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    FAQ/Walkthrough by vhayste

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                                A R M Y   O F   T W O
                                      (XBOX 360)
                               W A L K T H R O U G H
                             AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
               CONTACT/PAYPAL EMAIL: vhayste@gmail.com
                    Main Page: http://vhayste.blogspot.com
                         Blog: http://vhayste01.blogspot.com
       V 1.0 4:11 PM 8/11/2008 ----------- Finished the text faq.
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    ====================== A U T H O R 'S   N O T E ===========================
    Hello guys and welcome again to another walkthrough of mine. This time, 
    I’ll be covering a 3PS (Third-person shooter). It’s actually a first for 
    me, since my forte is with RPG games and Ace Combat. This will be my fourth
    guide for a 360 game in PDF format, of course. I wrote this guide after I 
    finished the game and after collecting the intel briefcases. Apparently,
    once you collect them in your playthrough, they won’t reappear anymore on 
    your future playthroughs. 
    If you have questions, suggestions and additional tips you would like to 
    add, kindly refer to the credits page for my contact email add or my 
    official homepage. This guide is distributed FREE and can be downloaded in 
    major gaming sites I usually contribute to. I don’t request for payments 
    but if you are generous enough to pitch in a dollar or two to support my 
    projects, I would greatly appreciate that.
                                                                ~~Paul Vhayste
    Download the PDF guide here: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/896/896344p1.html
    View it online here: http://www.chaptercheats.com/cheats/xbox360/19789.htm
    ======================= I N T R O D U C T I O N ===========================
    Security threats at home and overseas were getting out of hand. And it only 
    takes two men to stop them – at a price. Caught between being a contractor 
    and a soldier, Rios and Salem proved to be indispensable in the battlefield.
    They have completed missions that were considered impossible by others. 
    They executed each mission flawlessly and with deadly efficiency. It 
    doesn’t matter how many adversaries they faced; together they are 
    unstoppable. Together they are the Army of Two.
    ============================ B O O T   C A M P ============================
    Since you and your partner are the only ones between oblivion and a hell 
    lot of enemies, sometimes you’ll need to flank them to efficiently overcome
    the opposition. This is where Aggro kicks in. The player with the most 
    aggro gets the enemies’ attention. This makes the other player practically
    invisible. Don’t think this is just one way of defeating enemies; it’s the 
    only way to survive a firefight against an army.
    Firing at enemies normally builds up aggro. Carrying a hostage, a heavier 
    weapon or manning to the turrets gives you an automatic aggro boost. Aggro
    is essential for playing tactically and strategically. The player on aggro
    turns fiery red and becomes the target of enemy fire while his partner 
    enters ‘stealth’ mode. This is a great way to strike enemies from behind 
    while the other player creates a diversion.
    In single player campaign, its always a good idea for your partner to act 
    as a decoy. Putting him on Aggressive Hold will prompt him to take cover 
    while blind-firing at enemies. You can then safely move around the enemies
    to get a vantage point to your advantage. Remember that your partner will 
    keep shooting at enemies even if his health is low. Order him to ‘Passive 
    Hold’ for him  to stop shooting, rest and regenerate his health. More of 
    these commands will be discussed later on.
    Holding the aggro long enough will enable players to enter Overkill mode. 
    This burst of adrenaline-like reaction provides temporary increase in 
    defense and damage, as well as infinite ammo. There are two kinds of 
    overkill mode: Power and Stealth overkills.
    Power Overkill
    When the aggro meter is pointed to your side, activating overkill mode
    will enable you to have increased damage and armor. Everything slows down
    and you can accurately shoot enemies at deadly efficiency. Your ammo is 
    unlimited while in this mode so keep that trigger finger steady. The only
    downside while in this mode is that you move sluggishly; you can’t just 
    rush at enemies with guns blazing unfortunately.
    Stealth Overkill
    If you activated overkill while the aggro meter is pointed to your 
    partner’s side, you’ll enter Stealth overkill mode. In this mode, you’ll
    be able to move quickly around the field to score some melee kills. 
