRI33]  Trial 33: Follow Hyuga and Maya's distress signal!
      [PSUOPTI6]  OPTIONAL: Further into the HIVE
      [PSUTRI34]  Trial 34: Stop the Carriguine!
      [PSUFINAL]  Final Battle: Defeat Dulk Fakis!
      [PSUPOSTG]  Phantasy Star Universe - Post Game
      [PSUNAMES]  Phantasy Star Universe - Naming Characters
      [ENDGUIDE]  End of the Guide
      [PSUABOUT]  Phantasy Star Universe - Introduction
      Phantasy Star Universe is a Japanese Role-Playing Game, or JRPG for short,
      released for PC Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. Created by Sonic Team
      and published by Sega, PSU is a spin off of Phantasy Star Online, itself a
      sidestep in the Phantasy Star series originally released for 8 and 16-bit
      Sega consoles. Primarily an online game, PSU also has an offline Story Mode
      and an Extra Mode. Eventually, the servers for the PC and PS2 versions were
      closed in 2010, leaving only Xbox 360 users with the ability to play the
      game online - everyone else will have to stick with the offline modes.
      At its core, PSU is your standard Action JRPG, with fast combat, characters
      with outrageous fashion sense and level grinding. In itself, this is not a
      bad thing, but most fans and critics weren't very receptive of Universe.
      It's hard to disagree with them, though, since the game's good ideas are
      buried under some questionable design decisions, a teenybopper story and
      what doesn't feel like the step up from Phantasy Star Online that it should
      have been.
      So why a guide? Most guides for PSU simply cover the basics of the Story
      Mode or the S-Rank Missions, with not much guidance elsewhere. Not that PSU
      has much more to offer, but there are aspects of the game that simply
      aren't that well covered or lack clarity in other guides.
      The aim of this FAQ/Walkthrough is to provide a more concise guide to the
      Story Mode of Phantasy Star Universe, including enemy and boss strategies,
      special mission guides and their respective rewards. This guide was written
      for the PC version of the game but will largely apply to both PS2 and Xbox
      360 versions as well.
      For a list of things covered in this guide, consult the "About This Guide"
      section. For a list of things this guide will often refer to, check the
      "Reference Guide" section.
      [PSUABOUT]  About this Guide
      What this guide provides:
            -A detailed guide for PSU's Story Mode, along with hints and tips;
            -Hints and strategies for enemy and Boss encounters;
            -List of all rewards found on every Chapter;
            -List of item drops found on every Chapter, both fixed and random;
            -A detailed guide for Trials, which includes their rewards for Ranks.
      What this guide doesn't provide yet, but will do so in future updates:
            -A detailed guide for PSU's Free Missions, along with the rewards for
             their respective Ranks.
            -Hints, tips and general strategies for PSU's Extra Mode.
      [PSUREFER] Reference Guide
      The following Reference Guide is a list of words and terms used throughout
      the guide, with an explanation of their meanings.
      PSO -- Phantasy Star Online, or PSO, mentioned a couple of times in this
             guide. It can be considered PSU's older brother, and in some ways,
             still better than it.
      PSU -- Phantasy Star Universe, obv.
      Story Mode -- A mode that follows the adventures of Ethan Waber, as close
                    to a lead character as one can find in PSU. Unlike PSO, PSU's
                    Story Mode does not allow you to create your own character
                    and explore the story and gameworld at your own pace.
      Extra Mode -- A mode that allows you to create your own character from
                    scratch, giving you a choice of male or female Humans, CASTs,
                    Beasts and Newmans. Unfortunately, there is no story to follow
                    in this mode, and it even removes some of the NPCs found in
                    the Story Mode, turning it into a sort of "ghost town" focused
                    on doing almost nothing but side missions.
                    The benefit of Extra Mode, other than letting you try out the
                    different races and types, is that you create your very own
                    character, which can then be imported into PSU's expansion,
                    Ambition of the Illuminus. Note, however, that you can only
                    do this from PSU to AOTI; it's impossible to do the reverse.
                    Also, every Free Mission and Partner Card unlocked during
                    Story Mode will be available in Extra Mode.
      Network Mode -- The "meat" of PSU for most players. Play, interact and
                      adventure with friends online. This guide, suffice to say,
                      does not cover that mode.
      Chapter -- Also unlike PSO, PSU is divided into "chapters", with a clear
                 beginning and end, and which only allow you to explore some
                 predetermined sections of the world. Once completed, you cannot
                 return to them.
      Missions -- Every chapter has a primary mission, usually played across
                  several stages ("acts") and sometimes with multiple objectives.
                  Other missions are optional, and are called Free Missions.
                  If you played any Phantasy Star before, and/or Phantasy Star
                  Online, these work out more or less like Quests found in the
                  Hunter's Guild.
      Free Missions -- Special missions unlocked during the course of the game,
                       which can then be replayed at your own leisure. They are
                       all based on sections found during Story Mode missions,
                       ocasionally making adjustments to level layout, enemy
                       numbers and difficulty.
      Trials -- At certain points during the game, several challenges ("Trials")
                will be presented to the player. Some of these will later be
                adapted into Free Missions, while others will be exclusive to the
                Story Mode.
                Also, Trials during Story Mode have different top tier rewards
                than those found in Free Missions. Other than special rewards,
                you'll get experience points, money and Mission Points.
                Finally, Trials in Story Mode can only be played once.
      S-Rank -- Every Trial and Free Mission awards the player with one out of
                four possible Ranks. From worst to best, these are C, B, A and
                S. All ranks award the player with experience points, money and
                Mission Points, but only S-Rank awards him or her with a prize.
      Mission Points -- Special points which improve a character's designated Type.
                        These are distinct from Experience Points.
      Experience Points -- Points awarded for killing enemies, that improve a
                           character's overall level. These are not the same as
                           Mission Points.
      PM -- Partner Machinery, or PMs, are personal robots which serve several
            functions. If you played around with MAGs in PSO, or have at least
            heard about Tamagotchis, you're qualified to operate one.
            In Story and Extra Mode, you can feed your PM with items found,
            bought or manufactured during the game to improve its abilities.
            Its two main functions, other than talking (in Story Mode) and
            allowing you to store items inside it, is to synthesize items and
            to join you in battle as a companion.
      Synthesizing -- In PSU, it's possible to create ("synthesize") a large number
                      of items, equipment and weapons. The process is quite simple,
                      but not without caveats. The basic method involves finding a
                      Board (a recipe), slotting it into the PM, storing materials
                      inside it, then tell it to make the item.
                      The success of synthesis depends on item Rank and the	PM's
                      own skill in synthesizing. All items require materials, some
                      of which are hard to find - to the point where you may find
                      Boards early on but only have the means to create their
                      respective items during the later stages of the game.
      Partner Card -- During the course of the Story Mode, several NPCs will offer
                      their "cards". To put it simply, Partner Cards let you invite
                      other characters into your party. You can form a party of up
                      to four characters - three NPCs plus Ethan Waber. You need to
                      unlock all of them in Story Mode first in order to use them
                      in Extra Mode.
      Partners -- Partners are basically companions that follow you around either
                  in Story or Extra Mode. Alas, their artificial intelligence tends
                  to be bad. They may stand still next to enemies, stare at walls
                  or shout that they are about to engage in combat when every foe
                  has already been beaten. Overall, you shouldn't rely too much on
                  them, but they are still useful in some cases.
                  Also, partners can reward you a special Photon Art if you S-Rank
                  a Free Mission or Trial in Story Mode while they're in the party.
      Photon Arts -- PSU's name for special skills linked to weapons. At their most
                     basic, Photon Arts (PAs) are special attacks which you can use
                     as long as they are linked to compatible weapons, and you have
                     enough Photon Points to spend.
                     PAs level up with use, and their growth is based on effective
                     use against enemies. They are divided into Skills (for melee
                     weapons), Bullets (for ranged weapons) and TECHNICS (for
                     casting weapons).
                     All Photon Arts come in Disc form and must be learned before
                     they can be linked to weapons. Whether you bought or received
                     them, you must first access your inventory, "learn" the PA
                     (by using the Disc), then choose a weapon, select "Link Photon
                     Art" and choose which one you want, if you have one adequate
                     to your weapon.
                     You can only learn a total fo 36 Photon Arts in PSU; any more
                     beyond that number have to overwrite a previously learned one.
      Photon Points -- Photon Points, or PPs as they're abbreviated, are the points
                       spent on activating Photon Arts. Every weapon has a fixed
                       amount, which can be improved with weapon grinding. Also,
                       different weapons have different PP recovery rates.
      TECHNICS -- Not to be confused with the advanced line of LEGO creations,
                  Techniques - referred to as TECHNICS in PSU - are what you may
                  call as spells for Force types. As expected, their uses range
                  from healing and direct attacks to area of effect (AoE) spells.
      SUV -- Exclusive to CASTs, SUVs are satellite-based weapons with a high
             destructive power. Their high damage is somewhat balanced by the fact
             they can only be used if equipped on line lhields with an "extra"
             armor slot. These are available to CASTs starting at level 20.
      Nanoblast -- PSU's version of Super Furry Time. At level 20, all Beasts gain
                   the ability to temporarily evolve into a stronger form that
                   turns them into killing machines, akin to what an SUV does for
                   a CAST. Nanoblasts can only be executed by using a tattoo named
                   Blast Badge.
      Type -- PSU's name for character jobs or classes. There are three types
              available: Hunters are geared towards melee attacks, Rangers are best
              suited to ranged attacks, and of course, Forces are great with TECHs.
              Each race also has statistical modifiers, from bonuses to penalties,
              which make it easier or harder for them to choose one Type. Unlike
              PSO, however, nothing prevents a CAST from trying some spells - this
              just means they won't be as good as a Newman at it. Some equipment is
              accessible to every Type, while some is exclusive to them.
              Players can also switch between Types by travelling to the GUARDIANS
              branch in Clyez City and paying a fee.
      Drops -- Items left behind defeated enemies. The term originated in RPGs to
               describe items that enemies "drop" on the ground after being killed,
               though it may also refer to items left by destroyed crates, boxes or
      King version -- During the game you'll come across enemies with a slightly
                      different appearance than others in the same species or ones
                      which are simply more resistant than others similar to them.
                      These enemies are known as the "King" variant, or version,
                      and you can identify them by the crown shown on their name tag
                      when fighting them.
      Rewards -- Items, functionalities and Free Missions that are found or become
                 available in each new Chapter.
      [PSUSTATS]  Character Statistics
      Like in other games of its kind, characters in Phantasy Star Universe have
      statistics (stats), which determine how well they perform in combat. These
      affect many things, from accuracy (chances to hit enemies) to blocking
      attacks. In PSU, players don't get to decide about character development or
      growth, but they can influence them. Also, a given value in a stat is
      required before a character can equip a weapon.
      Base stats are influenced by race, gender, type, level and items; meanwhile,
      modified stats are the total of a character's base stats plus any other value
      added, or subtracted, through the use of equipment or items.
      Here are the base and modified stats in PSU, respectively:
      Stats |  Description
      HP:      Ye olde Hit Points. It measures how much damage a character
               can receive before being incapacitated. It's also the only
               stat that cannot be modified by equipment, but will change
               upon switching between Guardian Types (which can increase or
               decrease the maximum number of HPs).
               (Hit Points do not have a modified stat)
      ATA:     Attack Accuracy. This influences the chance of a physical or ranged
               attack hitting its target.
               ATA is a stat requirement for ranged weapons, such as handguns,
               longbows or cannons.
      ACC:     The sum of a character's base ATA and stat modifying	equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      ATP:     Attack Power. Determines the amount of damage an enemy will suffer
               with a physical or ranged attack. When you hit, this value will
               dictate how much damage will be dealt.
               ATP is a stat requirement for melee weapons, such as sabers, long
               swords or daggers.
      ATT:     The sum of a character's base ATP and stat modifying	equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      DFP:     Defense Power. It calculates just how much damage a character will
               receive from an enemy attack, whether physical or ranged.
               DFP is a stat requirement for equipping line shields.
      DEF:     The sum of a character's base DFP and stat modifying	equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      EVP:	   Evade Power. This regulates the chances of the character being
               evasive enough to successfully dodge a physical or ranged attack.
      EVA:     The sum of a character's base EVP and stat modifying	equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      TP:      TECHNIC Power. This stat governs how much damage a TECHNIC will
               cause when used against an enemy.
               TP is a stat requirement for casting weapons, such as a staff or
      TECH:    The sum of a character's base TP and stat modifying equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      MST:     Mental Strength. This stat is best described as Defense Power for
               TECHNICS, since it calculates how much damage you suffer when on the
               receiving end of an enemy's TECHNIC.
      MENT:    The sum of a character's base MST and stat modifying	equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      STA:     Short for "Status Abnormality Resistance", as stated in PSU's manual
               (but often refered to as Stamina in the game), this governs your
               chances of being inflicted with status ailments such as confusion,
               poison or paralysis.
      END:     The sum of a character's base STA and stat modifying	equipment,
               such as weapons, line shields or units.
      [PSUPARTN]  Partners in Phantasy Star Universe
      The following is a list of all party members ("Partners") that will join up
      with you during the Story Mode. Some will also be present in Extra Mode,
      while others will only join during specific missions in Story Mode. Also,
      some will give you a Partner Card, meaning you can later take them with you
      on Free Missions, if they're available.
      Note: Some Partners will randomly reward you with special Photon Arts if
            you S-Rank a mission while they are in your party at the same time.
            The only Partners who do this are also the most important ones to the
            story - all those who belong to the Guardians, basically. As far as I
            know, there's no specific method to gaining the PAs.
      Photon Art names, and the weapon type they are used on, is mentioned below.
           Name:          Partner Card:         Joins when:        PA Reward:
           No Vol              No                Chapter 1           -none-
           Do Vol              No                Chapter 1           -none-
         Hyuga Ryght           Yes               Chapter 2       Gravity Strike
                                                                 Assault Crush
                                                                 (Dual Sabers)
         Karen Erra            Yes               Chapter 2      Renkai Buyou-zan
                                                                 (Twin Daggers)
                                                                Moubu Seiren-zan
                                                                 (Twin Daggers)
         Dr. Dorson            No                Chapter 3           -none-
       (Warren Darren)
         Lucaim Nav            Yes               Chapter 4        Bogga Danga
                                                                Renzan Seidan-ga
                                                                  (Twin Claws)
         Maya Shidow           Yes               Chapter 5           Dizas
     Leogini S. Berafort       Yes               Chapter 6      Spinning Break
                                                                  Dus Robado
       Tonnio Rhima            Yes               Chapter 6     Buten Shuren-zan
                                                               Senten Kanzan-ga
       Liina Sukaya            No                Chapter 7           -none-
       Mirei Mikuna            No                Chapter 7           -none-
           Lou                 Yes               Chapter 8       Spiral Dance
                                                                (Double Sabers)
        Kou Taragi             No                Chapter 8           -none-
      Dr. Kanal Tomrain        No                Chapter 8           -none-
          Pete                 Yes             Reaches Lv.30         -none-
      [PSUSTRAT]  General Strategies, Tips and Hints
      Gunslinger, Photon style:
        One of the additions made to Phantasy Star Universe is the option of a
        first-person view in order to use ranged weapons. Players can simply lock
        onto an enemy and use pistols, cannons or bows, among others, but this
        perspective - even if unwieldy - has the advantage of letting you target
        specific body parts. This works very well against flying enemies, including
        bosses like Onmagoug and Dimmagolus, since you can target their wings.
        With a strong enough attack, they will fall to the ground, giving you the
        chance to rush in for melee attacks.
        This also works on other enemies, with "weak spots" that can render them
        temporarily useless or which are more vulnerable. Further, most enemies
        with a charge attack will stop on their tracks when hit, including with
        ranged weapon attacks - easier to pull off than melee blows when something
        is running in your direction.
      Farming for profit:
        Like it or hate it, PSU is one of those JRPGs where combat is the bread and
        butter of the game. This means that character growth, and finding regular
        or even rare items, is mostly done by mowing the opposition. But other than
        Free Missions, main missions can also be repeated - with a few exceptions
        and preparations.
        All you have to do is get to know a mission. Save before it, play it, and
        make notes of times when going back is impossible. Take the first official
        mission under Guardian scrutiny, Meadow Purify, as an example. The first
        block, Areas A-1 to A-4, can be repeated just as long as you get to the
        door at the end of A-4 which leads into the fire SEED area. Instead of
        going ahead, go all the way back to the start of A-1 and choose to return
        to Holtes City. Come back later: all enemies will be there again.
        Note that this only happens with missions taken from a planet's Flyer Base.
        Those taken from Linear Lines don't allow you to do this. Additionally,
        most main missions will almost always give you the chance to return to the
        city from which you came, then let you resume from your last point. Taking
        Meadows Purify as an example again, if you leave just before fighting the
        Gol Dolva, when you resume the mission you won't go back to the beginning,
        but to the door and save point right before the Boss.
        This has no negative impact on mission rating or outcome.
      For Pete's sake:
        If you're playing Story Mode and want to evolve Pete fast enough so you can
        start producing items and/or take it into combat, consider not selling
        surplus items right away. Depending on your playstyle, it's possible to
        start feeding it the necessary items for specialization early on. It helps
        if you replay side missions and get weapon drops, or save enough money to
        buy the required items.
        Unlike Network Mode, there doesn't seem to be a strict feeding time for
        PMs in Story Mode. This means you can keep feeding it for as long as you
        have the money and ingredients, instead of having to wait several hours.
        This also applies to Extra Mode, with the upside that unlike the chapter
        restrictions of Story Mode, your PM can be fed right away (then again, you
        won't have items to feed it from the start).
      Know your arsenal:
        It should go without saying, but every weapon and Photon Art are best
        suited to different situations. Ideally, all Types should have weapons
        for as many situations as possible, from attack to support. Here are some
        Groups of slow enemies are best dealt with PAs that cover more ground
        or have an AoE, such as Tornado Breaks (Swords), Renkai Buyou-zan
        (Daggers), and any of the Gi-class TECHS (Gibarta, Gizonde, etc.).
        Barta and Zonde are a great help for fast moving enemies, since it can
        freeze them on the spot or prevent them from attacking for a couple of
        A good weapon combo for quick attack and evasive maneuvers relies on a left
        hand and right hand weapon. A Ranger can have a slower but powerful Rifle
        as a primary weapon, but also consider a Saber and Handgun for faster
        enemies. The idea is to use ranged attacks but to resort to a quick melee
        alternative that lets him/her hit enemies, just enough to gain distance
        between then and continue shooting. Other variations include a slower
        two-handed weapon, but Dual Daggers with PAs like Renkai Buyou-zan can hit
        all enemies who get close enough. Forces and Hunters can do the same.
      Forcing it a bit:
        Enemies resistant to the Ice attribute can still be frozen: if Barta or
        Ice Bullets kick in and they are paralyzed, be ready to have a TECH or gun
        with Fire Bullets.
        Forces should also consider carrying multiple Staves or Rods into combat.
        There are two purposes for this. First, you can take a wider selection of
        TECHS into battle instead of just running into danger with a single Staff
        or Rod with just a couple of TECHS. Second, should PPs run out in one of
        your casting weapons, you'll have more to fall back on. A good Force is
        always active in battle. Try pairing up casting weapons with handguns that
        share the same elemental types (such as Zonde with Plasma Shot, etc.).
        This is very useful if you're facing enemies weak to a given element, since
        you'll have more options in combat and unlike some TECHS, handguns are
        easier to lock onto enemies.
        Also, be quick to adapt. If you manage to stun one or several enemies, or
        prevent them from attacking temporarily, and your party needs help, take
        the chance to use restorative items or TECHS like Resta; if you feel they
        are performing badly, seize the moment to cast your Jellens, Zalures and
        otherwise needed TECHS.
      Fictional intelligence:
        If you play PSU for long enough, you'll probably come to despise the NPCs
        in your group thanks to their erratic behaviour in combat. This can range
        from wasting special attacks on enemies which are temporarily impervious to
        it, getting stuck somewhere or simply admiring the decor, or healing you
        only when a fight is over. Most glaring of all, they rarely display a sense
        of self-preservation: watch them run into environmental hazards like fire
        or ice.
        They stick very closely to your character, to the point where they'll gloss
        over immediate danger a few steps away from them, unless it's in their
        faces. Their attack patterns can be exploited, in a sense, by "leading"
        them into enemies. You'll want your melee fighters - by far the most common
        kind of NPC in your group, there are no Rangers - to be active, don't start
        attacking on your own from afar. Run up to a single target or enemy group
        in a way that makes party NPCs "bump" into enemies. They will react right
        away in most cases; otherwise, they'd just stand there behind you watching
        you fight.
      Solo vs. Party:
        NPCs can, some times, be helpful. But one overlooked consequence of having
        them around, though, is that your character growth can suffer from bringing
        a party. If only your character hits and kills an enemy, you'll get full
        experience points for the kill. However, if you hit an enemy but a party
        member is the one to kill it, then the total amount of XP for the kill is
        But just how much?
        As a little test, I decided to replay some side missions, alternating
        between doing them solo, and taking NPCs with me while only hitting some
        enemies and killing others. Results for the mission Evacuation:
        Condition:                                                  --   Result:
        Playing solo, killing everything                            --   1099 XP
        1 NPC, hit 30 enemies, hit and kill 20 enemies              --   678 XP
        3 NPCs, hit 20 enemies, hit and kill 20 enemies             --   552 XP
        Needless to say, no enemy killed nets you 0 XP. Then I tried a harder
        mission, Annihilation:
        Condition:                                                  --   Result:
        Playing solo, killing everything                            --   7233 XP
        1 NPC, hit all enemies just once                            --   4736 XP
        3 NPCs, hit 20 enemies, hit and kill 20 enemies             --   3885 XP
        More tests with similar patterns in other missions showed pretty much the
        same: when taking on one to three party members, depending on their battle
        performance, final XP values for a mission could get as low as half of the
        total XP one would get if playing it solo. Sometimes, even less.
        I won't post results for the HIVE mission because that would be cruel.
        Note that some numbers are approximate, since in the heat of battle, with
        enemies jumping at you or smaller enemies behind larger ones, it's harder
        to keep tabs on who was hit at least once. But they're pretty indicative
        of what to expect. It's "damned if you do, damned if you don't". I'm still
        trying to gather some values, to see if the game takes into account the
        exact number of hits or gives an estimation, but that's probably taking it
        too far. Besides, playing RPGs shouldn't be about numbers, although they
        provide nice insights.
        Both offline modes are reportedly easier than Network Mode - which was also
        true of PSO - so the dangers of going solo aren't that big, but endgame
        missions like HIVE and Absolute Zero are too risky to pull off alone until
        you reach higher levels.
        While you don't have much of a choice in Story Mode, what with all the
        missions requiring someone to tag along, Free Missions and Extra Mode are a
        better way of making up for this, so long as you go in prepared.
      No Meseta? No problema:
        Starting out in any RPG is tricky. Finding a method to gain a big money
        influx is the norm. PSU is no different. It all comes down to repeated runs
        on Free Missions, for the most part. While some story missions, or some
        areas in them, can be repeated, farming money and experience will be better
        through these side adventures.
        One example of this can be seen in the 3rd Chapter, Ruins. This is when
        Free Missions open up, although you will only be able to select "Creature
        Discomfort". But by the time you get to it, your power, Type and PA levels
        will generally be too low to S-Rank it.
        Still, item drops in it go from Meseta to synthesis materials, which will
        be very useful later on. What this mission does help with is in building PA
        levels and hoarding Star Atomizers, Moon Atomizers, Monomates, Dimates and
        Scape Dolls. These can be sold for quite some Meseta at the GRM shop in
        Holtes City. Just get some, sell them, then restock at the mission again.
        Atomizers and Scape Dolls are your best bet: 10 Star Atomizers sell for
        7500, while 10 Moon Atomizers go for 25000. 10 Scape Dolls sell for 50k.
        While not a very complex strategy, it applies to all Free Missions you will
        have access to. Some rare materials and boards can only be found on them;
        you can also S-Rank Free Missions repeatedly and sell the special reward at
        the end if you don't need it.
      [PSUPCCFT]  PC Configuration and Troubleshooting
      The PC version of PSU if fairly stable and problem free, but there have
      been some known issues regarding configuration and performance. Here are
      some of them, along with possible solutions:
      -SEGA still seems to stumble a bit when it comes to gamepad configuration
       on PC games (then again, so do many japanese game studios). Most current
       gamepads can be used with this game, including an Xbox 360 controller.
       But configuring it might be somewhat of a hassle. First, boot up PSU, then
       choose "Options" and you'll be taken to a window with several graphics,
       sound and input options. All are fairly obvious but "Game pad settings"
       is where you need to go.
       Click on it and it'll display a list of functions, along with their keys.
       As expected, pressing a button ("key") will result in the linked action.
       But to what buttons do they correspond on the gamepad? Without closing
       the window, go to Windows > Start > Control Panel. There, click on the
       "Game controllers" icon. This window will display all currently plugged
       in game accessories on your PC, including an X360 pad. Click on the name
       of the controller, then click on "Properties".
       See where this is going? This next tab shows you the number each button
       corresponds to. Press your controller's buttons and write down what numbers
       they correspond to, then switch back to PSU's window and double-click on
       the Button/Key you want to modify accordingly.
     If you're used to playing on
       an Xbox 360 and/or want a familiar button configuration, then choose the
       "Default Pattern 2" on PSU's pad configuration.
       The only downside is that the Left and Right triggers seem to be switched
       and the program is picky about what buttons to use.
      -PSU uses GameGuard, an anti-cheating program that is required for the game
       to run. I won't dwell over how (un)effective it is, nor how it makes PSU
       unplayable for anyone without an internet connection. Instead, here's some
       basic maintenance regarding GG. The first time you start PSU, GameGuard will
       download its own updates then "authenticate" your version of PSU.
       However, there are times when for some reason - one that INCA Internet's
       own customer support itself doesn't fully explain - GG will be unable to
       launch PSU due to an unknown error. This may happen once in a lifetime, or
       repeatedly. One known way to solve this, temporarily at least, is to go to
       PSU's installation folder. It should be something like this, if you chose
       the default installation folder:
       Go to that folder and find another folder called "GameGuard" and a file
       called "GameGuard.des" (without quotes, obviously). Make sure you're not
       running the game, and simply delete the GameGuard folder. Do not delete the
       file, just that folder. After that, start up PSU and GameGuard will download
       its updates again, basically recreating the folder as if it were a "clean"
      -PSU isn't, by today's standards, a very CPU or GPU intensive game, but
       sometimes it may suffer from reduced framerates. Playing in Full Screen will
       be the best choice, since in Windowed Mode, PSU forces the game to "wait"
       for V-Sync, meaning it won't let the game's framerate go beyond that which
       is currently set for your monitor's refresh rate. Some monitors may only
       support up to 60Hz or 75Hz, for instance; this makes it so the game will
       synchronize ("sync") its framerate to the same level. However, it may still
       stutter in any display mode when other applications (programs) or Windows
       Services are running simultaneously. You should turn these off; anti-virus
       software in particular may become a problem if it's active.
      -Also, the game may slowdown briefly when there are many particles on screen
       for effects like spells or enemy kills. If that's the case, go to Options
       and try bringing down the Detail Level slider down a notch.
      -GameGuard is picky about using ALT-TAB (switching between windows). It seems
       INCA believes anyone trying to do so is a filthy hacker or somesuch, and
       assumes Alt-Tabbing is only happening because players are trying to use
       trainers or hacks simultaneously - at which point it will close PSU. When
       writing this walkthrough, I had to play in Windowed Mode since switching
       into a text processor terminated the application itself. However, framerates
       went from very stable to pretty poor. After some tests, I realized the
       problem could also be related to how PSU places the game's window on the
       This may seem weird, but try it if you're getting framerate drops and all
       else fails. When you start up PSU in Windowed Mode, it's possible the game's
       window will not be centered. You know how you can alter the size of Window
       Explorer's windows and drag them away? Same thing here. Try clicking and
       dragging PSU's window so that it's fully visible and centered in your
       monitor. Every time I tried this, the framerate went back to being stable.
      -Other helpful tips can be found in SEGA's official page for PSU, though
       many are for Network Mode:
      [PSUFRAQS]  Frequently Asked Questions
      Q:  What are the differences between PSO and PSU?
      A:  Several, from character Types to Photon Arts, Photon Points replacing
          Technique Points, to faster combat and a new playable race. Consult the
          appropriate section to see a larger list.
      Q:  Is this online? Offline? F2P (Free-to-play)?
      A:  PSU, when the servers for the PC version were active, required a montly
          fee to play online but could - and still can - be played offline.
          Playing offline is always free, though you still need to have an active
          internet connection so GameGuard can validade the game.
      Q:  Can I customize my character's appearance?
      A:  In Story Mode, not so much since you play with a predefined character;
          all you can really change are clothing items. You can fully create and
          customize your character's appearance in Extra Mode, though.
      Q:  I bought a Photon Art, but when I try linking it to a weapon, the game
          says it can't find any. What gives?
      A:  After you purchase a Photon Art, you need to learn it. Go the consumable
          items tab in your inventory, select the Photon Art, then choose "Learn".
      Q:  Is this game playable on Windows Vista?
      A:  Yes.
      Q:  Are there any mods/trainers/cheats for this game?
      A:  There are no mods that I know of. There are Trainers for the game, but
          these won't be mentioned in this guide. As for cheats, none, unless you
          consider Achievements to be "cheats" like many gaming sites do.
      Q:  What do you mean by "Story Mode"?
      A:  Unlike PSO, PSU's main single-player component is a Story Mode divided
          into 12 Chapters. They revolve around galactic peace keepers known as
          Guardians and the main character, Ethan Waber. Unlike PSO, PSU's story
          heavilly cuts down on exploration - it's a string of missions and events
          surrounding the Gurhal System and its four main locations.
      Q:  Are there any references to past Phantasy Star Games in PSU?
      A:  Some. Most items and TECHS retain lovable and weird names, like Monomate
          and Foie. Character names also continue the same tradition, while some
          creatures in PSU are updated versions of creatures found in past games.
          Aside from the new Beast race, PSU's races are also the same featured
          in older games: Human, Newman and CAST.
      Q:  Do I have to play older Phantasy Star games to understand PSU?
      A:  No. Although sharing similar themes and naming conventions, PSU is quite
          separated from the rest of the series. It's not a sequel at all, more
          like a spin-off of the series. Still, you should play Phantasy Star IV
          and PSO, for the simple fact they're both excellent.
      [PSUGUIDE]  Phantasy Star Universe - Walkthrough
      Quick notes about the guide:
     -At the header of each Chapter, I mention all the items you can find in it,
      as well as features and missions you'll unlock.
     -At the start of a story mission, I highlight item drops as best as I can.
      Fixed drops (F) are item drops you are always certain to get from a specific
      source. Board drops [B] are synthesis instructions. Meanwhile, enemy drops
      can be common, uncommon or even rare but these are enemy based.
     -Also, I include items, Meseta and Mission Points you receive at the end of
      each Trial in Story Mode. I only highlight the S-Rank rewards in the header,
      but you can find full results at the end of each Trial itself.
     -During the game, some locations have optional areas. These can be small or
      large areas; in some cases, NPCs with you will mention you're going the
      "wrong way" if you venture into them but you can still go there anyway.
      While not necessary to finish a mission or Chapter, they are alternate areas
      where you can grind for levels and even find some items. These are labelled
      as OPTIONAL.
      [PSUCHA01]  Chapter 1 - Of Light and Darkness
      Rewards:	- Comm Terminal
    		- Saber
    		- Handgun
    		- Carline
    		- Monomate x5
    		- Trimate
    		- Trimate (S-Rank Trial 1)
    		- 300 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 1)
    		- Rising Crush (S-Rank Trial 2)
    		- 300 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 2)
      Guardians Colony
      After all the cutscenes are over, of which you're free to skip, the game
      begins. In typical JRPG fashion, the useful or more interesting areas are
      off-limits at the start. The ground floor is a plaza, with NPCs you can chat
      with. To the left and right side of Ethan, you can find elevators to the
      Guardian Barracks, which are unimportant for now.
      From your starting point, go North to the elevators. A guard by the stairs
      notes that only the 1st and 4th floors are available during the Alliance
      Centennial Ceremony. Pfft. Take the elevator to the top floor.
      Once you reach the PPT Spaceport, Ethan's sister will point out that the
      Linear Line is to the back and the right. Keep going North, then turn right.
      It's hard to miss, since it's the only open gateway. It'll say "Linear Line
      Platform" when you get inside. Watch cutscene.
      When you regain control of Ethan, simply go north east, through the only
      possible way. Once in Block A-1, keep going north. Watch cutscene, where
      you're introduced to the annoying Vol Brothers. After that, watch Ethan and
      Lumia going the wrong way. Get used to that nose wipe - you'll be seeing it
      often. Watch another cutscene.
      Back to Block A-1, go forward and back into the Linear Line, basically
      retracing the steps you took when you first got here. Watch the cutscene.
      When it's over, go *again* to Block A-1 and follow the fairly obvious path.
      In Block B-1, keep going ahead. Watch cutscene. Talking to Leo, you will
      receive the Comm Terminal and Guardians Equipment. For now, these include a
      SABER, a HANDGUN, a CARLINE and 5 MONOMATES. The Saber already comes with the
      Rising Strike Photon Art, which you should try to improve at least a couple
      of levels. When the cutscene is over, go forward, where you'll find your
      first save point. Save, then go past the door.
      In Block B-2, keep walking until the cutscene. Your first taste of combat is
      up ahead, with low threat enemies and combat tips via pop-ups. Do away with
      the opposition, then bust open some boxes to find between 1 to 3 Monomates.
      Once done, go through the door. Once all enemies are killed, you'll hear a
      sort of "clang". Memorize this sound, as it represents doors being unlocked.
