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    Suitcase Guide by Tellus_E

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    ´╗┐Army of Two, suitcases guide
    Copyright 2008 Johannes L. Borresen, johannes*at*j-space*dot*dk
    The legal motions:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    I will only upload, and update, copies of this guide to gamefaqs.com, but
    permission is hereby given to distribute the guide to other sites, provided
    the following conditions:
    - I am informed of the redistribution by e-mail on the abovementioned
    - The redistributed copy remains entirely intact in content. Font, format
      and colouring may be changed to suit needs.
    Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in immediate retraction of
    rights to distribution.
    Version History:
    - 1.01 (March 25th, 2008): (Prior to submission). Checked through mission
      numbering - turns out training and the mission in Somalia are one and the
      same... imagine that. Iterations changed to match.
    - 1.0  (March 25th, 2008): Complete release. The first submission was
      rejected, and looking back on the old work, I don't blame them - apologies
      for the work involved in the review process. All suitcases added, the
      contents have been FINISHED (as they should have been the first time).
    - 0.8  (March 24th, 2008): First release, all suitcases discovered by me,
      only two missing to be written into the guide. I'd appreciate any
      suggestions regarding improvements to wording, location descriptions as
      well as differences between the different console versions. To my
      knowledge, there are no differences between the locations on either of the
      three difficulty levels.
    (to quickly access a part of the guide, simply search for the characters
    directly preceding the entry in this index. Example: searching [1.] yields
    ONLY the introduction of this guide)
    [1.] Introduction
    [2.] About the suitcases
    [3.] Case-by-case guide
       [3.1] Mission 2: Afghanistan
          [3.1.1] Suitcase 1: The broken bridge   
          [3.1.2] Suitcase 2: The destroyed missiles (countdown)
    	  [3.1.3] Suitcase 3: At a dead end near Hicks
       [3.2] Mission 3: Iraq
          [3.2.1] Suitcase 4: 
          [3.2.2] Suitcase 5: The tents after the bunker
          [3.2.3] Suitcase 6: Up between the tanks.
       [3.3] Mission 4: Aircraft Carrier
          [3.3.1] Suitcase 7: Near the rafts behind the bridge
          [3.3.2] Suitcase 8: By the bombs in the hangar
          [3.3.3] Suitcase 9: Behind the basketball court
       [3.4] Mission 5: China
          [3.4.1] Suitcase 10: Other side of the sluice.
          [3.4.2] Suitcase 11: A house in the village
          [3.4.3] Suitcase 12: Up against the ore processing facility
       [3.5] Mission 6: Miami
          [3.5.1] Suitcase 13: The office of baggage sorting
          [3.5.2] Suitcase 14: On the third floor of the SSC building
    [4.] Comments or Suggestions?
    [1.] Introduction:
    The purpose of this guide is to provide an easy overview of all exploration
    items within the game Army of Two. The location and accessibility of each
    suitcase is to be described accurately, concisely, allowing no risk of
    The guide has been written using the Xbox 360 version of the game. If any
    players of the PS3 version detect differences in my information and their
    version of the game, I would be very interested in hearing about it, so the
    guide may be updated to reflect a more complete image. This includes any
    parallel meta-game systems such as the achievements on the Xbox 360 that I
    may be unaware of. Unless otherwise specified, details are specifically
    written with the Xbox 360 version in mind - deviations will be clearly
    marked as such.
    Numbering of missions follows that of the game mission selection, although
    the first mission is omitted from the guide, as is contains no suitcases.
    Definitions. A map is one segment of a mission. Maps, by a rough definition
    in this guide, are divided by loading screens. The first map of a mission
    would be the game area directly following a CGI cutscene. The second map
    follows and so on.
    When floors (storeys) of a building are mentioned, I do so in terms used in
    British English. The first floor is the storey *above* ground level, not
    another term for the ground floor.
