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    Dungeon Overlord Guide by Shadows_Heir

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Overlord Dungeon Guide
    Austen La Place (AKA Shadows Heir)
    Version 1.0                                                    
    Version History - 
    1.0 - First submission
    1.2 - Reader strategies added
    1.4 - Added sites allowed to host, more strats
    |              - Table of Contents -                    |
    ---Introduction      --------------------           [INT]
    ----Achievements     --------------------          [ACH]
    -----The Equipment   --------------------         [EQUIP]
    -----The Groups      --------------------        [GRP]
    ------The Battles    --------------------       [BTL]
    -------Farming       --------------------      [FARM]
    --------Credits      --------------------     [CRED]
    ---------Legal       --------------------    [LEG]
    ----------Contact    --------------------   [CON]  
    |               - Introduction [INT] -                  |
    Overlord, a fun game that tends to get on ones nerves from time to time.  
    It is populated by all manner of creatures, and most of them will end up 
    in your dungeon after you kill them.  The dungeon is an interesting place, 
    primarily because its challanges tend to see-saw from the pitifully simple 
    to the absurdly difficult without any real warning.  This FAQ is designed 
    to help counter the unpredictability of the dungeon, and explain how to 
    master its various denizens.
    Dungeon Basics - 
    You can take any minions you have unlocked.
    You don't have access to your spells, melee only.
    Your health is restored at the end of each fight.
    Minion deaths/equipment is permanent.
    You keep all gold / lifeforce you aquire.
    |                - Acheivements [ACH] -                 |
    The following Acheivements can be earned by following this FAQ:
    Dungeon Dabbler     |  15
    Dungeon Overlord    |  30
    Ultimate Steel      |  10
    Ultimate Durium     |  20
    Ultimate Arcanium   |  40
    Minion Harvester    |  10
    Amass Minions       |  10
    Minion Hoarder      |  15
    Minion Multitude    |  40
    Total               |  190
    |                  - Equipment [EQUIP] -                |
    I'd recommend Arcanium (Duh) but if you don't have that, then Durium will
    do fine, or even Steel if your feeling gutsy.  Helm doesn't matter nearly 
    as much as armor.  Most of the good enemies appear after you get Durium 
    anyway.  For weapons, go with a Mace, you'll need the damage boost.
    |            -Minion Equipment [Subsection] -           |
    I didn't really think about equipping my minions in this, because I had
    already upgraded my blues and browns through Rose.  Note that the Beer 
    Kettle gives all your minions a permenant boost as well, and if your 
    going evil then Velvet will upgrade your reds and greens, which for the 
    purpose of this guide is probably superior.
    Fortunately, Evnev8 was not so lax in this area, and has submitted his 
    plan for a well-equipped horde.
    Crates and barrels and things drop items as you play, but you have to 
    load out of an area and back in to get them to respawn, which takes some 
    time.  In the dungeon, as soon as you mop up a horde, you can immediately 
    jump into another battle - just like harvesting lifeforce. 
    --- After Mellow Hills
    The Halfling Cooks drop good items for their stage in the game, but the 
    first great battle is the Zombie horde. The second is the Dwarven Warrior.
    Anytime I lost minions (especially browns) I'd come here and get fresh
    ones geared back up in no time. I noticed you mentioned melee is a
    mistake with zombies, but I actually think it is the best.
    Since your FAQ is a dungeon guide, and you already mention lifeforce 
    farming, I think it would be incomplete not to mention this usefullness
    as well.
    -- After Heaven's Peak
    The thing I do for Zombies is like fishing. Park your reds and blues
    and sweep your greens and browns just close enough to lure a gaggle of
    the corpses out, pull them back to you and rush them with the browns and
    greens. As soon as all of your melee minions are engaged, get in there
    and start wacking. You have to keep a watchful eye out because if you see
    a minion go down, get over to it so that your blues can rush in and pick
    up the body safely. 