      Leo tells you to check some containers to the north east. Follow the path to
      a small, circular path and three boxes. You'll find a SWORD. Don't forget to
      add it to your Action Palette. Go back, and then through the unlocked door on
      the right.
      In Block B-3 you'll find more enemies. You'll gain a level here, which will
      show stat gains on the right side of the screen. Go onward to the next room.
      Delsabans and Pannons are the main enemies here, so you should know what to
      expect. Break down the boxes along the way for materials. Keep going, have
      another chat with Leo, then go through the doors to Block C-1.
      Hint: If you want to get some more experience and/or improve Rising Strike,
            don't go through the door. Return to the area where Leo is, save your
            game, then log out. Reload the save game and repeat the same sequence
            up until the three Delsabans before C-1 as many times as you wish. Of
            further note, the path to the Sword will be blocked off by rubble, as
            it seems Sonic Team anticipated someone would try this.
      Watch the cutscene. Up ahead is a save point and a healing plate. These last
      ones recharge HPs for all party members near them; in the future, make sure
      every party member is close to you on them, as they tend to either wander off
      or get stuck along the way. After the scene go through the door ahead. If you
      read the General Strategies, Tips and Hints section, you'll know by now that
      XP gains tend to be lower when party members are in combat. Do your best to
      take out as many enemies as possible by yourself.
      Kill these next few enemies, then go through the door for another Leo chat.
      The door is blocked, and it will need an Info Key. These are gained by - you
      guessed it - killing enemies. When the chatter's done, a Trial will start.
      [PSUTRI01]  Trial 1: Linear Line Platform
      Time to beat: 9:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 67
      Notes: Just be fast, and feel no shame about the Vol Brothers scoring some
             kills along the way.
      From the start, Ethan will be with his back turned to the locked door. With
      that in mind, go right and through the open door. Past the corridor, deal
      with Pannons and Sendillans. When killed, the Info Key will appear. Grab it,
      then go back the way you came. Four Delsabans will be here. Make short work
      of them and go around to the left where the locked door is. Interact with the
      terminal and the door opens. More enemies ahead, then a door to the right, a
      short corridor, and more enemies in a circular room. Pass the door and enter
      the next Block, C-2.
      At the T-Junction, go right. Kill the 3 Pannons, and 3 Delsabans will spawn.
      Killing those unlocks the nearby door. Go through it and a corridor to find
      a small room with Pannons. Kill those, then the enemies that pop up. Now go
      all the way back, past the T-Junction, through the door and corridor ahead.
      As you enter the large room, immediately go to the left. You will enter an
      empty room with three boxes. Break the very first one to have enemies appear.
      Deal with those, then the spawns, grab the Info Key then go back into the
      large room.
      More enemies. Kill them, unlock the door, then enter the large room, fight
      some more. Go through the far north door into Block C-3.
      When you enter more enemies appear. After they're done, go to the left door
      and follow the path to a large hall. Kill the main enemies and those that
      spawn, then head towards the locked door in the back of the area. When you
      approach, 7 Pannons will come up. Kill them, grab the Key, unlock the door.
      Keep going, you'll arrive at the Linear Platform.
      Once here, go up the stairs then take the left and go all the way to the end
      of the platform, down some stairs, then to the right where the other Vol
      brother is. You're done.
      Trial 1: Arrived at the Linear Line Platform
      S-Rank Rewards: TRIMATE, 300 Meseta
      A-Rank Rewards: 200 Meseta
      B-Rank Rewards: 100 Meseta
      C-Rank Rewards: Nothing
      Watch the scene and nose wipes. Heal up if you need to, then save.
      Moving forward, there will be another scene where you'll receive ("find")
      a pair of GOGGLES. These will be placed automatically on the Action Palette,
      so just select and use them, which will take you to first-person mode. Look
      at the debris and you'll find a sphere - target it, it's the weak point. You
      know you did it right when it makes a sound and the reticule briefly turns
      red. Unequip the Goggles and strike the debris three times with any weapon.
      Watch another scene. Ethan will then remember Lumia is still in danger and
      you'll gain control of him again.
      Go forward until you reach the larger debries in the way. Use the Goggles
      again, then break down the structure. In the next corridor, fight some more
      foes, then continue. Ignore the two debries for now, but in the next room,
      use the Goggles again, this time on the rubble to the left. You'll find a
      Guardian down there, who will give you a TRIMATE.
      Continue onward, break some more debries, fight more enemies. Don't bother
      with the staircases, just keep going forward until you cross the door. You're
      back on the Linear Line Platform where Lumia is trapped. By now, you should
      be Level 4 or 5, and have Rising Strike at 5 as well. Make sure your PPs are
      recharged, wait a bit if you need to. Save, then go forward.
      After the scene with Lumia, be prepared for another Trial.
      [PSUTRI02]  Trial 2: Destroy the SEED-Vance
      Time to beat: 50 seconds
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: The objective here is to kill the SEED Vance, which now serves as a
             Boss but will later be a regular enemy. Concentrate on killing it as
             fast as possible, and do so by spamming Rising Strike. You can attack
             normally but the PA itself is stronger, and these enemies are weak to
             the knockback effect of the Skill.
             If you keep your distance, the SEED-Vance will use several attacks.
             For the most part, it will spit out a large spore in your direction.
             If you let the fight drag on, it will also cast Shifta, improving its
             own attack power for a bit.
      Right at the start, start by running up to the SEED. Note that it can send a
      tentacle underground to hit you but if you run immediately to its stem,
      you'll be safe. Just make sure that when running to it, you move to one of
      its sides, or there's a chance the tentacle will come up from the front
      instead, right where you are.
      Once there just unleash Rising Strike non-stop. You'll rarely get hit by it
      this way, if at all, and the boss will just keep collapsing on itself. You'll
      probably level up Rising Strike itself this way.
      Trial 2: SEED-Vance destroyed
      S-Rank Rewards: RISING CRUSH, 300 Meseta
      A-Rank Rewards: 200 Meseta
      B-Rank Rewards: 100 Meseta
      C-Rank Rewards: Nothing
      After that, there will be more cutscenes. And then, Chapter 1 is over.
      [PSUCHA02]  Chapter 2 - Typical Lives
      Rewards:	- Access to Pete's Storage Ability
    		- PPT Access to Parum
    		- Photon Eraser
    		- Pike (S-Rank Mission 3)
    		- 1500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 3)
    		- Agtaride (S-Rank Trial 4)
    		- 1500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 4)
      If you check the Vision Phone, you'll read the same info Pete gave you about
      your training mission on Parum.
      Guardians Colony, Clyez City
      Finally, you can now explore most of the Guardian Colony. Get to know the
      Colony, as it will serve as the main hub of the game for a while. From the
      plaza, you can access the Barracks (Ethan's room, basically), elevators
      and stairs to the upper floors. For now, take the stairs to the 2nd Floor.
      The 2nd and 3rd floors are Shopping Mall areas. The second floor is mostly
      about the pratical side of shopping, with shops dedicated to Synthesis
      (unavailable for now), Weapon, Line Shields, Items and Weapon Upgrades.
      The only exception is the Room Decoration shop, which isn't really useful
      in Story Mode. There's also a scene with Lumia when you reach this floor.
      The third floor could be described as pandering to the social aspects of the
      game. There is a Club (never available, only works in Network Mode), a Space
      for Rent (a shop run by the player, also exclusive to online play), and shops
      for Makeover, Clothes and Robot Parts, all three of them unavailable for now
      as well. Of note, the Parts and Makeover shops will never be "available" in
      Story Mode, since you can only modify Ethan's look and Parts are for CASTs.
      These will be accessible in Extra Mode, however, depending on the race you've
      selected for your character.
      After taking in the sights, head for the 4th floor. The PPT Spaceport serves
      a hub to travel between planets. There are three of them - Parum, Neudaiz and
      Moatoob - and gateways to the Linear Line and Space Dock. To travel between
      them you'll need upgrades to your Guardian License. For now, take the next
      stairs up and into Guardian HQ.
      Guardians Headquarters
      Walk up to the front desk and talk with Mina. During the scene, you're told
      to take the shuttle to Parum, and visit the Guardians HQ branch over there.
      As the license is upgraded, you can now travel freely to and from Parum.
      Try to leave the HQ, there will be a scene with Lou, a CAST. Leave. Watch
      another scene. When it's over, look to the right. You'll note there is a save
      point and a new item - it's a Photon Charger, which recharges PPs on your
      weapons for a measly amount of Meseta. These will be found throughout the
      game, and once you factor in the large sums of money you'll be gaining, the
      price is negligible.
      Recharge PPs, save, then head for the Parum PPT Gate. If the languages are
      messing with your eyes, the gate is to the northeast of where you are, under
      a blue sign. Go inside. A map pops up. Select Parum.
      The cutscene that plays out whenever you take the shuttle will be repeated
      every time you travel between planets, so feel free to skip it. Another
      cutscene will give a bit of background on the Mellvore catastrophe, which
      will be important much later on. Once on Parum, Ethan will gawk at the size
      of Holtes City, then point out that the Guardians branch is located to the
      East. Go there.
      Holtes City: East District
      Of note, the East District has the Guardians Branch, a Photon Charger, and
      a save point, as well as the Flyer Base. You'll get to travel on Flyers soon
      enough so for now, go north then west to the HQ.
      Guardians Holtes Branch
      Head to the front desk, Sheena will be speakings with you's. You are then
      told to go to the West District Open Café. When you try to leave, there will
      be another scene with Lou... Or is she? Leave.
      Holtes City: East District
      Retrace your steps to the area where you first arrived in Holtes, Central
      Holtes City: Central Square
      Another scene. From there, the West District is straight ahead.
      Holtes City: West District
      When you arrive, you'll note several stores to the right and a path leading
      West. The shops are for Parts, Clothes and Synthesis, while the West path
      takes you to Holtes' Linear Line, useless for now.
      Just go ahead and watch the scene, which introduces Waber's partner, Hyuga
      Ryght, and their instructor, Karen Erra. Afterwards, you will learn about
      adding and then removing characters (partners) from your group. The mission
      "Meadow Purify" becomes available at the Flyer Base. Watch another scene.
      When you can move again, feel free to explore the rest of the West District,
      namely the GRM shop to the left.
      Holtes City: GRM Shop
      It's not mandatory to come here, but each planet has a similar store, which
      sells just about everything - items, weapons, armor, units for armor and PAs,
      along with the chance to upgrade ("grind") weapons. You can skip grinding for
      now, since it's too expensive for the end result. Of note, TECHNICS are not
      yet available at this point.
      Assuming you got Rising Crush in the first Chapter, and that you want to
      develop it, buy a Twin Saber to get started. You also have a Sword, which
      means you can learn and start working on Tornado Break. There are also PAs
      for Daggers, Twin Daggers, Handguns and Twin Handguns. Go with whatever you
      Hint: A fair amount of enemies in the next story mission are weak to the Ice
            and Fire elements. For now, Bullets are the only elemental Photon Arts
            you can choose from, but the Dagger on sale here has a 20% Ice element
            imbued on it.
      GRM also has a new armor, the Lightline. If you want to, sell the Carline and
      buy the Lightline, then go for a Power unit (+6 to ATT) or Hit unit (+6 to
      On the other hand, enemies in the next mission have a chance to drop the
      Perpaline, a much better armor, but that will require getting lucky with item
      drops. The same enemies will be available in a Free Mission during the third
      Chapter, though.
      Whether you went into the shop or not, it's time to go to Parum's surface
      for the mission. Look around for Karen in the West District, add her to the
      party, then leave for the Central Square.
      Holtes City: Central Square
      Look around for Hyuga near the West District entrance, then add him to the
      party. Leave for the East District.
      Holtes City: East District
      Go North and you'll see the Flyer Base. Remember there's a save point here
      if you need it, to the left of the Flyer Base. When ready, enter the Base,
      select the mission "Meadow Purify", and you're off to Raffon Meadow.
      [PSUSTO01]  Story Mission 1: "Meadow Purify"
      Enemy Drops:	   Koltova Juice -- Koltova
    		   Perpaline -- Distova
    		   Brand -- Polty
    		   Star Atomizer -- Shagreece
    		   Vahra Nail -- Vahra
      Raffon Meadow: Block A-1
      Watch the scene. Enemies are well adjusted to early levels - resilient, but
      still easy to take down. Karen talks about using the Goggles to check for
      weak spots in trees, so keep that in mind.
      Go north, up the incline, and... Cutscene. After that, keep moving forward
      to the save point. Keep going past that, watch the scene, then you arrive the
      next area.
      Raffon Meadow: Block A-2
      From here, go north and slightly to the west - mad Koltovas will spawn here.
      After the Koltovas, look around for bale hays, which serve as containers or
      boxes with items. At this point you'll start getting synthesis materials more
      often, like Par Wood, Wenceline and also Photon varieties.
      To the north west and east are more hale bays, and to the north are some
      Koltovas and Vahras. Past the door is a small hedge corridor, and a clearing
      afterwards. Vahras and Poltys will spawn when you get near the first tree.
      By the way, the deforestation Karen suggested can be started with that very
      tree. Goggle it, whack it. Broken trees act like containers but they may not
      always drop items. If you're lucky, items like Star Atomizers can be found.
      Keep going northward, whacking hale and beasts, then go through the door.
      Raffon Meadow: Block A-3
      Follow the only available path until you meet up with some Vahras. Kill them
      to receive an Info Key, but be sure to look north east of the map to find
      three containers. Use the key on the terminal, go up then follow the next
      narrow path. Examine the three along the way, then break it. Kill the next
      batch of Koltova and Vahras to receive another Info Key, then unlock the gate
      down the decline. Follow the path towards another locked door ahead, then
      deal with more Koltova and Poltys. Before you go through the door, search
      around for three more containers - if you have some trouble finding them,
      look beyond the tall grass to the north west of the door. Now take the door.
      Raffon Meadow: Block A-4
      The tree to the right side is breakable. Going left, you'll need to go down
      into a small tunnel. At the T-Junction, first go right - follow that path to
      a dead end with containers. If you destroy them, a small group of Polty will
      spawn near the T-Junction. When you're done, go now the opposite way of the
      tunnel, which leads you back to the surface. Before the locked door opens,
      you need to deal with some Vahras. Do so, then enter.
      You'll come upon another T-Junction. This time, go left first until you reach
      a clearing. You'll meet Shagreeces, flying creatures. If you have a hard time
      hitting them in melee, switch to your Handgun and fire off from a distance.
      Kill them, then grab the nearby Info Key.
      Deactivate the nearby laser gate, confront some Poltys, then look around for
      a healing plate to the right. When you're done, go back to where you came
      from. But before you leave, go left after you pass by the laser gate - there
      will be a small, hidden path with smaller hale bays. Now exit the area, back
      through the hedged-in area. Keep going past the T-Junction and you'll come
      upon an area where you can see a locked door further away. Be prepared for a
      larger number of Vahras, who must be killed to drop an Info Key. The second
      tree here, the one closest to the locked door, is breakable.
      Use the key and go past the door.
      Raffon Meadow: AMF Field Base
      Watch a cutscene, where you'll get to know Fulyen Curtz. After the scene,
      you'll be in control again. No point heading to the CAST ahead of you, since
      he won't let anyone get into the AMF Base camp; ditto for the CAST at the far
      left of the map. What you should do is follow the door to the right of the
      path you came through, in the south east corner of the map.
      Raffon Meadow: Block B-1
      Go up the hill. Watch the scenes that play out, then go down the hill to find
      a healing plate and Photon Charger to the left, and another save point to the
      right. Once you're ready, go down the tunnel.
      Raffon Meadow: Block B-2
      Before you start, make sure you're ready. Fights will be harder, and under
      the pressure of a time trial, along with invisible Seeds you need to find out
      before neutralizing them, you need to be swift about changing perspectives
      back and forth, as well as dealing with infected wildlife at the same time.
      As soon as you can move, access your inventory and add the Photon Eraser to
      your Action Palette, preferably in a slot right next to the Goggles.
      From your starting position, use your Goggles and look to the right - in one
      single sweep you'll spot the four Seeds surrounding the Core. Run up close to
      them, use the Goggles, making sure the reticule flashes and you hear a sound,
      then put them off, and use the Photon Eraser on them. Ryuga and Karen may
      also use the device on them, but don't go expecting this to happen all the
      time. For a better chance of them doing that, lead them close enough to the
      Seeds (they may run blindy against it, taking minor damage, but will then
      focus their attention on it).
      Once the four Seeds are "erased", going from dark pink to gray, a sound
      reveals that the core is now exposed, so take out your weapon and destroy it.
      Like the debries in Chapter 1 and the trees you've whacked in Raffon Meadows,
      the Cores only need three hits to be destroyed. In the interest of getting
      ready for the challenge ahead, either use quick melee weapons or your handgun
      so you don't waste time running up to them.
      Once the Core is destroyed, it will drop an Info Key. Grab it, but before you
      deactivate the nearby laser fence, be sure to destroy the grayed-out Seeds.
      You won't need to destroy them later on (it's actually better if you don't
      waste time trying to do so), but they might hold some items now. One thing to
      remember - you can always find Seeds in those small, circular "fire pools",
      meaning you know where to look for at least two out of four.
      Hint: After this small tutorial on how to fight SEED Cores, you can go back
            to the previous save point. This way, if you lose or quit, you don't
            have to replay the tutorial again and will be ready to start the Trial
            right away.
      When you're ready, deactivate the fence and get ready for the next Trial.
      [PSUTRI03]  Trial 3: Head to the farm while purifying the Seed!
      Time to beat: 12:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 43
      SEED cores to destroy: 4
      Notes: Obviously, Ice element works well here.
      Once the fence is down, just go straight ahead. Deal with the 3 infected
      Vahra, then go down into the tunnel. At the crossroad, ignore the left path
      and go straight ahead to deal with a group of Polty. Now backtrack to the
      path you ignored, and follow it until you're outside the tunnel.
      Kill the four Distova quickly - be sure to use whatever Photon Arts that pin
      them to the spot, since sometimes they have a tendency to run away, taking
      away some precious seconds. Once killed, a Key will drop. Take it, deactivate
      the portal, and several Vahras will come from the right. Kill them, then be
      ready for more Vahras spawning from the same place. Grab the next Key, take
      out the Goggles and start searching for Seeds.
      One is in the nearby fire pool, another is to its right. Do those then keep
      going, there's another to the left of the Core (right by some flowers) and
      another towards the back, in another fire pool. After they're done, whack the
      Core and keep going until you spot the locked door. Access the terminal and
      go through the door.
      Raffon Meadow: Block B-3
      As soon as you enter Block B-3, use the Googles to spot two Seeds right away.
      Deal with those, than take the path to the right of the Core. Keep going
      until you see another fire pool to the left. Use the Goggles, tag the one on
      the left, than look to the right until you spot the next. Get back to the
      Core, destroy it, then return to the path you came from and keep going past
      the Seeds. Kill three more Vahras, then take a sharp right.
      You'll see another Core in the distance, and a nearby fire pool, but don't
      take out the Goggles yet - run to the Core and as you get near, Distova and
      Vahras will spawn. Kill them quickly, then a Key will drop but don't take it
      yet. Now, take out the Seed in the fire pool you saw first, then go behind
      and slightly to the right of the Core for a hidden one. There's a fire pool
      directly behind the Core, and the other hidden Seed is to the right of the
      Key. After they're all disposed of, take down the Core, grab the Key and go
      to the next area.
      Here you need to be quicker. Go along the path and take out the Vahras next
      to the Core. Instead of hunting for the Seeds now, go up to the small hill at
      the left. Once there, be ready to deal with Distova and a SEED-Vance. Take
      out the giant Seed first, using the same tactics you used against the Boss of
      Chapter 1 - in other words, hit it quickly and preferably with knockback
      attacks. Beware of the Distova, since they can gang up on you.
      Once they're all killed, a Key will drop down. Grab it but don't go down the
      hill just yet. Grab the Key but face the Core in the distance and use your
      Googles - there's a hidden Seed to the right and a Seed in the fire pool on
      the left. Once they're down, go down the hill toward the right side and find
      another Seed in another fire pool. The final Seed is beyond the bushes to the
      left of this fire pool - from here, just look at the map and go north to find
      another fire pool. Take it down, then take down the final Core.
      Once that's done, head toward the locked door in the distance. As you arrive,
      be ready to deal a handful of Vahras. When they're all killed, grab the next
      Info Key then open the door. Go through it and you're done.
      Trial 3: Cleared the SEED infected area
      S-Rank Rewards: PIKE, 1500 Meseta
      A-Rank Rewards: 500 Meseta
      B-Rank Rewards: 300 Meseta
      C-Rank Rewards: Nothing
      Raffon Meadow: Green Green Farm
      You're now in Green Green Farm, or what's left of it. Nothing to explore
      around, so just go up the hill. Watch the scene and a laser fence is erected
      around you. Time to milk some Koltovas! Kill them and the fence will go off.
      Down the hill, there's a save point and a healing plate. Do your thing and go
      through the door.
      Raffon Meadow: Block C-1
      When you arrive, go left and down into the tunnel. On the other side, a new
      fence will go up and Koltova attack from all sides. Once they're gone, the
      fence will go down. As you walk towards the tunnel again, go to the right and
      find containers behind some bushes. Leave the way you came, back to the start
      of C-1.
      Go left, and kill some more Koltova. Be sure to check another set of boxes
      to the left of the fence that just went down. Up ahead are more Vahras, hale
      bays and a door. Going through it, deal with more Koltova and Poltys, and the
      fence will go down. After it, deal with more enemies to unlock the next door.
      Raffon Meadow: Block C-2
      Keep going forward until the next tunnel and more foes come from the right.
      After them, descend and on the T-Junction, go right to kill some more Vahras
      but then go the opposite way. On the surface you'll be trapped by a laser
      fence, Koltova and then Vahras. Sort'em all out, grab the Key and check the
      nearby crates. Also, the nearby tree can be broken.
      When done, retrace your steps into the tunnels and now follow to the end of
      the path where you previously fought some Vahras. Back on the surface, as you
      bring the fence down more Vahras will spawn - their deaths bring another Key.
      Also note that there are more containers to the left of the fence you brought
      down to get in here - with some luck, you may find in them a Star Atomizer or
      a Scape Doll. Keep going, past the fence and face three waves of enemies. As
      the last one goes down, the door unlocks.
      Note: As before, going through this door will lock you out of the previous
            areas. If you want to improve your Photon Arts - recommended, in the
            case of Ice-based Bullets for this next part - don't take this door.
            Return to Green Green Farm and take the Flyer back to Holtes, save,
            and then come back.
      When ready, go through the door into the next area.
      Raffon Meadow: Block C-3
      There's a save point right here. You know you want to.
      Note: You can go back to Holtes, stock up on healing items, and when you
            return to the Flyer Base, just select Meadow Purify once again - you'll
            arrive at this very place.
      Past the door ahead, walk a bit for a scene. How's about another Trial?
      [PSUTRI04]  Trial 4: Defeat Gol Dolva
      Time to beat: 1 minute
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: The thing to understand about this fight is that you're basically
             dealing with an overgrown Koltova. As such, its patterns are pretty
             much the same as those of smaller versions - only it hits harder.
             Furthermore, it can stomp and then stun characters. Both of these are
             not only heavy hitters, they cost you a lot of time.
             Unlike other 'Tovas, it can't be flipped into the air or knocked down
             and when it's HPs get low, it will start running around the area.
             At this point, standard Handguns will barely damage it. Your best bet
             is either Frozen Hit or Twin Freeze. If you got the Dagger from GRM,
             or were lucky to have a Polty drop a Brand, use those - the Brand in
             particular has a 16% Ice element.
             In terms of Skills, Rising Crush, Rising Strike and Tornado Break do
             good damage. However, the Pike received from the previous Trial is a
             very good weapon. Even without PAs, it's got great speed, deals good
             damage and best of all, it has range - some times, the Rising PAs
             either place you to close to Gol or have a slower attack animation,
             leaving you vulnerable to its shockwave or rams.
             Traps are a good choice, too, but don't use Freeze Traps. Long story
             short is that Bosses can be afflicted with status ailments but can't
             be frozen. The Gol is vulnerable against Ice, but Freeze Traps will
             never freeze it. On the other hand, Burn Traps might do less damage
             individually but can affect it with the Burning status, which deals
             damage over time.
      Conceptually, the fight is easy. Lock onto and strafe around Gol Dolva, just
      hitting it but carefully gauging distances, so that when you see it stand up
      on its hind legs you can move away, then go back to pummel it. Easier said
      than done, especially when it stars running away from you. Ideally you'll
      avoid its front and rear, and focus on its side.
      If you're leaning towards suicidal, and are fast enough, lock onto it from
      the front, and hit its head, give a step back, attack it again, and so on.
      If you hit it without being hit back, you should be safe. This is even more
      effective if you drop Traps on its path.
      If you don't mind exploiting the game's suspicious AI, try this. As soon as
      Gol appears, run to one of its sides and wedge yourself between its legs.
      If you attack or use PAs that don't move you out of that spot - like Rising
      Strike - you can get several hits in without being damaged.
      Trial 4: Gol Dolva Defeated
      S-Rank Rewards: AGTARIDE, 1500 Meseta
      A-Rank Rewards: 500 Meseta
      B-Rank Rewards: 300 Meseta
      C-Rank Rewards: Nothing
      When that's over, watch the cutscenes, and that's that for Chapter 2.
      [PSUCHA03]  Chapter 3 - Relics
      Rewards:	- Access to Type Selecion
    		- Access to Free Missions
    		- Free Mission: "Creature Discomfort"
    		- Hyuga Ryght's Partner Card
    		- Karen Erra's Partner Card
    		- Agtaride (S-Rank Trial 5)
    		- 2000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 5)
    		- Gigush (S-Rank Trial 6)
    		- 2000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 6)
    		- [B] Trimate
    		- [B] Dimate
    		- Svaltus Edge
      Another cutscene opens the 3rd Chapter. Talk to Pete. As will often be the
      case during Story Mode, it's possible to ask the PM about recent events in
      the game, from things that happened in the previous chapter or mission
      objectives in the current one. When you're done, check your Vision Phone -
      you can now access the Type Select and Free Missions features. Of course, to
      get these, you must renew your Guardian's License. So leave your room and go
      to the 4th floor. When you get close to the Guardians HQ, Ethan will think to
      himself. Once that's out of the way, enter the HQ.
      Guardians Headquarters
      Walk up to the front desk and a scene with Mina will start. You're forced to
      ask her about Free Missions and Type Select, so start with the first one.
      When she finishes explaining, you'll gain access to them, and can now play
      the mission "Creature Discomfort" from the Flyer Base in Parum's Holtes City.
      Now ask her about Type Select. At the end of the conversation Ethan will now
      be able to change between Hunter, Ranger or Force types. Free Missions and
      Trials will now also award Type Points, which improve the base attributes of
      each Type currently used by Ethan. Don't forget to check both of these
      features' respective sections on this guide.
      Back to the game, finish the conversation and Ethan will ask about Hyuga.
      Mina will mention he was seen in front of Parum's PPT Gate. Leave the HQ.
      Guardians Colony, Clyez City
      From here, head towards the Parum gate. As you approach, a scene will play
      out. You'll then exchange Partner Cards with Hyuga, meaning you can now
      recruit him to your party at any time to perform Free Missions. A pop-up will
      briefly touch upon the subject matter, too. To form a party, open the Menu,
      go to "Party", select "Form Party", then choose which characters you want in
      your group. Note that you can only have up to four characters in a party,
      Ethan included.
      At some points during Story Mode, some characters will be unavailable - when
      it happens, I'll reference it in the guide.
      For now, GRM has new stock. Rangers and Hunters will find the Powergun, along
      with new PAs, while Forces can start getting into the world of TECHS too.
      Holtes City: Central Square
      When you arrive, watch the scene. You'll exchange Partner Cards with Karen.
      You can now invite her to your party for Free Missions. Try visiting the
      Guardians HQ in the East District, and Sheena will inf'rm you's that the
      speakings are still being made. Exit the HQ.
      Holtes City: East District
      While the negotiations are underway, go to the Flyer Base and choose the Free
      Mission, "Creature Discomfort".
      Since performing this Free Mission is a requisite to move the story forward,
      here we go.
      [PSUFMI01]  Creature Discomfort: Exterminate the creatures en route!
      Time to beat: 1:50 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 25
      Notes: Welcome to the first Free Mission in Story Mode. Rather than welcoming
             players, it actually requires a certain level of precision and speed
             and it will be nigh impossible to S-Rank it on your first try.
             To start with, most of the enemies are of the Lightning element, and
             at this point there is no counter or opposite element to that. At
             least the Distovas and Shagreeces will be weak to Ice, so Bullets and
             TECHS of that nature will be helpful. Still, Fire is a good enough
             element to use on everything else.
             Skills like Dus Daggas are excellent for taking out two enemies who
             happen to be lined up, while Tornado Break provides good crowd control
             for the Vahra trios. I recommend not using Rising Strike's third
             combo though - unless you're absolutely sure the last hit will kill
             a creature, you might waste time picking off strays.
             One thing to keep in mind for anyone with ranged attacks or TECHS -
             when the Shagreeces appear, don't waste time getting too close to
             them. As soon as the first appears, start attacking it right away.
             This will be easier to do the better your PAs get, as by then, they
             will go down in a couple of hits.
             Note that when facing the last Vahras, the second group on either side
             is always stronger than the first.
             Finally, a last resort for those finding it unable to get an S-Rank
             here early on. Switch to the Hunter Type temporarily, since you'll hit
             much harder with melee weapons and you're probably more proficient
             with their PAs at this point.
      Block 1
      As soon as you start, run to the north east on the map, and go through the
      door. Once past it, walk a bit forward until you see two trees and some hale
      bays. Two Distovas will appear but don't tango with them yet - make a quick
      turn to your right (south on the map) and go along that path until it opens
      to the left. Go left and a Shagreece will appear, followed by another to its
      right. Take them out, then retrace your steps to the Distovas (west, then
      north on the map) and deal with them.
      After that, take the path north to find two Vahras coming from the left, and
      two more Distovas, who will approach from the right. Kill them all then grab
      the Key that drops. Go through the door and keep going left until three more
      Vahras come from behind the tall grass. Dispose of them then keep going.
      Turn left for two more Distovas, then follow the only path available to an
      open area on your left. Here will be two patches of tall grass. First, from
      the left one, will come out two groups of Vahras, one after you destroy the
      other. Once these are down, two more groups - in the same pattern - will come
      from the right one.
      Take them all out, grab the Key that drops down and go through the door.
      Creature Discomfort: Target point reached!
      S-Rank Rewards: PPT SHUTTLE, 300 Meseta, 20 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 150 Meseta, 10 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 50 Meseta, 5 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 1 Mission Point
      After you do it, you'll return to the East District. Go to the Guardians HQ.
      Guardians Holtes Branch
      Watch the scenes, then exit towards the East District again.
      Holtes City: East District
      Time to carry on with the nose wipes, so stock up, save, and go to the Flyer
      Base. Enter, then select the "RELICS Inquiry" mission.
      [PSUSTO02]  Story Mission 2: "RELICS Inquiry"
      Box Drops:	   Kubara Wood (R)
      Enemy Drops:     Perpaline -- Distova
    		   Powergun -- Polavohra
    		   Polty -- Brand
    		   Vahra Nail -- Vahra
      Raffon Meadow: Block D-1
      You're back on Raffon Meadow. Watch the scenes, then another Trial starts.
      [PSUTRI05]  Trial 5: Clear the Lakeshore Area
      Time to beat: 11:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 69
      Number of Dorson incapacitated: 0
      Notes: Letting Dorson be defeated during the Trial will cost you 100 points,
             so avoid this at all costs. Also, just about any Type will have ample
             opportunities to develop PAs here.
      When you regain control of Ethan, go north east and you'll see a path to the
      right. Go through it. At the T-Junction, go left and follow the path to the
      clearing. As soon as you enter, go left and then deal with four Distovas.
      An Info Key will drop down. Pick it up but don't open the nearby door.
      Directly opposite of the door (behind you, if you're facing it) is a path
      hidden by bushes. Take it and at the end are three containers. Break the one
      on the back, then leave - three Vahras will come up at the exit. Once they're
      killed, return to the locked door.
      Unlock it, enter and rush forward to find bale hays. When you get to them,
      destroy the one on the bacl and a batch of Polty will spawn behind you. Make
      mincemeat of the lot, then exit the same way you came through, taking a sharp
      right and retracing your steps back to the T-Junction you passed by.
      Once there, take the open door up ahead. When you enter, a couple of Vahras
      will come from the right. Kill those, than run left in the direction of the
      locked door in the distance. More Vahras will come up from the right; as you
      fight those, four others will come up. After they're all defeated, hug the
      wall to the left of the locked door, following that path north on the map.
      When you get near the tree and bale hays, make a sharp turn to the right and
      you'll see a teleporter. Get on top and activate it.
      Here grab the Info Key in front of you, then run back to the teleporter.
      When you teleport back, follow the path back to the locked red door. Follow
      the path, through the door, and deal with the group of Koltova and Vahra on
      the other side. When they're disposed of, the nearby locked door will open -
      it's to the north side of the map, directly to the left of the door you used
      to enter this area. Go through that one.
      Raffon Meadow: Block D-2
      Here, follow the path all the way to the locked door, only to trigger more
      enemies when you get closed. Once they're killed, enter the door and follow
      the narrow corridor - at the end, turn left in the direction of the trees,
      then take another sharp turn to the left. Deal with the Vahras and take the
      teleporter up ahead. If you can't quite see it, it's beyond the bushes.
      In this next area, three waves of Polty will attack. Take them all down, grab
      the Info Key that drops and step on the next teleporter.
      As soon as you're back, run forward and take the path you ignored earlier
      but don't unlock the door to your left - go right instead into the clearing.
      As you approach the tree, Koltova will spawn nearby so you know what to do.