    Everything is in slow-mo, including enemy movement. However, you won’t be
    affected by this limitation. Killing a certain number of enemies in both 
    overkill modes will unlock some achievements as well so don’t just go 
    with one kind of overkill. Be creatively deadly.
    The game features a health regeneration system, like most modern shooters 
    does. The screen will slowly turn red while taking fire. When near death, 
    the screen turns ominous red and the next few shots will surely 
    incapacitate the player. To recover health, take cover and it will 
    regenerate in a few seconds time.
    Another great feature of the game is that players don’t get killed 
    immediately after taking severe damage. Instead, they will be 
    incapacitated. Their partners will need to drag them to safety and heal 
    them back to fighting condition. Players can still shoot their weapons 
    while being dragged so they can protect themselves from enemies that will
    try to take advantage of the situation. Remember that the actual healing
    takes a few good seconds to complete and can be interrupted by enemy fire
    so bringing your partner to a safe cover before healing is integral in 
                                       FEIGN DEATH
    When a player’s HP is critical, he can fake his death for the enemies to 
    ignore him. Health will still be restored but takes a lot longer than 
    normal. While down, the player’s partner’s aggro meter will be filled 
    automatically, taking in all enemy fire. Remember that you can only fool 
    enemies once; they’ll continue shooting even if you feign death the second 
    time around. This is very effective in getting behind enemies as well as 
    getting the chance to find a suitable cover to regenerate your HP.
                                  PARTNER AI COMMANDS
    You can issue orders to your partner. Knowing how each command works and
    when to use them is essential for completing missions effectively. Don’t
    worry; your AI partner is very efficient. You don’t need to worry about
    doing everything on your own. Some basic commands will be taught during the
    training mission so we’ll just discuss the basic rundown of some. Commands 
    have two types; passive and aggressive. Passive/Defensive commands will 
    prompt your partner to retaliate only when fired upon. Aggressive on the 
    other hand will make your partner shoot any hostiles nearby.
    Advance  – Obviously, your partner will proceed forward. When taking enemy 
               fire, he’ll attempt to clear nearby enemies first then move 
               cover to cover.
    Hold     – Your partner will find the nearest cover and stay there until 
               commanded otherwise. Putting him on aggressive hold will make 
               your partner create diversion for you. Putting him on defensive 
               hold will enable him to regenerate his health.
    Regroup  – Your partner will stick close to you, wherever you go. If you 
               are away from him, he’ll move in to your position.
    Camera   – This is not actually a command but rather an option to toggle 
               your partner’s helmet camera.
                               IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY
    You play as mercenaries so almost every objective has a price. Aside from 
    the primary objectives, there are also secondary and secret/extra 
    objectives. The primary objectives can be completed as you go through with 
    the missions. Secondary objectives aren’t that easy to miss; however they 
    are also essential for earning extra cash. Extra objectives come in the 
    form of intel briefcases. These briefcases are scattered throughout every 
    mission. Finding them will reward you with extra cash that is credited 
    immediately to your account. Unfortunately, you can only collect briefcases 
    once in your career. Those briefcases won’t appear anymore on subsequent
    playthroughs. Collecting all briefcases will unlock a corresponding 
    achievement as well.
                           SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIENDS
    The cash you earn can be used to buy bigger, better and badass hardware. 
    Aside from that, you can upgrade them to give you an edge in battle. You 
    can also buy some new masks as well. Don’t get stuck with the same old 
    peashooters. The weapon attributes are pretty much self explanatory. Also, 
    you can’t immediately purchase a LV3 upgrade without buying the LV2 add-on
                                     GENERAL TIPS
    Before going out for your first mission, read through some of the general 
    pointers you should consider when playing.
    1. Work with your partner. 
    He’s not your rival and competing with him to get more kills won’t get you 
    anywhere. He’s your ally, your lifeline. That’s why you’re called the Army 
    of Two.