    They drop so many minion items it isn't funny. Of course, an army of
    reds works wonders here too, but I think it is the Brown and Green
    minions that benefit from the drops the most. With fresh minions, you can
    probably safely pull out 10-12 zombies without things getting out of hand.
    But once you've gotten a good amount of Browns beefed up, you can pull more
    without any worries.
    Earlier on, before you get your blues, this is still a cake walk, but you
    have to be active in controlling your minions and shouldn't enter the fight
    as your reds will be following you. Stack up on mostly browns and 5 reds.
    In the opening of the match select just your browns and play the fishing 
    game.When the Zombies get close enough for your reds to start chucking, 
    sic your browns on them. 
    As soon as the last brown is engaged, call them all back. When they all get
    back to you, rush em out again. Trust me, you won't lose any browns this way
    and the Zombies will be toast in no time. I use this hit and run method to
    deal with most melee monsters in the game, as armored browns really don't
    start dying unless you leave them engaged too long. Works well against the 
    Halfling Cooks too if you haven't gotten to the zombies yet.
    --- After Golden Hills
    The dwarven warriors drop the best gear before you get to the desert. Stack
    up browns, about 10 blues, and 5 greens. If you get close enough, you can
    pull the front five of the Dwarven Warriors off and lure them back. As soon
    as they get close enough, rush them with the Browns and greens, just like
    with the Zombies. (The greens automatically position themselves to jump on
    their backs). 
    Getting over to the fallen ones is so important here, because if you don't,
    the splash damage of the Dwarves will knock your blue minions over. Of course,
    this method works best if you have atleast a Durium weapon. I find it is 
    better to buy a sword and pump all your minions into the extra fire and
    physical damage, since it attacks faster, the dwarves can't be knocked back,
    and clumped foes tend to distribute the heavy blow damage. 
    (Actually, this is why the sword is my favorite weapon since anything worth 
    worrying about can't be knocked back anyway...) This method will kill the 
    dwarves quickly and you will have a small army running around with Double Axes
    and little birdie helms in no time. Of course this becomes pointless when you
    reach the desert, but works wonders finishing the dwarven level and up until
    you minions start to get their desert gear.
    Kudos to him for typing all of that and being nice enough to send it to me.
    |                  - The Groups [GRP] -                 |
    The Dungeon is not a complicated place really, you only need two different
    groups of minions to lay waste to everything in it with minimal loss of 
    life.  Of course, you'll be doing most of the grunt work, but these groups 
    will make it much easier.  I've put the projections at 30 minions max, as 
    that is what I used to beat them.  If you have more, just up the reds or 
    The Ranged Group -  
    Red Minions x25 
    Blue Minions x5
    This group will waste about 3/4 of the dungeon with no problems.  When 
    the fight begins, just waypoint them slightly back from the middle of 
    the dungeon and lure your enemies to them.  Stay in front of them and 
    be a damage sponge while hacking away at your foes, and they'll end up 
    killing about as many as you do.  On some matches, they'll kill all of 
    them, without your assistance in the least.  The blues are there to make 
    sure you still have 30 in event that one or two enemies get by you and 
    start slaughtering your minions, as the Reds are the second weakest in 
    the game.
    The Melee Group - 
    Brown x10
    Green x20
    The 25% or so of the dungeon that the Ranged won't get is mostly the 
    nasty enemies like trolls and rock giants and rabid unicorns and 
    whatnot.  Greens waste these with their sneak, the browns are there
    for distraction.  When the fight begins, waypoint the greens off to 
    the side and keep your browns close.  Lure your enemies by the greens,
    and attack when they do to quickly kill the opponent.  This group will
    take a lot of casualties, unfortunately, given their up close and 
    personal combat style, so be prepared to replace them.
    Ars Arcanium - Solo
    If you have maxed out Arcanium equipment, you don't need minions at 
    all.  Most of the fights can be done with no problems, and the few
    that prove harder I've pointed out.  