      Once they are gone, go back to the locked door and open it.
      Another group of Koltova and Vahra, so hurry bringing them all down. A Key
      will drop but don't catch it yet - instead, follow the long west path on the
      map to find a door. In this area, follow the path outside and three Vahras
      will come up from the bushes. Kill those and *then* go all the way back to
      the Info Key and locked door.
      After unlocking it and crossing both doors up ahead, keep going forward -
      some Vahra will spawn, followed by a group of Koltovas around you when they
      die. When they're all dead, the nearby door unlocks. Take the exit, and that
      concludes the Trial.
      Trial 5: Lakeshore Area cleared
      S-Rank Rewards: AGTARIDE, 2000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 30 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 500 Meseta, 10 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 5 Mission Points
      When it's done, you'll be back in familiar territory.
      Raffon Meadow: AMF Field Base
      You've reached the place where you first met Curtz. Go forward, then left and
      up towards the base. It's deserted and with nothing to see inside, so ignore
      it and go along its right side. You'll see a healing plate and save point in
      the distance. When you're done, go down the path and through the green door
      Raffon Meadow: Block E-1
      Once here, keep running towards the tree and some Vahras will spawn. Share
      some pain with them, then go behind the bushes they came from for materials
      if you wish. Otherwise, go up to the hill. Just follow the path to find some
      Distova and a laser fence. When you're done, go down the hill and then to the
      right. Watch the scene, then go through the door.
      Raffon Meadow: Block E-2
      Giant footprints and a save point? Things that make you go "hmmmm!".
      If you need to stock up, now is a good time to return to Holtes - as before,
      if you quit and leave, the game will let you carry on from here. When ready,
      save, and get ready for a Trial and Boss combo as you go through the door.
      [PSUTRI06]  Trial 6: Defeat the De Ragan
      Time to beat: 1:30
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: PSO fans should feel right at home, including how easy the battle is.
             The De Ragan is what I like to call an optical disillusion - that is,
             it looks great, but is actually not all that. You may have noticed how
             the Gol Dolva had multiple body sections that could be hit. De Ragan
             has more, and they're all fairly obvious: heads, wings, neck, sides
             and tail. Barta works wonders here, though Zonde is alright too.
             Rangers should use Frozen Hit or Twin Freeze on its head; cookies if
             you do this in first-person mode. Hunters should use PAs like Rising
             Crush and Rising Strike. If you want to zerg rush De Ragan, go under
             its head and let loose those melee PAs on the neck; if you're having
             trouble, whack its two tails instead, though be advised he can fling
             them around.
             If you take too long, the De Ragan will lift off, fly around the area
             and then spit out homing fireballs. He'll spit some fire while on the
             ground too, and has a tendency to turn around, doing damage to anyone
             in the party within its melee range. It may also stand up and release
             a shockwave like the Gol Dolva.
             When it hunches over, belly on the ground and spreads its wings, get
             out of the way since it will thrust itself forward - sometimes, it
    	 will do this at the start of a battle.
             It's not a hard battle by any means but don't let it get to your head.
             Just be on the lookout for its attacks.
      Trial 6: De Ragan defeated
      S-Rank Rewards: GIGUSH, 2000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 30 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 500 Meseta, 10 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 5 Mission Points
      And then, a cutscene.
      Raffon Meadow: Block C-3
      Watch all of the scenes.
      There's not much to do here, but preparations are in order. It's likely you
      already have everything Bruce is trying to sell, but if not, buy it now. Once
      that's done, don't forget to link PAs to any new weapons you may have bought.
      To Bruce's left is the Holy Triumvirate of healing plate, Photon Charger and
      save point. Pray unto them, then enter the RELICS site.
      Raffon RELICS: Block A-1
      Go forward then watch the scene where you'll learn about Stateria. Don't
      bother going right, just go up the stairs. Watch the scene, then go down and
      left to the door in the distance. Some Badira will spawn - just Barta for a
      safe passage with them (see what I did there?). Keep going.
      Raffon RELICS: Block A-2
      Go forward then take the stairs on the left. Golmoros will come up. Barta and
      Zonde work very well; otherwise, tag them with your firearms since they like
      jumping around too much, then whack you when you least expect it. Further
      ahead, some more Badira need to be killed for an Info Key. Take it, then
      unlock the fence on the right. Follow the narrow pathway then down a flight
      of stairs to face off more Badira. Go left, fight some more Golmoros and take
      another Key. There's some containers behind a wall ahead. Open the door and
      go along the corridor.
      Forget about the left path for now and keep going. You'll reach a small room
      with more Badiras. When they're defeated, a Polavohra will come up. This one
      is large and has attacks similar to the Gol Dolva, but it shouldn't cause you
      too many problems - just remember to keep your distance. It's slow but it can
      rush you. If you're feeling adventurous, and if you bought Traps, lay some on
      its path then stand back and watch the show.
      After that's handled, grab the Info Key and return to the corridor, this time
      turning right at the intersection. In the next room fight off some Badiras,
      Golmoros and another Polavohra, which spawns at the end of the room, near the
      door. Kill'em all, take the key and leave for the next area.
      Raffon RELICS: Block A-3
      There are containers behind the faux wall on the left. Either way, your path
      is to the right. Smash the crate in front of the door to be surrounded by a
      pack of Golmoros. Hunters can time their attacks and unleash a Tornado Break
      or Renkai Buyou-zan when they decide to gang up and attack. Then, go through
      the now unlocked door.
      Kill the Badiras at the T-Junction, then take the right, killing off another
      pair. Keep going and enter the next room. Each box you destroy spawns enemies
      and you need to do this with all boxes to get an Info Key. Leave and take the
      other path at the T-Junction. At the end there will be a large room. Note
      that there's a laser fence to the left and boxes up ahead. Smash the center
      one at the back, then fend off more enemies. Three more will spawn later,
      then another three. Afterwards, grab the key, bring the fence down and take
      the stairs.
      More enemies here. Kill the two groups, then head for the laser fence where
      two Polavohras will appear. Focus on one of them, then on the other. Since
      they're slow, you can actually spam Barta several times while they're walking
      towards you. When that's out of the way, grab the key and bring down the
      Down the stairs there will be a healing plate, and a door. Take it to reach
      the next area.
      Raffon RELICS: Block B-1
      Go left than walk along into the hallway. Watch the scene and you will learn
      more about Stateria. When it's over, fight off the ambush then go further
      into the hallway to fight more enemies. Watch another scene, then go through
      another door.
      Note: When you go through, you'll be locked out of the last few areas you
            went through in the Relics site.
      Raffon RELICS: Block B-2
      When you enter, there are three things to notice. One is the healing plate
      and save point just ahead. The second is the large hall to the right of both
      of these. Third and last, there is a narrow path to the right of this room's
      entrance with a door at the end.
      Should you want to explore more of the RELICS site, read the next section.
      If you just want to continue with the game, skip it.
      [PSUOPTI1]  OPTIONAL: Further into the RELICS site
      Follow the long corridor to the right and enter the door at the end.
      Raffon RELICS: Block C-1
      You'll arrive at a large room. Keep going forward to find a group of no-
      gooders, then bash the first container on the right for more of them. This
      unlocks the door at the end of the room, so go there. In the next room,
      Badiras will charge from the left. Follow the wall to the other side of the
      room to fight some more Golmoros, then take the door nearby. Kill the enemies
      at the door, then some more will spawn in the back of the room, including a
      Polavohra. Traps are still a good choice here. Once the door at the back
      opens, go through it.
      This next room starts out simple then gets trickier. First of all, note that
      there's an open door to the left - we'll get to that shortly. A small group
      of enemies will give way to spawns, with another Polavohra. Don't waste all
      your tricks, though, just keep it cool. If you still have some Traps, go for
      When you can breathe, grab the Key and bring the fence down at the far right.
      Up, and then down the stairs will be crates. These usually have healing items
      and Photon Charges. When you're done, take that first door you saw when you
      entered... Which will take you to the start of this area. Take the door on
      the far right and you'll return to the save point and large hall.
      You can repeat this area as many times as you wish, since enemies respawn.
      Use the healing plate and save point; if you've been spending PPs and don't
      have Photon Charges, wait until your weapons are recharged. When ready, just
      go to the right of the save point and into the large hall. Watch the scene.
      Oh, about those Stateria? Time for a live demo, with a Trial included.
      [PSUTRI07]  Trial 7: Defeat the Svaltus
      Time to beat: 1 minute
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Number of Dorson incapacitated: 0
      Notes: Like the last Meadows Trial, it's imperative to keep Dorson "alive"
             so you don't lose those 100 points, thus getting the S-Rank.
             Svaltus has some strong attacks. He'll use that giant sword like a
             hammer, bringing it down against the floor, or do a swirling attack
             that will hit everyone within melee range. He does this many times,
             but you can see it coming fairly well. He will launch an energy wave
             that can stun you and use Foie on ocasion. He will also erect a shield
             in front of himself that blocks attacks, or reduces their damage.
             Hunters and Rangers should alternate between melee and ranged attacks.
             Dus Daggas provides a good balance of range and attack power, while
             firearms are best used if the rest of the party is dealing good damage
             and you want to support them while dealing damage.
             Forces should go with Foie or Zonde here, but since he moves around a
             bit, try to use them in good judgement. Karen and Hyuga will get his
             attention fairly often in the fight, so while he's pounding them, use
             it to your dvantage.
      Yes: Svaltus' Achilles' heel is his back. Not that it makes him terribly
      vulnerable, though, but it's where you should focus your attacks. There's not
      much to suggest here. Just stay focused on how he moves his arms, since you
      can tell what he will do. His swirling blade will also hit those behind him,
      so keep that in mind.
      Note that his sword attacks may inflict Zalure, bringing your defense down
      for a while. If you feel your Skills aren't hitting hard enough, use the
      Agtarides - if you got them from previous Trials and haven't sold them.
      Trial 7: Svaltus defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: SVALTUS EDGE, 2000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 30 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 500 Meseta, 10 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 5 Mission Points
      Watch the scene. Ethan will have to escort Dorson out on his own.
      Raffon RELICS: Block B-3
      How about a reprise? That's what you'll get here. When you enter, a Svaltus
      will spawn from the left. You don't have to fight it, but experience points
      and some bragging rights never hurt anyone (and since this isn't a Trial,
      you don't have to worry about the doctor's safety). Also, be aware that some
      Golmoros will appear nearby. Fight or flee, continue onward through the room
      and take the door further ahead.
      Raffon RELICS: Block A-1
      The door will lock behind you. Follow the narrow path ahead, then watch the
      scene. There's nothing left to do here, so turn back, go down the stairs and
      then take the ones on the right. Watch the long cutscene where you'll meet
      Magashi, then watch another one, and we're done with Chapter 3.
      [PSUCHA04]  Chapter 4 - Rogues
      Rewards:	- Access to Type Selecion
    		- Free Mission: "Evacuation"
    		- Free Mission: "Burning Plains"
    		- Free Mission: "The Mad Beasts"
    		- Synthesis Kit
    		- Access to Item Synthesis
    		- [B] Trimate
    		- Sweet Berry
    		- Ether Acid
    		- Trimate
    		- Lucaim Nav's Partner Card
    		- Greasegun (S-Rank Trial 8)
    		- 2500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 8)
    		- Hourglass (S-Rank Trial 9)
    		- 2500 Meseta Points (S-Rank Trial 9)
    		- Breaker (Trial 10)
    		- Scape Doll (S-Rank Trial 10)
    		- 2500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 10)
    		- Neta Note (S-Rank Trial 11)
    		- 2500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 11)
      Cutscene. After that, feel free to ask Pete about current events. If you
      ask about Warren Darren he will give you a choice to ask about the Endrum
      Collective. Be sure to check the Vision Phone for updates on Free Missions.
      You now have access to three new ones - one on Clyez City's Linear Line, and
      two others on the Flyer Base on Holtes.
      Keep in mind that from now on, Shops will have better equipment and Photon
      Arts for sale at the start of every new Chapter. Be sure to check them from
      time to time. For now, leave the room.
      Clyez City 1st Floor: Central Table
      Once outside, another scene. Following Lumia's lead, go to the Clothes Shop
      on the 3rd floor. You can't use the elevator again, so take the stairs.
      Clyez City 3rd Floor: Shopping Mall B
      Once here, go right and enter the second shop, with the red symbol.
      Clyez City 3rd Floor: East Shopping Area
      Watch the scene. Lumia now wants to go to the Armor Shop. You'll be outside
      the Clothes Shop, so take the stairs to the second floor.
      Clyez City 3rd Floor: Shopping Mall A
      Here, go around the stairs to your right and keep walking - the Armor shop is
      the last one on your left.
      Clyez City 2nd Floor: West Shopping Area
      Another scene. Lumia now wants to visit the Weapon Shop. Once outside, go to
      your right, since it's the shop right next to the Armor one.
      Clyez City 2nd Floor: West Shopping Area
      Another scene. The guy behind the counter will recommend the Synthesis Shop.
      Once outside there will be another scene. Ethan and Lumia will then discuss
      his last mission. Lumia will then wander off, and return with a present.
      You receive a Synthesis Kit, meaning you can now start developing Pete if
      you want to. Consult the Synthesis section to get a better handling of the
      system, and possible variations of your Partner Machinery.
      After the scene Ethan will be back in his room. Pete will give a very brief
      outlook about the synthesis process, and you can now beging item synthesis.
      You can then ask about several synthesis topics to Pete; they explain the
      basics. If you've been collecting the Boards in the game so far, you should
      start looking into them. Either way, you'll receive another [B] Trimate,
      along with the ingredients to make one. What follows is a tutorial of sorts
      behind the process, which is mandatory.
      Remember to place the ingredients on Pete's storage first - giving them
      directly to the PM simply wastes them. Follow the procedures to craft a
      Trimate. Store the items, access his P-Machinery Functions, select the
      "Synthesize an item" option, then Insert the [B] Trimate Board. Select
      "Synthesize", then he will show the Board currently inserted into him.
      Just select it again, then choose to craft one (that's all you can craft
      now, really). Say you want to begin synthesizing, and you're done.
      You, sir/madam, are now the proud owner of a TRIMATE!
      When that's done, try to leave the room. Ethan will receive a message from
      Karen. Your next assignment for the Story Mode is once again in Holtes, on
      planet Parum.  Note that you can play more Free Missions now, so feel free
      to try them out - they're a good way to keep developing Ethan.
      Regardless of what you do, keep reading once you're ready to follow on with
      the story. To begin with, travel to Parum from the PPT Spaceport once again.
      Holtes City: Central Square
      Your objective is the Guardians branch here so when you arrive, just head to
      the East District, then the HQ.
      Guardians Holtes Branch
      Sheena's vocabulary has now expanded to exploit internet memes. During the
      scene, your license will be upgraded and your are taken to the meeting room.
      The mission involves protecting cargo aboard the Milate 04. Karen mentions
      that there's some time until the train is ready, and that the trio will be
      joined by Lucaim Nav, headmaster of the Guardians Training School.
      Holtes City: Central Square
      Once the scene is over, you'll be back on Holtes' Central Square. Another
      cutscene will come up, introducing Nav. He'll mention a couple of tidbits
      about the mission. Unlike other missions so far, the Milate 04 is a train -
      there's no getting off to return to Holtes. The "The Milate 04" mission is
      now available to carry on with the story. You'll also receive Lucaim Nav's
      Partner Card.
      As usual, make preparations. If you want to start synthesizing, the Colony's
      Synthesis Shop has more Boards; if you want to stick to what's available on
      the market, visit GRM.
      The problem with synthesizing right now is that at this point, you only have
      access to the basic Photons. If you got the Gigush in the previous Chapter,
      don't bother synthesing one now, since the one you got has a 16% Ice element
      and the one you manufacture will be element neutral.
      For almost everything else on offer, you should have enough materials to make
      the Twin Brand, Ryo-Stizashi and Gudda Brana. Even if you need materials for
      them, the final cost will be cheaper than buying them at the market. You can
      always try getting Boards for the Gigush and Twin Brand for free in the next
      story mission, but these drop randomly from containers - then again, you can
      replay the section where they drop as many times as you wish.
      Rangers have it somewhat easier with the Blaster, since Im-Photons are common
      and the "secret" Wood material it needs is Par Wood - pretty easy to get a
      hold of as well. Only downside is there are no Rifle PAs at this point.
      GRM has new things for sale, mostly for Hunters; if you're into Twin Daggers,
      the shop has one with a 20% Ice element. Rangers can get the Twin Powerguns,
      however, a marginal but recommended improvement over the Twin Handguns. As
      for line shields, the Perpaline is still the better choice for this next
      mission, as many enemies will be Fire-based.
      Forces will have more options too, with Fire, Lightning and Ice receiving not
      only the Ra-class of TECHS (slower but stronger, and with a certain AoE), but
      a selection of buffs and debufs for each element too. Reverser, a Light-based
      TECH that cures status abnormalities, is also available.
      When ready, recruit Karen, Ryuga and Nav, then head to the West District in
      Holtes City. Once there go left then take the ramp down to the Linear Line.
      Select the mission "The Milate 04", watch the cutscene and you're off.
      [PSUSTO03]  Story Mission 3: "The Milate 04"
      Box Drops:	   Breaker (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Gigush
    		   [B] Twin Brand
    		   [B] Perpaline
      Enemy Drops:     Stella / Power S -- Dilla Griena
    		   White Glove -- Rogue (Jasse), Rogue (Ogg)
                       Inverter Circuit -- Gohma Dilla
      Milate 04: Onboard
      After all the scenes, you'll reach another area of the train.
      Milate 04: Car 1
      Watch the scene, where things go wrong. You're tasked with defeating several
      Dilla Grienas on board. When the scenes are over, just go through the doors
      and into Car 2. Get ready for a Trial.
      [PSUTRI08]  Trial 8: Defeat the DG
      Time to beat: 1:10 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 3
      Notes: Dilla Grienas are basically spruced up versions (reskins, mostly) of
             the SEED-Vances you fought earlier and the same rules still apply -
             melee PAs with knockdown effects work the best. Forces should stick
             with Barta or Rabarta, while Rangers should go with Freeze Shot. Just
             make sure you pay attention to those undeground tentacles and dodge
             the spore it spits out.
             Grienas are Fire-based, which makes Ice an obvious choice of element
             to use. They can improve their attacks with Shifta, so act quickly.
      The first area has one Dilla Griena. Make short work of it, then proceed to
      the next wagon. Another Dilla will appear to the left - once it's defeated,
      keep going onward towards the darkened area at the back of the wagon, and the
      final Dilla will appear to the right.
      That's all there is to it.
      Trial 8: DG defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: GREASEGUN, 2500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 700 Meseta, 20 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 10 Mission Points
      Ethan will then regroup with Karen and Hyuga.
      Milate 04: Car 4
      Watch two more scenes, then you're free to play. There's a healing plate and
      save point nearby. Don't bother to check the two doors behind you, just go
      through the door ahead, then the door at the end of the next room.
      Milate 04: Car 3
      Watch the scene, then another Trial starts.
      [PSUTRI09]  Trial 9: Defeat the Gohma Dilla
      Time to beat: 4:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 15
      Notes: Ghoma Dillas are robots with several noteworthy patterns. They are
             small but fairly mobile, use lasers when you're far away from them,
             and will momentarily release an electrical blast that will Shock you,
             thus preventing you from attacking. One variant of the Dillas has a
             cannon on top of its head - beware, as these shoot homing missiles.
             Also, be aware that these machines - as well as subsequent versions
             later on in the game - will explode when defeated. The blast radius
             may cause Burning effects, so avoid it when possible. If you manage to
             land a final blow on them when they're down, they will disintegrate
             without exploding.
             Ice is a no brainer, though Lightning is useful if you're planning to
             Shock them as well.
             A good weapon combo for Forces, if you get lucky with the elemental
             effects, is the Freeze Shot on your left hand and a Staff with Barta
             on your right. Using Tornado Break when Dillas are ganged up, and a
             fast PA when they're separated will be a good way to go for Hunters.
             Freeze Shot and Twin Freeze is pretty clear-cut for Rangers.
             Finally, the two mounted turrets that appear are optional, and do not
             not count towards enemy kill count.
      As soon as you start, three Ghoma Dillas will appear in front of you. After
      you destroy them, go forward to find two more. Enter the next area, and deal
      with three more Ghomas. Walk towards the door but be ready for two mounted
      sentry guns, one to each side of the door. Don't be caught off guard by their
      crossfire. Enter the next area.
      Milate 04: Car 2
      Three more Ghomas will welcome you here. Destroy these, then cross the door
      ahead to a darkened area. Another set of three Ghomas appears; take them
      down then keep going. You'll see a red plate on the floor, just in time for
      the last two remaining Ghomas to spawn. Step on the portal to activate the
      lights if you wish - otherwise, just focus on the mechanical menace.
      That ends the Trial.
      Trial 9: Gohma Dilla defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: HOURGLASS, 2500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 700 Meseta, 20 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 10 Mission Points
      Watch the scene. From your starting point, walk behind Karen find yourself at
      the front of the train - there's a healing plate and save point. When you're
      done, resume the path onward, past Karen, into the next wagons.
      Milate 04: Car 2
      Your new enemies are just up ahead. Rogues come in fast with their swords,
      but they're pretty easy. In the next wagon, you'll meet female Rogues. These
      trade swords for handguns and are a bit more acrobatic, but are not hard -
      simply make sure you don't lose sight of their movements. After these two
      Rogues, deal with the four Gohmas that spawn up ahead, then go through the
      Milate 04: Car 3
      More Gohmas. Deal with those, then find three Rogues in the next corridor.
      After you kill these, don't go forward just yet. In case you haven't noticed,
      there are two control devices right at the beginning of this corridor, one on
      the left of the corridor, and another on the right. Activating these will
      lower the laser fences at the end of the corridor, which guard two containers
      and a healing plate. Afterwards, move on to the next area.
      Milate 04: Car 4
      In this next wagon, a Dilla Griena and two Ghoma Dillas will appear. Remember
      the Griena's patterns and make short work of it, then focus on the Ghomas.
      After that, watch the scene. Bruce is back, and near a healing plate and save
      point. Stock up if you need to. While you can go through any of the doors
      ahead, I recommend taking the left one.
      Milate 04: Car 5
      When you enter, another Trial will start. Nav alerts that Rogues are focusing
      their attacks on Car 7, which is your destination.
      [PSUTRI10]  Trial 10: Regain control of the train rear
      Time to beat: 10:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 32
      Notes: This trial isn't hard, but may confuse you the first time around
             because you'll receive Info Keys and find several locked doors. It's
             also possible to finish this the first time and completely miss out on
             one hidden enemy.
             You can get a Breaker (Sword) in this Trial, but it might compromise
             your S-Rank. I'll give you directions on how to get both, but if you
             are not interested in the Sword, then just take the first Info Key but
             only use it on the second locked door. Just rememeber that the Sword
             has a 16% Earth element, and if you skip on it during the Trial, it
             won't be available during the rest of the entire mission (though you
             can find one later).
             Like before, Barta is the primary elemental choice, with Zonde a good
             second. If you got the Greasegun in Trial 8, its low power but high
             speed shots work as a last resort if you've spent all PPs in other
             firearms, but you don't have access to any PAs for it right now. Also,
             don't save on Resta if you're taking a beating.
             Some Gohmas will have bomb launchers on their top - if they stop and
             raise their heads, be quick and dodge. The damage is tolerable, but
             yoy may be hit by several in a row, which will cost you Hit Points and
             several seconds.
             And finally, if you already have 10 Scape Dolls in your inventory, you
             won't receive the S-Rank reward at the end, since it's a Scape Doll.
      Assuming you entered through the left door, deal with the three Gohmas in
      front of you. Then move on up to the next wagon, where you will find three
      more Gohmas with a difference. Note these have launchers in their heads, so
      be quick about defeating them. Once done, keep going along the wagon, where a
      Griena and two Gohmas will spawn.
      Once they're dead, *DO NOT* go through the nearby open door. Instead, go back
      to where you came from, where the Trial started. Keep walking towards the end
      of the room, and a Griena will spawn. Kill it, then grab the Info Key. With
      that out of the way, return to the next room. When you enter, make a sharp
      turn to the right, and unlock the door. The BREAKER will be on the last box
      on the left side. Once you have it, exit this place and then keep going
      forward into the next area.
      Milate 04: Car 6
      More Rogues here, so dispatch them. Then keep going, past the door, to meet
      another Griena and two Rogues in a dark area. Kill these, then move forward
      for three more Rogues. Once they're dead, grab the second Info Key, then run
      to the back of this room, towards the locked door. Unlock it, and deal with
      three Rogues inside. Once they're gone, go back to the previous room, towards
      the place where you got the second Info Key, and go through any of the doors
      Milate 04: Car 7
      Deal with three Rogues, then pick any of the doors ahead.
      This room has a central pathway, with two platforms on both the left and
      right sides, each with two enemies. Whatever way you go, defeat the first
      pair, then go towards the end of the platform you're on, then down and up
      onto the one on the other side. As you go from one to the next, you'll notice
      another Griena spawns in the center of the room, but focus on clearing the
      platforms first while eluding any spores or tentacles it may send your way.
      Once you've cleared them, go down and face the Griena on the middle of the
      room, along with two other female Rogues. And you've made it.
      Trial 10: Took back control of the rear of the train!
      S-Rank Rewards: SCAPE DOLL, 2500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 700 Meseta, 20 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 10 Mission Points
      After all that, watch another scene. You now need to travel back across the
      train. As you start, a Photon Charger, healing plate and save point are right
      in front of you. Once that's that, just keep going forward, past the doors
      and an empty room, and then through another set of doors.
      Milate 04: Car 6
      A Rogue and two Ghomas will open festivities here, and beyond them will be
      one Gohma and two Rogues. The door on the left leads to three more Rogues,
      while the right one will spawn three bombing Gohmas. The right side will take
      you to a closed off area but one where you can turn on the lights for the
      next wagon. The left door takes you to where you need to go.
      Milate 04: Car 5
      Three more bombing Gohmas will appear, while two regular ones and a Griena
      await you at the back. Passing through the right door, you'll be confronted
      with another Griena, this time accompanied by two bombing Ghomas. They will
      drop an Info Key; if you're interested, check out the locked door in the
      previous room for some containers which can drop Boards.
      Note: If you did not get the Breaker during the Trial, it won't be there now.
      Back on track, take either door to the next wagon.
      Milate 04: Car 4
      You're in the same wagon as Bruce again, so take the time to bring yourself
      back into shape.
      Note: If you're inclined to do so, you can save here and return all the way
            back to Huyga, then return to Bruce. The path will respawn enemies so
            you can get some more levels and, depending on your luck, get materials
            and Boards from containers.
      Either way, your destination is through the door at the far end of Car 4. As
      you get near the door, a scene will play out, then another Trial will start.
      [PSUTRI11]  Trial 11: Defeat the Vol brothers
      Time to beat: 1:20 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 3
      Notes: Anything goes, really. If you have the Greasegun, it's low power but
             high rate of fire is useful to hit any of them from a distance without
             suffering major attacks.
             Hunters ought to use melee PAs that push enemies away so they don't
             have to deal with all three at the same time. Forces in trouble are
             expected to make use of Jellen, Zalure or Zoldeel, then unleash their
             Barta on Hiru, Foie on No, then whatever is their highest level TECH
             on Do. If you're fast, you can hit all the three brothers right at the
             start with a Ra-class TECH since they're together.
             Unless you've spent just about everything else, avoid using Zonde on
             Do, since Lightning is his element.
      This fight isn't as hard as it might seem at first, even if you're on your
      own. Your first target should be Hiru, since he can cast Jellen on everyone
      and knock you back. After he's down, focus on No Vol, the one with firearms.
      All that's left is Do Vol, who's strong but slow.
      Trial 11: Vol brothers defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: NETA NOTE, 2500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 700 Meseta, 20 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 10 Mission Points
      Milate 04: Car 1
      Watch the following scenes, then Chapter 4 ends.
      [PSUCHA05]  Chapter 5 - The Divine Maiden
      Rewards:	- Extra Mode unlocked
    		- Free Mission: "Ruler of the Plains"
    		- Free Mission: "What is in the Ruins"
    		- PPT Access to Neudaiz
    		- Maya Shidow's Partner Card
    		- Photon Reflector
    		- Autogun (S-Rank Trial 12)
    		- 7500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 12)
    		- Harisen Battle Fan
    		- Rising Fury (S-Rank Trial 13)
    		- 7500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 13)
      First of all, completing Chapter 4 unlocks Extra Mode.
      As always, talk to Pete about current events if you want. Checking the Vision
      Phone, you'll now have two new Free Missions available from the Flyer Base in
      Holtes City. When you leave Ethan's room, go up to the 4th floor then enter
      the Guardians HQ.
      Clyez City 5th floor: GUARDIANS Headquarters
      When you enter, go talk to Mina at the reception desk, then watch the scene.
      Your new mission will be on Neudaiz, further discussed in the meeting room.
      Nav will tell you to renew you Guardians licence at the counter, so do it
      after the scene.
      Talk once again to Mina at the counter, and you will now be able to travel
      to and from Neudaiz.
      Clyez City 4th floor: PPT Spaceport
      Watch the scene with Lumia and Karen. Once that's done, follow Karen - just
      go right, then forward to the PPT gate up ahead. Another scene will play out
      between Ethan and Karen.
      Since two new Free Missions are available, take the time to explore them if
      you wish. New equipment in the stores is also something to be on the lookout.
      New armor is available, and if you skipped out on the Ra-classes of TECHS,
      this is a good time to take some.
      After all that, travel to Neudaiz.
      Ohtoku City: Central District
      When you arrive on Neudaiz, the trio will talk about the planet. After that,
      there will be several cutscenes. Look at all the Japa--uh, I mean enlightened
      space elfs, of course. Then the group will meet Karen's "sister", Maya.
      GUARDIANS Ohtoku Branch
      Another scene.
      Maya's Laboratory
      Another scene, and a pretty bad one at that. Anyway, Maya reveals to be a
      scientist for the GUARDIANS. All her inventions seem to be terrible, though
      her weapons of mass distraction seem to be successful. A radio transmission
      will come in and the mission "Rescue the Maiden" will now available from the
      Ohtoku City Flyer Base. You also receive Maya Shidow's Partner Card.
      All three partners are necessary for the mission, so keep that in mind. Once
      it's all over, leave the Guardians Ohtoku Branch.
      Ohtoku City: Central District
      There will be a Photon charger and a save point right outside the building.
      Some directions are in order. On the side you are currently on, you'll find
      the Ohtoku Flyer Base, and Parts, Clothes and Synthesis shops to your left.
      Across the bridge in front of you are the PPT Spaceport, the Communion of
      Gurhal building (not important now, but will be in the near future), and the
      Yohmei Shop.
      Yohmei is one of the three main conglomerates in the game. By now, you have
      probably visited GRM, so you know what to expect. Yohmei has a good range of
      equipment, one which privileges Forces, though it carries good weapons for
      other Types. New Photon Arts of note are Diga, the Ground-based element, and
      further TECH classes for other elements. All ranged weapons now have more
      Bullets and these include the Grav effect, based on Ground.
      Synthesis is still a bit ho-hum at this point. You still don't have access to
      elemental Photons, so anything you make will be neutral, and you still can't
      make line shields either. Hunters are worse off right now since a good amount
      of weapon Boards need Kubara Wood - one of the rarest materials in PSU. You
      can get it from the "What is in the Ruins" Free Mission, now available, but
      it's a random drop from boxes. If you do find one, don't waste it making a
      Harisen Battle Fan since you'll get one for free in the next story mission.
      GRM makes up for this, sort of. Hunters equipped with a Busterline and a Twin
      Buster gain a set bonus, giving them +95 to ATT, +80 to ACC, +15 to DEF and
      +10 to EVA. Note that this only happens when the line shield is equipped and
      the weapon is your active one; if you have equip the Busterline but change to
      a different weapon, the bonuses will go away.
      Rangers are in luck... Somewhat. They can create an Autogun and a Compadri,
      but you can get the former, along with a Tengoh Bow (a better Bow than the
      Compadri, and one Forces can also use) in this Chapter's story mission. The
      same applies to a Blaster Board, a random box drop in this next segment. Then
      again, the longer you wait for a Blaster or Bow, the longer it will take you
      to develop their Photon Arts. It's your call.
      Forces looking to make the Batnara and Slyrod, if they have been scavenging
      materials, only need to worry about Dianaline and Aporaline. Speral for the
      Slyrod is gained by using Soural with a Metal Converter C -> B, by the way.
      Elemental weapons you should keep an eye out for are a Breaker with 16% Earth
      element (the same type that was available on the Milate 04) and a Twin Knife
      with 20% Ice element on GRM; and the Brekaud, a Sword with 18% Fire element,
      on Yohmei. The Breaker won't be of any use, but the other two will. As for
      line shields and units, Yohmei's units are geared towards Forces while GRM's
      are more on par with the needs of a Ranger and Hunter.
      Finally, every Type should carry with them a ranged weapon to handle a tricky
      Boss fight at the end of the Chapter. You can take one now or later, as you
      get the chance to return to Ohtoku prior to it.
      Once you're done, go to the Flyer Base and select the "Rescue the Maiden"
      [PSUSTO04]  Story Mission 4: "Rescue the Maiden"
      Box Drops:	   Harisen Battle Fan (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Blaster
    		   [B] Sta-senba
      Enemy Drops:     Sta / Mind -- Gohmon
    		   Stina-zashi -- Goshin
    		   Compadri -- Ollaka
    		   Tengoh Bow -- Tengohg
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block A-1
      Watch the scene. Take the wide, right path and you'll come upon a save point.
      Use it if you want, then go through the door.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block A-2
      Follow the left path past the containers and be greeted by the enemies, the
      Ageetas. Further along the path, Ollakas and a Goshin will appear.
