Review by Panzor

"So much evil in one game, if you have the patience to play through until the end."

This game is the bizarre love child of Dungeon Keeper and Pikmin. It looks and sounds like Bullfrog's classic game, while it plays like Nintendo's more recent game. This kind of combination is certainly an odd recipe for a game, but in a lot of way it's great, in others… well lets just you can tell this is a hybrid game type and has not been done like this before.

For one the minion control is awkward and takes up so much processing power the graphics have suffers. Landscapes and objects all look like a slightly polished version of, Fable on the first Xbox. Yet the characters in the game are all wonderfully animated and on more than one occasion say the funniest and evillest things. The only upside of this lower quality in graphics are the levels being really big, believe me when I say you will be spending half your time running around. Of course this is mainly because you will be lost, since there is no map to speak off. And it's not like you will be moving quickly through the levels, your main character, Overlord is incredibly slow. Fortunately the game is designed around that and most of heavy lifting so to speak is done by your various minions. The control system is done either by the right trigger, where the minions will do the most obvious task straight ahead of them; well more precise control is left up to the right analogy stick. Well the system is nicely thought out, the camera control or lack there of is a massive hindrance.

Of course is it not all bad, well the story is kind of thin, when it does rear its evil head it is quite funny and in many parts is brilliantly twisted. And well minion control is frustrating at times, it is really fun to watch a group of 30+ minions jump on the back of an unsuspecting enemy and beat him to death. And any games were you points for the random killing of sheep always scores high in my book.

So let us recap, on the good side you get to command an army of minions, enjoy a nice evil and twisted story and kill sheep. All good. Though the control system for your army of minions is down right awkward, the story is poorly told and to be honest the sheep don't look all that good. Overall it is a fun game, if you have the patience to play it through.

Graphics – 6/10
Sound – 8/10
Game play – 7/10
Story – 8/10
Reliability – 7/10


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/15/07

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