    ---Submitted by Evnev8
    Balanced - 
    15 Browns
    5 reds
    5 blues
    5 greens
    I up the browns and blues as I get more minions. 
    |                - The Battles [BTL] -                  |
    For you convience, I've marked these B1-B33 as well as labling them.
    B1 - Battler Beetle
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Castle Spree
    Waypoint your group to the middle and engage the beetles as you 
    see fit.  Make sure you lure them into the Red's firing range, 
    they'll make your life much easier.
    --- Submitted by Zing Freelancer
    I use to fight them with 10 browns (Or more if possibel, 15 
    is best) 10 greens and 10 blues. Firs when I come before I hit 
    the middle I place my blues on guard and then right in front of 
    the greens and in front of the browns. You should have browns 
    selected as they usually mess up their formation and won't fight 
    properly. So you need to recall them and replace guard marker.
    What I do then is to pull 10-12 of beetles into my browns and 
    then do a quick sweep. Greens will jump from behind and help 
    as well. Be careful as if beetles attack you before you they hit 
    browns greens will jump out and attack, then you have to help out 
    as many might die... After you do so 2-3 times you can call all 
    back and just send them to finish the rest of beetles remaining 
    and then lets this small evil creatures collect life force for you. 
    Works totaly on all types of beetles. However, I would approach 
    Magma beetles with caution.
    B2 - Bloody Unicorn
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 3.5/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    Size - 6 (Six)
    Ugh.  I hate these things.  Waypoint your greens to the side, and 
    wait for their charge.  Hopefully it will miss you and the greens, 
    but if you have to make a choice, the browns are fodder.  The 
    unicorns are very good at close combat, and while they aren't hard 
    hitters it does add up.
    B3 - Boulder Beast
    Group to Use - Melee
    Difficulty - 4/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills (Pass)
    Size - 6 (Six)
    Since you only had to deal with one of these at a time before, the 
    advent of six staring you in the face will probably be a surprise.  
    Don't panic, if you do, you die.  Waypoint the greens near the 
    entrance, and then get of the way, at least two will be coming for 
    you.  Try to kill these before the others notice you, and don't go
    to far into the arena.  
    If all six come after you, melee as fast as 
    you can and stay away from your greens.  Invisibility won't stop 
    the beasts roll, and if you lose the greens it will get much more
    B4 - Dazzler Beetle
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    More beetles.  Waypoint your group to the middle and engage them
    as you see fit.  Make sure you lure them into the Red's firing 
    range, they'll make your life much easier.
    B5 - Dwarf Bomber
    Group to use - Solo
    Difficulty - 0/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills (Pass)
    Size - 5 (Five)
    These guys are cake.  Your up against five of them, and all they do is 
    throw bombs.  One at a time.  Make with the whacking. 
    B6 - Dwarf Crossbowman
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 3/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills
    I thought these guys used guns, but whatever.  They fire rather fast
    firey projectiles at you that hurt quite a bit.  Ranged is suicide on 
    these guys, use your browns to distract a few of them while waypointing 
    your greens behind the main line.  Then help them as best you can.  
    Try to corner them, they don't shoot when their running and are very
    weak physically.
    B7 - Dwarf Miner
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills
    These are the basic dwarfs with pickaxes you killed by the hundreds
    in Golden Hills.  They hurt a bit, and theres a lot of them, but the 
    only thing you should worry about is that they tend to go for your 
    minions first, and Reds are weak to everything.  Kill them before 
    you have a lot of dead fire throwers.
    B8 - Dwarf Warrior
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills
    These guys are the bigger dwarfs wielding large axes.  They don't 
    pose any more of a challange then thier lesser kin either.  Lure one
    line into the Reds range, then finish them off.  Rinse and repeat.