      Goshin and their variants are one of the more annoying enemies in the game -
      they're like miniature SEED-Vances who can burrow and travel underground,
      come up close to the party and attack them or retreat into the distance. They
      also cast Jellen along with Foie. When they start burrowing they'll be immune
      to any attack as well. You can see where they're going by looking at the map.
      They might seem insignificant but they'll soon start to attack in packs.
      Keep following the path until some Ageetas appear. Knock'em out to get an
      Info Key, then go past the laser fence. Further ahead, deal with more of
      them, then three Goshins will appear (I told you so). When that's over, grab
      the Key to the left and follow the path to the locked doors in the distance.
      Unlock the first one and enter the small tunnel.
      At the end, four Ollakas are waiting, followed by three more Goshin. Before
      picking up the Info Key they drop, note that there are containers to the far
      right side of the area. Regardless, your objective is the locked door beyond
      the Key. Unlock it, then enter the next area to fight two more Ollakas and a
      Goshin. Grab the new Key, take the open door and go up the path, killing more
      Ageetas along the way. You'll leave through the previously locked door - now
      that you have the right Key, keep going forward to the laser fence.
      Once you're through it, all you have to do is take the far open door at the
      end of this area.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block A-3
      Keep going left through the only path available, meeting more enemies halfway
      through it. At the top, walk a bit to the left to have two Goshins appear.
      After those, move to the door in the distance and take down more Ageetas.
      Grab the Key, go through the door, then another one to reach a clearing with
      a pack of these coming from various sides. Be prepared to kill three more
      Goshin right after them.
      Go through the door on the far right, where you'll reach a more open field.
      Ollakas and Goshin will appear. You now have two choices - the forward or
      right path (east and southeast on the map, respectively). Choose the first
      one to deal with more Ageetas, taking their Key and opening the door nearby
      to reach a small cave with containers. Go back outside then retrace your
      steps, taking the left to the other path, with another door at the end.
      In this wide area, keep going until you get near the containers - more foes
      to deal with. The containers sometimes drop Photon Charges. After you grab
      they Key, bring the fence down and follow that path down. This circular area
      caps off with Ollakas and Goshins, and the usual Info Key for the door ahead.
      Go through it when it's over.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block A-4
      Watch another scene, where you'll meet a new enemy - the Tengohg. Karen and
      Maya won't be able to help, though. These guys are fast, hardy and they fly,
      and you should be aware of their swoops. But at this point in the game, you
      should be high level enough to quickly dispose of them - when the battle
      starts, if you start using ranged weapons it should go down quickly before
      it even gets close. Otheriwse, Ice the perp.
      After the battle there will be another scene. When it's over, just take the
      door in front of you.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block B-1
      Another scene, this time with Curtz again. After all that, you'll be near a
      save point and healing plate. If you need to return to Ohtoku, go north on
      the map to find the door at the far end. Otherwise, make sure you save then
      go through the door in front of you and get ready for a tutorial and a Trial
      soon enough.
      Note: Once you go through this door, you can't return to the previous areas
            in the Mizuraki District.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block B-2
      Watch the scene. The next mission is similar to the SEED purification on
      Raffon, except the Seeds are already visible - what you need to do is search
      and find hotspots on the ground, only from which you can target and then
      neutralize the nearby Seeds. Maya will give you a Photon Reflector and a
      tutorial on how to do this.
      The hotspots are fairly easy to spot, since they're of a warm color among
      cold ones, and looks like a targetting reticule. Also, while on top of the
      hotspot, it's easier to face the Seeds if you use first-person mode.
      [PSUTRI12]  Trial 12: Purify the SEED and hurry to the crash site!
      Time to beat: 15:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 58
      Number of purified SEED-Cores: 4
      Notes: As soon as you finish the tutorial, run to the door to get a head
             Fire time! Depending on how well prepared you are, this Trial may be
             a breeze or quite hard. Fire variants, from Bullets to PAs, will be a
             huge help against all enemies here. The opposition will be stronger
             and numerous, they can *all* use freeze attacks on you and you'll be
             under the pressure of time. Also, like the previous contamination
             mission, there will be small "pools" on the ground, except these can
             freeze you, which may leave you vulnerable to even more Ice attacks.
      From the starting point of the ice contamination, go through the door ahead,
      then another one to meet some Gohmon. These can, as expected, use Ice attacks
      that freeze you on the spot.
      Once they're down, go left and down the hill to fight two more Gohmons and
      harder, icy varieties of Goshin. When they're down, face another batch of
      Gohmons and Goshin, then take the Key they drop and hurry to the locked door
      to the right and up. When you enter, hurry to the teleporter on the right.
      In this area, four Gohmons will attack, and then deal with two Goshin and an
      Ice variant of a Tengohg. When they're down take the next teleporter, east on
      the map.
      Here, go forward to find the first Core but deal with two Gohmons first. When
      you can, get near the iced, spiky pool and scan around just ahead of it, just
      very slightly turned west on the map. As you get near the hotspot, three more
      enemies will appear. Kill'em quick but don't go after the Key just yet.
      Get on top of the hotspot to get rid of the two nearby Seeds. After that, you
      will notice the Core itself is surrounded by Seeds - one to the left, another
      to the right. Go to the left one first, then goggle the ground near the two
      frozen plants to find the hotspot and take out the Seed. As soon as you do,
      don't budge - from this *exact* spot, use the Goggles again to find the next
      hotspot to the left of the Seed on the other side. Tag it, then take out the
      Seed and finally, this Core. After that, go grab the Key and take the door.
      Here, three Gohmon, two Goshin and then two Tengohg are all that stands in
      the way of unlocking the door to the next area.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block B-3
      As soon as you enter, use the Googles and look to the right - there is one
      hotspot next to the Seed. Tag it then do away with the Seed. The next hotspot
      is between the Core and the Seed with two icy pools next to it. When you can
      use it take out the two Seeds around it. To find the last spot for this Core,
      run up the hill - it's a little bit to the left of the Seed and its pool,
      close to the bush. Tag it, use it, destroy it, rush to the Core and whack it.
      Now go back up the hill again and rush to the left path. Kill the Gohmon on
      the way, then keep running along the path.
      The next hotspot is before the first Seed itself; if you use the Goggles
      before reaching it, it will seem as if it's to its left. Handle that, then
      look for the next spot to the left of the second Seed, in the same direction
      as the Core is in but a bit before it as well. Note that while you can see
      two Seeds, you can only take out the second one. To find the last spot for
      this area, stand still on that hotspot and look with the Googles to the right
      of the Core, then get near it so it can be tagged. After you do so, you can
      either quickly take the down these two Seeds and the Core, or take care of
      the enemies that appear in the background so there are no surprises.
      Concerning the enemies, you'll find three Gohmon and one Tengohg, then three
      Goshin. After them two door are unlocked, take the one that is facing south
      east on the map - the other one has a dead end with containers.
      When you enter, kill the two Gohmon that appear and find the first hotspot
      to the left of the first Seed. Still standing over it, use the Goggles
      to look to the right of the second Seed down there - that's where the next
      hotspot is. When you start descending towards the Seed, three more Gohmons
      will spawn. Deal with them, the spot and the Seed, but instead of going
      forward, go to the south west on the map, and take the teleporter.
      In this next area, fend off against Gohmons, then Tengohgs, and when they're
      dead, take the door that opens, then take the teleporter inside.
      Once you're back into the main area, proceed forward past the Core - the next
      hotspot is right between the two Seeds. Before tagging it, deal with two
      Gohmon and a Tengohg. Then finish off the Seeds, the Core, grab the Key, and
      take the door. In this next area fight off more of the same: Gohmon, Tengohg
      and two Goshin.
      Rush to the the next door and the Trial ends.
      Trial 12: Ice contamination area cleared!
      S-Rank Rewards: AUTOGUN, 7500 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 50 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 30 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 20 Mission Points
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Shuttle Crash Site
      Watch the scene, then notice the healing plate, Photon charger and save point
      to the right. Then follow the only nearby path to the crashed shuttle. Watch
      another scene, then go left along the long path, and enter the door.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block C-1
      Take the path upwards to find a locked door guarded by enemies, which are now
      the regular, non-Ice type. Defeat the two Gohmons and a Tengohg, take the Key
      and go through the door. There are two containers to the far west of the map,
      by the way.
      In the next section, go forward and take on more Gohmons, then three Ollakas.
      Their deaths activate a teleporter to the far end of this path, which you
      need to take anyway.
      Here, take a few steps forward then stop and look behind you - there are two
      teleporters, which will be important in a bit. For now, keep going forward
      and notice a left and right path up ahead. As you get closer to the center of
      the area, two Ollakas and the Tengohg will drop by. Killing them will drop a
      Key and activate the teleporters you came from.
      Head back to those and take the one on your left. You'll be in a narrow area
      with some containers - just follow the path to find an Info Key and another
      teleporter. Take the Key then the teleporter. You'll be back in the main area
      again. Now just deactivate the laser barrier on the right side, and keep
      going until you see three containers. The HARISEN is on the right one, and
      smashing the others will summon several Gohmon that surround you.
      Make short work of them, then retrace your steps out of this area and towards
      the other laser fence.
      Now, just deactivate the one on the left and follow the path upwards. Several
      Ollakas will appear in the distance and run in your direction. After they're
      dead, keep going. The left path has two more containers, while the right one
      goes up the hill and to a locked door. Be ready for two more Gohmons and a
      Tengohg, then grab the Key and enter the next area.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Block C-1
      Go right and up the hill to find more containers and enemies. After that,
      keep following the path upward. Killing the two Ollakas and the Tengohg net
      you yet another Key, so proceed as usual. Keep moving, dealing with two more
      Gohmons, then go right and follow the only path available to some more
      containers and two Gohmons, followed by three Ollakas. The door on the left
      will open, so go through it, but don't forget the locked door to the far
      Go down, take a right and there will be a laser fence. Several Gohmons will
      come down from the right - kill them, then the fence goes down. Sometimes
      it's possible to find a [B] Blaster on the containers to the left of the
      fence, too, so take a look to be sure.
      Now explore the way they came from - at the end of the small cave, grab the
      Key then go back down. Follow the long path the fence was blocking to find
      another cave, if you wish; inside are two small rooms with containers. Note
      that breaking containers in the farthest room will spawn three Gohmons once
      you leave the cave, and two Ollakas plus a Tengohg spawn a bit after that.
      Otherwise, return to the locked door you saw moments ago. From where the last
      laser fence was, go forward and up through the door, then left. Unlock it,
      then move towards another locked door to be greeted by three Gohmons, which
      are followed by three Ollakas. Once they're dead, go through the door.
      Note: This door also leads you into an area that locks you out of these past
            sections in Mizuraki. If you want to get item or box drops from them,
            retrace your steps to the Shuttle Crash Site, save, then reload.
      Mizuraki Conservation District: Onmagoug Nest
      First thing to do here is to save. You can return to Ohtoku if you want to,
      just go back the way you came. When you're ready, keep walking past the save
      point for another scene, then a fight with three Tengohgs. After that comes
      a Boss and a Trial.
      [PSUTRI13]  Trial 13: Defeat the Onmagoug!
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: Onmagoug may be hard if you're underpowered. That shouldn't be the
             case, but it's a possibility. Its patterns are many, and nearly all
             catastrophic for the team. It flies, first of all, which means it's
             tricky to get a lock on him. Spitting fire and throwing rocks (or
             Ollakas, which amount to the same) are other things to expect.
             It will also land from time to time, but doesn't stay on the ground
             for long. As expected, that's the best time to attack it.
             Its weak spot, as with any flying creature, are the wings. Onmagoug
             is very strong, but shooting the wings can make it drop like a stone
             on the ground - it will take a bit to get up, and is the best time to
             go in for the kill. If you're fast enough at the start, you can hit
             them so he stumbles, giving you a better chance to get some hits in.
             As long as you deal damage quickly, there souldn't be any problems in
             getting the S-Rank.
       Three things to keep in mind during this Trial. First, you need to act fast.
      Second, any Type should come here equipped with at least one ranged weapon.
      Third, you can only count on Hyuga as a backup partner at the start, though
      Maya arrives shortly after.
      Handguns, Twin Handguns, the Autogun you (hopefully) received from the last
      Trial, or the Tengoh Bow (if you managed to get one from Tengohgs) are all
      good choices, better yet if you use appropriate Bullets.
      A better weapon here would be the Blaster, which you can either buy or make
      if you found a Board in the last area, but one which only Hunters and Rangers
      can use. Everyone absolutely needs to use the Ice element, as that's another
      of his weaknesses.
      Do your best to clip its wings, then blast away with everything you have.
      Trial 13: Defeated the Onmagoug!
      S-Rank Rewards: RISING FURY, 7500 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 50 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 30 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 20 Mission Points
      After all that, watch the following scenes and that's a wrap for Chapter 5.
      [PSUCHA06]  Chapter 6 - Captives of Moatoob
      Rewards:	- Access to Clothes Shop
    		- Free Mission: "Cargo Train Rescue"
    		- Free Mission: "Mizuraki Devastation"
    		- PPT Access to Moatoob
    		- Tonnio Rhima's Partner Card
    		- Leogini S. Berafort's Partner Card
    		- Kubara Wood (S-Rank Trial 14)
    		- 9000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 14)
    		- Palasra (S-Rank Trial 15)
    		- 9000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 15)
    		- Stella / Power S (S-Rank Trial 16)
    		- 9000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 16)
      Watch the scene. You'll learn that your next mission is in Moatoob. Later,
      another scene, this time between Pete and Ethan. After the dialogue, you'll
      gain access to the Clothes Shop. A transmission from Hyuga directs you to
      the Central Table, so go there when ready.
      Clyez City 1st Floor: Central Table
      Just head to the center of the plaza. Get near Hyuga and a scene will start.
      And no, it's not possible to renew the Guardian's License beforehand so Ethan
      isn't talked down by Tonnio. After that, take the elevator to the 4th floor,
      then enter the Guardians HQ.
      Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS Headquarters
      Go to the counter and talk to Mina - you'll renew your License and are now
      able to travel to and from Moatoob. When all is done, leave.
      Clyez City 4th Floor: PPT Spaceport
      Go to the Moatoob PTT Gate and travel there.
      Dagora City: Central District
      Watch the scene. From your starting point, you'll find Clothes, Parts and
      Synthesis Shops to the left path, along with the third and last conglomerate,
      Tenora Works. Following the right path, you'll find the Guardians branch, a
      Photon charger, a save point and the Flyer Base. There is also Gawik's Pub
      at the end of the path to the left of the save point - it's irrelevant until
      a certain chain of events during the last Chapter.
      When you feel like it, drop in the Guardians branch.
      GUARDIANS Dagora Branch
      Watch the scene, then the next one in the Meeting Room. You'll meet another
      scientist, Dr. Tomrain. You'll need to investigate some mines in the Moatoob
      desert. The mission "Kidnapper inquiry" is now available at the Flyer Base
      in Dagora. You'll then receive Tonnio and Leo's Partner Cards. After that,
      exit the branch.
      Dagora City: Central District
      So what to do now?
      From this point on, synthesis becomes much more viable since Fire, Lightning,
      Ice and Ground-based photons are now available. Some of the advanced weapons
      and line shields now on sale across all three Synthesis Shops will be made
      available later on, but as always, you have a chance to make some now, with
      the bonus of applying elemental damage or defense on them and learning any
      associated PAs sooner.
      Players interested in Claws and Knuckles should consider the Misaki and Gudda
      Brana. The Brana can be bought from Tenora Works but it's one of the easier
      weapons to create, as items for it are widely available and affordable. The
      Misaki requires Peparian and Neu Ash, but fret not, since these are easy to
      obtain. Peparian can be made with a Metal Converter C -> B and inserting some
      Carlian, while Neu Ash is created with a Wood Converter C -> B and choosing
      Neu Wood as the ingredient.
      Those looking for Shotguns can either buy a Shigga Wadda at Tenora or buy a
      Board for the Shigga Bigul. The Bigul is a better choice, and to get some Mot
      Ash, all you have to do is buy some Wood Converter C -> B, then use Mot Wood
      with it. Meanwhile, the Repeater is a step up from the Greasegun and is easy
      to create as well, so long as you have Par Ash. If not, use the same kind of
      process described above for Mot Ash, but replace Mot Wood with Par Wood.
      Advanced line shields now available are the Megaline, Me-senba and the Rabol
      Mega. These might stump you for a moment, since they require Nanocarbon. It's
      entirely possible you found none until now, or only a very short amount. The
      item description mentions it's found on Parum but your best chance of finding
      some is by killing Ageetas in "Mizuraki Devastation", a Free Mission unlocked
      at the start of the current Chapter. A handful of runs might net you around
      20 or so, more than enough.
      Regardless, what really matters when creating them is that during this next
      story mission, the most damaging elemental attack will be Fire. Enemies are
      varied, though, and their weaknesses range from Fire to Ice and Ground. So
      whatever you do, be sure to remember that when crafting equipment. I suggest
      just going with Fire as your line shield attribute; I created a Rabol Mega
      with 60% Fire element on my first try and never once was afflicted with the
      Burning effect, despite being hit with Fire regularly.
      When you're ready, go to the Flyer Base to the right of the branch, select
      the mission, and off you go.
      [PSUSTO05]  Story Mission 5: "Kidnapper Inquiry"
      Board Drops:	   [B] Gudda Brana
                       [B] Ryo-Stizashi
      Enemy Drops:     Shigga Wadda -- Kog Nadd
    		   Stella / Power S -- Lapucha
    		   White Glove -- Rogue (Jasse), Rogue (Ogg)
    		   Rabol Stella -- Vanda
    		   Inverter Circuit -- YG-01Z BUG
    		   Soda Brekka -- Gohma Methnas
      Galenigare Canyon: Block A-1
      Watch the scene. As soon as you can move, look to the left for a save point.
      Your path is between the mountais ahead, so start moving. Pretty much every
      enemy here will use fire-based attacks, and you'll get your first taste of
      that with the two Vandas that come up ahead. Keep following the path until
      the two laser fences. Lapuchas, owl-like enemies that can burrow underground,
      will also come up.
      When they're gone, both fences will go down. First, take the one to the left.
      Up the path, Lapuchas will be joined by Jishagaras. Note the three containers
      nearby. Once that's done, go back to the other fence and enter that area
      beyond it. As you cross the fence, three Vandas will start coming down the
      rocky bridge to the right. Finish them, then move up ahead to meet more
      Jishagaras and Lapuchas. Kill them, grab the Key and bring down the fence
      nearby. There are some containers to the right of this area, on the other
      side of the faux rock wall you saw when crossing the bridge. When ready,
      cross another bridge and deal with more Varas.
      Another splintered path. To the right is an open space with some rocky
      formations, up ahead is another area going up. Go to the right first, past
      the rocks to meet more Vandas, then follow the path down for six Lapuchas and
      three containers. Go back to the open area and take the high path now. As you
      start going up, a group of Vandas will come down. You should pay attention to
      the King version, who - much like the Vahras - will act as a leader of sorts.
      During combat, his friends will surround him and then create a wall of fire:
      the "leader" will cast Shifta while the "troops" will spit out fire, as if
      from a flamethrower, into several directions. This kind of group is fairly
      common around here, so be alert to this maneuver. Take them down, grab the
      Key then deal with another fence.
      Up ahead, more Vandas, then containers and a door to the left (north east on
      the map). Go through the door.
      Galenigare Canyon: Block B-1
      Make use of the healing plate and save point ahead if you need to, though a
      Trial will start as soon as you follow the path up.
      [PSUTRI14]  Trial 14: Clear the canyon area and hurry to the coal mine!
      Time to beat: 15:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 84
      Notes: When the Trial starts, forget about going back - a laser fence will
             block your path.
             This section isn't very long, but enemies that hit hard, multiple
             paths and the need to retrace your steps conspire to make this one of
             those Trials where you need to stay focused.
             In the final area of the Trial, there will be three rooms with enemies
             inside them. If you destroy the lefthand boxes on the middle room, an
             Info Key will drop down. My advice is to ignore it, since it merely
             unlocks a room with containers and it's a waste of time.
             Finally, Boards for the Gudda Brana and Ryo-Stizashi are found during
             this Trial in some boxes. It's your call if you want to get these.
      Go up the path and deal with the Lapuchas and Vanas that appear. There will
      be two rocky bridges nearby, one straight ahead and another to the right.
      Take the bridge to the right, take down the two Vandas and deal with a group
      of them on the plateau with the rocks. Kill those then go behind the rocks
      to find an actual bridge. Run to the other side to find four Lapuchas, coming
      from the left. Now go back to where the Trial started and take the other
      Taking the second bridge, go down and deal with a group of Vandas, then go
      right to fight Lapuchas and a new enemy, the Kog Nadd. If you looked at it
      and thought "that looks tough" or "I bet it can ram and stun me", well,
      you'd be right on both. Kill it and its pals to get a Key. Deactivate the
      fence nearby and go up the bridge to find two Vanas. Once you reach the end,
      another Nadd will appear, surrounded by Lapuchas. Deal with those, then take
      down the fence to the right with the Key they drop.
      Cross another bridge now, then prepare for a Vanda group amidst the rocks
      ahead. Once they're down, you'll notice a laser fence straight ahead - for
      now go right, across another bridge. Two more Vandas, then another Nadd and
      Lapuchas await you on the other side. Boards for the Ryo-Stizashi and Gudda
      Brana can usually be found in the containers behind this group of enemies.
      Take the group down, grab the Key and return to the fence.
      Up the path, four Lapuchas will make an appearance, followed by two Nadds.
      As usual with creatures of this type, focus on one of them first, then deal
      with the other. Grab their Key, unlock the door then go through it.
      Galenigare Canyon: Block B-2
      Run forward. At the bridge's T-Section, go right first. When you get off
      the bridge, deal with another Vanda group. To the left will be a laser
      fence so go forwad and up the path ahead. When you defeat another Nadd and
      two Jishagaras, just ignore their Key and retrace your steps back to the
      bridge you used to get here.
      Once on it, just go forward, in the direction you ignored earlier. Vandas
      and Jishagaras will be on the other side. After those, move forward for two
      more Vandas but note that more will start appearing from the far right, and
      a Kog Nadd joins the fray soon enough as well. Grab the key, go across the
      bridge, then another Vanda group comes up. Once they're out for the count,
      cross another bridge. Take the left path first, with the teleporter at the
      Once on the other side, keep moving then meet another Nadd and two Jishagaras
      at the end. They'll drop a Key when dead - once you have it, return to the
      teleporter. By the way, the containers to the right may drop Photon Charges.
      When you teleport back, take the left side of the bridge and unlock the door
      at the end. Use the healing plate to the right of the door *ONLY* if you
      think it won't cost you too many seconds. Once you go in, a lone Vanda will
      come up at towards the end of the corridor. After he's gone, take the exit
      You'll be outside again. To the left is a path with doors nearby. In order,
      take the first one to find two Vandas, the second one to find another Vanda,
      then the third for a Nadd who will generate an Info Key when it's killed.
      Take it then from this last door, exit then go right towards the locked door
      at the far end of this area. When you get closer, two Vandas and a Nadd drop
      by to say "RRARGH". Kill them, unlock the door with the Key, then go through
      it - you've finished this Trial.
      Trial 14: Canyon area cleared!
      S-Rank Rewards: KUBARA WOOD (don't waste it!), 9000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3500 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 30 Mission Points
      Galenigare Canyon: Old Mine Entrance
      And breathe. Then keep walking forward for a scene.
      Galenigare Mine: Block A-1
      When you enter, note both the save point and healing plate to your left.
      Diga will start to come on their own here. Very useful against every
      Lightning-based enemy, naturally, but will also reveal itself as one of the
      more damage-dealing TECHS in the long run. It will be useful against several
      robotic enemies along the way, and a Boss later on.
      From here, you'll see an open door to the far right and a locked one to the
      farther left. Follow the path ahead but before you can go anywhere, Vandas
      spawn in front of you. Deal with those, then more Vandas and two Jishagaras
      will come from the left. Kill'em and grab the Key but go back to the first
      unlocked door you saw. Follow the path to a room with five Lapuchas in it.
      Mow those down then check the boxes if you will. Now, go all the way back to
      the locked door.
      Once through it, follow the path down. Two Vandas will appear here, and going
      all the way down you'll confront some Lapuchas. As you fight these, a group
      of Vandas will appear further ahead - don't move towards them, just hold your
      ground fighting the Lapuchas so that the Vandas will come to you. This avoids
      getting the captain's attention, but feel free to get it once you've dealt
      with his troops. Grab the Key after all that and bring down the fence.
      At the next crossroads, go right and take the double doors at the end to
      reach a room with Lapuchas and Jishagaras. Kill them to reach the Key nearby,
      then exit and take the other path in the crossroads. At the end, be ready for
      some more opposition, then keep following the only possible path down. Now,
      go right at the end and a group of Vandas will attack. Dispatch them quickly,
      grab the second Key you need for this door and go through.
      Galenigare Mine: Block B-1
      There's a save point ahead but don't cross the bridge for the healing plate.
      Doing so starts another Trial, so use any items or TECHS you may have, and
      then save. Also note that besides the Trial, there will be two Boss fights -
      all of this without being able to save between them.
      When ready, just cross the bridge.
      [PSUTRI15]  Trial 15: Watch out for traps and head for mine's inner core!
      Time to beat: 13:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 70
      Traps destroyed: 8
      Notes: Another tricky challenge. Besides a high bodycount, you also need to
             find Traps laying about in the mines. It took me a while to figure
             out what the game meant by "traps" because while the attention is
             solely focused on the hidden mines, the actual traps you need to take
             down are the turrets.
             Of course, the mines are also an issue, but only because they chip
             away at your HPs. I'll point out where they are, since several fights
             will be in close proximity to them. If you want to be faster, just
             ignore the mines, focus on the turrets but don't forget to heal up as
             you go.
             Much like the contamination Seeds, you have to find the mines with
             your Goggles, tag them and then destroy them. Be careful because in
             some areas, enemies will try to draw your attention - or worse, that
             of party members, who might run blindly ahead and detonate the mines.
             When you find and tag one, take it out with ranged attacks.
             Enemies from the Milate 04 mission will return in these areas, and
             packing more of a punch. Rogues are back, and the robots will be
             upgraded - so will the explosions that knock you away when they are
      After you cross the bridge, there will be two paths - one left, another
      straight ahead.
      Take the one straight ahead and a turret (1) will appear. Deal with it, then
      open the door but DON'T rush in. Take out your Goggles and find a mine in
      front of you. Once it's destroyed, place yourself where it was then goggle
      the rest of the path - there will be three more, right down to the one near
      the boxes. Once they're gone, go to the boxes and hit the one on the front to
      bring out some Gohma Methnas.
      These are pretty much the same as before - mobile robots, but now using
      flamethrowers. Once they're scrap metal, ignore the door that opens nearby
      and rush back to where the Trial started. Once you're there, another mounted
      gun (2) will come up as you arrive at the door.
      Open the door but don't rush in - stop, take out the Goggles and spot another
      mine in the air. Destroy that one, then carry on. On the other side you'll be
      attacked by five Rogues, three swordsmen and two gunners. More Methnas will
      arrive from the left, so make short work of them to receive another Info Key.
      Use it on the locked door further down.
      Open the door and goggle for another mine right in front of you. Once it's
      clear, go along the path - another mounted gun (3) will be around the corner,
      in front of a door. Ignore the door for now and go left at the crossroad.
      Use the Goggles before coming out of this small corridor, as the next Trap
      can be found hovering near the boxes further ahead. Take it apart, then hit
      the first box - more Methnas will spawn. Kill them, take the Info Key, then
      go back to the open door where the turret was.
      Once inside, fight off the three swordsmen Rogues and several Methnas to the
      right of the room, which will unlock the nearby door. Once inside, don't run
      towards the gunning Rogues. Get to about halfway of the room and pelt them
      with ranged attacks; once they're gone, find another mine towards the end of
      this corridor.
      Run into the large cavernous hall and fight six Rogues, then some more
      Methnas. Once they're gone, an Info Key will drop down near the far away
      door. Before taking it, go to the door opposite the one on the far back -
      you already have the key, after all. Enter and deal with the turret (4)
      ahead. Look to the right path with your Goggles to spot another mine, then
      run to the crates in the round room ahead to finish off another turret (5).
      Destroy it, then return to the large hall. Grab the Key then go through
      the door.
      Galenigare Mine: Block B-2
      Once here, there's a door straight ahead and a bridge to the right.
      Take the right path first but before you cross the bridge, use the Goggles
      to spot two more mines ahead. As you are about to reach the other side,
      a group of Methnas will appear. Short circuit them then grab the Info Key.
      Now go back to the open door, on the far right side, and hack away at two
      more turrets (6, 7). Once again, open the door and spot two Traps in front of
      you with the Goggles. Dispose of them, then carry on. In the next large area,
      confront several Rogues. A Key will drop when they're terminated. Take it,
      then you're left with the choice of going forward or right.
      Go forward first. The last turret (8) will appear ahead and after that, there
      will be another area with Rogues; during the fight,the swordsmen variety will
      pop up. Be careful not to get anywhere near the boxes as there is a mine
      above them - ditto for the crates to the left. Try handling these enemies
      without entering the larger part of the cave, since party members, for some
      reason, tend to to run up to the boxes.
      Once that's done, return to the previous area and bring the laser fence down
      and find another mine floating a few steps ahead.
      There are three other mines close by. One is hovering near the set of boxes
      just to the right, while the other two are close to the Rogues and Methnas
      further down and to the left - one on each side of the cave walls.
      Try drawing the enemies close to you without having to fight near the mines,
      though it's possible to tag and destroy them, then continue the fight. Once
      they're down, walk towards the door and another group of Methnas will appear.
      Take these out, then grab the Key and open the door.
      Going through it ends the challenge.
      Trial 15: Arrived at the mine's inner core!
      S-Rank Rewards: PALASRA, 9000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3500 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 30 Mission Points
      Galenigare Mine: Inner Core
      Before continuing, know that there will be two Boss fights in a row. If you
      want to, return to the previous two areas where the Trial took place and bust
      open any crates you left untouched for supplies - enemy drops will also be
      on the ground. If you're out of Photon Charges, just stand still for a while
      while your PAs recharge. It takes a while but it's better than charging in
      with your pants down.
      Also remember that there was a healing plate at the start of Block B-1.
      Assuming you're ready and are in the Inner Core, walk forward and another
      scene starts. The Vols are back for another fight. There's no Trial involved,
      which is good news. On the other hand, they are all tougher than before -
      hopefully, so are you. Same patters still aplly, so just focus on Hiru first,
      then deal with the others.
      Tip: If you have the Ra-class of TECHS at a fairly high level, it's quite
           possible to take out Hiru and Do simply by spamming any of them at the
           start. Since those TECHS have an AoE and the brothers take a few seconds
           to start moving, they'll hit Hiru and Do fairly well - No is the only
           one that poses any kind of threat since he moves around more.
      After that, another scene and another Boss fight. The YG-01Z Bugs seem hard
      but don't be fooled by seeing too many - they all share the same hitbox, so
      hitting one is the same as hitting all of them. There will be three swarms,
      all weak against Diga though Foie is a good second call. After they're done,
      watch another scene and deal with yet another swarm.
      Several scenes will play out, and then Ethan and Tonnio will be joined by
      Galenigare Mine: Block C-1
      You're back on Block C-1. There's a save point ahead, finally, along with a
      Photon charger and healing plate. Use what you need, then continue through
      the door ahead.
      In the next room, deal with two YG-01Z Bugs then go down the narrow rocky
      bridge. There are some containers to the left of a passage. Following in this
      trail, a variant of the bugs will appear - the YG-01K BUGGE. Deal with those
      than continue onward to the bridge ahead. Once on it, ignore the right path
      leading to the door and go to the other side to find three more swarms of
      YG-01Z. The containers here may drop Photon Chargers. After that, get on the
      bridge again and take the other path to the door.
      You now have two choices. One is to go through the door ahead, towards your
      objective - Liina will confirm you're on the right path by saying that the
      exit will take you to the door. Another is to explore an optional branch of
      the Galenigare Mines, to the far right, to gain some more experience.
      If you want to get on with the program, just skip this next section; if not,
      read on.
      [PSUOPTI2]  OPTIONAL: Further into the Galenigare Mines
      While still in Block C-1, go to the far right, east on the map, to confront
      two swarms of YG-01K. After that, go through the door - Liina will say this
      path just leads to a "dead end", but pay no attention.
      Galenigare Mine: Block D-1
      Follow the path right, then down to meet some more YG-01Ks. When you dispose
      of them, a Key will drop down. Grab it, then take the bridge to the left -
      you still need another Key to open the door after the bridge on the right.
      At the end of the bridge, fight off three more YG-01K swarms then proceed to
      the right. Two more choices again. Ignore the right path for now (but
      forget there's a locked door in there ) and go straight forward, then up.
      At the top, deal with a Kog Nadd and four Lapuchas. Take the Info Key then
      go back down the path, returning to the bridges instead.
      At the end of the other bridge, use both Keys on the door then go inside.
      A group of Lapuchas will come up, and a couple more will spawn moments later.
      When they're done, follow this cave's only path towards some boxes and a
      locked door. Halfway there, another Nadd and three Lapuchas appear. Kill
      them to unlock the door, then go through it.
      Here, three YG-01K swarms will come up from the right. When that's done,
      follow the left path across the rocky bridge to confront a Nadd and four
      YG-01K groups swars. Just make sure you're now surrounded - you're better off
      focusing on the Nadd first since the swarms take a few more seconds to become
      active in battle.