    2. Money talks. 
    Seek out and complete all secondary and extra objectives. Relying on the
    rewards from primary objectives will leave you with a dwindling bank 
    3. You’re not Rambo. 
    Sure, that only happens in the movies. Don’t expect to stay alive by
    standing still with guns blazing. Use your environment as cover. Even in 
    easy mode, enemies are painfully accurate shooters.
    4. Pimp your gun. 
    This won’t just increase its stats but aggro as well. Enemies have a 
    thing for shiny, large and badass weapons. So expect the heat when you’re 
    just a one-man killing machine.
    5. Show me the way, oh mighty GPS! 
    If you are not sure where to go, use your GPS. Not only does it show you 
    different points of interest, it also shows you possible dangers nearby;
    especially landmines.
    6. Two shots are better than one. 
    There are certain key points in the game where co-op snipe is the most 
    efficient way to take out a target.
    7. Flush ‘em out! 
    Use your grenades to flush cowardly enemies hiding behind cover. It’s
    better to do this by holding the LT so that you’ll know where the grenade 
    will land and explode. You can also use this against pesky turrets. Just 
    make sure the grenade lands on their side or behind them. Alternatively, 
    you can also use the RPG. Just aim it near the floor or wall where
    the enemy is hiding and the “splash” damage can even kill multiple enemies 
    at the same time. If you want, you can also shoot the RPG, Stinger or 
    grenade launchers directly to the protector shield of the turret; the force 
    upon impact should be enough to kill the gunner manning it.
    8. I see you... 
    When using sniper rifles, hitting the body or the head is not the only way 
    to kill enemies. As long as any body part is exposed, you can kill them by 
    shooting it. Just wait until your crosshair turns red before pulling that 
    9. Back to Back 
    Avoid turning around too fast during back-to-back sequences; maintain at
    least a 180 degree visual range and let your partner take care of the 
    enemies behind you.
    10. A good shot at the back. 
    You’ll learn from training camp that defeating heavily armored targets 
    require flanking and back-shooting. But what if your partner is pinned, 
    carrying a hostage or regenerating? Simply knock the armored guy down using 
    grenade launchers (barrel upgrade), grenades or some solid firepower. Most 
    of the time, the guy will just roll over, exposing his vulnerable back. 
    Then, move in for the kill.
    ============================ W A L K T H R O U G H ========================
    We’ll just skip right through Somalia, the first mission in campaign mode. 
    Remember that you can do this with a human partner and you’ll both get the 
    achievements normally. You’ll receive your objectives for this mission. 
    Mission updates will be provided real-time along the way.
                               Exploration Items: 0
    |            Objective: Meet up with PMC contact Clyde. ($4,000)         |
    |           Objective: Eliminate Somali warlord Mo'Alim. ($4,500)        |
    Once in control, just climb up the ladder and jump down to the lower 
    level. In single player mode your partner will offer you a step jump. 
    If playing with a friend, activate your GPS to find the correct spot for
    boosting. There will be hostiles above so make sure you kill them first 
    before climbing up. Don’t forget to pull up your partner as well. Reload
    your weapons then head outside.
    Separate from your partner and apply what you learned from training camp.
    You can order your partner to advance while you take the opposition or 
    vice versa. Just fight your way through enemy gunfire and use the 
    environment as you cover. Once you reach the end of the street, you’ll 
    meet up with Clyde and your first fee will credited to your account.
    Approach the wreck nearby and grab the door to use it as a shield. Your 
    partner will join up with your and you can just walk towards the enemies 
    while your partner shoots. This is just one strategy to get through heavy 
    fire without injuries. Just don’t approach enemies too close; your partner
    won’t hit them. Also, take note of the shield’s armor. It will break after
    enduring a considerable amount of damage. Just eliminate all the enemies 
    then head left to enter the hotel.
    After the scene, you’ll be in for your first, real back to back session. 
    Just face to the direction of enemy fire (shown as a red arc in your 
    screen) to kill enemies from behind. As soon as the B2B scene completes, 
    find a cover immediately and eliminate the enemy troops. Once cleared,
    approach the fragile-looking pillar and pull it to reach the upper level.
