Review by halfofastaple

Reviewed: 06/29/07

As a whole, it is still a pretty good game [Warning: In Depth, aka long]

Graphics - 7
They are good, but this is no oblivion. They are obviously using the system's capabilities, and the graphics are very good by most standards. The game is very visually pleasing, and the visual polygon count it quite low. Out of everything, it doesn't stand out for it's graphics.

Gameplay - 8
First off, I have to say, this game will remind anyone of pikmin. It is hard to say it, it is almost an embarrissment. Just saying that have turned alot of people away or made them go "ohh..." in disapointment, trust me, keep reading. Even though it is reminiscent of Pikmin, it improves on many of the aspects. In the game, your "pikmin" are minions. There are "Browns" which have high attack and health, "Reds" which are resistant to fire, attack at long range, but die VERY easily, etc... for a total of 4 which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, like pikmin, you can use the right thumbstick to make your Minions move, however, the minions can accually move farther away from you than the pikmin can! (Horay...?) The reason that you can do that is so that you can push them all into battle, as you stand back and watch, kinda like pikmin as well. They also pick up tower parts and bring them back to warp platforms (kinda like pikmin). Now, that is about all that is simular to pikmin, now the reasons WHY this game is better than pikmin. First off, you don't have to use your minions to fight, you can fight yourself. Sure, you can do that in pikmin, but in Overlord, you can upgrade your weapons and armor to the point where minions are nothing more than creatures to cary tower parts. Also, the combat of your minions are beter. In this game, as you pillage and loot, your minions will pick up any weapons or armor they get, increasing his power. They also have beter graphics than wapping with their head, they accually swing the weapons, dodge, try to climb aboard your target, whatever they can. Also, there are no "Cary back large generic pills for more pikmin", instead you kill things, once you (or one of your minions) kills it, you can pick it up (or have a minion cary it to you) increasing your number of souls, that soul increases the number of minion that are available for service. You also level up your armor and collect tower parts to get more minions, no static hoarde size of 100 like pikmin. You can also use spells, but there are few to choose from (something they could have improved on). Reguardless of the few spells, they just basicly get every spell you will need, the four types of spells, and 4 spells for each group, for a total of 16. Also, the game is not based on puzzles like pikmin, it is based on combat and stuff as well, like a normal action rpg. Anyways, the gameplay is good.

Sound - 6
About average, a bit of comedy from your minions though. Something about the way they say "For the overlord!" just makes you say "Those knuckleheads... :)". Anyhow, no music is repetitive and annoying, and the only sounds that get annoying is when you select the differant colors of minions, but you get used to it after a couple minutes of it. It does have voiceovers and everything, acompanied by subtitles that are not at all intrusive of the people talking (+COUGH+ Oblivion +Cough+, btw, I know you can turn them off, but I just wish there was an "Adjust text size option" or something). Anyhow, there is nothing about the sound that makes the game stand out (neither good nor bad)

Controls - 7
Something about it makes you feel less "Connected". I am not saying that the controls are hard, or that the camra is broken, it just fells kinda "Off". Other than that, moving works nice, the camra has 2 views (by right clicking), a kinda 3rd person and a birds eye view, which helps ALOT, as well as a "Reset camra behind you" button, that when held also lets you move the camra around you so you can look at the suroundings. They accually planned the buttons VERY well and make selecting minion types and moving them all rather nice. A problem though is sometimes you may feel your minions don't want to listen to you. For instance, you press R-trigger a few times to send out 3 minions to kill off a beatle, once they aproach though, more enemies jump out, so you press up on the right stick to make all your minions charge at once to suport the other 3. The problem is, the 3 you sent out move, not the ones surounding you, which gets frusterating. The thing is, the right stick controls the minions you send out, and if none are sent, then it controls the ones surounding you. The 2 solutions to this problem is A) Hold B for a sec to recall all your minions, the ones you sent out will turn around and head back for you to join the minions surounding you, then just use the right stick to move the whole group, you don't have to wait for the few minions to get back to you, right after you hold the button, you can move all of them before the ones you sent come back. B) you can just hold R to send the rest out, then when you use the right stick, it will controll all of them. Anyhow, the controlls are very responsive and well planned out.

Story - 7
You are the bad guy. I know, it has been done before, but never like this. I have always wanted to play a zelda game where you are ganon, and you go through dungeons to get new "Spells" that would let you do stuff simular to link's generic items... this game is the closest it will get to that. Besides that, it is fun to listen to the story, and has quite a bit of english comedy reminiscent of Lionhead Studio's "Fable". Overall, it is a bit better than the average videogame's storyline.

Multiplayer - null
I hate how you need gold to play some games online.... Since I do not have gold, I cannot rate this part. HOWEVER, because the 1P is so fun in this game (And because I want to play Tenchu Z online as well) I believe it would be worth getting gold, based on the 1P alone that is, if that helps...

Comparitive - 6
If you picked up 10 XBOX 360 games off the shelf of gamestop at random, and aranged it from worst to best, this game would be 6th (Meaning 5 worse than it, 4 beter than it). That is just my opinion, it helps some people out. It is not a crappy "I regret buying this game" game, but it also isn't "Game of the year" material.

Closing statements
Overall, a good game. It is worth buying, and you will be able to enjoy it for more than a week. It is also worth renting, you will be able to enjoy many aspect of the game in your short week and not worry about "Not being able to get to do anything cool because you barely got too deep into the game" like in castlevania or most other RPG's. The game isn't as good as everyone says it is and how it is all hyped up to be, but reguardless, it is still a pretty good game.

Rent or Buy- depends
If you like action rpgs (the rarest of all genras, one example is "Fable" and arguably "Oblivion") then you will like the game, and I sugest buying it. If you are a noob into the RPG genra, and have gotten little more than your toes wet into the array of RPG's otu there, I would rent it and see how you like it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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