      After those, a Key will drop and it's time to backtrack a bit. You need to
      return to the previous areas, across both bridges and finally take that path
      to the locked door I told you to remember. If you check your map, you should
      see a locked door or undiscovered pathway to the north east - just follow the
      only available course through the level and get there. Once you arrive, fend
      off three more YG-01K groups, then enter the next section for yet another
      swarm of three YG-01Ks, and some containers - Photon Charges may be found on
      Nothing more to do here. When you want to leave, just return to the bridges -
      after you go through the first, take the path right and up, north west on the
      map, and back onto Block C-1.
      Like the optional section in the RELICS site, this one can also be repeated.
      Note that when returning to C-1, all enemies of that block will respawn, so
      remember that if you plan on going back to the healing plate and save point.
      When you're ready, go through the door to the dock.
      Galenigare Mine: Landeel Dock
      Watch two scenes, then get ready for a Boss and Trial combo.
      [PSUTRI16]  Trial 16: Defeat the Grinna Bete S
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 3, but the game only counts time spent on the Trial.
      Notes: Diga plz!
             Time and timing are very important here. Diga works wonders against
             the Grinna Betes, with Jellen, Deband and Zalure being obvious choices
             as buffs/debuffs. I wouldn't bother with Shifta since only Tylor will
             be on your team when the fight starts, and the atrocious AI will make
             sure he'll miss more than hit.
             If you don't have Diga, just stick to using your highest level TECHS,
             even the Lightning element, if that's all you got. The Nos-class of
             TECHS might seem a nice idea but you will likely waste a lot of time
             waiting for it to tag and damage the Grinnas. I'd also avoid using the
             Dam-class of TECHS since they require you to be close to the target.
             Rangers should use Ground Bullets; a Shotgun would be a good choice
             if you manage to get the Grinnas close together, such as at the start
             of the fight. Just remember they will split up soon after. Handguns
             and Machine Guns are good weapons too, and so are fast melee weapons
             and Skills. If you have Spinning Break, use that instead of Tornado
             Meanwhile, Hunters should have strong weapons and PAs ready for a
             single Grinna, and a more agile backup for times when they might be
             surrounded. Twin Sabers are effective; the Palasra from the previous
             Trial is a good choice too, provided you got it.
             The Grinna S with blades will, of course, try to slash you but it will
             also dash around the area, eluding your blows. The other two will jump
             around, fire rockets and use machineguns.
             Other party members will arrive around the one minute mark, but don't
             count on them doing all the work.
      There's no best course of action in this battle other than being quick about
      it. Not just because of the Trial - the Grinnas are fast and if you're not
      being effective, you'll be punished hard.
      At the start of the fight, all three of them will be hunched together. Take
      advantage of this either to attack or buff yourself, since they'll separate
      soon after. Otherwise, avoid engaging the Grinnas from the front since they
      can push you back with rockets, likely incapacitating you, and make you lose
      time with their machineguns.
      Ideally, you should take down the Grinna Bete with the blades first, since
      it's the more agile and dangerous one. Try luring it away from the other
      Grinnas with ranged attacks, then unleashing everything you got. Of course,
      the other Grinnas can attack from a distance, but their ranged attacks have
      limits - they can't attack from the far side of the screen, for instance.
      Just don't take them for granted and you will do fine.
      Trial 15: Defeated Grinna Bete S!
      S-Rank Rewards: STELLA / POWER S, 9000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3500 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1200 Meseta, 40 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 30 Mission Points
      Watch the scenes that follow the battle, then Chapter 6 comes to an end.
      [PSUCHA07]  Chapter 7 - Photon Sealing
      Rewards:	- Free Mission: "Frozen Woods"
    		- Free Mission: "The Pandemonium"
    		- Able to select hotspots on each planet
    		- Innocent Slacks (S-Rank Trial 17)
    		- 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 17)
    		- Double Saber (S-Rank Trial 18)
    		- 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 18)
    		- Real Hand Gun
    		- Twin Real Handgun (S-Rank Trial 19)
    		- 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 19)
      Another scene opens up Chapter 7. You can ask Pete about recent events and
      check the Vision Phone as well - more Free Missions are now available. Once
      you're ready, leave the room.
      Clyez City 1st Floor: Central Table
      Watch another scene, this time with Lumia. After that, go to the 4th floor.
      Clyez City 4th Floor: PPT Spaceport
      One undocumented feature of the game is that you can now travel to hotspots
      on each planet, even on the Guardians Colony. Just select Neudaiz - you can
      now choose between Central District, Yohmei Shop or the Guardians Branch.
      Each main location of the game will allow you to do the same. For now, go
      visit the Guardians in Neudaiz.
      GUARDIANS Ohtoku Branch
      Watch the scene.
      Ohtoku Branch: Meeting Room
      And two more scenes. The mission "Karen's Rescue" is now available from the
      Flyer Base in Ohtoku. Leave the meeting room and head outside.
      Ohtoku City: Central District
      Before heading out to the Shikon Islands, do the usual rounds.
      Regarding equipment, both the market and synthesis shops have nice additions,
      although they're not all useful.
      Hunters can create a Double Saber right away; there's one for free later in
      this Chapter but it will be element neutral. Only downside is that there are
      no PAs available for it just yet. Meanwhile, the Ryo-Stizashi is a good set
      of Twin Daggers but it's a GRM product, meaning it's balanced between similar
      offerings from Yohmei and Tenora. Check to see if it's up to your tastes; if
      not, choose a different model.
      The Jitseen is a good Saber for both Hunters and Rangers, and it's got a set
      bonus with the Zeetline, a line shield on sale at GRM. When the armor is
      equipped and the weapon is your active one, you get +120 to ATT, +60 to ACC
      and +80 to DEF.
      GRM also has a Shooter for sale, a step up from the Blaster, and Rangers can
      now create the Laser Cannon and the Beamgun. You can use Zepotite for the
      Cannon's "???" material, and Giganite for the Beamgun's "???" material. Both
      can be bought or found on Free Missions such as "Mizuraki Devastation", the
      same where you could find Nanocarbon, and "The pandemonium", unlocked at the
      start of the current Chapter. Like the Double Saber, there are no PAs for the
      Cannon yet.
      You might spot the Real Hand Gun and the Real Twin Handguns in the Synthesis
      Shops. You can get both for free in this Chapter - one in a box, the other
      by S-Ranking a Trial. I'd advise against making a Real Hand Gun either way,
      since it's inferior to the Beamgun. As for its Twin version, Yohmei's set of
      Twin Handguns, the Ryo-Louktore, has more PPs but less ATT and ACC, so it's
      really up to you.
      Yohmei now also has the final TECH variety, Megid, and B-Rank versions of a
      lot of weapons, including Swords, Spears, Twin Sabers and Bows, among others.
      As for Tenora, they have B-Rank versions of other weapons such as Knuckles,
      Shotguns and Crossbows. The Slyrod and Cubo Upinde in here are tempting,
      though you can either buy them now or try to get lucky with enemy drops in
      this Chapter as well.
      As for elements, a fair number of enemies in the next story mission heavilly
      use Ice attacks, while others are Ground-based and can use Fire. This Chapter
      ends with a Boss based on the Light element, however. Good time for Forces to
      start working on Megid, though Rangers and Hunters won't have any elemental
      advantage over it, since there are no Dark-based Photons or Bullets yet.
      When you're ready to carry on, form a party with only Hyuga and Maya, then
      head for the Flyer Base. A scene will play out, then you'll be dumped in the
      Mission Counter - you can leave the Counter if you still have things to do,
      though. Otherwise, time to carry on by selecting "Karen's Rescue".
      [PSUSTO06]  Story Mission 6: "Karen's Rescue"
      Box Drops:	   Real Handgun (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Misaki
    		   [B] Shigga Bigul
    		   [B] Repeater
      Enemy Drops:     White Glove -- Armed Servant (Taguba), Armed Servant (Ozuna)
    		   Slyrod -- Bysha type-Koh21
    		   Cubo Upinde -- Bysha type-Otsu32
    		   Sta / Mind -- Gohmon
    		   Stina-zashi -- Goshin
    		   Giga / Legs S -- Kamatoze
    		   Compadri -- Ollaka
      Shikon Islands: Block A-1
      Watch the scenes. You can pretty much guess what comes next. Anyway, look to
      the far west side of the map for a save point. Use it, then ask Bruce for
      some explanations on how to use the Floader. After that, get on it and ride
      away in another Trial.
      [PSUTRI17]  Trial 17: Clear the swamp area with the floader!
      Time to beat: 2:30 minutes
      Enemies to kill: -none-
      Notes: Mini-game time! There's not much to suggest here. Just go as fast as
             you can while avoiding the moving mines. The yellow power-ups give
             speed boosts. You should do your best to chain these together to go
             even faster - but there's also a chance you can't dodge some mines at
             high speed.
             I'll give directions, but you'll probably need to replay this section
             anyway since it's something better played than explained.
             Also, hitting one or two mines isn't problematic, but too many blows
             will force you to restart - if you do, you'll start over on Block A-1,
             with the timer still ticking.
             Finally, if you fail and have to start over, open your map when you
             reach an area - you'll see where you passed through before and will
             get a general idea of where to go next.
      From your starting point, speed up while turning to the right. Keep going the
      long path then turn left. You should see the first mine ahead, so do your
      best to avoid it while making a soft turn to the left, making sure you grab
      the first power-up.
      Keep following the path, then turn to your right and go straight ahead, in
      the direction of the lamp in the distance. There will be three mines on the
      way - it might be a good idea to slow down and go around their left. After
      that, go right to find another mine. If you're confident, take the first left
      turn while dodging the mine, then grab the power-up and swerve to the right
      to dodge the explosive; otherwise, take the second left, dodge the mine but
      try grabbing the power-up to cut down on a couple of seconds.
      Either way, continue past both of them into the next area.
      Shikon Islands: Block A-2
      Drive straight ahead in the direction of the big rooted tree in the distance,
      but note that the two mines ahead have an X-shaped trajectory, with the one
      drawing the horizontal line being the toughest to dodge. After them turn
      right, then make a soft curve to the left. Ahead and slightly to your right
      is a narrow path between two big trees; there's also a smaller path to the
      Ignore the one between the trees and take the one on the left. Take that
      power-up then go at full speed into a narrower path straight ahead. As soon
      as you get near the narrow opening, slow down and steer left to avoid the
      mine at the center of the round section of the path, then speed up again
      through the exit, grabbing another power-up.
      When you're out of that last path, turn slightly left than go to the right.
      A power-up will be close to the wall on the left, do your best to take that
      and keep going north on the map until you reach the end of the area between
      two large trees.
      Shikon Islands: Block A-3
      This will get slight tricky. There are three mines ahead and a power-up
      sitting right between their paths. You can risk grabbing it if the Floader's
      HPs are pretty high, though. In any case, go right after the mines then there
      will be a choice - a forward, narrow path (north and very slightly east on
      the map) or a wider canal to the right (east on the map).
      Go forward, grab the power-up, then keep sliding to the left again, heading
      for the mine and power-up between two more large trees.
      At this point you're somewaht safe - if you keep going forward, you'll reach
      the next area and the end of the Trial. Just watch for those mines.
      Trial 17: Swamp area cleared!
      S-Rank Rewards: INNOCENT SLACKS, 10000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 50 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 40 Mission Points
      Shikon Islands: Block A-4
      Another cutscene with the party, then you'll be on dry land once again.
      After the next scene, keep walking forward then turn right to discover some
      Ageetas. These are the same you met in the Mizuraki District, complete with
      Ice abilities, except at a higher level - this applies to most enemies in
      this area. After them, keep going along and some Gohmons will spawn near the
      containers. Once they're gone, go through the now unlocked door on the right.
      Follow along to the left until you leave the small cave. A group of Ageetas
      will be waiting for you, and four Gohmons will spawn soon after those are
      dead. Kill them to bring down the laser fence behind them, then keep going.
      Go round the small circular section with trees and containers to fight off
      three Ageetas, then go down in the direction of the locked door in the
      A new enemy, a Kamatoze, will appear. These are like knights, if knights had
      their flesh fused with their mounts. Just be carefull with its two blades,
      charge attacks and icy shockwave that lasts for a while - he's easy if you
      use knockdown PAs. When he's dead, take the door at the end of the area.
      Shikon Islands: Block B-2
      First thing you'll see here is a locked door in the distance. Slightly to the
      left of where you entered, a junction will lead right to the door, or left.
      For now, go left and take the teleporter at the end.
      Here, be ready to fight three Goshin. If you're fast, a high level PA with an
      AoE can take them out quickly, or at least leave them weak enough. When
      they're down for the count, grab the Info Key and leave via the teleporter.
      Once back, just stick to the left path until you reach the locked door. Once
      you do, turn right (south on the map) and bust open the container to the
      right - four Gohmons will spawn behind you. Kill those, take another Key and
      now unlock the door.
      On the other side, go a bit to the left then more Gohmons will spawn in the
      crossroad - two of them ahead and two others to the right. Kill the ones in
      front of you then take down those on the right. Follow this path on the right
      to find another set of three containers - the one on the right will spawn
      three Goshin when broken. Take these out, grab the Key that drops, then take
      to the crossroads again, this time turning right in the direction of the
      locked door. Five Gohmons, including a King variety, will spawn nearby. Take
      them out to deal with another Kamatoze, then it's time to grab the second Key
      and go through the door.
      Shikon Islands: Block C-1
      Immediately save when you reach C-1. If you need to return to Ohtoku, do so
      now - you won't be able to do so for a while after this next section. When
      ready, run to the cave ahead. Time to meet an old enemy and another Trial.
      Watch the scene first.
      [PSUTRI18]  Trial 18: Defeat the Onmagoug! (II)
      Time to beat: 1:30 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Fall frequency of Mirei: 0
      Notes: It's Onmagoug again. You know how it goes - be fast. Try hitting its
             wings when it's airborne, then rush it with your highest level PAs.
             The only thing you need to watch out for is Mirei, since all it takes
             is for her to be incapacitated once to lose 100 points, stopping you
             from getting that S-Rank.
             All previous tactics when you fought him the first time still apply,
             including its weakness against the Ice element.
      It's the same fight as before, except Onmagoug is harder. Still, you know how
      it goes. Ranged attacks on its wings, then once it collapses rush it with
      everything you have. Keep an eye out on Mirei, too.
      Trial 18: Onmagoug defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: DOUBLE SABER, 10000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 50 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 40 Mission Points
      Shikon Islands: Block D-1
      A healing plate will be to the left of where you enter. Follow the path ahead
      of you, past the pair of lamps, to reach a larger field where several Gohmons
      appear. Defeat them, which unlocks the laser fence to the left, then follow
      that path. A group of Ageetas will come up right after where the fence was,
      and a Kamatoze will then spawn near the door. Kill him for a Key, then go
      through the door.
      After the rocky corridor, keep walking forward so that four more Ageetas
      will spawn from the left path. Defeat them, then take the right path first.
      Just keep following the path to its end, fighting Ageetas along the way. When
      you get near the end, four Gohmons and a Kamatoze will interrupt the walk in
      the woods. Be careful of the Gohmons' freeze attacks. Once they're worm food,
      grab the Info Key. Now go back all the way to the start of D-1 and take the
      left path.
      As you get close to the locked door, more Gohmons will appear. Keep in mind
      that more of them will spawn as you kill the previous ones. Once finished,
      grab another Key than go through the door.
      Shikon Islands: Block D-2
      Once here, go left then righ towards another locked door. Ollakas will appear
      close by; you'll spot three right ahead, while a fourth will be over to the
      right of the door. Killing them unlocks the door, so go through it.
      Inside the cave, prepare for four more Ollakas and then two Kamatozes will
      appear further in the back of the cave. Once they're all gone, an Info Key
      will drop on the right side, near a laser fence. Bring it down then cross
      over to the outside to find another batch of Ollakas, who will present you
      the Key necessary to open the door inside the cave.
      Note that if you go to the far north of this outside area, you will see a
      teleporter. Taking it brings you to the small area right in front of you with
      three containers. These usually drop Scape Dolls and Star Atomizers.
      Once you go back and open the cave door, several Ageetas will come from the
      right; more of them will spawn after you kill the first ones. Follow this
      path to the closed door ahead, where two Ollakas and a Kamatoze come out of
      hiding. Killing them grants you passage across the door; meanwhile, going
      eastward on the map will take you to three more containers. When ready, go
      through the door.
      Shikon Islands: Block D-3
      Take the only path available to the left, toward the locked door, and then
      confront some more Gohmons. Once they're done, go right to grab the Key they
      dropped and do away with the fence. After that, keep going for another locked
      door and three Gohmons. Killing them brings out three Goshin, and killing
      those unlocks the door up ahead.
      Going through it, you'll find yourself inside a cave again, where a Kamatoze
      and some Goshin are waiting. Adding them to your already impressive murder
      statistics will drop an Info Key. Pick it up, leave the cave, then retrace
      your steps to the first locked door you saw outside. Unlock it, then go along
      the inner path - once you're outside again, a scene will play out.
      After it, move towards the Hakura Temple - three Gohmons will be outside,
      while two others and a Kamatoze will spawn afterwards. Killing them all
      unlocks the door to the temple, so go inside.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block A-1
      It's possible to return to Ohtoku City from here, if you want to. Otherwise,
      there is a saving point, healing plate and Photon charger up ahead. When you
      are ready, press onward.
      At the T-Junction, go right first. Here you'll meet a new robotic variant,
      the Bysha Type-Koh21. Unlike past versions, these are weak against Diga, so
      Zonde them all on sight. Don't forget to stay clear of their explosions when
      they die, and pay attention to their lightning attacks as well. Of special
      note, they can cast Gidiga - basically, an earthquake - that can deal some
      hefty damage. Grab the Key they drop then take to the corridor again, this
      time taking the path further down.
      Deal with more Byshas here, grab another Key but before you take down that
      fence, enter the room ahead - you'll find three containers. Destroy the one
      on the back to have three Bysha Type-Otsu32 spawn. These are pretty much like
      the Koh21 except they spit fireballs. Once they're defeated, return to the
      previous room, disable the fence and carry on.
      More Otsu32's will come from the stairs in front of you - killing them gives
      another Info Key. Go up the first flight of stairs, then take the one to the
      right. Cracking the boxes on the right side might reward you with either of
      the Boards mentioned in this Chapter's header.
      Now cross to the opposite flight of stairs, then go along the platform until
      you find some stairs down. Take them, then confront a Koh21 and two Otsu32.
      By destroying these, you'll get another Key which will open the door right in
      front of you.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block A-2
      To the right, battle against three more Koh21's, then go through the door
      that unlocks. At the junction, go straight ahead. Move along the path and
      engage three more Koh21s. Kill them, grab the Key and unlock the door at the
      end for three containers. The one on the left will have the REAL HAND GUN.
      Basically, it's a pistol shaped like a gloved hand reminescent of Sonic. But
      one that's very capable, and likely better than any other single handgun you
      have now.
      Destroying the crate on the right spawns two Otsu32s, by the way.
      When ready, retrace your steps back to the junction and take the other path.
      In the next room, three Koh21s will attack you, followed by three Otsu32s.
      See the locked door on the right? Once they're trashed, go left and down the
      stairs, destroy four more robots, then go up the other set of stairs. Now
      grab the Key on the floor then go back - on the way, several Koh21s will
      spawn at the top of the stairs, so take them out. When you're ready, take
      the door.
      In this room, deal with the now-too-constant Otsus, then face another trio of
      Kohs. When they're all defeated, go through the nearby door that unlocks.
      Hint: You won't be able to return to Othoku from this point onward. Also, if
            you want to find the Boards on the containers, return to Block A-1,
            save, then quit the game. When you reload, all enemies and boxes will
            be restored.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block A-3
      Watch the scene. Hyuga will leave the party for the time being, so it's only
      you, Maya and Mirei.
      In this next block, deal with three Oshus then go down the stairs and up the
      next flight, ignoring all other paths for now. Enter the door.
      Old Hakura Temple: Dohgi's Study
      Watch another scene, then take advantage of the save point and healing plate
      in the room. Return to the temple.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block B-1
      Another scene. In case you haven't guessed, you'll be fighting many Armed
      Servants. The Taguba variety will often employ Barta, while the Ozuna kind
      will use Foie.
      After the first two are done, go down the stairs. Ignore the right path and
      the stairs in front of you. Go left, up the stairs and fight more Servants at
      the top. To open the locked door ahead, enter through the door on the right
      and finish off three robots. Grab the Key and return outside to use it.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block B-2
      At the crossroad, going right leads you to a dead end with some Otsu32s and
      three boxes. The path that extends further ahead leads to some boxes. It's
      possible you'll make three Armed Servants spawn by breaking them, but they'll
      be out of your reach - for now.
      The left path has a large hall with some stairs going up and an annex to the
      right. As you enter, several waves of Servants will come down so deal with
      them. Up the stairs are three containers that may drop Star Atomizers and
      Scape Dolls, while to the right you'll find a locked door, along with laser
      fences protecting a healing plate and some boxes. After you dispatch the
      Otsu32s and Servants, the fences will go down and you'll receive a Key for
      the door.
      Once you go through it, you'll see a bridge, and the three Servants that were
      out of reach. Kill them, then keep going along the bridge for a Key - use it
      to unlock the door right in front of you. Inside, several Servants will
      welcome you. After them, more Otsus spawn in - killing these unlocks the door
      on the right. After another small room with containers, another group of
      Servants is waiting in the adjoining room. Deal with those, which unlocks
      another door, which leads to the next sector.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block B-3
      Save, then go through another door on the right.
      Old Hakura Temple: Block C-1
      Watch the long scene, then it's time to fight another Boss under a Trial.
      [PSUTRI19]  Trial 19: Defeat the Adahna Degahna!
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: The Adahna Degahna isn't particularly hard, but has several patterns
             worth paying attention to. The right arm has a built-in machine gun,
             while it will use an energy whip that can stun you with the left.
             It can fire off some missiles, erect a force field, dash and teleport
             around the battlefield. When it stops and you hear a high-pitched
             sound, it's going to fire off a laser cannon from its lower half.
             It also uses Resta on itself.
             Hunters should use PAs with a wider area of attack, vertically or
             horizontally. Forces with Megid TECHS will have an easier time, so
             long as they're quick and have good timing. While Megid isn't an
             extremely necessary TECH, it's the one the Degahna is weak against.
             Out of all of them, I'd suggest going with Megid or Ramegid. Dammegid
             will only be useful if you take advantage of times where it's standing
             still at the expense of having to waste several seconds waiting for
             that to happen, and Nosmegid may be too fickle thanks to its homing
             ability. Outside of Megid, just use the highest level TECHS in your
             portfolio - I found Noszonde pretty good.
             Rangers don't have access to Dark-based Bullets yet, but they will be
             fine with Machinegun/Dagger and Handgun/Saber combos, or a Spear with
             with a good PA. Rifles, Bows and Cannons are slower but come off as
             good secondary choices.
      When the battle starts, skip the cutscene to buy yourself more seconds, then
      run towards it.
      Degahna's main weakness is its back. It's an easy, wide area to hit but don't
      just focus on it since it has multiple body parts. The arms are trickier to
      hit but tend to take more damage, for instance. Go for the back - if you can
      not, hit anything you can.
      The AI has a "blind spot" of sorts. It will constantly turn around to keep
      you within its sights, so if you place yourself on its back or right behind
      its elbow, it will keep turning but take you along with it. If it can't find
      you, it will spin continuously on the spot.
      Also, if you hit its middle section - the one resembling a humanoid figure -
      there's a chance the machine will momentarily collapse on itself. This is
      best done with firearms in first-person view or with Skills that cover more
      ground, whether through elevation (Spinning Break, Rising Strike) or through
      a wider attack area (Dus Daggas, Shousen Totsuzan-ga).
      Finally, avoid stepping on the light circles around the arena since they can
      damage and knock you back.
      Trial 19: Adahna Degahna defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: TWIN REAL HANDGUN, 10000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 50 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 40 Mission Points
      That's it - no more Doghistyle! Watch all the scenes, and that concludes
      Chapter 7. And make a save at the end of this Chapter, just in case.
      [PSUCHA08]  Chapter 8 - In Mellvore's Wake
      Rewards:	- Free Mission: "The Demons Above"
                    - Free Mission: "Defend Islands"
                    - Scape Doll (S-Rank Trial 20)
    		- 7500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 20)
    		- Lou's Partner Card
                    - Jitseen
    		- Innocent Jacket (S-Rank Trial 21)
    		- 7500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 21)
    		- Grinder A+4 (S-Rank Trial 22)
    		- 7500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 22)
    		- Asami-Zashi (S-Rank Trial 23)
    		- 7500 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 23)
      Watch the introduction scene...
      Food Plant: Block A-1
      ...Then watch another scene, then it's time for a Trial.
      [PSUTRI20]  Trial 20: Exterminate the SEED
      Time to beat: 8:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: This Trial doesn't count enemies killed, just the time it
      Notes: You only have Ethan at the start of this Trial.
             This plays out more or less like the first Trial in the game, when
             you needed to reach the Linear Line Platform. The scenario and the
             enemies will be the same (albeit higher level). It's not hard, though.
             Also, while there are no points earned from killing a specific number
             of enemies, you have to kill most groups in order to get Keys or open
             doors anyway.
      From your starting point, ignore the locked door to the left and go right.
      In this next room, there will be three containers straight ahead - ignore
      those, and go to the left of the room for four others. Hit the one in the
      front to spawn Sendillans. Kill them, take the Key and unlock that door you
      saw moments ago.
      In this next room, kill the four Delsabans ahead then keep walking towards
      the fence in the back - five Pannons will spawn nearby. Kill those, grab
      another Key and bring that fence down. Go through the door on the other side.
      Food Plant: Block A-2
      Tonnio and Leo join up, but don't wait for them to finish talking, just keep
      Now, this room will have several paths, so stay focused - it helps to check
      out the map. From your starting point, make a left turn and go towards the
      door there. Three Sendillans will be there - kill them to get a Key. Now go
      back to the main room and go left again. You'll see a fence and a path to the
      right; said path also has two doors nearby, one straight ahead (east on the
      map) and another to the right (south on the map).
      Take the one to right first and bring down three Dellsabans along with three
      Pannons. Grab the Key they drop and take the door at the end of the room, to
      the left of the containers. Killing the four Delsabans here will bring three
      Sendillans into the fray, and killing those brings another Key. Now retrace
      your steps and leave these two rooms, and take the other path you ignored
      earlier, to the east of the map.
      Another empty room with boxes - in the two sets, destroy the first box on the
      right. More Delsabans and Pannons will creep up; their demise drops another
      Key. With all four now in your hand, return to the main room with the fence.
      Bring it down and carry onward.
      Food Plant: Block A-3
      In this final area, keep walking to the left and a SEED-Vance will spawn.
      Same tactics as before, give preferencial treatment to PAs with knockdown,
      and be quick to avoid its spore and tentacles. When you kill the Vance, two
      others will spawn - one to the left and another to the right of where the
      first one was.
      Kill them and that's that.
      Trial 20: Exterminated the SEED!
      S-Rank Rewards: SCAPE DOLL, 7500 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 50 Mission Points
      Watch all the scenes that follow and you'll be taken to the PPT Spaceport.
      Ethan will say he should return to his room, so do it.
      Once there, talk to Pete. When you finish discussing both topics available,
      choose to talk again later and Ethan will give his opinion on the SEED attack
      that just took place. Ehtan will then point out he should have a talk with
      Headmaster Nav. Once that's done, check the Vision Phone to see what new Free
      Missions you received.
      Leave the room.
      Clyez City 1st Floor: Central Plate
      Watch the scene with Lumia, then go to the Guardians HQ.
      Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS Headquarters
      Watch the scene between Ethan and Nav, then it's time for some more dialogue.
      After all that, you'll learn Hyuga won't be available for this next story
      mission, and your partners will be Maya and Lou, along with a third person,
      unknown for now. Try leaving HQ and another scene will play out between
      Hyuga, Ethan and Lumia. Now you're free to leave.
      Clyez City 4th Floor: PPT Spaceport
      The game will kinda jerk you off now. If you head to any PPT gates, another
      scene will play out with Lou, then you'll be taken immediately to Parum.
      Holtes City: Central Square
      Watch the scene with Maya, and then Lou will arrive. Your next mission is in
      Mellvore, the ruined capital. The mission "In the Ruins" is now be available
      from the Flyer Base at Holtes, and you'll receive Lou's Partner Card. After
      that, you're free to explore new Free Missions and consider equipment for the
      next story mission.
      Unlike the previous Chapter, item synthesis this time is all about the line
      shields. Other than the Vullseye (a Rifle for Rangers, which requires Par Ash
      in the "???" material) and the first PA for Double Sabers (Tornado Dance, on
      sale in shops), your attention should go to the advanced set of armors now
      available. The Gigaline (GRM), Rabol Giga (Tenora), and Gi-senba (Yohmei) can
      now all be manufactured.
      The only problem is they all require specific elemental Photons, meaning you
      can't craft one tailored to your elemental needs. The Gigaline will protect
      against Fire, the Gi-senba offers protection vs. Ice, and the Rabol Giga will
      be Ground-based. Fire, Electricity, Ice and Light are the dominant elemental
      affinities of enemies in the next story mission, but they rarely or never
      use attacks based on their elements, so it's hard to suggest one line shield
      above others, though it's easier to forget about the Rabol Giga.
      Also, the Boss at the end of this Chapter will use both Fire and Ice as its
      main elemental attacks, which makes it tough since both the Gigaline and the
      Gi-senba would be useful. In a final analysis, the Gi-senba might be a better
      choice overall, because one particular enemy and the Chapter's Boss will use
      high level Ice attacks, and being frozen leaves you much more vulnerable than
      being burned. The only downside is that the Boss' Fire attacks will deal even
      more damage to you, since the line shield has the opposite element.
      Rangers can now use advanced traps, the Trap G variety, found on all item
      shops. While you can only carry 15 of them - as opposed to 30 normal traps -
      these can be set off when you wish. A final note here, is that GRM now has
      Photon Arts for Cannons and Rifles, all based on the Fire, Ice, Lightning and
      Ground elements.
      Whenever you're ready, form a party with Maya and Lou then take off from
      Holtes' Flyer Base. A cutscene plays out.
      [PSUSTO07]  Story Mission 7: "In the Ruins"
      Box Drops:	   Jitseen (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Gigaline
    		   [B] Mukrudi
    		   [B] Baybari
      Enemy Drops:     Asami-zashi -- GSM-05 Seeker
    		   Laser Cannon -- Jarba
    		   Star Atomizer -- Special Ops (Solda)
    		   Vahra Nail -- Vahra
    		   Mega / Knight -- Volfu
      Outskirts of Old Mellvore City
      And another when you land. Soon you find out who will be accompanying your
      party. This time, it's Kou Taragi, another A-Photon scientist.
      Underground Plant: Block A-1
      Take advantage of the save point to the left, then cross the bridge to find a
      group of Vahras waiting on the other side. There is a door on each side of
      the room - for now, take the right one. The lights will go out when you get
      near the end of the corridor, the lights will go out. The Volfu will premiere
      in the next room. If want to see what you're hitting, there is a light panel
      on the ground, underneath the boxes on the left side. Take them out and then
      return to the previous large room.
      Now take the other door and you'll find another crossroad. Here, just go left
      first to a room that will showcase another new enemy, the Jarba. Careful with
      these. They are tough, can engage in melee, jump around and have Dambarta,
      Megid and Retier at their disposal. In other words, it can resist your blows,
      jump away from them, hit you hard, freeze you and boost its own TECH energy.
      Worse of all is Megid's chance to instantly kill anything it hits. Yet, it's
      weak against the Ice element.
      Take it out as well as the Volfus nearby; as before, the light switch can be
      found under the boxes, this time positioned straight ahead of the entrance.
      After that, go back to the corridor and take the other path.
      Another Jarba and two two Volfus are in this room, and killing those will
      spawn two more Jarbas. Taking these out will bring down the fence protecting
      the ramp on the left and unlock the door to the right. Take this door to find
      and fight against a Vahra and two Volfus, then return to the previous room
      and go up the ramps. To the right will be some containers, and going left
      instead will take you to a section closed off with another fence, three
      Vahras, containers to the left and a teleporter to the right. Once you have
      taken out the trash, take the teleporter.
      In this small section, you'll have to deal with several Vahras, then four
      Volfus and finally two more Jarbas. This brings down the previous laser fence
      while also opening the way to more containers, and unlock the door beyond the
      bridge. Take it to reach the next area.
      Underground Plant: Block A-2
      A scene will play out and then - more robots! Welcome the GSM-05 Seeker, the
      newest addition to the robot family. No surprises here regarding the previous
      versions, though this version uses a rocket launcher. Go down the ramp and
      finish both of them off. This large room may seem confusing but it's actually
      very simple. To carry on, you need to defeat two more groups of robots. Check
      your map - the next batch is between both cylinders at the top, and the third
      group is to the north east, by the ramp. This last group also introduces a
      new robotic variant, the GSM-05B Bomalta. This one uses electrical attacks to
      hit and stun the party, so beware.
      Once they're all down, a scene will play out. There are some containers here,
      if you feel like vandalizing them. When the scene ends, you'll be facing the
      ramp - the containers are behind you (west on the map, a bit past the left
      cylinder) and to your right (far south on the map.
      When you're ready, take the ramp, use the healing plate if you need to, then
      go through the the door.
      Underground Plant: Block B-1
      Walk forward a bit and a scene plays out. Taragi will mention the control
      switches, of which there are nine to activate. From this first one, go down
      the ramp and follow the left path. At the crossroad, three Seekers will
      attack. Dispose of them, then activate the nearby switch (1). Once that's
      done, take the left path. You'll see a ramp to the right and a control switch
      but before you can get to them, another new enemy will appear. Take out the
      Special Ops (Solda), activate the switch (2) then and go up the double ramps.
      Take a left first, activate the switch (3), then take the opposite way to the
      right - there will be two switches here, one immediately in front of you (4),
      and another just a few steps to the left (5). In the opposite direction of
      that last switch (west on the map) will be another set of ramps. Go straight
      ahead to activate another switch (6) behind some crates, then down the ramp
      to fight off three Seekers. Kill them, grab the Key they drop, then activate
      another switch (7).