    Fight your way through the enemies here. There aren’t that many guards so 
    take them out with ease. You can’t flank Mo’Alim since the corridor is 
    just one-way. In any case, he’ll get cornered soon so just use explosives 
    if you want or just simply aim for the head.
    |              Objective: Reach the Extraction point. ($3,000)           |
    After the scene, just continue along the path. Upon reaching the open 
    area, you’ll be advised to use the Co-op snipe to take out the gas tank 
    and kill the guards. After that, you’ll need to fight your way through 
    enemy opposition again. Don’t advance too fast or the enemies will be 
    able to flank you from behind, putting you in a disadvantageous situation.
    Just move slowly but surely. Kill all enemies to update your mission 
    |     Objective: Use Gun Turrets to secure Extraction point. ($3,500)    |
    Approach the turrets and boost your partner. Man the turrets and spray 
    some hot lead. Don’t worry, turrets in the game have infinite ammo and 
    doesn’t overheat so you’ll just need to hold the trigger down and 
    concentrate on your aim. Eliminate as many enemies as you can for your
    extraction chopper to arrive and complete the mission.
                               Exploration Items: 3
    |     Objective: Destroy the M-11 missile in Cave Complex. ($3,000)      |
    |          Objective: Destroy the M-11 missile in bunker. ($4,000)       |
    |             Objective: Find SSC Hostage Brian Hicks. ($3,000)          |
    |          Secondary Objective: Take down the helicopter. ($3,500)       |
    You’ll be in co-op paradrop as soon as the mission starts. The welcoming 
    committee is already showering you with bullets and RPGs. Good thing is 
    that you have your sniper rifle equipped. To start off, aim at the 
    helicopter’s tail rotor first to destroy it and complete the secondary 
    objective. Take out the RPG soldiers next and as many enemies as possible.
    Upon landing, you’ll be in another B2B session. Aside from enemy gunfire, 
    you’ll need to watch out for suicide bombers running towards you. 
    Eliminate them by shooting at the explosives strapped on their chests. 
    There is also an achievement for killing a certain number of martyrs (as
    the game calls them) and this mission has quite a number of them. After 
    the sequence, find a suitable cover behind and eliminate the incoming 
    enemy troops. There will be martyrs joining the fray as well so be 
    After eliminating all enemies, collect all the ammo bags they leave and 
    proceed through the tunnel. Your first objective lies here. There is a 
    turret to your right and a bunch of soldiers on the other side. You must 
    eliminate the enemies there first, before taking out the gunner. You can 
    set your partner in aggressive hold in this cover while you advance and 
    take out the enemies. Watch your partner’s health. Make sure to order him 
    to hold defensively to regenerate then toggle it back to provide diversion 
    and covering fire.
    Flank the gunner by encircling around the cave. Beware of a proximity mine 
    planted along the way. You should hear some ominous beeping. Just use your 
    GPS to locate the mine and shoot it at a distance. Take out the gunner and 
    place an explosive charge on the M-11 missile to take it down.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 1/3                       |
    | Find a path leading up behind the turret. The briefcase should be       |
    | sitting in the wooden part of the broken footbridge.                    |
    After getting the briefcase, backtrack to the main path and enter the 
    tunnel. Step jump and kill the three guards. Follow the path until you 
    reach the next open area. There is another turret ahead and not to 
    mention some martyrs strategically taking cover, waiting to spring at 
    you any moment. The opening between the two container vans is the 
    bottleneck here and it is guarded by a turret. You have two options 
    here; first, there is a car wreck to the left. You can detach the door 
    and use it as a shield, approach enemy gunfire and let your partner do 
    the rest. Or, if you want to play it safe, you can head to the right 
    and ask for a boost from your partner. 
    These container vans will provide a good vantage point and cover at the 
    same time. From there, you can just throw a grenade to take out the 
    gunner, order your partner to advance while you provide fire from above. 
    There will be enemies appearing from the tents so don’t let your guard 
    down. There are also some guards up the ramp. Dispose them and approach 
    the parachute to base jump.
