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"Who doesn't want to control their own minions?"

Overall this was a fun title to play. It is witty, entertaining and the minions are down right lovable. I for one love watching my minions have a little drink and do my bidding.

Visual Aspect 7/10
The graphics in this game were no where close to pushing the graphics card for the 360. However, the graphics did seem to be smooth and flowing without any lag or hick-ups. The graphics are a little cartoonie but are suitable for this kind of game.

Sound 9/10
Good music throughout the game and I felt that it wasn't too over powering.

Game Play 9/10
I had a lot of fun playing this game but it only took me about 6 hours to beat the storyline. The control scheme for the game was well done, it was very easy to control your minions. The AI for the minions was fair, at times they wouldn't all go where you pointed or stay if you marked them. The use of minions for combat and problem solving was well balanced, my only issue is for boss battles, the bosses could take out your minions quickly and there was no way to replenish them during battle which made the battles that much longer.

Storyline 7/10
I was a little disappointed with this, me and my room mate figured out the end during the first stage of the game. I also felt that the game could focus a little more on being evil since you are an overlord. It didn't really feel as if I was this powerful overlord, because no one feared me and would actually treat me as a hero or sometimes a nobody. The fantasy aspects were all there, you had your elves and dwarfs and other magical creatures.

Overall 8/10
This title was fun to play. It was a goofy look at being an Overlord. The minions were enjoyable to use, they had very clever sayings and goofy actions. Replay value is a bit low but after the plot finishes you can keep playing so you can receive 100% achievement. It is a good game for renting because of its quick play time but if you must have a game with minions that have drinking problems then this game is for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/16/07

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