      Now retrace your steps back to the crossroad where you fought the three
      Seekers - along the way you'll encounter more Special Ops, this time the
      Assault variety. Once you're at the crossroad, ignore the fence for now and
      take the long path to the left of it. Behind the three Soldas that spawn will
      be another switch (8) and if you keep following that path, you'll find two
      more Assault enemies to, followed by the last switch (9) behind two boxes.
      After the last one is activated, return to the fence. Deactivate it and go up
      the ramp to find five Seekers. Kill them, then go to the lar left of the
      platform and across the bridge. For now, forget about the path blocked by the
      fence and go through the door ahead. Once you enter this large room you'll be
      ambushed by several Seekers, Soldas and Assaults. Defeat them then go through
      the door ahead. Once past the corridor, the next room will have more Seekers
      and Soldas. Grab the Key they drop once killed then go trough the door at the
      back of the room.
      Underground Plant: Block B-2
      Move toward a bit for a scene. Taragi mentions there are more switches, so
      time hunt for those.
      When you can move, go right and up the ramp. Take another right and follow
      the path to a teleporter. Take it, then find a switch (1) between two boxes.
      Flip it then keep going around the path for another teleporter. Take this
      one, and from here go left for another switch (2). You should see another one
      on the other side. Simply go around the platform and past another set of
      ramps to reach that one and activate it (3). Once that's done, you'll note
      there's a small section between these two platforms and a locked door. Go
      there and face off against a group of Seekers. When they're destroyed, the
      door unlocks. Go through it.
      Soldas and Assaults will be inside this pitch black room. The light switch is
      beneath the set of containers to the right, and the next control switch (4)
      is in plain sight. When done, return all the way back into the entrance of
      Block B-2, where Taragi mentioned the second set of switches.
      When you get there, take the north door behind the switch Taragi activated.
      Follow the inverted L-shaped corridor until you reach the next room. As soon
      as you enter, look to the left for another switch (5). Ahead of you is a ramp
      going down followed by another going up. Go down but instead of taking the
      next one up, stop for a bit. Looking to the right, you'll notice a fence;
      if you look to the left again, you'll spot another switch (6).
      Now take the ramp up and notice another switch (7) straigh ahead, but engage
      in combat with two Seekers and two Soldas before activating it. Once it's
      activated you can either take the left or right door. Take the left one, then
      activate another switch (8) then deal with four Assaults. Then, return to the
      previous room and take the other door. The final switch (9) is here, to the
      right. Flip it and be prepated to deal with a group of Soldas, followed by
      five Bomaltas.
      Grab the Info Key after the fight and return to the section with the laser
      fence. If by some chance you forgot some switches, Taragi will mention that
      and will not let you proceed. Otherwise, keep going. Bring the fence down and
      take the teleporter behind it. In this area, follow the path ahead to reach
      three containers - the one in the front has a JITSEEN, a single handed blade.
      Afterwards, follow the rest of the path to reach another teleporter. Take it.
      You're back at the base of the ramp, next to where the fence was. Now go up
      the ramp and deal with several Assaults and a couple of robots. Defeat them
      all, grab the Key and unlock the nearby door to reach the next area.
      Underground Plant: Block C-1
      Run to the left and confront five Seekers, and five Bomaltas will come next
      after the first group is destroyed. They drop an Info Key, which will let you
      unlock the door to the right. Go through the next corridor and watch a scene.
      When that's over, use the healing plate and save point in the far back of the
      room, then enter the next door.
      Underground Plant: Block C-2
      And we interrupt this guide for another Trial.
      [PSUTRI21]  Trial 21: Defeat the SEED-Forms!
      Time to beat: 1:00 minute
      Enemies to kill: This Trial doesn't count enemies killed, just the time it
                       takes, but you'll have to kill 10 enemies anyway.
      Fall frequency of Dr. Taragi: 0
      Notes: Although this Trial doesn't count enemies killed, you still need to
             kill the first wave so that the last enemy appears.
             This Trial is pretty random, in the sense that it pits you against
             SEED forms that, although seen before in the game, seem to have little
             to no context if one considers the last few areas. In any case, when
             it starts, you will be attacked by Delsabans and Pannons. A total of
             nine SEED forms are the first opponents - killing them all spawns the
             last enemy, a SEED-Vitace.
             If that name brings back memories of the SEED-Vances, you're right on
             the money. There is, however, one crucial difference: Vitaces cannot
             be knocked down. Other poignant differences include their ability to
             burrow undeground and move across the map, along with using Infection
             to poison the party. Finally, Vitaces also like to use high level Foie
             in a three hit combo.
             If you got Rising Fury, obtained by S-Ranking the Onmagoug at the end
             of Chapter 5, a fully charged Machine Gun with this PA will make the
             battle a breeze.
      The Trial isn't really hard as long as you're fast, have high level Photon
      Arts and don't let Taragi become incapacitated.
      Trial 21: SEED-Forms defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: INNOCENT JACKET, 7500 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 50 Mission Points
      Lake Denes
      Another scene.
      Denes RELICS: Block A-1
      A save point ahead preceeds your return to another RELICS site. It's also
      possible to return to Holtes now and come back later. When ready, go down the
      stairs and start another Trial.
      [PSUTRI22]  Trial 22: Rendezvous with Tomrain
      Time to beat: 10:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 72
      Fall frequency of Dr. Taragi: 0
      Notes: Just be ready to deal with the same kind of enemies you've fought in
             the RELICS site, along with Jarbas, and keep an eye on Taragi - in
             the heat of battle, it's easy to lose track of him.
      Once down the ramp, confront the Golmoros and Badiras ahead, and the Jarba
      that spawns after them.
      When they're down, you can take the door ahead or the one on the right. For
      now, go straight ahead, through the corridor, until you reach the room with
      four boxes in the center. As you get near them, some more Golmoros and a
      Jarba will circle you. Dispose of them, then return to the previous room.
      Now go right and take out several Golmoros in this place. Note a locked door
      on the far left, but ignore it for now and take the unlocked door straight
      ahead. Past the corridor, enter the room - once you reach its center, several
      Badiras and a Jarba will spawn. Kill them, grab the Key and go back to the
      previous room.
      As you get near the door, four Bajiras and another Jarba will come out of
      hiding, and two more Jarbas will spawn when you deal with the previous group.
      Once they're all dead, take the second Key you need for this door and unlock
      Denes RELICS: Block A-2
      As soon as you enter here, go to the open door on the left side of the room.
      After the small corridor, face off four Volfus wandering around. After you
      put them down, the laser fence to the right of the room will disappear. Go up
      the stairs beyond it and follow the narrow platform to reach a teleporter at
      its end. Go through it.
      Here, be ready to face eight Badiras, followed by five Volfus and finally, a
      single Jarba. Once they're all dead, the nearby fence goes down - take the
      Info Key and the teleporter beyond it. You'll be back at the platform that
      took you here in the first place, so now retrace your steps to the first room
      of Block A-2. When you enter it, you'll see the locked door on your left -
      before unlocking it, take down five Badiras that spawn in the room when you
      get close to the door. Take them out, then go through the door.
      When you enter this room, several Volfus and Badiras will get in your way.
      After they're dead, the way is through the narrow path through the left side
      of the room. Just keep following the path until it opens up again into a
      larger section. Avoid heading towards the four ornaments on the right, even
      if party members go there - go left instead, up the stairs and then take the
      teleporter at the end of the path.
      In this next segment, fight another set of eight Badiras, five Volfus and two
      Jarbas. Once that's out of the way, the fence will disappear - go that way to
      grab another Key and take another teleporter at the end. Once back here, go
      right and down the stairs towards the four ornaments. A couple of Volfus and
      a Jarba will spawn near the locked door on the right. Slay them, grab the Key
      and go through the door for the next area.
      Denes RELICS: Power Control Room
      Just run forward!
      Trial 22: Rendezvoused with Tomrain!
      S-Rank Rewards: GRINDER A+4, 7500 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 50 Mission Points
      Watch the following scenes. When they're over, time to get cracking. You will
      only have Maya as a backup, and you need to escort Tomrain. You will find
      Bruce and a save point behind the machinery Taragi and Lou are operating.
      Bruce sells Photon Charges and other recovery items, along with a couple of
      weapons. When you're ready, just go down the stairs behind him and make your
      way to the door at the end of the path.
      Denes RELICS: Block B-1
      Ignore the locked door on the righ for now and go up the stairs on the left.
      After dealing with the five Badiras, be ready to fight a different kind of
      Stateria, the Galvapas. Aside being able to rush and stomp enemies, it can
      swipe with its tail and cast Zonde. Nonetheless, its element is Light - just
      serve him some Megid, or your highest level Bullets and Skills. Grab the Key
      it drops then go down the stairs, defeat the three Golmoros then go through
      the door.
      In this corridor, just keep going forward since the left path leads to a
      locked door. Once you reach the next room, note the laser fence on the right.
      Now, make short work of the Golmoros and Badiras on the left, grab the Key
      and bring down the fence. Take the teleporter. Defeat the Galvapas in this
      next room, grab the Key and take the only door. You'll come out through the
      locked door on the corridor - retrace your steps to the previous room. Once
      you're back, five Badiras will come out and play. Wipe them out then take the
      At the end of the corridor lies another large room. Go left to fight more
      Badiras, then right to fend off Golmoros, then be ready to take down two
      Galvapas. It's possible they'll rush at you when they appear, so just dodge,
      then hit them hard. After all that, the door unlocks, so take it.
      Denes RELICS: Block B-2
      Follow the path until the locked door - when you get near, Golmoros will
      appear all around you. Their deaths unlock the door, taking you into another
      corridor. This time, it's the right path you should ignore because of the
      locked door, so just go straight ahead. In the next room, go up the stairs to
      fight a pack of Volfus. Putting these out of their misery brings down the
      laser fence on the right. Go through the narrow path to the right, then
      meet an Orgdus - a Svaltus variant, if you will, with a weakness to Megid.
      Keep going along the path to find and fight another one, then follow the only
      possible way down some stairs.
      There is a locked door to the right and another laser fence ahead. First of
      all, kill the pesky Golmoros, followed by a couple of Volfus. The door then
      unlocks but pay no mind to it - it's the locked door you passed by on the
      corridor, so go up the next flight of stairs. There is a set of stairs to the
      left and a laser fence on the far right (south on the map). For the moment,
      go towards the fence and kill off the Golmoros, then find another teleporter
      next to the fence. Take it.
      In this mini-arena, you will fight some Golmoros, an Orgdus, some Volfus and
      finally, another Orgdus. After all them, the fence you saw shuts down. Take
      the stairs to the north of the map, grabbing the Key on your way up, then go
      towards the right when you're back on top. Go down another flight of stairs,
      then slightly to the right to stomp some more Volfus, then left. Unlock the
      door to the next area.
      Denes RELICS: Block C-1
      Use the save point dead ahead. Then go up the stairs and around the column to
      find some containers and some stairs. Take them down to fight more Golmoros
      and a Galvapas. When they're gone, just keep going forward, then take the
      stairs up in the back of the room for a Boss battle with some Trial on the
      Denes RELICS: Block C-2
      Cutscene, then it's time to fight.
      [PSUTRI23]  Trial 23: Defeat the De Ragnus
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: De Ragnus is basically a sturdier De Ragan.
             One head will spit fire while the other exhales ice, and both heads
             can do this either independently, targetting different areas, or in
             unison, concentrating on the same area or target. Tail swipes, flight
             and ground stomps are other things you shouldn't neglect, since the
             dragon is at a high enough level to instantly kill (or severely wound,
             at least) underdeveloped characters.
             All characters used to exploiting an enemy's elemental weakness will
             have a harder time here, since De Ragnus is element neutral. Yes, even
             the heads! However, it has a weakness: the head that breathes Ice has
             lower defense than the one that spits fire. So when possible, use this
             to your advantage.
      Just about any tactics you used against De Ragan work here. The neck, wings
      and heads should be your primary targets here, although the tail is a viable
      weak point as long as you keep a healthy distance from it since the dragon
      can swing it.
      Just focus on your highest level Photon Arts, and try to predict its moves.
      Trial 23: De Ragnus defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: ASAMI-ZASHI, 7500 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1000 Meseta, 60 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 50 Mission Points
      After that, watch all the cutscenes that follow. Bon voyage, Chapter 8!
      [PSUCHA09]  Chapter 9 - Hot SOS
      Rewards:      - Free Mission: "Annihilation"
                    - Free Mission: "Grove of Fanatics"
                    - Grinder A+5 (S-Rank Trial 24)
                    - 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 24)
                    - Dual Slasher
                    - Vullseye (S-Rank Trial 25)
                    - 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 25)
                    - Tero / HP Restore (S-Rank Trial 26)
                    - 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 26)
      Watch the scene between Maya and Ethan on Neudaiz. As Ethan will then think
      to himself, first thing to do is return to his room in the Colony, so go to
      the PPT and take a shuttle there, directly to the Barracks.
      GUARDIANS Barracks
      Watch the scene that plays out. Talk with Pete about current events if you
      wish, or check the Vision Phone to see the two additional Free Missions you
      received. Anyway, your next destination is the Guardians' HQ in the colony,
      so go there.
      Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS Headquarters
      Head to the reception counter and talk to Mina.
      GUARDIANS Headquarters: Meeting Room
      Watch the cutscene. You'll learn more about Lou, even if it was a bit obvious
      from the start, and about your next mission, which will take place on the
      East Kugu Desert in Moatoob. When all is said, leave HQ and take the shuttle
      directly to the GUARDIANS Branch in Moatoob.
      GUARDIANS Dagora Branch
      Watch the scene. The mission "Search for Lou" will now be available to take
      from the Flyer Base in Dagora. Leave the Guardians branch and do your best to
      go in prepared. But how prepared should you be?
      This next story mission is where difficulty starts to ramp up. Generally, PSU
      isn't that hard a game, but still... You will be up against stronger enemies,
      and a nightmarish Boss at the end of the Chapter. If you plan on levelling
      up, "Grove of Fanatics" is the most rewarding Free Mission right now.
      Regarding synthesis, the last two Photon varieties - Light and Dark - are now
      available, which opens up some nifty possibilities... Or they would, if both
      were not largely pointless for this Chapter. The Synthesis Shop in Parum has
      a Board for the Durandal, a Saber; the one in Neudaiz has a recipe for the
      Assino-zashi, a Twin Dagger; and the one at the Colony has a Board for new
      Knuckles, the Gudda Ribat.
      As for what's on the market... GRM now has all PAs for Cannons and Rifles
      available; the Gatling, a new Machine Gun; and the Cresline, a line shield,
      which has no unit slots and is element neutral. Tenora's selection at this
      point is more varied. Several B-Rank weapons are on display, while their new
      line shield - the Rabol Patte - is also element neutral, but does have three
      slots to compensate for that.
      Your best bet in terms of protection might just be sticking with the armor
      already available in the previous Chapter, specifically with the Gigaline,
      since Fire will be the most commonly used element in the next story mission.
      If you haven't created one, do so now, and do your best to get a high Fire
      percentage on it.
      Regarding Photon Arts, I strongly suggest having all your favorite ones at
      level 21, or on their way to reaching it. Reasons are obvious: most Skills
      get an additional combo, Bullets get increased chances of triggering status
      effects and/or additional shots, and TECHS increase in power.
      Finally, this Chapter's Boss is weak against Ground. For the fight, every
      Type should take a ranged weapon with Ground PAs; Hunters and Rangers can
      also take melee weapons with the element.
      When ready, take the mission from the Flyer Base, and remember you will not
      be able to return to the city during its duration.
      Watch the cutscene, and then...
      [PSUSTO08]  Story Mission 8: "Search for Lou"
      Box Drops:	   Dual Slasher (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Mukrudi
    		   [B] Gigaline
      Enemy Drops:     Me / Concentrate -- Bil de Vear
    		   Shigga Wadda -- Kog Nadd
    		   Mega Wall -- Naval
    		   Rabol Stella -- Vanda
    		   Vullseye -- Zoona
      East Kugu Desert: Block A-1
      That didn't go so well. The group is now stranded somewhere in the East Kugu
      Desert, and Tinno suggests using Lungas to reach the touchdown point quickly.
      East Kugu Desert: Block A-2
      Just follow the cave until you come outside. Some Lungas are prancing about;
      all you have to do is get near one and "use" it to start another scene. After
      that, a tutorial will explain how to ride the Lungas so when you're ready,
      exit the explanation, get on the Lunga and ride it out into the exit right in
      front of it to start a Trial.
      [PSUTRI24]  Trial 24: Ride the Lunga, clear the desert area!
      Time to beat: 6:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 21
      Notes: While you can use the Lunga's breath to attack the enemies that will
             be present in this next challenge, it's a weak move - you'll take too
             long to dispose of each group, and time is imperative in any Trial.
             Also, using the Lunga that way leaves it open to enemy attacks.
             The best way to achieve an S-Rank here, besides being fast, is to
             dismount the Lunga when an enemy group comes up, kill the opposition,
             mount it quickly and then carry on. You really only need to use the
             Lunga's breath against some walls (to open up the way) and some trees,
             since they leave goodies that restore its health.
             About those trees, nearly all of them have a restorative item. Not all
             do, so be fast and try to keep its health above 50 HPs.
             Finally, if your Lunga dies, a new one will spawn at the start of each
             block, so avoid that - it's a long walk.
      East Kugu Desert: Block A-3
      Go forward, then take a right and keep going - notice the large tree between
      the mountains? Take it out with the Lunga's breath. Go through the opening,
      then take a left to meet your first enemies here, two Vandas. Once they're
      gone, keep riding the Lunga left to find another large tree. Take it out then
      enter the next section.
      Follow the path left and confront three more Vandas. After those, just keep
      going straight (south and west on the map) to find another large tree. Taking
      it down opens the way to the next section. Here, just go right, fight off
      three more Vandas, then take out the next large tree at the end. Then all you
      have to do is go forward and take the exit to the next area.
      East Kugu Desert: Block A-4
      Forward, and a bit to the right, is another large tree. After you dispose of
      it, head for the small tree up ahead - four Vandas will spawn around it, so
      take these out. When ready, ignore the larger path on the right since it
      leads to a dead end, and go left until you come to another large tree, taking
      it down. Follow the only path available, turning right for another large tree
      and another section.
      Ride the Lunga in the direction of the double lamps in the distance - more
      Vandas will attack on sight. Deal with those then ride to the left to find
      another large tree. Past that, go towards the small tree ahead to meet three
      more Vandas, then follow the long path left until more Vandas pop up. After
      them, carry on to the large tree in the distance, burn it and go through.
      Now just go right, find another large tree and the Trial will end when you
      burn it.
      Trial 24: Desert area cleared!
      S-Rank Rewards: GRINDER A+5, 10000 Meseta, 120 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 60 Mission Points
      East Kugu Desert Caves: Block A-1
      Once here, you can find a save point to the left of the entrance.
      To proceed, go past the save point and down a small passage. At the end, be
      ready to face more Vandas and a new enemy, the Naval - just your average
      ankle-biting creature, a reskin of the Badiras. Follow the path to the right
      to find more Vandas, including a King version, who must be killed in order to
      unlock the door behind them. Make a mental note of the laser fence to the
      right of it, then go through the door. The path will split once again. Go
      straight ahead, then left to find some containers. Break the one on the right
      to spawn several Navals around you. Kill them to get a Key, then leave the
      way you came.
      If you take the left path (east on the map), you'll find yourself in a large
      chamber where two Navals and a Kog Nadd will appear, followed by Vandas in
      front of you (including another King) - another set of Vandas will appear
      further behind you when you kill the first batch. It's a little optional room
      with nothing else in it but enemies and three containers.
      Whether you went there or not, now that you have a Key it's time to return to
      that laser fence you saw earlier. So retrace your steps and bring the fence
      down - two Navals will spawn ahead, followed by two others close behind. When
      they're done, follow the path to find a locked door. Since you can't take it
      for now, go to the right (south west on the map) across the narrow, rocky
      bridge, then left again for three more Vandas.
      The door in front of you leads to a small room with two Vandas, while the
      left path will take you across a bridge and through another door. Open it and
      find a Nadd inside along with several containers. A Key will drop inside the
      room once the beast is killed. With it in your possession, go back through
      the bridge. At the end, several Navals will come up, followed by more as you
      kill off the first group. Now return to the previous locked door, unlock it
      and go through to reach the next area.
      East Kugu Desert Caves: Block A-2
      There will be two paths to choose from again, left or right. Left leads to
      several optional enemies, while right is the way to go.
      Going left from the start of Block A-2: go along the path until you find two
      Navals, followd by two more of them and a Vanda up ahead. As you near the end
      of this path, Zoonas will appear. When they're down, go forward to find two
      containers. When destroyed, the left one has a chance to drop several Boards.
      Going right from the start of Block A-2: follow the path down, past the door
      find three Vandas. After those, go left to deal with more Navals. Kill them
      to bring down the laser fence, then cross the bridge. As soon as you get to
      the end, go right then around the large rock to grab an Info Key, then go
      left to kill some Navals and a Zoona. Doing so rewards you with another Key.
      The path straight ahead leads to a small closed off area with two containers,
      by the way.
      From this point, go back across the bridge and to the locked door. Unlock it,
      then follow the path to meet more Vandas. Once at the split path, take the
      right side first. Once through the door, kill the two Zoonas inside to get
      yet another Key. Now exit and take the other path. At the end, bring down the
      laser fence and walk forward to be greeted by a Zoona and some Vandas. Once
      they're down, bring down the fence on the left to access all the containers.
      The left one holds a DUAL SLASHER.
      Now turn back and head to the back of the area to find another Zoona and some
      Navals closed to the locked door. Another Key will drop down after their
      demise, so grab it to unlock the door and move to the next area.
      East Kugu Desert Caves: Exit
      Just keep walking for another scene. You'll then be ambushed by some enemies,
      the Special Ops (Kanohne), but they're a pushover. After that, another scene
      plays out.
      East Kugu Desert: Block B-1
      There's a save point to the right, and a healing plate and Photon Charger to
      the far left. Use them as you see fit, though I recommend saving. When ready,
      just go in the direction of the locked door in the distance.
      Four Vandas will appear halfway, followed by three Bul Bunas. These look and
      attack the same as the Goshin, so be ready to deal with their Foie attacks,
      chance to lower your attack power and burrowing underground. Next up, meet
      and beat the Bil de Vear. PSO veterans will recognize them as PSU's take on
      These jump great distances, bridging the gap between the party and themselves
      very well. Other than that, he can stun with a bodyslam, use Zalure and do a
      devastating spin attack. That last one is the most dangerous of his moves,
      even more so because it's almost always a counterattack to any PAs you use on
      Once he's down, the door unlocks. Go through it to reach another wide open
      space with the same enemy groups as the last section - a group of Vandas just
      ahead of you, followed by three Bul Bunas to the left and another Bil de Vear
      further to the left. Their deaths give you another Key, used to unlock the
      door at the far end of the area.
      East Kugu Desert: Block B-2
      In this large cave, two laser fences can be found, one to the right (east on
      the map) and another straight ahead (to the far north on the map). Anyway,
      just go forward for now until more Vandas appear. Killing these results in
      another de Vear, and two more Vandas at his sides, close to the laser fence.
      After they're dead, a Key will appear to the right of the cave (east on the
      map), so go there, taking down the fence near it.
      Going through the door at the end of the path takes you to a small open area
      where three Bul Bunas attack, and a de Vear will pop up right after the trio
      is killed. Dispatching the de Vear awards you with Key necessary to nullify
      that other fence inside the cave. Go back inside, smashing three more Vandas
      along the way, then bring the fence down. Follow the path it was blocking to
      arrive outside again.
      Once there, go north east on the map to find another similar enemy pattern:
      a group of Vandas, three Bul Bunas, then a de Vear - only this time, with
      four Vandas as sidekicks. After this killing spree, grab the Key and pass
      through the door at the back of the area.
      East Kugu Desert: Block B-3
      Just follow the path ahead for another scene. You'll deal with that crimson
      mech soon enough, don't worry.
      East Kugu Desert: Block C-1
      Healing plate and save point to your right, objective dead ahead.
      Head towards the far end of this section to spot two Bomaltas and a Solda,
      whose deaths unlock the door ahead. Go through it, past the small corridor
      to reach another open area. To the left (west on the map) you'll see a rocky
      archway; you'll find three rocky containers and three Bomaltas.
      Otherwise, going straight ahead offers a small string of fights. Two Bomaltas
      and an Assault will come running; after those, keep moving to find two Soldas
      and an Assault, and finally three Assaults. Now head north east on the map,
      pick up the Key, bring down that fence and take the exit.
      East Kugu Desert: Block C-2
      Just take the wide open path ahead of you, heading slightly right towards the
      wreckage to trigger another scene. After it, your objective is that door in
      the distance. Crossing it will take you to a small area with a healing plate,
      Photon Charger and save point. Make good use of all them, then head through
      the nearby door to take up another Trial.
      [PSUTRI25]  Trial 25: Go through the cave and hurry to the Landeel!
      Time to beat: 9:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 76
      Number of times Lou incapacitated: 0
      Notes: Lou can't be Incapacitated throughout the entire Trial. Do your best
             to either nab enemies before they become a threat to her, or have a
             casting weapon with Resta ready for an emergency. Failing that, use
             Star Atomizers if you really need to.
             Other than that, the most important thing here is the order in which
             you kill enemies on Block B-2 and when you take the teleporter near
             the end of the Trial.
      East Kugu Desert Caves: Block B-1
      Watch the scene, then get cracking.
      From the starting point, go right towards the containers in the distance.
      Your first target are the three Jishagaras that spawn near them; take these
      out then rush back to the starting point, taking the path across the bridge.
      Once you reach the end, run forward to face off two more Jishagaras and a
      Zoona, then go through the bridge on the right. Take the left quickly to deal
      with two more Jishagaras, then go the left again to beat down the Vanda group
      that spawns nearby. Take the Info Key they drop and unlock the door on the
      right. Follow the corridor to a dead end where three Zoonas will spawn. Take
      them out quickly, grab another Key then rush outside to take down the fence.
      Cross the bridge, defeat three more Jishagaras and another duo after the trio
      is finished, then keep going in the direction of the bridge further ahead.
      Instead of taking it, however, confront four Vandas to the right, then four
      others that spawn soon after. Go through the door that unlocks.
      East Kugu Desert Caves: Block B-2
      Just run forward. Before you can get to the bridge, three Navals will drop by
      so deal with them quickly. Now take the bridge, kill the four Vandas when you
      reach the end, then proceed to the path on the right.
      At this next split path, ignore the left side with the locked door and go to
      the right, following the long path down until you see a pool and a couple of
      containers. Head in their direction to kill off several Vandas, then the ones
      that spawn as you kill the previous ones. A Key will drop down further back
      on the path - good, since you have to go back to that locked door up there.
      On your way back, be ready to fend off three Vandas and then three Navals.
      Unlock the door. Once through it, note the teleporter on the right of this
      cave. DO NOT go through it just yet - for now, go left to kill three Vandas,
      then go further left then right in this next section to kill three Zoonas.
      Go through the unlocked door on the right and then down into another cave.
      Kill all Zoonas and Navals that spawn inside. A Key will drop down but don't
      bother getting it - just backtrack *all* the way to the teleporter you saw
      earlier and take it.
      In this closed off area, four Navals will surround you and then three Zoonas
      will spawn nearby. Kill them, then take the teleporter when the fence goes
      You'll now appear behind that fence you ignored. Follow the path down to face
      a group of Vandas, with a second team spawning very close to where the first
      one was. The door will then unlock - go through it to finish the Trial.
      Trial 25: Cave area cleared!
      S-Rank Rewards: VULLSEYE, 10000 Meseta, 120 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 60 Mission Points
      Landeel Landing Site
      You're close to the end of this story mission. If you keep running forward,
      you'll find a Photon Charger, healing plate and save point. To the far right
      side of where you enter, though, is an optional area. Read this next section
      to see what's in that area; if you're not interested, just skip it and keep
      [PSUOPTI3]  OPTIONAL: Further into the East Kugu Desert
      Just take the door at the far right of the Landeel Landing Site. Liina will
      complain but don't mind her, keep going.
      East Kugu Desert: Block D-1
      Just run towards the lamps in the distance. Past the stone arch, deal with
      the three Vandas, then the next five that arrive once you kill the first
      group. Grab the Key that drops but first, note the following things around
      you: a teleporter to the left which you should ignore, a laser fence ahead,
      and a door to the right of this area. If you go to the right of the ramp,
      you'll find three containers.
      The door on the right leads to some Navals - more will come as you kill off
      the previous ones.
      When ready, deactivate the fence and go up the path. At the top, take out the
      four Navals and a Bil de Vear will appear behind them. When this giant dies,
      four more Navals will run up to you. Past all this, keep going along the only
      possible path, then down the slope to find three Vandas.
      After them is another slope - take it, then take out another de Vear and some
      more Vandas. Notice the Key that drops on the south east of the map? Grab it
      and keep moving in that direction until you come upon the laser fence to the
      right. Bring it down then go up another ramp to find several containers -
      these usually carry healing items, a good way to replenish your stock.
      When done, go back down and head to the other laser fence - the barrier will
      go down when you lay waste to the group of Vandas that spawns near it, and
      once that's done, take the teleporter up.
      To leave, just go through the arch ahead and then take the door at the back.
      Like previous areas of the same nature, you can repeat it as long as you wish
      since all enemies respawn when you reenter it.
      When you're ready, just head towards the Landeel, past the save point.
      Landeel Bridge
      Watch the scene, then get ready to fight that crimson mech you saw earlier
      under the strain of a Trial.
      [PSUTRI26]  Trial 26: Defeat the Magas Maggahna!
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: If you could hear Sonic Team giggling when you fought the Degahna,
             then the Maggahna is the equivalent of them performing Trololol.
             Its patterns are pretty much the same as the Degahna, except it hits
             harder and moves much faster. Furthermore, its lower section can be
             destroyed, at which point it will move around supported by two blades
             which can highly damage any character it touches, along with lowering
             their attack power. When that happens, switching to first-person view
             and hitting the middle section will be your best course of action.
             There are other differences, too. Instead of an energy whip, it uses
             a giant sword with which it can charge forward, spin in a 360 degree
             move and thrust it twice. It can also stun the party when it hits
             the ground with both arms, and launch energy balls that lower your
             Keep only two things in mind: hit and run.
      It might seem impossible to S-Rank it the first time. And the second time.
      And the third. Thankfully, the Maggahna has one elemental weakness - Ground.
      Hunters have it clear cut for a while. Just about any weapon is good for
      close combat, as long as you use fast PAs (Spinning Break instead of Tornado
      Dance on Swords, for instance). When it's lower section is blown off, switch
      to Handguns or Rifles and focus on the torso.
      Rangers can go melee too, but they should use ranged attacks for as long as
      possible, if not from the start of the fight. Shotguns let them target the
      Maggahna's torso and arms while the mech is one piece, which is a plus. With
      the exception of Shotguns, don't bother with any ranged weapon that doesn't
      have first-person view.
      Forces shouldn't waste too much time trying to use status ailments on the
      behemoth, just focus on boosting their defense (Deband, Dizas) or TP and MST
      (Retier). For the first stage of the mech, your best TECH choices are Nosdiga
      against the lower section and Diga against the arms; when the base is gone,
      switch to a Bow or Handgun with a Ground PA and attack the torso.
      Trial 26: Magas Maggahna defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: TERO / HP RESTORE, 10000 Meseta, 120 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 70 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 60 Mission Points
      Watch the cutscenes, then Chapter 9 is done and gone.
      [PSUCHA10]  Chapter 10 - Rite of Divination
      Rewards:      - Free Mission: "Endrum Undeground"
                    - Free Mission: "Tunnel Infestation"
                    - Vulcan
                    - Gudda Breba (S-Rank Trial 27)
                    - 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 27)
                    - Grinder S+4 (S-Rank Trial 28)
                    - 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 28)
                    - Te / PP Generate (S-Rank Trial 28)
                    - 10000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 29)
      After the cutscenes, leave the GUARDIANS Dagora Branch.
      Dagora City: Central District
      Take a shuttle back to the GUARDIANS HQ in the Colony.
      Clyez City 5th floor: GUARDIANS Headquarters
      Talk to Mina at the counter. Watch the scenes that follow, then leave HQ.
      Clyez City 4th floor: PPT Spaceport
      Another scene, this time with Lumia. Now return to Ethan's room. Feel free to
      discuss current topics with Pete, though the only point of interest here is
      to check up on new Free Missions - you have two new ones.
      When ready, take a shuttle to Neudaiz's Central District.
      Ohtoku City: Central District
      From your starting point, just go to the adjacent section of the city on the
      right to find the Communion of Gurhal building - it's the only one with two
      spinning, magic circles in front of it. As you go up the stairs, a scene will
      play out.
      GUARDIANS Ohtoku Branch
      And the next story mission, "Divination Escort", will be now available at
      Ohtoku City's Flyer Base. Leave the branch.
      Ohtoku City: Central District
      There's not much to suggest for the next story mission, other than buying or
      crafting better gear, and working on PA levels. Numerous enemies, some of
      which will be King versions, will use Fire and Ice attacks. While mostly all
      elements will come into play, those two are your main worries, so consider
      both when it comes to elemental bonuses and resistances in your equipment.
      The Light and Dark elements will be useful against some tough critters, but
      they're entirely optional.
      If you go shopping, GRM has the Maser Cannon, and good line shield units, the
      Giga / Skill PP Save and the Giga / Bullet PP Save. In short, the Skill unit
      decreases a striking weapon's PP cost by 80% but increases any firearm's PP
      consumption by 200%, while the Bullet unit does the reverse. The shortcoming
      might seem huge but you can simply switch between units when you feel like
      it, and it's a great way to improve PAs. You might spot the Safety Heart for
      sale but it's actually inferior to the Tero / HP Restore, so only buy it if
      you did not get the Tero.