    B9 - Flamer Dwarf
    Group to use - Solo
    Difficulty - 3.5/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills
    Size - 10 (Ten)
    In another wierd difficulty spike, the dungeon throws out ten
    of these guys at once, which makes rushing them impossible.  
    Fortunately, they are incredibly stupid.  
    Head the side of the arena (either one works fine) and approach
    the first dwarf until he shoots fire at you.  You'll know this
    by its distinctive vacuum sound.  Back out of its range and note
    the distance you need to be to trigger it.  
    Now stay just outside that line and the silly dwarf will attempt 
    to waddle towards you.  Keep stepping back in time to its' 
    movements until its away from it's companions, then activate the 
    flames.  As soon as their done, rush in and deal him three sharp 
    whacks, which will set off his canister and make him pop like a 
    festive firecracker.
    Repeat this for the other dwarfs, and yes, it's going to take a 
    while.  Keep in mind that the arena floor is not an even surface,
    so you need to note the range at which the dwarf starts waddling,
    not the range the flames go.  Failure to do so will end up with
    you getting roasted once the dwarf crests a hill you didn't 
    --- Submitted by Kresselack
    I had 40 reds and 10 greens. (Probably don't need that many reds 
    with you, and browns can work instead of/with greens)  At first I
    was pulling the dwarves out one by one like in the guide, except I 
    used reds instead of my overlord since they are immune to fire. 
    I killed two of them that way, then started thinking of how you are 
    supposed to beat them. 
    I had just fought the ones in the arcanium mines, so it dawned on me
    that I could guard marker my reds and move them all behind the dwarf 
    line, which made all the dwarves attack them, to no avail of course.
    All you need to do then is move in with greens/overlord/browns and 
    start picking off the dwarves once they start firing. When you get one 
    down, you probably need to run/call them back since at least one dwarf 
    seemed to focus on me/my minions after his flame salvo ended,  but he 
    will go back to the reds when you get out of range.
    --- Submitted by Evnev8
    Create a small army of red minions. Seriously, it can be 5.. When the 
    match starts, sweep your reds around the back of the flamers and once 
    you have all of their attention, plant them there. 
    This is where you walk up behind them and start pounding out a calypso 
    tune on their backs. They will just keep torching your Red Minions, who 
    will keep laughing and taunting them with harmless little fireballs. 
    Keep on your toes though, not only to move away from the exlposions, 
    but also because occassionally, one will decide it wants to turn back to you. 
    Simply move away. When his fire dies out, he'll turn right back to the reds. 
    They will all be dead in no time.
    --- Submitted by Freaky Tiger
    Here's a great way of dealing with the flamethrower dwarves - send one red 
    minion forward right into the center of the dwarves, putting it on a guard 
    marker.  They'll try to light his ass up but being fire minions they are 
    immune to this attack.  Most (but crucially, not all of) the dwarves will 
    mainly face inwards in the direction of the lone red minion, forever flaming
    it but doing no damage.
    This allowins you the option of sending some browns and greens down the side 
    of the arena and onto the backs of the dwarves.  After getting a few good 
    blows in, some of the nearer dwarves will turn around and waste your 
    browns / greens, but the idea here is just to whittle away at their health.  
    Its best to send single minions at a time to do this - they'll knock off 
    about a third to a half of a dwarf's health before being toasted - and its 
    important to keep attacking the same dwarf so as to reduce their numbers.  
    Note that after killing your minion, all dwarves will then refocus their
    attacks on the lone red, and so you send another minion to attack.
    B10 - Fallen Knight
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Heaven's Peak (City)
    The good Sir William's retainers (NOT the cultists, their later).  
    They aren't much of a threat, though they tend to go for your 
    minions before you.  Show them their error.
    B11 - Forest Troll
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 5/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    Size - 8 (Eight) (Nice mis-leading name, no? >_<)
    You remember the trolls of Evernight?  Big bastards, favored the paint?