    [2.] About the suitcases:
    The suitcases are tertiary, unmentioned objectives in each mission of the
    game. With the exception of the first (training) and final missions, each
    mission contains three suitcases placed at certain locations throughout the
    game (training has no suitcases and the final mission has only two). Finding
    one earns you a cash reward (noted in the guide) and, in the case of the
    Xbox 360 version, brings you closer to the gamer achievement
    'My Kind of Case!'. The suitcases work differently than other objectives,
    once you have picked them up you have it. If you die before reaching a
    checkpoint they are still counted. Stuicases may only be picked up once for
    a given game profile. However, playing through the game in co-op mode will
    allow you to achieve the cash rewards again, if your partner has yet to find
    the cases. It is only possible to know how many suitcases you've found on a
    given mission, not which cases have been found. If you are going through a
    second playthrough and cannot remember which cases you have found, you will
    have to search each location to find the missing piece. The locations of the
    cases are not variable, and the spot where a case has previously been will
    simply be empty.
    [3.1] Mission 2: Afghanistan
    Quick notes:
    Map 1: 1 suitcase (3.1.1)
    Map 2: 1 suitcase (3.1.2)
    Map 3: 1 suitcase (3.1.3)
    [3.1.1] Suitcase 1: The broken bridge
    Value: $3.500
    The case is found in the first map of the mission, in the second area, same
    as first missile you disable. Entering the area you get a small cutscene,
    showing you and telling you to blow up the missile. Right after entering
    the area, you will have a small elevation to your right, leading up to the
    missile and a turret. At this point you would place one person at the entry
    point of the area to draw aggro, while another continues straight ahead to
    flank the turret. Regardless, you should get rid of any enemies (at the
    very least the turret) before proceeding. Directly behind the turret 
    (continue right past the turret if you *really* cannot see this) you
    will find a path leading up the rock wall. Follow the path and you will find
    the first suitcase, just before a broken bridge.
    [3.1.2] Suitcase 2: The destroyed missiles (countdown)
    Value: UNKNOWN
    The suitcase is located in the second area of the second map. You fight an
    armored soldier here on a set of pathways above the missiles you should have
    disabled only moments earlier. The suitcase can be found up a set of stairs
    directly opposite the set of stairs that lead you from the ground floor up
    to the aforementioned pathways. I have attempted to depict the pathways on
    the diagram below.
        |    |
    #|  |    |
    #|  |    |
     |  |    |
     +--+    |
     s  +----+
     s  |    |
    # = elevator to next area
    C = the suitcase
    x = pathway ruined by the destroyed missile
    s = stair
    E = entry stairs to the pathways
    [3.1.3] Suitcase 3: At a dead end near Hicks
    Value: UNKNOWN
    The suitcase is easiest to find if you start off in the same room where you
    find Hicks (the person you are sent to find and carry back). When exiting
    this room, turn left and walk to the end of the hall. Look to your right and
    out in the open, between sandbag and blast door, you will find the final
    suitcase of this mission.
    [3.2] Mission 3: Iraq
    Quick notes:
    Map 2: 1 suitcase (3.2.1)
    Map 3: 1 suitcase (3.2.2)
    Map 5: 1 suitcase (3.2.3)
    [3.2.1] Suitcase 4: Near the ladder prior to chopper
    At some point during the second map you open a blast door before having a
    small bout with some enemies inside. Right afterwards, Rios and Salem start
    talking about Eisenhower, the man you were sent to save one map prior. The
    GPS will lead you to a ladder that leads to the next section (as well as a
    secondary objective blasting a chopper). Stand facing the ladder you are
    about to climb up. Turn straight about and you will find the suitcase in the
    left corner.
    [3.2.2] Suitcase 5: The tents after the bunker
    This suitcase is right after the bunker of the second map in the mission.
    In this area you are fired upon by a turret (it is the second turret of the
    map, the first being found before the bunker). You will find three tents
    on a row directly opposite the turret. The suitcase is standing against the
    outer side of the tent closest to the concrete wall, on the side facing the
    [3.2.3] Suitcase 6: Up between the tanks.
    You find this mission's final suitcase in map 5. The map starts off with you
    facing a row of barracks, or barrack-like, structures. If you run straight
    on ahead you will see a bridge to your right (the one that leads you to the
    boss fight of the mission) and two silos against the back wall, marked
    "WHITE TANKER Co." - instead of turning right over the bridge, turn left and
    go to the to tanks lying down, surrounding by grated pathways. The two tanks
    support a platform you can reach by ladder on either side. You will find the
    final suitcase on this platform. It is in a corner covered on both sides.