      Yohmei now has all TECHNICS available, along with good units for Forces, the
      Gi / Smart and Gi / Magic. The former decreases TECH range by 60% but reduces
      their casting by 50%, while the latter boosts TP and MST.
      All corporations have a nice assortment of B-Rank weapons, too.
      Synthesis fans have some new items as well. Parum's Synth shop has the Vulcan
      (which you can also get for free in this Chapter), and the Teroline line
      shield; the Te-senba line shield is found on Neudaiz's Synth shop; and both
      the Shigga Stam (a Shotgun) and the Rabol Tero can be bought at the Synth
      shop in Dagora.
      Regrettably, the line shields you can construct are of dubious worth since
      they once again require specific elements and they aren't much better in
      terms of stats over the previous versions.
      The Teroline will protect against Lightning, the Te-senba against Light and
      the Rabol Tero against Dark. Not many enemies will use these elements, and
      those that do usually have neutral attacks or can use other elements as well.
      While the Rabol Tero is a nice choice for the Chapter's Boss and some nasty
      SEED-Vitaces along the way, a Gigaline is overall a better line shield for a
      certain section of the mission.
      When you're ready, invite Lou to the party and select the "Divination Escort"
      mission from the Flyer Base in Neudaiz.
      [PSUSTO09]  Story Mission 9: "Divination Escort"
      Box Drops:	   Vulcan (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Death Dancer
                       [B] Bulletmaster
      Enemy Drops:	   Sta / Mind -- Gohmon
    		   Compadri -- Ollaka
    		   Giga / Legs S -- Kamatoze
    		   Hanmateri -- Grinna Bete C
      Agata Islands: Block A-1
      Watch the cutscene. Ethan, Tomrain and Lou are joined by Karen.
      Agata Islands: Block A-2
      Use the save point, then go through the door. Enemies here are weak against
      Once outside in the forest, ignore the right path since it only leads into a
      dead end. Go forward, facing some Ageetas. Keep going forward and you'll see
      two locked doors - one to the right, another further ahead, north on the map.
      Keep going onward to meet some hardy Olgohmons. After those, more will appear
      accompanied by Ageetas. Taking these out unlocks the door to the north. Go
      through it.
      Follow the small cave until you return outside again. Towards the left is
      another locked door but for now, just go towards the center of the area to
      fight a Kamatoze, who drops down a Key. The door unlocks; inside are boxes
      that usually drop Photon Charges. Anyway, grab the Key and return to the last
      area, where you fought the Olgohmons. When you reach it, head to the door on
      the left side, unlock it and go through another small passage.
      Outside again. Follow the path and some Olgohmons will arrive from the left.
      Dispose of them, then proceed. Another Kamatoze, surrounded by Ageetas, will
      make itself known as you near the locked door. Note that more Ageetas will
      spawn nearby as you take out the first ones. Once they're all dead, the door
      unlocks. Go through it.
      Agata Islands: Block A-3
      Follow the path left, then right, and deal with three more Ageetas, including
      a King. Then, go forward to face Ollakas, including a King version. Next up,
      another Kamatoze and two more Ollakas will come up ahead - kill them to open
      the door to the their left (north portion on the map).
      If you take the door, there will be a teleporter towards the end of the small
      cave. It will simply take you to an area with a lone Kamatoze, and another
      teleporter that brings you back to the first teleporter.
      Your objective is through the long path ahead, east on the map, to the right
      of the door. Keep going until three more Ollakas and a King version of them
      appear, then after killing them, take the left path towards the locked door
      in the distance. The path will splipt up again - the right side leads to a
      dead end, while the left one will spawn a Kamatoze. Its death brings another
      Key - a perfect fit for the door ahead. Go through it.
      Agata Islands: Block A-4
      In this large cavern, there is a path to the left and one straight ahead. Go
      forward first, taking out three Olgohmons.
      If you want access to an area with containers that often drop Star Atomizers,
      go to the left side of this cave. Don't be confused by what seems like some
      other path - if you check your map, you'll see it's just a slight detour and
      both lead to the same place. At the end, grab the Key. Doing so will make an
      Olgohmon and two Ageetas come up behind you.
      Whether you got this Key or not, go north on the map to go outside the cave.
      Once there, four Ageetas will come from the right. Tackle them, then ignore
      the door on your left and keep going forward. Killing the two Olgohmons and
      the two Ageetas that come up brings down the laser fence behind them. Take
      that path until your reach a circular area with another locked door on your
      left. Some Ageetas will come from the bushes on the right, then be prepared
      to deal with a Kamatoze and several Olgohmons all at the same time. Kill them
      and another Key will drop.
      If you got the previous Key from the large cave, you can unlock this door on
      the left. If not, grab the Key that just dropped and return to the previous
      door you passed by on your way here. Unlock it and go through.
      You can see the Temple entrance at the end of this area. More Olgohmons will
      come from the right, and as you get near the Temple door, another Kamatoze
      and two more Olgohmons will try to stop you. Don't let them, and the door
      will open. Go inside.
      Kokura Temple: Block A-1
      Watch the scene.
      Go down the stairs and take the long path to the left, then go left again and
      up the stairs for a save point, healing plate and Photon charger. When ready,
      take the door.
      Kokura Temple: Block A-2
      Fire will be your most used element here as well, of course.
      This room has a locked door to the right and a laser fence straight ahead.
      Walk towards the fence then dispatch the Olgohmon and the Ageetas that spawn,
      thus bringing down the laser. Go into the next section.
      Go down the stairs then go left to fight off three Ageetas, then keep going.
      When you reach the T-Junction, go left first. Keep following that path, take
      out more Ageetas along the way, and take the teleporter at the end. You'll be
      greeted by two Ageetas and a Olgohmon; take them out, and then go left for a
      Key and a teleporter. Take it.
      Back at the first teleporter, return to the T-Junction and take that other
      left path. As your get near the end, three more Olgohmons drop by; behind
      them is another teleporter. Taking it will drop you off in another straight
      path. The containers on the left usually have Star Atomizers. Keep going and
      three more Ageetas will get in your way. Past them, to the right, is another
      Key. Grab it and take this teleporter.
      You'll now have to backtrack to the first room, the one with the locked door.
      Just go forward, left and up the stairs, and find the door to your left in
      the room. Going through it, you'll reach another room where various Olgohmons
      will spawn. Don't get caught in their Barta crossfire, take them out and the
      door on the left unlocks.
      On the other side, go along the bridge and kill the three Ageetas that drop
      by as you turn left. Once at the T-Junction, going straight ahead leads to a
      healing plate; going right gets you off the bridge, into a section with a new
      enemy, the Dilnazen. This bipedal insect-like creature shares characteristics
      with Jarbas and Bil de Vears, so you know what to expect. Rangers should be
      alert as these beings are more resistant to ranged attacks, so either exploit
      its elemental weakness (Dark) or use melee attacks.
      Once it's dead, the door on the left unlocks. On this next section, several
      Olgohmons are waiting for you - once again, be wary of their Ice attacks.
      After they're rubbed out, grab the Key, take down the fence and cross the
      bridge. At the end, another Dilnazen is joined by four Olgohmons - I suggest
      taking out the Olgohmons first, then focus all your attacks on the insect.
      Once this group is down, take the door on the right to reach the next area.
      Kokura Temple: Block A-3
      Looking left and right, you'll notice there are two stairways. Both lead to
      the same place but take the left one since it's quicker, then take another
      flight of stairs on the left to go up. An Olgohmon, surrounded by Ageetas,
      is waiting for you. Cut them down then take the door on the right.
      Once you get to the crossroads, you'll have several choices. The left path
      is optional, leading you to a room with a healing plate and some containers.
      Your main objectives are the forward (north on the map) and right (east on
      the map) paths. For now, take the right one, fighting a lone Olgohmon in the
      corridor as you go.
      At the end of the corridor, you'll come to a room where a Dilnazen will come
      down a flight of stairs. Take it out to get another Key. Up the stairs and to
      the right are containers with materials; to the left are containers with Star
      Atomizers and on one of them, you can find a VULCAN.
      Return to crossroads and take the north path, now on your right, then go down
      some stairs will have you fighting against more Olgohmons and one Dilnazen -
      their demise brings another Key.
      When done, return to the start of Block A-3 - back through the crossroads,
      taking the path south on the map, then going down the stairs on the left -
      and head to the center of this room. Fight off the three Ageetas then bring
      down the laser fence up ahead. Go up this new set of stairs, terminate some
      more Olgohmons, then take the left door.
      At the end, be ready for another Dilnazen, two Olgohmons and two Ageetas,
      whose deaths unlock the door on the right. Through it is the next area.
      Kokura Temple: Block A-4
      When you enter, there will be a laser fence to the right. Take the door on
      the left and you'll come to a room with stairways on both the left and right
      sides. Doesn't matter which one you take - at the top, go to the platform on
      the center and take the Key, then return to the fence.
      When it's down, go across the bridge. If you get near the containers on the
      left path, which have Photon Charges in them, some Ageetas will appear behind
      you. Otherwise, your objective it through the door at the end of the bridge.
      Beyond are several Ollakas and Ageetas, which you must kill to unlock that
      door on the left.
      Follow the corridor, killing the lone Ollaka along the way, then you'll reach
      a room with five Ollakas. After killing them, enter the next room for four
      more Ollakas and a Dilnazen. When they're gone you'll notice more multiple
      paths - stairs to the left, right and up. Taking the left path leads you to
      two platforms, each with containers at the end, while the right set of stairs
      takes you to a healing plate.
      The way forward is up the flight of stairs straight ahead. Take it, then go
      right along the platform and finally go down again, to the right - a Dilnazen
      and two Ollakas will be there. Killing them spawns even more Ollakas, so be
      on the lookout.
      Once they're all dead, take the door on the left. When the path splits, just
      go left since the right leads to a dead end.
      Agata Islands: Outside the Sacred Grounds
      And you're done with the Temple, with a save point dead ahead.
      Note: If you want the Bulletmaster and Death Dancer Boards, but didn't get
            them during the Kokura Temple, then *DO NOT* save and log out. If you
            save and reload your game from here, you won't be able to return to the
            temple. Instead, you can save now but return all the way to Block A-1,
            save there instead, then do the usual logging out and reloading. It's
            a long trek, but it's the only way to redo the entire Temple.
      When you're ready to carry on, go through the door. Watch the scene then it's
      time for a Trial.
      [PSUTRI27]  Trial 27: Defeat the Kagajibari!
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: The Kagajibari is basically a Bil de Vear counterpart. It shares all
             the same basic patterns, right down to the spin attack and jumps with
             a chance to knock you back.
             However, there is one crucial difference: any elemental attack you use
             against this creature will be countered with the same element. Let's
             say you use Barta or Ice-based bullets - the Kagajibari will react by
             using both Barta and Gibarta against you. Yes, both of them. The same
             applies to any other element you use.
             This makes it harder to exploit its elemental weakness - Dark - since
             it will counter with Megid and Ramegid. Of further note, touching its
             shield will damage and push you back.
             If you knock it down, it'll push you back with a spinning attack too.
             Don't worry about Karen; if she gets Incapacitated, it does not count
             towards the Trial's rank.
      Despite all of the shortcomings, there is a sort of weakness - that elemental
      counterattack will only be launched if you use a TECH while its shield is
      active. So if you're planning on using any TECH, do your best before the
      Kagajibari activates the shield.
      Ideally, non-elemental weapons and PAs would be a good idea but chances you
      have anything elementally neutral are slim to none. Hunters can use Damage
      Traps, and Rangers can go with Damage Trap G's, though Rangers have a slight
      advantage as they can trigger these. While any weapon works, Machine Guns do
      have the best stopping power thanks to their higher rate of fire.
      Try not to use Skills with a knockback effect as it'll counter with a heavy
      spin attack when it gets back up. If you use Skills with that ability, don't
      use them all the way up to their final combo (ie, use Dus Daggas up to its
      second combo, use Gravity Strike's first combo only, etc.).
      A good tactic here is to use any element provided you're equipped with a line
      shield of the same element - this means you can, for instance, cast Foie or
      shoot Fire Bullets against it, but its Foie counterattacks will do little to
      no damage. This is the only moment in the entire Chapter where the Rabol Tero
      is useful if you plan on using Dark TECHS or Bullets against it.
      Finally, another method is to simply use Diga against it, and there are two
      reasons behind this suggestion. First, is that unlike all other TECHS at its
      disposal, Diga is the only one which will not be fired from a downward angle.
      You'll note how the likes of Foie and Megid will be launched from its body,
      and move down towards you - Diga doesn't. Second, unlike other TECHS, Gidiga
      does not have any status effect and it's cast with an AoE with the caster as
      its epicentre, which is great since you can keep your distance. Alternatively
      you can also use Barta since it's easier to dodge as well.
      Trial 27: Defeated the Kagajibari!
      S-Rank Rewards: GUDDA BREBA, 10000 Meseta, 130 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 70 Mission Points
      Watch another scene.
      The Altar of Divination
      Another scene.
      Agata Islands: Block B-1
      First of all, access your inventory and place your Goggles and Photon Eraser
      on the Action Palette. Then save, because there's another Trial on the way.
      When ready, go through the door then watch the scene between Ethan and Lou.
      And here we go.
      Tip: If you go back in the opposite direction of the door, through the cave,
           you can return to Ohtoku City to stock up.
      [PSUTRI28]  Trial 28: Purify all of the SEED Cores!
      Time to beat: 16:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 57
      SEED Cores to purify: 6
      Notes: This Trial could be described as "This is BARTA!". Obviously, the Ice
             element will be the best one for Rangers and Forces during this event.
             Everyone should be ready to deal with several SEED-Vitaces, the Vance
             version that cannot be knocked down.
             Finally, you only have Lou to keep you company. Although she's one of
             the more capable fighters, it's still a bleak scenario if you are not
             up to snuff.
      From your starting point, things will look like a mess - and they are.
      Start by running forward, in the direction of the containers. Several Ageetas
      will appear as you get close, but they're fairly easy. When they're killed,
      take a left towards the first Core but stop as soon as you pass by the pair
      of lamps on this narrow path. Take out your Goggles and spot three Seeds in
      the area - one to your left in the fire pool, and two others to the right of
      the Core. With that in mind, enter this section and three Gohmons will come
      in from the right. Kill them quick, then get to tagging and destroying those
      three Seeds.
      Where's the fourth one? Go to left of the Core, north on the map - it's right
      at the start of the path that leads to a locked door in the distance, near
      the small set of trunks. Once they're all taken out, don't bother destroying
      the Core just yet - instead, keep following the path where the fourth Seed
      was, towards the north and slightly east on the map. As you get near the door
      three Gohmons will get in your way. Defeat those and two more Gohmons, along
      with a SEED-Vitace, will appear behind them. As usual, avoid the Vitace's
      tentacles and the spore it spits out. Killing them all unlocks the door to
      your left. Go inside the small cave to find three containers and an Info Key.
      Grab the Key and make haste to the first Core. Take it out and another Key
      will drop in front of the laser fence - bring it down and continue. Take the
      only path available to the left, and you'll find three more Gohmons and two
      Ageetas. Kill those then keep moving forward. As you get near the door and
      another fence, four more Ageetas and another Vitace will appear. Destroy
      them quick, then go through the fence to find a teleporter. Take it.
      In this next section, run forward to fend off a Gohmon and four Ageetas that
      appear before you reach the containers. Going to the left you'll find another
      Core - as before, take out the Googles before you get near the fire pool to
      get a general idea of where the Seeds are. You'll find the first Seed in the
      fire pool to the right of the Core, but don't do anything yet - go beyond it
      to deal with four Gohmons and another Vitace first. After that, the second
      Seed is behind the Core, beyond the bushes (south on the map). The third Seed
      is to the right of the Core, in the fire pool, and the fourth one is hiding
      behind the third one, to the left of the containers (south west on the map).
      Once they're all tagged and trashed, take out the second Core. Grab the Key
      that drops and unlock the door ahead. Follow the cave to get another Key and
      then take the teleporter at the end.
      You'll return to the first teleporter. From here, just go up the small path,
      through where the laser fence was and unlock the door on the right to reach
      the next area.
      Agata Islands: Block B-2
      Immediately go to your left and the path will split. Since the right side has
      another laser fence, take the left side until you find an Ollaka and two more
      Ageetas. Kill them to get a Key, then go back and unlock the fence. When you
      do, don't go to the other side yet. The Core is fairly easy to see from this
      distance, so take out your Goggles and look directly at it with them to see
      three Seeds: the first is in the fire pool to the left, the second is found
      in another fire pool very close to the Core itself, and the third is to the
      right of the Core. Put the Goggles away and move to that Seed on the right
      side - four Ollakas will barge in from the right. Take them out, then go Seed
      stomping. The fourth of them is hidden behind and slightly to the left of the
      Core itself, north of the map.
      Now a Key will drop down on the east side of the map, right next to another
      locked door. It's a perfect fit, so go through it. Once inside, just go along
      the path; when it splits up, take a right through another door. What do we
      have here? A Kagajibari with four Ageetas. Take the fiery ones out first and
      then focus on the giant. All Seeds are fairly easy to find here. Assuming you
      are looking at the Core from the door with your Goggles on, there's one in
      the fire pool to your left, one in another fire pool to the left of the Core,
      another behind the Core itself and another to your right. After taking out
      the Core, another Key will drop near the door. Take it, then rush back inside
      the passage, going forward non-stop. Unlock the door at the end of the path.
      Once outside again, go forward until some Ollakas and Ageetas get in the way.
      Take them out, then follow the path left (south east on the map). As you pass
      the two trunks, you'll spot the fifth Core further ahead. With the Goggles,
      find the Seeds: one in the fire pool to the right, another behind and to the
      right of the Core, another to the left of the Core and the last one in yet
      another fire pool on the right. No enemies will attack you while dealing with
      the Seeds and the Core, so you can breathe a bit.
      Another Key will drop after you take out the Core, near the containers on the
      left. Grab it then rush to the door straight ahead - five Ageetas will drop
      in, followed by two Ollakas and another Kagajibari. You'll receive one more
      Key after you dispose of them. The path to the left will drop the laser fence
      but it only leads to a healing plate; your objective is through the door.
      Agata Islands: Block B-3
      The sixth and final Core is plain to see. Relax, since no enemies will bother
      you as you purge the SEED.
      Use the Goggles and notice three Seeds: one on your left (north west on the
      map), another dead ahead in a fire pool (north) and the third behind and left
      of the Core (north east). As for the fourth one, go to the left of the Core
      itself and close to the edge of this area to find it.
      Take them Core down and you're done.
      Trial 28: All SEED Cores purified!
      S-Rank Rewards: GRINDER S+4, 10000 Meseta, 130 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 70 Mission Points
      Watch another scene...
      Agata Islands: Block C-1
      ...And another. As usual, stock up on anything you need from Bruce. He has
      several good weapons on offer, although it's likely you have better versions
      of some of them.
      When ready, use the healing plate and save point to the left, then just keep
      moving. Go past Bruce and into the section ahead, and you'll be attacked by
      three swarms of YG-01U BUGGES, a rare variant of the previous bugs you've
      faced in the past. Note that they can cast Megiverse like the YG-01K version.
      After them, time to face three GSM-05M Tirentos, also a variant of previous
      robots you've met before. Aside hitting harder, they are the same kind of
      When all of them are scrap metal, you'll receive a Key which unlocks the door
      straight ahead. However, there is an optional area in the Agata Islands if
      you take the path to the right instead. If you want to know more about it,
      then read the next section; if not, skip it to continue.
      [PSUOPTI4]  OPTIONAL: Further into the Agata Islands
      Ignore the Key and take the long path to the right of the door. You'll know
      you're going the right way when Lou complains this is the "wrong way". After
      a bit you'll spot another locked door. Head toward it and you'll be jumped
      by a Tirentos and two swarms of Bugges, and when they're down be ready to
      fight a Grinna Bete C.
      Killing them all unlocks the door into a different area.
      Agata Islands: Block D-1
      Note: All enemies here are based on the Lightning element, so Diga that.
      You'll be inside a large cave, with three containers further ahead of you.
      To the right of those is a long, twisting path. Take it to arrive outside,
      where three swarms of Bugges will attack you, followed by four Tirentos. When
      they're done with, keep going onwards (west on the map) in the direction of
      the locked door. Three Tirentos will be waiting, and their deaths bring out
      another three sets of Bugges. Killing them brings down the laser fence on the
      left. Go that way until you come to a small section with two Tirentos and a
      Grinna Bete C. Disposing of them rewards you with a Key; take it, then return
      to the locked door, then take the next door to exit this small passage.
      Outside, move to the locked door further ahead. Before you reach it, another
      group of Bugges and a Tirentos will appear, followed by two Grinna C's. Once
      they're destroyed, the door unlocks. If you go through it, you will find a
      teleporter at the end of the passage, which will take you outside the cave
      with the twisty path.
      And that's that - to leave, follow the passage back into the large cave, then
      exit back to Block C-1.
      As before, you can repeat this section as many times as you want. The amount
      of enemies may seem few, but they give away nice chunks of experience and
      Meseta. Also note that when you leave, all enemies from Block C-1 will be
      there as well.
      Key in hand, unlock the door and go inside the passage. When the path splits,
      going forward leads you to three containers with Photon Charges inside them,
      while going right takes you closer to your objective.
      When you cross the door, you'll be back outside and with a Grinna C and two
      sets of Bugges to deal with. Once gone, go to the north west of the map and
      you'll find three Tirentos. Dispatch them, then go through the door.
      Agata Islands: Block C-2
      Go through the door. Watch the scene, then it's Boss time with another Trial
      thrown in.
      [PSUTRI29]  Trial 29: Defeat SEED-Magashi!
      Time to beat: 2:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: You're screwed.
             Actually, not as much as other players would have you think. It's true
             that SEED-Magashi has a bevy of moves that are both infuriating and
             damaging. Think of it as a Bil de Vear or Kagajibari in terms of raw,
             physical power. He also shares their ability to jump great distances
             and knock you back. Further, he can dash, shoulder charge and teleport
             around the area, so don't be too surprised if you find yourself losing
             more time trying to track him than fighting him.
             His more devastating moves are a high level Megid, and a roundhouse
             kick which he can perform randomly or when getting up after being
             knocked down. Said kick can Confuse characters. Be aware that he will
             also do various kicks in a row.
             Finally, his element is Dark, so consider using any Light-based weapon
             in your arsenal.
      Another battle without a specific method. While tricky, it is possible to
      knock him down, but watch out for that roundhouse.
      Your best choice is to hit with everything you've got every time you get the
      chance. Hunters are at their best with Double Saber, Twin Blade and Spear
      PAs. Rangers should focus on using Light-based Bullets; a good backup choice,
      though one which may work just as it might fail, are the Trap G's. Forces
      should stick with their highest level TECHS.
      If you have at least one ranged weapon with Light-based attacks on it, then
      use it as best as you can. Machine Guns are a good choice in this case, but
      Cannons aren't a bad idea if you can handle their slughish rate.
      Trial 29: SEED-Magashi defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: TE / PP GENERATE, 10000 Meseta, 130 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 4000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 1500 Meseta, 80 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 70 Mission Points
      Watch the scenes that follow the fight, and Chapter 10 is no more.
      [PSUCHA11]  Chapter 11 - Unification Point
      Rewards:      - Free Mission: "Two-Headed Sentinel"
                    - Free Mission: "Woodland Flames"
                    - Free Mission: "Temple of Ice"
                    - Scape Doll (S-Rank Trial 30)
                    - 18000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 30)
                    - Thunder Cannon (Optional)
                    - Grinder S+5 (S-Rank Trial 31)
                    - 18000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 31)
                    - Mugungri (S-Rank Trial 32)
                    - 18000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 32)
      After all the cutscenes, Ethan will be back in his room. A transmission from
      Nav directs Ethan to the HQ on the Colony. Before you leave, Pete has some
      new topics to discuss and consulting the Vision Phone, you'll find new Free
      When ready, leave the room and go to the GUARDIANS branch in Clyez.
      Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS Headquarters
      Watch the scene with Lumia when you enter, then go and talk to Mina at the
      counter. Several moments later, you'll learn your next mission is on Moatoob.
      Once the briefings are all over, you'll be back at HQ. Leave.
      Clyez City 4th Floor: PPT Spaceport
      Take a shuttle to the GUARDIANS Branch on Moatoob.
      GUARDIANS Dagora Branch
      Once here, talk to Mana at the counter. You'll then be taken to the Meeting
      Room for another scene. The mission "Defend the Gates" will then be available
      at Dagora's Flyer Base. Leave.
      Dagora City: Central District
      Two things to know about the next story mission. One, it will feature a very
      demanding section because it's a Trial with a large enemy contigent that may
      even catch high level characters off guard. Two, you can't create the line
      shields that would be better suited to the mission itself.
      To expand on that last one, you could make the Hardline (good vs. Fire), the
      Har-senba and the Rabol Hard, the last two able to be made with any element
      you want... If Sonic Team hadn't decided they all needed one item that you
      can only get in the last Chapter. Or to be more precise, in the last area of
      the game. Another questionable move is that Ether Acid, the second component
      necessary to make Trimates, is now available in Synth shops. Yes, it's not
      like they have been widely available for free in the game, is it? Oh wait.
      Good show, Sonic Team!
      Not all synthesis is bad, though. The Ascalon (Saber), Sava-zashi (Dagger)
      and Dual Railgun (Twin Handgun) are very good weapon types that are not too
      expensive to make. If you found the Bulletmaster and Death Dancer Boards in
      previous Chapters, they both also require Kerseline; the Twin Handgun also
      needs some Chicotite in its "???" material.
      For shoppers, GRM has the Falcon (a new Rifle) while Yohmei has the Canara,
      a new Wand. Tenora has the Rabol Danga, a good line shield with a Body and
      Extra slot, but it's exclusive to Hunters. Meanwhile, both Tenora and Yohmei
      have new units that boost STA and END, respectively.
      While all elements will have a chance to shine, the next story mission is
      all about Fire and Ice-based weapons, line shields and PAs. Their importance
      can't be understated, as you will be subjected to tough enemies, nearly all
      capable of casting Barta at one point. As you should know by now, Freeze is
      the worst status effect you can suffer.
      Not much else to suggest for now, other than the final Boss of this Chapter
      requires at least one ranged weapon and is vulnerable to Diga.
      When ready, go to Moatoob's Flyer Base and select "Defend the Gates".
      [PSUSTO10]  Story Mission 10: "Defend the Gates"
      Box Drops:	   Thunder Cannon (F)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Death Dancer
    		   [B] Granarod
      Enemy Drops:     Vullseye -- Zoona
    		   Rabol Stella -- Vanda
    		   Mega Wall -- Naval
    		   Me / Concentrate - Bil de Vear
    		   Giga / Legs S -- Vanda Merha
      West Kugu Desert: Block A-1
      Watch the scene. You're now in the West Kugu Desert. In the next segment,
      you'll get to drive an AMF Striker during a Trial.
      Note: There's no save point right before the Trial, so if you want to, return
            to Dagora, save your game, then return here - if you fail, you won't
            have to go through the cutscene again.
      When you're ready, ask the AMF soldier how to operate the tank, then get on
      board and roll out into the desert.
      [PSUTRI30]  Trial 30: Reach the confinement system with the striker!
      Time to beat: 3:30 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 12
      Notes: Sturdy, though not always easy to maneuver, the Striker's advantage is
             its firepower. Unlike the Lunga, the Striker is a war machine - you
             don't need to get off the vehicule, kill the enemies on foot, then
             board again to continue.
             This Trial is pretty similar to the Lunga one, with some differences.
             Here you have to destroy rocks instead of trees in order to proceed,
             and there are now two gauges to keep track of. One is the health bar,
             replenished by green containers found in the Trial; the other is the
             ammo bar, depleted with each shot fired by the Striker and recovered
             with red containers.
             Finally, those ammo and health reserves can often be used as waypoints
             so you now where to go next, but this is probably the easiest Trial in
             the entire game.
      From your starting position, head to your right (north west on the map).
      After you pass between the two trees, you'll find a large rock with a glowing
      spot. Destroy it with the Striker, then pass through the opening.
      In this section, keep moving to your right again (north east on the map)
      until your first line of opposition arrives - three Vanda Merhas. Kill them,
      then maintain your course to find another large rock. Blow it up and pass
      through the opening.
      Keep to your right once again (now east on the map), past the green container
      and tree, until you find three more Merhas. After those, head to your left
      until you see another glowing rock. Kaboom, go through.
      Here do a 180 degree turn, grab the ammo container and as you pass the tree,
      take a left turn and keep going.
      West Kugu Desert: Block A-2
      From here, go left past the ammo box and face two Merhas and a Bil de Vear.
      Don't worry, the Striker can take a de Vear down with one shot. Right after
      you kill them, look to your right - there's another shiny rock on the closed
      off area to the right. Blow it up and go through.
      And to the right we go once again. Grab the ammo box, make another turn to
      the right, then keep going until another de Vear and two Merhas pop up. Deal
      with their sorry hides then look for another shiny rock towards the right
      (south east on the map). Kaboom once more.
      Now go left in the direction of the ammo container, then to the right of the
      tree beyond it and you'll spot another suspicious wall. Tear it down and go
      through - you've cleared the Trial.
      Trial 30: Arrived at the confinement system!
      S-Rank Rewards: SCAPE DOLL, 18000 Meseta, 140 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 7000 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 80 Mission Points
      West Kugu Desert: Block A-3
      Watch the scene.
      West Kugu Desert: Confinement System Exterior
      And another. Tomrain will leave the group and Lou will now join. You'll be
      back outside the Confinement System, with a save point to the left and the
      vast Kugu desert straight ahead of you. If you want to return to Dagora,
      turn back and enter the door behind you. Otherwise, go into the hot sands.
      West Kugu Desert: Block B-1
      From the door, look to the left and you'll see a laser fence. Go there and
      eliminate the group of Navals. After them, a Drua Gohra will appear with four
      more Navals around it. Gohras use charging attacks and can knock characters
      down with tail swipes, but the most noteworthy moves are their ability to
      cast Foie very quickly and rotate themselves very fast when attacked from the
      sides. However, they can be tipped over, leaving them open for attacks.
      Once these are dead, watch out for the four Vanda Merhas that appear behind
      you. Their deaths reward you with a Key. Bring the fence down and go through
      it, then down and left to fight several groups of Navals until you reach the
      next laser fence. Once you kill them all, another Key will drop down, so take
      down this next fence.
      Go up and a Gohra will appear. Its death will bring out some more Navals:
      first from the right, then from the left. Use the Key that falls down after
      the last one is slain to bring down the fence on the left. As soon as it goes
      down, several Merhas (including a King) will spawn right in front of you.
      Kill them, then be prepared to deal with the Gohra and Navals to the right,
      followed by another Gohra and more Navals to the left. Once they're all taken
      care off, yet another Key will drop down. Use it on the door north east on
      the map.
      West Kugu Desert: Block B-2
      Move closer to the tree and notice your surroundings. You can see two exits
      to your left and one is blocked with a fence; and further ahead of you, to
      the right, is an Info Key lying about. Totally not suspicious! Head for the
      Key and fight off five Navals, then three more. When the dust settles, grab
      the Key and turn back, this time heading to the right and taking the open
      As you enter, four Merhas and a Gohra will appear. Take them out for another
      Key, and now go to the fence in the previous section. Bring it down and keep
      going. A small group of Navals will be waiting for you, but after you deal
      with those, another Gohra escorted by two Navals will appear in the distance.
      Don't keep them waiting. When they're dust, another Key will appear in front
      of another fence, both of them to the right (north east on the map). Going
      past this one, you'll reach a wider area - a Gohra and four Navals will come
      up from the left.
      After them, head to the door in the distance; about halfway through, you'll
      be ambushed by two Gohras and a handful of Mehras. Do the usual slicing and
      dicing, then use the next Key on the door close by. After the small passage,
      a large group of Mehras will be waiting. Disposing of them brings out another
      pair of Gohras, surrounded by Navals. Kill them off, paying attention to more
      Navals that spawn as you take out the first ones, then when it's over... Yes,
      time for another Key and lock to the left of where the Gohras appeared.
      West Kugu Desert: Inside the Confinement System
      Watch the cutscene.
      West Kugu Desert: Field Base
      During this next scene, Lou will reveal that you'll be facing a battalion of
      creatures. When you can move again, look to your left to find the three usual
      suspects - a healing plate, Photon Charger and save point. If you want to go
      back to Dagora, follow the path further to the left.
      Otherwise, it's time to proceed. Go through the unlocked door on the right
      and get ready for one of the hardest Trials in the game.
      West Kugu Desert: Area A-1
      Walk towards the right side of this area and a Trial starts.
      [PSUTRI31]  Trial 31: Defeat all creatures in Area A!
      Time to beat: 13:00 minutes
      Enemies to kill: The game doesn't provide an enemy count at the end, but
                       you'll have to kill 150 under the alloted time.
      Notes: This Trial is best described the same way as Gunstar Heroes' fifth
             stage objective - "Destroy them all!"
             During this Trial, my instructions will be a bit different. The only
             objective here is to be lightning fast and kill all the creatures as
             fast as you can. Due to the chaotic nature of the battlefield, I will
             only provide cardinal directions - north, south, east and west - since
             I can't be certain that you'll be facing a certain direction when I
             tell you to go there.
             As expected, the Fire element will be your best ally here. Don't rely
             too much on Partners, be precise with your Photon Arts, and don't be
             stingy - if you need to use healing items or TECHS, go for it.