    Never had to face more than 2?  The game pits you against 8 here, 
    and they all rush you at once.  Not fun.  Waypoint your greens to the 
    side, and stay near them until the trolls get there, then attack any 
    troll the greens do.  You WILL lose minions, as the trolls here are 
    overly fond of their "belly flop" move, which squishes all minions on 
    their back (WTF?), but hopefully you'll end up with one or two trolls 
    left when your minions bite the dust, which you can easily solo.
    B12 - Ghost Elves
    -- Submitted by Freaky Tiger
    Looking at your list I can see I'm missing the ghost elves on my own
    dungeon list.  That's probably because I played straight through on
    my first attempt trying to get the 0% corruption achievement, so I've
    never actually attacked one.  Might be worth mentioning that in your
    Freaky Tiger makes a good point here.  The ghost elves in Evernight
    can be safely attacked at any point in the Mother Goddess Temple
    without any fear of corruption gain.  You only have to kill one, but
    wiping them all out makes moving around much easier.
    Group to use - As many blues as you can summon
    Difficulty - 2.5/5
    First Encountered - Evernight (Mother Goddess Temple)
    This is the only group you can't solo, because only blue minions
    can affect the ghost elves.  You can't do a thing in this fight,
    so just mass blues and rush the Elves.  You should get them 
    B13 - Halfling Cook
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Mellow Hills
    A bit of a breather.  The halflings, in general, suck, and the cooks 
    are the best of their sad army.  The Reds will handle crowd control, 
    so you can mix it up as you see fit.  Just don't let them get to 
    B14 - Halfling Rocktlobber
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 1.5/5
    First Encountered - Mellow Hills
    Their attacks hurt a bit, so just rush them with your minions for 
    a quick victory.
    B15 - Halfling Spearman
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 1.5/5
    First Encountered - Mellow Hills
    They have a bad habit of standing at attention while your minions
    set them on fire.  Take advantage of this.
    B16 - Halfling Swordman
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 1/5
    First Encountered - Mellow Hills
    You really don't need minions for these guys, but bring ranged for
    insurance.  They die by the dozen.
    B17 - Hulking Toad
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 1/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    These guys are a joke.  A single salvo from the Reds toasts one,
    so just lure them in one by one.
    B18 - Magma Beetle
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Castle Spree
    More beetles.  Waypoint your group to the middle and engage them
    as you see fit.  Make sure you lure them into the Red's firing 
    range, they'll make your life much easier.
    B19 - Puff Beetle
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    More beetles.  Waypoint your group to the middle and engage them
    as you see fit.  Make sure you lure them into the Red's firing 
    range, they'll make your life much easier.
    B20 - Red Priest
    Group to use - Solo
    Difficulty - 0/5
    First Encountered - Halfway to Heaven Inn (Heaven's Peak)
    Size - 5 (Five)
    You don't need help for this.  It's the stupid cultists.  Go crazy.
    B21 - Rock Giant
    Group to use - As many greens as you can summon
    Difficulty - 3/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills
    Size - 6 (Six)
    These guys are actually easier than the trolls, because they don't 
    have a "death to minions" move.  Waypoint the greens near the wall 
    and lure them in.  They'll probably all come at once, but since 
    their so big they won't be able to attack you all at once.  Again, 
    follow the greens to end the fight quickly.
    B22 - Ruborian Fighter
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 3/5
    First Encountered - Castle Spree
    These are the annoying looters that travel with Jewel and hang out
    in the desert.  They wield two blades and generally make your life
    difficult by wiping the floor with your minions.  Try not to let 
    them do that here, they aren't good against your Mace.
    B23 - Ruborian Bomber
    Group to use - Ranged (Modified, see notes)
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Ruborian Desert
    Just bring 30 Reds to this, as they're immune to the bombers
    projectile attack while being able to damage them.  Sponge
    for them if they get close, but the bombers are weaker than
    the fighters and shouldn't give you much trouble.