    [3.3] Mission 4: Aircraft Carrier
    Quick notes:
    Map 1: 1 suitcase (3.3.1)
    Map 2: 1 suitcase (3.3.2)
    Map 3: 1 suitcase (3.3.3)
    [3.3.1] Suitcase 7: Near the rafts behind the bridge
    The first suitcase is found on the flight deck of the carrier. Go to the
    bridge tower on the flight deck. You cannot miss it. Big tower. Jump down to
    the life rafts near the tower. Look to your left. The suitcase is on the
    left-most part of the section of the two sections of life rafts.
    [3.3.2] Suitcase 8: By the bombs in the hangar
    After getting below decks and discovering Clyde's treachery, you will arrive
    at a hangar - this is also where you find the second laptop (secondary
    objective). At the very end of the hangar you will find three large, green
    bombs (I presume these to be bombs. Any corrections are welcome) lined up
    against one another, tips facing the end wall. Look between them and the
    wall and you will find the second suitcase of this mission.
    [3.3.3] Suitcase 9: Behind the basketball court
    Final suitcase of the aircraft carrier mission. After talking to the captain
    and being sent to sink the ship, you enter into a series of hangars. The
    second hangar you enter into (the one that requires you to blow the
    hydraulics before you can open the blast doors) contains a small basketball
    court with two blue goal stands. You will find the final suitcase behind
    the stand closest to the far wall.
    [3.4] Mission 5: China
    Quick notes:
    Map 1: 2 suitcases (3.4.1 and 3.4.2)
    Map 2: 1 suitcase (3.4.3)
    [3.4.1] Suitcase 10: Other side of the sluice.
    After assassinating Whitehorse you are sent downstream with a hovercraft and
    find yourself forced to go through a sluice. Proceed up onto the sluice and
    go over the bridge to the other side. Turn left and go to the end of the
    area (you will be where the chinook drops off soldiers after you have filled
    the sluice with water - also a secondary objective). Go to the tower here
    and search the wall facing the direction you came from. There is the case.
    [3.4.2] Suitcase 11: A house in the village
    After docking again when you have passed the sluice, you will enter a
    somewhat desolate village (although you quickly enter combat). You have a
    choice of turning right when going into the village, and crossing a bridge.
    Turn right. Go into the first building you reach and go to the top floor.
    You find the suitcase in the corner opposite the stairs you entered the
    floor from.
    [3.4.3] Suitcase 12: Up against the ore processing facility
    Nearing the end of the level you get to an ore processing facility. You get
    here after fighting through the floors of a factory hall, and need to use
    both characters to open the door to the area. Looking at the entrance to the
    ore processing facility, turn left and follow the wall. You will find the
    suitcase around the corner, near the end of the building, standing between
    a green dumpster and a broken down lorry, against one side of the dumpster.
    [3.5] Mission 6: Miami
    Quick notes:
    Map 2: 1 suitcase (3.5.1)
    Map 4: 1 suitcase (3.5.2)
    [3.5.1] Suitcase 13: The office of baggage sorting
    This suitcase is found in the baggage sorting room, the general fighting
    area where you also save Alice Murray. If you follow your GPS after entering
    the sorting area, you are lead upstairs to a console to activate the ramp in
    the center of the room. Leading to the console you have a choice of going
    through a small office or past it to the right. Go through the office. Just
    right of the exit, below a locker for a fire hose (the red sign is hard to
    miss), is the first suitcase of this mission.
    [3.5.2] Suitcase 14: On the third floor of the SSC building
    Fourth map of the mission, right after the monorail ride. You are sent up a
    couple of floors to activate the central elevator. Instead of going back
    down, go to the topmost floor you can reach (this would be the third floor).
    When you come up the stairs go to the balcony on the other side. Here, you
    will find the final suitcase of the game.
    [4.] Comments or Suggestions?
    At time of writing, the guide covers all suitcases. However, it was written
    using the Xbox 360 version of the game. I would appreciate any notations on
    differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, mentions of how save games
    might work differently, location of the suitcases depending on console and
    difficulty, if any.
    I would also appreciate any comments on readability, suggestions to improve
    the wording on finding the cases.
    [5.] Contact
    Also as mentioned at the top of this guide, you can contact me at
    johannes*at*j-space*dot*dk (switch out the *at* and *dot* parts with the
    appropriate symbols).

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