             The most dangerous thing here will be the successive Barta waves that
             the enemies will cast. If you're not careful and are caught between
             them, you'll burn through your Scape Dolls like a hot knife through
             An alternative suggestion to deal with this Trial: if you think the
             following directions are too verbose, don't read them. It seems I'm
             contradicting myself, but the best way to handle this place (with a
             couple of exceptions) is to simply check your map at all times as you
             will get a clear idea of where enemies are coming from.
             Finally, you can get a free Thunder Cannon during this Trial. Like the
             Trial in the Milate 04, getting this optional weapon will either be
             hard or a breeze. I'll give directions to get both the weapon and the
             S-Rank, but feel free to disregard it if you feel roughly 30 seconds
             might damage your performance. Besides, you can also buy one in GRM
             in the next Chapter but it'll cost you 40k Meseta.
      Four Navals will spawn from the north east. Take them out then head north to
      fight two Bil de Vears. Go north and slightly east for a group of Vandas,
      then more Vandas and Navals will come from the north. Watch it as more Navals
      will spawn nearby.
      After that, two more de Vears will come from the east, followed by another
      group of Vandas further east, with a King version included. Be careful as yet
      more Vandas will spawn in the same area, leading to attacks behind your back.
      After those, a Key will drop to the east. Use it to go through the door.
      Several groups will come from the north east in the following sequence -
      a de Vear and some Navals, then two de Vears, followed by a de Vear and four
      Vandas, and finally a King Vanda surrounded by Navals. Note that more Navals
      will spawn around you as you take down the previous ones.
      Now head east to fight a Vanda and two Navals, then a group of Vandas led by
      a King. Two more Vandas will spawn near this group.
      After this point, focus all your attentions to the west as three de Vears
      will come from that direction. Enemies will seem to have stopped spawning but
      what you have to do now is to head all the way west to find the next groups.
      Run west direction to find another Vanda group led by a King, and take care
      as three more Vandas will spawn to replace the last ones you finished off.
      Now grab the Key further west, then rush east then north and go through the
      West Kugu Desert: Area A-2
      Note the locked door straight ahead, then go north eash. A batch of Navals
      will appear, and another group of them with a Gohra will come from the west.
      After they're dealt with, a Vanda group will appear north, in front of the
      door. Focus your attention on the King first, then the rest. Grab the Key
      they drop and go through the door.
      As soon as you enter, confront the Gohra and four Navals to the north, then
      fight off two more Gohras to the east. Tonnio will comment that you've beaten
      100 enemies.
      After that, run to the east and destroy the group of Vandas and Navals, then
      another group of Vandas and Gohras to the north. Two more Vandas and two more
      Gohras will appear to the south, right behind you; after those, the next Key
      will drop to the south and slightly to the east. Go through the door ahead.
      Run south east, then a bit to the east, to fight four Navals and a Gohra.
      To the east of where you fought this group, next to a tree, is a ramp going
      down. If you go down the ramp, then head west, you'll find three containers.
      The one on the left has the THUNDER CANNON. If you came here, just retrace
      your steps - east, then north up the ramp.
      After that move further to the east and confront five Vandas with a King in
      the group. Another set of four Vandas a Gohra will appear from the same
      Now head south, kill off two Gohras and some Navals, followed by three Gohras
      and two more Navals. Finally, rush further south and exterminate the group
      of Vandas - besides a King among them, a few more Vandas will spawn as you
      kill the last ones.
      Don't bother picking up the Key that drops down - as soon as you hit the 150
      mark, the Trial ends.
      Trial 31: All creatures successfully defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: GRINDER S+5, 18000 Meseta, 140 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 7000 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 80 Mission Points
      West Kugu Desert: Area A Defensive Perimeter
      Watch the scene.
      West Kugu Desert: Field Base
      And another scene. Take what you need from Bruce (notice how his shop seems
      to have more ranged weapons than melee), then go to your right to find a
      healing plate, Photon Charger and save point. You can return to Dagora if you
      wish but your objective is to head down to Block B - it's the only open door
      so it shouldn't be hard to find.
      West Kugu Desert: Area B-1
      In this area, ignore both the right and left sides - go directly to the base.
      Four Jishagaras will appear ahead; make short work of them so that three Bul
      Bunas come out of hiding, then defeat those as well. A Key will drop, right
      in front of the laser fence. Take it down and go through.
      You'll find three more Jishagaras on the right; send them packing, then use
      their Key to pass through another fence. Go down the ramp, taking out another
      four Jishagaras, then head left to terminate three more Bunas. Another Key
      will drop to the right of them, near another ramp and face.
      Once past it, two more Jishagaras and a Gohra are waiting for you topside, so
      go meet them. Now go left, north west on the map, to find another Gohra. When
      it's dead, a lone Jishagara will run up to you. Kill it, then just continue
      on this path to find two more of them.
      To the left from here (south west) is a path where you can find three boxes
      with Atomizers or Scape Dolls. To the right side (north west) is the exit.
      Head there and you'll see a locked door. When you get near, you will find a
      Gohra, followed by three more Bunas. Whack them to get a Key, then cross the
      door on the mountain.
      West Kugu Desert: Area B-2
      In this area, ignore the path to the left. If you go right, you'll come upon
      three Zoonas and three containers to the left of them. Anyway, your objective
      is dead ahead, into another AMF fortification. A Bil de Vear and four Navals
      are inside, and to their right is a laser fence protected by another group of
      Navals. Take them out and go through the fence with the Key.
      In this next section, look to the left to find a laser fence. You can't do
      anything about it now, so go right to trigger two Zoonas, then follow that
      path. A couple of seconds later, two Bil de Vears will appear, and then five
      Navals will grant you another Key when they're dead. Use it on the fence to
      the left and go through it. As soon as you deactivate it, a de Vear and four
      Navals will spawn in and attack you. Take these down to receive another Key,
      one that will let you go through the door ahead.
      However, if you want to explore a teensy bit of this area - namely, the fence
      you left behind - just go all the way left from here until you find three
      Zoonas. Take them out of the skies, grab the Key then go back inside the AMF
      fort. Go right until you spot the fence then take it down. On the other side
      are five Navals; more will pop up as you kill the first group. Further to the
      back of this area are two sets of boxes, each behind the parked Strikers -
      the left set usually drops Dimates and Trimates, while the right set will
      have Atomizers.
      Whether you went back for this area or not, your objective is through that
      locked door on the north east side of the map. Unlock it to access the next
      West Kugu Desert: Distress Signal Origin
      First of all, save your game. Then head towards the beaten down Striker and
      fallen AMF soldiers for a cutscene.
      [PSUTRI32]  Trial 32: Defeat the Dimmagolus!
      Time to beat: 1:30 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Notes: Yes. *Again*. The same Boss as before, but with a different name and
             set of colors. Dimmagolus is pretty much the same as the Onmagoug,
             only it now has a large amount of hitpoints when compared to its
             older version.
             Along with patterns you should be familiar with by now are also some
             novelties. When a dark aura surrounds it, it will launch some organic
             material that will Confuse you, while a blue aura means an electrical
             attack is on the way.
             Its melee attacks are also more powerful, so beware.
      As before, its weak points are the wings. Target them with ranged attacks in
      first-person view, then rush it when it goes down. Dimmagolus is weak against
      the Lightning element, so anything Ground-based is your best line of attack.
      Not much to recommend other than being fast and using any Skills that target
      several body parts. Ground-based Bullets and/or TECHS are useful, though not
      really crucial if your PAs are high level enough.
      Trial 32: Dimmagolus defeated!
      S-Rank Rewards: MUGUNGRI, 18000 Meseta, 140 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 7000 Meseta, 110 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 90 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 80 Mission Points
      Watch the following scenes. And hey, here's another chapter for you.
      [PSUCHA12]  Chapter 12 - Life Choices
      Rewards:      - Free Mission: "Absolute Zero"
                    - Free Mission: "Terror in the Desert"
                    - Scape Doll (S-Rank Trial 33)
                    - 18000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 33)
                    - Hanzo
                    - Death Dancer (S-Rank Trial 34)
                    - 18000 Meseta (S-Rank Trial 34)
      Another cutscene opens up Chapter 12. When it's over, you will return to the
      GUARDIANS HQ in the Colony. Head to the exit and a new scene will play out
      between Ethan, Tonnio and Leo. After that, leave.
      Clyez City 4th Floor: PPT Spaceport
      So let's find us a Curtz. Take a shuttle to the West District in Holtes City,
      or take it to GRM then leave the shop. Whatever you do, head towards the AMF
      Base - it's the enormous enclave with a CAST guarding the door. Approach him
      to start a cutscene.
      AMF Headquarters: Meeting Room
      Watch the scene between Ethan and Curtz.
      Holtes City: West District
      Head towards the Central Square, and another cutscene will play out, this
      time with Lou.
      Holtes City: Central Square
      From here, take a shuttle to Moatoob. Just select the planet, you can't make
      any other choice for now.
      Dagora City: Central District
      Watch the scene. To Gawik's Bar it is. Just go right, up the ramp and to the
      left of the photon charger and save point. At the end of the path and down
      some stairs is the bar.
      Gawik's Pub
      Watch another cutscene.
      Dagora City: Central District
      To the Communion, then. Take a shuttle to Neudaiz's Central District.
      Ohtoku City: Central District
      From here, just go right - as you approach the guard outside the building,
      several scenes will play out. After all that, the group now has a chance to
      go to the HIVE. The mission "Guardian's Calling" is now available from the
      Space Dock in the Colony. The game is misleading - while it says Ethan can
      accept this mission without partners, you actually *have* to accept it alone.
      Clyez City 4th Floor: PPT Spaceport
      You'll be taken back here. Before getting further into the story, drop by
      Ethan's room and check the Vision Phone to see what new Free Missions are now
      As for everything else... This is the last story mission. Some of the harder
      enemies in the game are in the Hive but it's also one of the shortest areas
      in the game. Still, while it doesn't really seem to build up on challenges as
      previous Chapters did, the increased difficulty comes down to most enemies
      being capable of using multiple elemental attacks.
      Every weapon, line shield, units and materials  are now available. However,
      remember that Nanoresin is only found on the Hive, randomly dropped by Bel
      There are two good weapons you can find in the Hive that are also possible to
      create before you head there. These are the Hanzo and the Death Dancer. The
      primary disadvantage of creating them now is that it will be costly in terms
      of materials, though if you've replayed Free Missions for fun and profit, you
      should have enough Mesetas to buy a small country. The tremendous advantage,
      though, is obvious: in a place plagued with Dark-based enemies, Light-based
      weapons are undoubtedly useful.
      Then again, the final mission is very short, and since it will be available
      to replay once you complete it, Light-based weaponry is not a matter of life
      or death.
      Other noteworthy weapons you can create before going there are the Assassin
      (A-Rank Rifle), the Shintsuki-zashi (A-Rank Double Dagger), the Bulletmaster
      (A-Rank Double Handguns), the Beam Vulcan (B-Rank Machinegun), the Beamgun
      (B-Rank Handgun) and the Shigga Bigul (B-Rank Shotgun, but you had access to
      it since Chapter 6). You can also create the Mugungri; you may have already
      received one during a Trial in the previous Chapter but it was neutral.
      Meanwhile, if you manage to S-Rank the "Absolute Zero" Free Mission, you'll
      receive the Board for the Svaltus Edge, an S-Rank Sword. Considering that it
      requires somewhat easy materials, it's a great choice for Hunters. The only
      "downside" to making this weapon is that it requires Kubara Wood, the rarest
      material in PSU's Story Mode, but also one you can find in the "What is in
      the Ruins" Free Mission... If you don't mind repeating it a lot. But that
      mission is much easier to handle now so repeated runs are quicker.
      Forces can also create very good weapons at this point, though the selection
      is limited to the Cometara (an A-Rank Wand) and the Granarod (an A-Rank Staff
      also found in Board format on the Hive).
      If you prefer buying weapons, there are several S-Rank weapons to choose
      from across all three conglomerates for all Types, but at this point the only
      Light-based weapon on the market will be the Gudda Greta (B-Rank Knuckles).
      So consider it a generous trade-off - you can either buy highly effective and
      destructive S-Rank weapons, or create some B and A-Rank weapons that can have
      the Light element on them.
      Finally, the best line shields will also be on offer, along with specialized
      units. Suggestions regarding these are moot, as it all comes down to player
      choice about DEF and EVA. While it's possible to create armor with the Dark
      element, so they protect better against critters in the Hive, not only are
      their stats lower but Hive enemies will use more than Megid.
      Keep in mind that some weapons in shops have a corresponding Board in the
      Synth Shops, so be on the lookout for that - Boards are cheaper, and you can
      scavenge for materials yourself.
      Note: Once you start the next and last story mission, you cannot leave until
            you complete it.
      Whenever ready, go to the Space Dock at the Colony's PPT Spaceport, select
      the "Guardian's Calling" mission, and off you go.
      [PSUSTO11]  Story Mission 11: "Guardian's Calling"
      Box Drops:	   Hanzo (F)
    		   Kubara Wood (R)
      Board Drops:	   [B] Death Dancer
    		   [B] Bulletmaster
    		   [B] Granarod
      Enemy Drops:	   Dagger of Serafi -- Bel Pannon
    		   Whitill Wing -- Deljaban
                       Nanoresin -- Bel Pannon
      Watch the scene that follows and then talk to everyone in the ship's bridge.
      More scenes will play out, the Karen is back.
      Inside the HIVE: Block A-1
      Watch the scene between the party. Leo, Tonnio and Lou will go into an area,
      while Tylor and Liina look after the Landeel. Ethan and Karen join up and go
      into a different area.
      Go across the door straight ahead and a Trial will start.
      [PSUTRI33]  Trial 33: Follow Hyuga and Maya's distress signal!
      Time to beat: 6:50 minutes
      Enemies to kill: 47
      Notes: Not much to say for this one. By now you've most certainly gotten the
             hang of combat and the need to keep moving, and this is no different.
             Just keep in mind that, while Forces have no direct damage spell based
             on the Light element, direct damage and status ailments from other
             TECHS are a viable option.
      Inside the HIVE: Block A-2
      When you reach this area, keep moving forward until you meet Two Deljabans
      and two Bel Pannons, the first line of offense. Take them out, then proceed
      through the door straight ahead. Three Deljabans will be inside this room -
      when you kill them, five more will spawn from the right side. After they're
      dead, take the door to the right.
      The path splits between left and right in this next section. First, take the
      left path and go along it until you find three Bel Pannons. Killing these
      spawns even more Bel Pannons and a Deljaban across the room, and two more
      Deljaban will appear after them. Once that's done, the door ahead of you
      (north) opens. Take it to find a room with four containers - as you get near
      them, four Bel Pannons will appear behind you. When they're terminated, four
      Deljabans will appear, along with a Gaozoran.
      These are very dangerous, even even for high level characters. They can cast
      Foie, Gibarta and Ramegid, but can also warp around a room - making it tricky
      to keep a lock on them. Also, the King version can use Megiverse, so take
      care. A good tactic against them is to use Diga or Ground-based Bullets since
      those can silence the Gaozoran. Also, it's very weak against knockdown, so
      do your best to pin it to the ground and maul it.
      Now leave this room and return to the split path - as you get there, three
      Bel Pannons will drop by. Kill them, then take the right path (south east).
      Follow another long path to find three Deljabans and another Gaozoran. During
      this fight, be prepared for a fair number of Deljabans and Bel Pannons to
      spawn inside the room as you keep trying to bring the Gaozoran down. Once
      they're all defeated, go through the door that opens to the far right (east)
      of the room.
      Inside the HIVE: Block A-3
      Follow the path right, past the containers, to trigger a scene - and that's
      it, Trial done.
      Trial 33: Found distress call origin!
      S-Rank Rewards: SCAPE DOLL, 18000 Meseta, 150 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 7000 Meseta, 120 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 90 Mission Points
      Inside the HIVE: Laboratory A
      Watch another scene, and Maya and Hyuga will join the party.
      Inside the HIVE: Block A-3
      You'll return to Block A-3. From your starting point, head to your left into
      another large room. Wipe out the two Deljabans and a Gaozoran, then take the
      door to the left (north). In this next room, four Deljaban will be waiting
      for you, then two others will come out once you kill the first ones.
      When the duo is done for, another four Deljabans will appear in the back of
      the room, guarding a SEED-Vitace. Remember that these are fairly mobile and
      can Infect the party, so watch it. After the ensuing chaos, go through the
      door up ahead, located towards the east side on the map.
      Inside the HIVE: Block A-4
      Go along this long room to find a Bel Pannon and two Deljabans; three other
      Pannons will spawn further behind the first enemies. Take them all out while
      being alert against any strays, then keep going along the room. Towards the
      end are two doors - one to the left and another straight ahead - along with
      two more Bel Pannons and two other Deljabans. Three more Deljaban and another
      Gaozoran will appear soon after you kill the previous group, so be ready.
      What door to take after they're all gone? First, take the door ahead of you
      (on the east side) and you'll come to a room with a container behind a laser
      fence. Once you get halfway through the room, three Gaozoran will attack -
      this is a tricky fight, sure enough, made worse by the fact that one of them
      is a King version.
      I found the best thing to do here is to deal with one at the time, preferably
      leading it away from the others. Knockdown PAs, such as those for Double
      Sabers and Single Sabers, are recommended so you can push one of them into a
      corner and attact it repeatedly. Rangers should rip them apart with Rising-
      type Bullets and knockdown Skills as well, or even whip out a Shotgun as soon
      as they appear and try to hit all three at the same time. Forces are best
      using their highest level TECHS - remember that status effects are usually a
      life saver.
      Killing them all brings the fence down, and cracking open the container will
      reveal the HANZO, an A-Rank Sword.
      Once done, return to the previous room and go through the other door, heading
      north. Several Deljaban will be waiting in the next room, and once they're
      down, grab the Key they leave behind. Then take the door further ahead, to
      the north side of the room.
      Inside this next room will be a laser fence and five Bel Pannons. When the
      Bels are gone, four Deljabans and a Gaozoran will appear from the back of the
      room. Killing them all takes down the fence - take that path.
      Inside the HIVE: Block B-1
      First thing to notice is the healing plate and save point dead ahead.
      There's a locked door to the left, so forget about it - for now. There's an
      open door straight ahead, and a long path to the right. Going forward will
      continue the mission, while the right path leads into an optional area, with
      some enemies and healing items.
      If you want to learn more about this optional area, read the next paragraphs.
      If not, skip them to continue with the story mission.
      [PSUOPTI5]  OPTIONAL: Further into the HIVE
      From the save point and healing plate on Block B-1, take the right path along
      the corridor. This leads into a very large but vacant room, with three boxes
      to the left - which have healing items - and another pathway to the right.
      Follow that corridor to its end. Karen will say there's nothing in this area,
      but keep going.
      Inside the HIVE: Block C-1
      While you'll notice this room has a path to the left and to the right, they
      both lead to the same places. Still, ignore the right path for now.
      Go left and along the narrow passage. You'll come to a room with a Deljaban
      and two Sendillans. Kill them, then cut down the three Sendillans that spawn
      after them. A Key will drop - when you grab it, you'll notice it belongs to
      a set of two. Now head north east on the map, following another narrow path.
      At the T-Junction, two Sendillans will appear. Notice the path to the left?
      Don't go there yet; keep going forward along the corridor.
      When you exit the corridor, you'll come to another room, this time with two
      Deljabans and a Sendillan further ahead and to the right. Killing these will
      spawn three more Deljabans behind you. After they're gone, another Key drops
      down. Grab it and unlock to the east of this room, where the first group of
      enemies was. Go through it.
      A Deljaban and some Sendillans will be expecting you; meet their expectations
      and take them out. Next up, five more Deljabans appear, and three others will
      drop in as you kill the previous ones. Don't leave - wait a couple of seconds
      and a Dilnazen will appear near the door and move towards the center of the
      room. This one is obviously stronger than the version you encountered in the
      frozen Temple in Chapter 10, and has a tendency to block melee attacks a lot
      more. His death rewards you with a Key, the second in the set.
      Now return to the T-Junction you passed by moments ago.
      Nore: Another Sendillan duo *might* be back at the junction; if not, they'll
            very likely appear once you return here when leaving the next room.
      Now take the path you ignore before to find a locked door. Once you use both
      Keys, go through it to reach a room with eight containers. They might not
      seem a great reward, but it's an easy way to restock on healing items and
      Photon Charges without having to pay for them.
      Now return to the beginning of this area (the southernmost room on the map),
      and find three Deljabans and a Dilnazen. After you kill them, that's it for
      this optional area.
      To go back to Block B-1 and continue with the story, just take the exit right
      there. As with previous optional rooms, this one can be visited as many times
      as you wish, since enemies will respawn when you leave and reenter.
      When ready, go through the door beyond the save point and keep going along
      the corridor.
      Inside the HIVE: Laboratory B
      Watch the scene, then time for a Trial.
      [PSUTRI34]  Trial 34: Stop the Carriguine!
      Time to beat: 1:00 minute
      Enemies to kill: 1
      Fall frequency of Maya: 0
      Notes: The Carriguine is pretty much the same as the Kamatozes you found on
             Neudaiz. That is, its charges and sword swipes can knock characters
             down, and it can leap around. It can also use Gifoie and Damfoie for
             damage, and Deband to boost its own defense. Finally, it's impervious
             to knockdowns.
             Its most dangerous offensive maneuver, however, is the ability to cast
             Megid three times in a row.
             Other than that, keep an eye on Maya - if she's Incapacitated, you
             won't get the S-Rank.
      Not much to say for this one. Like the Kamatoze, do your best to dodge away
      from his charge attacks, then hit it with everything you've got. Just be fast
      and make sure Maya doesn't get snuffed out.
      Trial 34: Stopped the Carriguine!
      S-Rank Rewards: DEATH DANCER, 18000 Meseta, 150 Mission Points
      A-Rank Rewards: 7000 Meseta, 120 Mission Points
      B-Rank Rewards: 3000 Meseta, 100 Mission Points
      C-Rank Rewards: 90 Mission Points
      Watch another scene, then a broadcast from Lou will come through. Your new
      objective is to destroy the central control room, which pretty much goes hand
      in hand with stopping the space beholder -- er, satellite. However, Hyuga
      will take Maya to the Landeel, so only Ethan and Karen remain.
      Inside the HIVE: Block B-1
      Just go through the door ahead of you. It seems Bruce found his way into the
      satellite. Use him as you see fit, then save your game. Remember when you got
      here and the door to the left, west on the map, was locked? It isn't anymore.
      Go through it.
      Inside the HIVE: Block B-2
      As you go further into the room, note there are two laser fences, one to the
      left and another to the right. Two Deljabans will appear as you move closer
      to them; deal with them and after those, two more Deljabans will drop in the
      room along with a new enemy, the Jusnagun. While its appearance is somewhat
      new, it owes a lot to the Tengohgs you fought on Neudaiz.
      Its patterns are pretty much the same. On the ground, it can attack with its
      claws; while flying, it can swoop down on characters. The main thing to worry
      about is that it also uses Megid, so keep an eye out on that purple ball it
      launches towards you. Fortunately, it also has the same weak points as the
      Tengohg - while it may resist melee blows, it's vulnerable to ranged attacks
      and knockdown effects.
      Once you kill it, both laser fences will go down. If you take the right path,
      you'll go through a corridor and a door to the right; past it will be a small
      room with Deljabans and Bel Pannons, along with containers. Photon Charges
      are usually found on them. If you go here, note that two more Deljabans will
      appear in the room where the fences were.
      If you take the left, you'll continue with the mission so go that way.
      Before the path turns left again, three Bel Pannons will jump you. Smash'em
      to bits, then keep on your left and at the end, take the door on the right.
      Inside this large room, three Deljabans and two Bel Pannons step into the
      fray. Kill them, then deal with another Jusnagun accompanied by two more
      Pannons. When they're disposed of, the door on the far end of the room will
      open. Go through, then keep to the right on the next room after the small
      passage. Three Bel Pannons and a Deljaban will be there, and another pair of
      Deljabans and a Jusnagun will appear afterwards. After you've added them to
      your bodycount, take the door on the west side of the room.
      Inside the HIVE: Block B-3
      Go to the right side to fight more Deljabans, then keep on that direction and
      cross the open door. This next room has two more directions to choose from,
      but for now, focus on the Deljabans lying in wait. After them, go towards the
      north east of the room to fight more Deljabans and a Gaozoran.
      When they're dead, you can either take the door found west on the map, or the
      one to the north east. If you take the one headed west, you'll find a stray
      Deljaban in the corridor, then the next room will have two more Deljabans, a
      Jusnagun and some containers.
      Going through the door located north, it will get hellish. Four Deljabans and
      a Gaozoran will be here, followed by two more Deljabans. After those, a group
      of three Deljabans and two Jusnaguns will appear a bit beyond the center of
      the room - if you get too close to them, a Gaozoran will be there as well, so
      try to take out the others ones first, then deal with the Gaozoran.
      Once they're all defeated, go through the door at the far north of the room.
      Inside the HIVE: Block B-3
      Save your game, then keep going forward. When you get near the passageway, a
      scene will play out. Lou gets in touch again to say the control room is up
      ahead. Ethan goes in alone.
      Inside the HIVE: Central Control Room
      Watch the scene. Ethan will be joined by Karen, Leo and Tonnio. And then,
      Boss time.
      [PSUFINAL]  Final Battle: Defeat Dulk Fakis!
      Notes: While this isn't a Trial, it deserves a section of its own.
             Long time fans of the series, or even just those that played PSO, will
             recognize this entity as Dark Falz, or Dark Force as it's commonly
             known in the series. Fakis is the largest SEED form in the game, and
             while not a breeze, it's underwhelming. In fact, lower level players
             might have a harder time getting here than actually beating it.
             Its patterns are diverse but fairly easy to keep in mind. It can cast
             all the Ra-class of TECHS, all of them used at random. Like the Adahna
             Degahna and Magas Maggahna, it can fire off a far-reaching laser, use
             its arms to push back or slam players, and can also erect a shield in
             front of it. The tentacles to its sides will also cast a lower level
             Megid, so keep an eye on those.
             Fakis also has two forms. While the first is immobile, the second one
             zips across the battlefield and uses a long tail to swipe at you, and
             can also use beam attacks and charge. Finally, it's capable of using
             a devastating comet attack.
      Dulk Fakis: First Form
      From the start, you'll see Dulk Fakis at the end of the ramp in front of you.
      Hunter aficionados have it pretty clear cut - just run up to it and unleash
      your most devastating PAs. Since it's rooted to the spot, weapons like the
      Spear, Claws, Double Saber and Sword provide the largest hit ratio across
      its multiple body sections without lauching you across the battlefield. The
      Double Saber in particular is very good for this fight.
      Rangers will probably want to keep their distance and use any Rising-based
      Bullets, while Forces should buff the party and themselves, then use their
      highest level TECHS. As mentioned several times, a Handgun/Staff combo lets
      you remain pretty versatile in combat, but Bows are also a nice choice.
      In its first form, Fakis may launch a purple wave, which will push the party
      down the ramp. For the most part, characters will simply be pushed back and
      block any damage, but if anyone has their backs turned to the wave when it
      hits, it will damage them.
      There's also a slight chance it will fire off three yellow energy balls from
      its torso, which can also push you down the ramp.
      Dulk Fakis: Second Form
      The previous tactics work just as well, with some differences. In this second
      form, Fakis will move on the ground but also stay slightly above it at times.
      Eventually, it will dart around and fly across the arena.
      Ranged weapons are a boon for those times, but even more important is that
      you consistently maintain your lock-on, as it moves around a lot more.
      The spot easier to hit is the head on its scorpion-like extension. Just make
      sure you know where it is at all times, specially when it moves around the
      circular platform. Of note, it can encircle the party as if it were a snake,
      and turn upside down.
      If the camera zooms out a bit it will briefly disappear, only to do a charge
      attack across the area. However, if the fight freezes and the camera zooms
      out very far away, you can expect a meteor hitting the party. This is deadly
      to lower level characters and near fatal to higher level ones, even moreso
      because any regenerative effects (like those from Giresta or equipment with
      Auto Recovery) will not activate until the animation ends - you'll just have
      to sit and stare at an explosion while everyone slowly burns away.
      Fun fact: Fakis' tail is very similar to the De Rol Le, another Boss players
      encountered during PSO. A Boss with the same name, but a slightly different
      appearance, can be found in Phantasy Star Portable 2 for the PSP.
      Dulk Fakis defeated!
      Watch the following scenes, then you'll be on the Landeel again. Ethan will
      notice Karen is missing. You can talk to any character here, including the
      Vol Brothers. Just head through that open door in the back when you feel like
      it. Watch the final scene, then pat yourself in the back - you have finished
      the game!
      After the credits, you can make a save that lets you retain all of Ethan's
      statistics and equipment at the end of the final mission. It will be called
      "Game Clear" on the loading menu, and reloading it places you in his room at
      the Colony, ready to undertake the endgame mission once more.
      You can also fully explore Extra Mode now, so be sure to check its section to
      learn more about it.
      Phantasy Star Universe - Post Game				[PSUPOSTG]
      When you finish Phantasy Star Universe's main Story Mode, there are some
      things after the endgame to keep in mind.
      *The game will make a save just prior to the final mission. Ethan will
       retain the level he had when you finished the game, and keep all items,
       weapons, equipment, Partner Machinery levels, Photon Arts, Bullets and
       TECHNIC levels as well. The satellite will still be there, waiting, as
       if you still hadn't finished the game. You can finish the game again, then
       get another "Clear" save indefinitely, so if you want to farm synthesis
       materials, or find the elusive Whitill Wing or Dagger of Serafi in the Hive,
       you are free to do so.
      *Hyuga Ryght, Maya Shidow and Karen Erra will *not* be available as Partners
       for any Free Mission even after reloading the final save in Story Mode. If
       you still haven't received their special Photon Arts by S-Ranking a mission
       with them on the team, your only choice is to replay the last area of the
       game again, since there are Trials there and they'll be in the party.
      *Extra Mode now has all Free Missions available, and includes two extra
       missions not found in Story Mode. These are "Goliath in the Desert" and
       "The Dark Satellite". The first is the Moatoob desert segment where you
       fight Magashi's giant crimson mech, while the second is the final area
       of Story Mode, where you fight Dulk Fakis.
      *Trials exclusive to the Story Mode - like riding Lungas - are not present
       in Extra Mode.
      *You can now develop a character in Extra Mode, and later import it into
       Ambition of the Illuminus - if you have the expansion, of course.
      *While it's kind of pointless, seeing as a player just finished the game,
       all S-Rank weapons are now available as well. Still, these can be useful
       if you've yet to tackle Free Missions like "Absolute Zero". Or just want
       to burn away all the millions you've been earning.
      [PSUNAMES]  Phantasy Star Universe - Naming Characters
      Often in role-playing games, players interested in keeping in line with a
      game's theme or setting might have a difficult time naming their characters.
      Some games and wikis provide good sources for this, listing names that have
      either been used in a series or that adopt naming conventions of a specific
      What follows is a small list of names based on PSU's naming conventions for
      players who want to call their characters something else than "KillerB0B",
      "Elite_Spinazz" or "furry_qte". Long time fans of Phantasy Star might even
      recognize a couple of them from past games as well.
      Ramel		Odare		Ghola		Tersu		Burwor
      Nole		Kroe		Evee		Mieu		Nandra
      Ovieve	Rauga		Nox		Geric		Nagisa
      Tryce		Kinta		Rento		Geris		Volt
      Skaphe	Ilis		Rishar		Gerke		Julato
      Enouk		Garwal		Erzulie		Ruija		Zenza
      Raggi		Fau		Shir		Abani		Sozu
      Troval	Silia		Dacci		Gekizel		Tonzlar
      Valletta	Racten		Loicun		Detrio		Sedge
      Rixen		Sprahe		Mahlia		Pateru		Kara
      Jadoor	Deries		Barin		Teivos		Tylon
      Notz		Luah		Pollpa		Dusis		Briella
      Kainz		Rebinia		Letara		Ryal		Fuidan
      Ashure	Surei		Foren		Gryz		Demi
      Tianii	Zelne		Berce		Rudo		Rindle
      Starn		Raira		Buran		Guwen		Obel
      Camuel	Elenor		Fortun		Mnina		Alman
      Doromu	Lapard		Zirski		Mota		Gaval
      Castor	Olga		Rico		Emiria		Rumia
      Rafal		Bebbal		Hegel		Gorum		Pardi
      Nem		Neesa		Daed		Gantz		Koton
      Ruje		Lavier		Vogel		Tyze		Bunce
      Orie		Inell		Junko		Ona		Catrice
      Delina	Leniyar		Maida		Zessie		Hirawel
      Naming PSU characters isn't particularly hard, and names in line with the
      setting are also easy enough. "Raira Buranguwen", or variations of it, is a
      name I've used for female Humans in the game. Actually, this is the name
      used for Alys Brangwin, one of the main characters of Phantasy Star IV.
      When in doubt, feel free to check up on names used across the series, both
      their original and translated ones.
      [ENDGUIDE]  End of the Guide
     *That's all for now. As stated before, a future version of this guide will
      provide added information on Free Missions and Extra Mode. As it stands now,
      it will hopefully be of good use to first time PSU players interested in the
      offline mode.
     *I'd like to thank myself for writing this. No member of any Sega or Phantasy
      Star Universe community was receptive to the idea of a FAQ/Walkthrough for
      this game, and provided no help at all when requested.
     *I should probably thank Sega and Sonic Team for the game, because without it,
      I wouldn't write this FAQ/Walkthrough at all.
     *Thanks to GameFAQs for letting me host this guide on their servers.
      This Document is Copyright 2012 by Diogo Ribeiro
      Phantasy Star Universe is Copyright by Sonic Team/Sega
      I am not affiliated with Sonic Team, Sega, or anyone involved in the creation
      of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site as long as its contents are
      not changed and I am contacted about this decision. You may not charge for,
      or profit in any way from this FAQ.

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