    You’ll be steering the chute and your partner will take care of the 
    shooting. Just hold your left analog stick down to stabilize the chute so 
    your partner can make more accurate shots. Just glide through the cavern 
    until you reach the bunker. As much as you steer, you’ll still land in the 
    middle for another B2B sequence.If there are still enemies left after the 
    sequence, find some cover and eliminate them. Enter the hangar to reach 
    your checkpoint and the ability to do some shopping.
    The hatch will open and enemies will start rushing in. The launch sequence 
    for the missile will be activated at this point. You have less than a 
    minute to plant your charges and destroy the missile. Try to hold the aggro
    by scoring some kills to enter overkill mode. As soon as it activates,
    immediately rush outside towards the missile (its just straight ahead from 
    the hatch) and plant the charges.
    Now fight your way around to reach the platforms. Pick up all the ammo you 
    can carry along the way, then proceed to the platforms.
    A heavily armed guard along with lesser insurgents will appear as well. 
    Set your partner to aggressive hold and move in to flank the enemy. Beware 
    of the proximity mine planted just after you take the stairs. Take out the 
    guard from behind to clear the area.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 2/3                       |
    | The second briefcase in this area is located in a platform just beside  |
    | the destroyed missile. Walk around the walkway to reach it on a platform|
    Now backtrack to the hatch where the armored soldier came out. Both you 
    must push the buttons to open the blast doors then take the elevator down.
    After getting off from the elevator, find a riot shield. From there, there 
    is a turret to the right so I suggest equipping the shield then encircle 
    the enemies to the left. Fight your way through (be careful of the 
    proximity mine near the open door). Make sure to clear the area of enemies
    and collect any loot they’ll drop behind. Clear out the enemies and open 
    the hatch behind the cover made of wood and metal sheet.
    Clear out the enemies in the next area. Since this corridor is pretty 
    narrow, throwing a grenade at the enemies should take out several of them 
    in one explosion. Take the stairs down and find another riot shield.
    You can use it if you want, then head out. There will also be enemies on 
    the other side so clear them out easily using potshots from a sniper rifle. 
    Take the stairs down to the right, then straight through the corridor after 
    reaching the bottom floor.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 3/3                       |
    | Clear out the enemies here. The open hatch in the middle is where Hicks |
    | is kept. Before going there, head straight to the end of the corridor.  |
    | Find the chest behind the sandbags                                      |
    |              Objective: Escort Hicks to a safe area. ($2,500)           |
    After getting the briefcase, head to the cell and examine the gate for your
    partner to help you take it down. After the scenes, you can just have your 
    partner carry Hicks or the other way around. There will already be four 
    guards waiting at the bottom so you can just take them out from above
    or just a well placed grenade. Just remember to order Rios to halt when you
    are taking out enemies. Don’t take the stairs yet after taking out the 
    initial guards downstairs. More will follow; so I suggest waiting within 
    the corridor and aim near the base to ambush incoming guards. Just head to 
    the newly opened hatches, order your partner to regroup and he’ll lay Hicks
    down. The next phase of your mission will begin afterwards.
    |                Objective: Eliminate Al Habib. ($5,000)                  |
    |       Objective: Destroy Al Habib's Chemical Warheads. ($5,000)         |
    In the next area, there will be two turrets and a hell lot of enemies. Just
    use the same tactic of diversion and flanking, and you should be able to 
    take these guys out.
    | Secondary Objective: Discover the Taliban's source of funding. ($3,500) |
    Just make sure do this after sweeping the area and clearing out any enemy; 
    some of the may take gunner positions while some may attack you from behind.
    You can also look up and kill additional enemies hiding behind cover. To 
    complete this second objective, just find a laptop sitting in one of the 
    crates there. Examine it to upload the data and complete your secondary
    objective. There will be two stairs in both sides of the building. You can 
    ascend using any of them.
    Once you reach the second floor, kill all the initial wave of enemies and 
    a second wave, including a heavy armor and Al Habib himself. Try to kill 
    as many small fries as possible so that you can concentrate on eliminating 
    the heavy armor and Al Habib.