    B24 - Skull Boar
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    These are the big pig-men from Evernight that wield giant
    hammers.  They are also much easier than they look.  Waypoint
    your Red's in the center, and lure about 3 or 4 of them at a 
    time to their firey doom.  When they get close enough to burn, 
    run back and forth to make them do their immensely slow hammer
    move.  You can whale on the them yourself from behind with
    absolutely no risk.  
    --- Submitted by Zing Freelancer
    I used to pull 2-3 of them from the horde having my minions 
    standing on guard at start, then when they are relatively long 
    from the rest, I just walk to them and they will launch their 
    attack, When they do it is question of timing. As fast as 
    they start attacking you pull all your minions back and send 
    them on this creatures when their hammers hit the ground. With 
    3 Skull Boars you should manage to kill the last one just
    before he starts a new attack.
    They drop cool skull helmet and hammers, good for grinding red's 
    and/or greens as well as browns.
    B25 - Skull Rat
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 2.5/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    The little archer bastards that liked popping out of the ground
    in Evernight.  Only here, there's say, 30 of them.  This poses
    problems because while they deal little damage 30 arrows 
    still manages to hurt something fierce.  Send your minions 
    in to deal with the main bit, then help them mop up.
    B26 - Skull Stag
    Group to use - Solo
    Difficulty - 1/5
    First Encountered - Evernight
    Size - 5 (Five)
    These are the wierd priest things from Evernight, and they
    suck just as much here.  Solo this fight if you want.  One 
    thing to watch out for is that they can resurrect others, so
    keep hitting them until nothing moves.
    B27 - Sluglet
    Group to use - Solo
    Difficulty - 0/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills
    Size - 5 (Five)
    In the weirdest dungeon switch ever, your pitted against five 
    of the tiny slugs.  Solo this, then go to the next fight to 
    discover WHY it's the weirdest.
    B28 - Slug
    Group to use - Solo
    Difficulty - 5/5
    First Encountered - Golden Hills (Glittering Mine)
    Size - 10 (Ten)
    When they say Slug, they mean the giant, three eyed monstrosity
    you only had to face one at a time before (and two in Glittering 
    Mine).  They pit you against ten here.  The trick is to get them
    apart and whack it until it's brethren notice you by it.  You 
    need to keep moving, because if they box you in your dead, and
    as they are very big bastards they have an easy time of it in
    this regard.
    Typically, the majority will rush you while one or two stay in 
    back just sitting there.  Go whack them.  Depending on how you
    imbued your mace, one four hit combo (Yes, four, for some reason
    the hitbox requires such nonsense if your locked on to the slug)
    consisting of three normal swings and a power hit will knock off
    roughly a quarter of the slugs health.  This is why you only want
    to attack one slug at a time, because if you hit another slug on
    the backswing the damage is distributed among them equally, and
    they will sponge for each other.
    You'll probably only get one combo on each slug before the others
    move in to consume you, so stay light on your feet and find a new
    one to whack.  This fight will take some time, but it gets easier
    as you kill the fat bastards.  Keep in mind that when they die,
    their bodies still block that space for a while longer, so don't
    get trapped by a deflating sack of slime.
    B29 - Succubus
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 4.5/5
    First Encountered - Heaven's Peak (Swamp)
    Size - 5 (Five)
    Ugh.  These ladies of the night suck more than one thing.  
    Waypoint your group to the side and wait for the onslaught.
    All five will probably try to gank you at once by getting a 
    minion and running off to a corner to stomp on it.  This 
    is unavoidable, just target one and bring it down as quick
    as you can.  Melee if you can, but be aware that they have
    some nasty close combat moves.
    B30 - Troll
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 2/5
    First Encountered - Slave Camp (Mellow Hills)
    Size - 2 (Two) (WTF?!)