    Al Habib sports a Dao-X shotgun; a very powerful weapon up close but can 
    also deal considerable damage on medium distances. Flank him if he is just 
    hiding behind the metal plates in the main walkways. Use grenades if he is 
    cowering within the small room his team originally came out. He shouldn’t 
    be that hard to take down; you can still use headshots or just simply rush
    at him with weapons blazing. Upgraded hardware recommended if you’ll do 
    this approach.
    Approach the control panel of the electronic locked door. You won’t be able 
    to use it during the dialogue so wait for it to finish. Once ready, examine 
    it and plant the charges on the blinking orange spot. Leave the room and 
    wait. After the explosion and more conversation, mission completes.
                                  US ARMY BASE
                               Exploration Items: 3
    | Objective: Locate Lt. Col. Samuel Eisenhower in the U.S. base. ($5,000) |
    Just follow the path from your insertion point and immediately run behind 
    cover. There is a turret on top of the building to your 11 o’clock and 
    enemies will start pouring. Order your partner to aggressively hold that 
    position while you go behind the tents to the right and flank incoming
    enemies. You can also take out that gunner and order your partner to 
    Just use the covers as you move forward; there will be additional enemies 
    that will come out from the barracks so be careful. Attempt to flank the 
    enemies (which shouldn’t be that hard) and walk around the small building 
    in the center. You can either take the ladder or use the stairs. Find
    Eisenhower inside the cell.
    |             Objective: Defend Lt. Col. Eisenhower. ($6,000)             |
    Enemies will soon be attacking from both ends; I suggest guarding the 
    stairs while your partner holds the cover near the ladder. This way, you 
    can easily kill incoming enemies without the risk of them slipping through. 
    Their main target is Eisenhower so they’ll do anything to get to him. Also
    remember that as long as the objective is still active, don’t let your 
    guard down. That means there are still some enemies below. Kill them all 
    to complete the objective.
    |   Objective: Locate and eliminate Ali Youssef's lieutenant. ($11,000)   |
    After the scene, you’ll be in the next section of the base. There are some 
    enemies up ahead. You can even snipe them from a distance. Just have your 
    partner advance to one of the covers ahead, take your position and 
    eliminate enemies at a distance. If you want it the normal way, just
    move forward from cover to cover while eliminating enemies. Beware of the 
    two proximity mines in both walls; use them against enemies by blowing 
    them up.
    Before entering the next section, take cover because a barrage of bullets 
    will be coming your way, courtesy of the turret placed above the building. 
    Have your partner take the brunt so you can snipe the gunner or just 
    approach the position slowly and use a grenade to flush him out.
    Continue clearing the section. Shoot the large gas tank beside the 
    building and the blast will kill the enemies hiding inside.
    Once cleared, approach the low wall and work with your partner to give you 
    a boost. Don’t climb up yet completely. Kill the guards then quickly pull 
    your partner up.
    Jump down and find a pickup truck. You can use its door for a crude shield;
    however it won’t stand that long compared to a riot shield so don’t use it 
    instead. Tell your ally to hold while you enter through the building 
    remains to the right and take out enemies as you go.
    Move past the turret and expect some more enemies behind those concrete 
    blocks. Clear them out, go around the building and take the ladder up.
    Find a large hole on the floor. Initially, there are two enemies below so 
    drop in and clear them. Make sure that you find a suitable cover quickly. 
    If you managed to kill them quickly, move in to have a direct view of the 
    door. More enemies will appear there so take position just near the
    stairs and ambush them.
    Head outside and open the hatch. Go downstairs and find a riot shield. You 
    may bring this if you want or just proceed.
    The next area is swarming with enemies. Avoid advancing too close or you’ll 
    have an enemy past through and shoot you from behind. Alternatively, you 
    can just order your ally to aggressively hold the position then kill the 
    enemies yourself. Throwing a grenade in the middle may help you
    eliminate multiple targets at once. Just clear the enemies and go upstairs 
    to the left.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 1/3                       |
    | This is pretty obvious and impossible to miss. Find the ladder on the   |
    | other side of the room and run through the end of the pathway. The      |
    | briefcase is beside a crate.                                            |
    Take the ladder up and step jump on the next floor. Climb another ladder
    to reach the top of the building. From there, equip your special weapon 
    (Sniper rifle, RPG or Stinger) then aim for the gas tank beside the 
    helicopter. Shoot it to destroy the helicopter and complete the objective. 
    Kill all the enemies rushing at you and proceed to the open tunnel ahead.
    Once in control again, follow the road and perform either a co-op snipe or 
    shoot the barrel to kill both guards. Don’t forget to take out the RPG 
    soldier in the second floor of the bunker. Quickly move ahead and man the 
    turret. Waste some more enemies, including some martyrs.
    |      Secondary Objective: Destroy Bunker in Iraq Base. ($10,000)        |
    This will be completed by your partner automatically once you enter the 
    turret. You may do this yourself by going uphill to the left and plant the 
    homing beacon. Watch the short scene and the objective is completed.
    Once that is done, continue to the small hill first. I suggest taking out 
    the sentry on the tower to avoid too much problem later on. Have your 
    partner regroup at you and order him to aggressively hold the position by 
    the sandbags. There is a turret to the left and a group of enemies to the 
    front. Fortunately, there is a safe and discreet way of flanking the 
    Continue left go through the bushes and the fuel tanks. You can then kill 
    the gunner and some insurgents there then take the turret for yourself and 
    lay waste on enemies.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 2/3                       |
    | I suggest clearing out the area first before getting this case. In the  |
    | first section of the base after destroying the bunker, find the tent    |
    | closest to the wall. The briefcase should be sitting beside the tent    |
    | itself.                                                                 |
    Continue to the next area and clear the area. There will also be enemies 
    coming out from the tent near the wall. Once cleared, head to the 
    checkpoint and examine the door. You’ll be in for a B2B sequence. Kill all 
    enemies and head to the tunnel.
    Continue along the road and clear enemies. As the road turns, enemy turret 
    fire will pour. Order your partner to advance a few covers ahead then 
    aggressively hold that position. You, for the meantime shall sneak cover-
    to-cover on the oil depot side of the road. Flank the gunner and kill the 
    remaining guards. Examine the large door ahead to continue to the next 
    You can either proceed to the left or right side. The left side has lesser 
    cover and has a proximity mine as well. Watch out for the enemies that will 
    take the upper platforms and remember not to advance too far ahead. Wait 
    until the heavy armored soldier arrives and flank him. There are two
    hangars here that you can through to get behind the soldier and kill him.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 3/3                       |
    | The briefcase is located on the highest platform in the area where the  |
    | enemies used earlier. Push the enemies back and put your partner on     |
    | hold. Go around to the right to find the stairs then eventually the     |
    | ladder to reach it.                                                     |
    |                    Eliminate Ali Youssef ($13000)                       |
    Continue forth to the warehouse. You’ll meet Ali Youssef there. He’ll 
    escape and throw in some minions along the way, with another heavy armored 
    soldier. If you are planning on flanking them from the side of the 
    warehouse, make sure to destroy the proximity mine first. Draw them in by 
    placing your partner inside the warehouse and holding it aggressively. 
    Make your way from the other side of the warehouse to flank them yourself.
    Follow Youssef down the ramp. I suggest letting your partner take their 
    attention while you take them out from above. Youssef will retreat at the 
    back, leading his last batch of soldiers to delay your advance. He will 
    also send you a heavy armored soldier again. It will be challenge to get at
    the back of this soldier since the path is too narrow. You will need to 
    target his side or just use a grenade the stun him then shoot his back.
    Youssef wields a large chain gun that can take you out immediately if not 
    careful. Use the covers wisely; you can even slip past him and take cover 
    behind the pipes behind him. Kill him to end the mission.