    I don't know who decided that one troll encounter should 
    have 8 trolls, and the other two, but he/she should not 
    get a raise for a very long time.  This is cake compared
    to the other battle, just rush them for an easy victory.
    B31 - White Priest
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 1/5
    First Encountered - Heaven's Peak (City)
    Size - 5 (Five)
    Like the Skull Stags (B25) these guys can resurrect
    each other, and like the Skull Stags, they suck.  Solo.
    B32 - Zombie
    Group to use - Ranged
    Difficulty - 2.5/5
    First Encountered - Understreets
    The arena is infested with about 40 zombies, so melee is
    out.  Lure them to your Red's and watch the fire works.
    Mop up any they miss.
    B33 - Zombie Lord
    Group to use - Melee
    Difficulty - 3.5/5
    First Encountered - Understreets
    They like casting spells that wreak havoc on your minions,
    so try to kill them quickly.  They aren't bad with a sword 
    either.  Stronger than your average Zombie.
    |                 - Farming [FARM] -                    |
    If you have maxed out Arcanium Equipment, the dungeon is the
    best place for farming lifeforce.  The four beetle battles
    give 75 lifeforce each every time, and you can solo them
    in about two minutes (though it will still take forever
    to get the 10000 lifeforce acheivement >_<)  Here are the
    B1 - Battler Beetle - Brown Lifeforce x75
    B4 - Dazzler Beetle - Blue Lifeforce x75
    B18 - Magma Beetle - Red Lifeforce x75
    B19 - Puff Beetle - Green Lifeforce x75
    Note that if you just want to mass lifeforce, the brown 
    beetles take roughly three hits to kill, as do the reds.
    The green and blue beetles take two.
    --- Submitted by Khaotik08
    If you get as many reds as possible and sweep them to the 
    second far right or far left pillar on the wall. Station 
    them there and then pull in bugs a few at a time. the reds 
    will take the outside bugs while you work on the inside ones. 
    This way you can do it with just durium equip, (maxed out 
    prefered).  When I do it like this, I can pull up to 10-12 
    of the bugs, kill around 8 and the minions will get the others. 
    Quick, easy and safer.
    --- Submitted by Lord_Josmar
    What I do when I am going to farm lifeforce is get 1/2 greens 
    and 1/2 blues. Guard post the blues at the very enterance 
    before moving then guard post the greens a little before the 
    halfway point. Then lure the beetles to the invisible greens 
    and if one of the greens die then a blue will run up grab it 
    and bring it back to life.
    p.s. It is also a good idea if you have an uneven minion cap 
    to have more blues then greens. I havent tested this technique 
    on anything else so I dont know how well it will fair.
    |                 - Credits [CRED] -                    |
    Freaky Tiger, Khaotik08, Kresselack and Evnev8 for pointing out 
    that reds are immune to fire, and thus are very good against the 
    flamer dwarfs.
    Evnev8 for his massive minion equipment guide.
    Freaky Tiger for pointing out that you can and should kill the 
    ghost elves if your going for 0% corruption.
    Khaotik08 for his farming strat.
    Lord Josmer for his farming strat
    Zing Freelancer for his strats on the Skull Boar and Beetles
    Me, for typing this
    GameFAQs, for allowing this sort of thing
    Codemasters, for making a game I actually wanted to 
    write a FAQ on
    |                  - Contact [CON] -                    |
    Want to help me out?  Think your strat is better?  
    Want to host this guide?  
    Shoot me an email at
    and I'll see whats up.  If your strategy works, I'll add it 
    in here.
    Note - I still haven't found any better stratagy for the Slugs [B27] 
    beyond a solo run (Khaotic8 sent one, but either he's a genius or I'm 
    bad with minion control, as the minion loss was just to great >_<).  
    If you can make them die with less than 15 dead minions, 
    I'd love to hear it.
    |                    - Legal [LEG] -                    |
    Sites that can host this guide:
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site not listed or as a part 
    of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Austen La Place 2007.

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