                                  AIRCRAFT CARRIER
                                 THE CONSTELLATION
                                Exploration Items: 3
    |      Objective: Speak to the Aircraft Carrier's captain. ($10,000)      |
    You’ll start the stage in co-op parachute mode. You’ll be the shooter but 
    you can still issue commands to your team mate. To take a shot, make sure 
    to press Down on the D-Pad. UP will increase your speed and the other two 
    are just directional buttons. Take out as many enemies as you can. The 
    landing point is in the back of the carrier.
    Upon landing, you’ll be in a B2B sequence. After the sequence and a scene, 
    you’ll receive a new objective.
    |   Objective: Disable the Fighter Jets on the Carrier runways. ($6,000)  |
    Enemies will start rushing to you from different sides and there will be 
    reinforcements that will be dropped via helicopter. There are a lot of 
    covers here that may prove helpful or harmful to you guys. Enemies can 
    easily flank you from behind since they can slip unseen with all those
    container vans and crates. Just press on slowly and if possible, take out 
    some enemies at a distance. Don’t mind Alice’s nagging on disabling the 
    planes immediately; there is no timer and just plain rushing to the 
    targets will expose you to enemy gunfire. There are four jets in total 
    that you’ll need to sabotage. Its better to move behind the ship’s control
    tower to reach the planes’ faster and less prone to enemy fire.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 1/3                       |
    | When you reach the control tower, there are two platforms beside it. One|
    | of  the platforms contains the chest.                                   |
    Fight your way to the farthest pair of planes first then examine their 
    front landing gears to disable them. There will be more enemies coming your
    way so move behind covers. If you need to run in the open, make sure to 
    roll to avoid taking too much damage. After disabling the other two planes,
    fight your way back to the end of the ship. Head right to find some stairs 
    leading inside the ship.
    Find a riot shield inside. It is strongly recommend to use this since there
    will be a lot of enemies waiting for you outside. The shield should last 
    long enough to clear all enemies. Lift the cover for a scene.
    |          Objective: Find Phillip Clyde's USB drive. ($10,000)           |
    Upon discovering the traitorous swine, order your partner to hold his 
    position above to provide covering fire. Jump down and seek cover 
    immediately; kill the enemies then examine the laptop to obtain Clyde’s 
    USB drive.
    Climb the ladder, follow path then jump down. Step jump (there are two 
    guards here) then examine the CO2 torch to reach the next area.
    |    Secondary Objective: Find Phillip Clyde's second laptop. ($5,000)    |
    You’ll be in one of the main hangars of the ship, crawling with enemies. 
    Use the covers as usual and advance slowly. There are actually 3 waves of 
    enemies here; the other two groups will be delivered by the lifts from the 
    sides of the ship. These guys are practically cunning and aggressive; they 
    will rush to your position and will always try to find ways to flank you. 
    Just stay close with your partner to support each other strategically.
    Clyde’s laptop is located over a red crate, by the wall. This is near the 
    missiles and bombs in the other corner of the hangar. The briefcase is 
    also nearby, just behind the bombs placed near the wall. Examine the large 
    rolling door (its locked), then activate your GPS to find your next
    objective. Examine the plane and you’ll boost your partner up to release 
    one of the plane’s missiles and to destroy the door. A new wave of enemies 
    will be coming in from the lift behind you while a heavily armored guard 
    will appear from the opened door. Just clear kill all the enemies and 
    proceed to the door. You’ll be taken to the bridge to talk to the captain.
    |             Objective: Sink the Aircraft Carrier. ($15,000)             |
    After talking to the captain, head back to the elevator. You’ll be taken 
    in the next hangar. There is a shield nearby but its up to you if you’ll 
    use it or not. As usual, clear all enemies in this hangar.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 2/3                       |
    | The briefcase is located behind some large, bombs, near the wall. It is |
    | opposite from the door you blew up using an F-14’s missile and where the|
    | heavy armored guy came out.                                             |
    Find your objective via GPS. You and your partner will need to step jump 
    to reach it. The hatch leading to the next hangar will open. Find some 
    cover immediately since enemies will start pouring in and will try to take 
    cover behind your position. Order your partner to stay put while you take 
    them on.
    |        Secondary Objective: Kill well-armored terrorist. ($8,000)       |
    There will also be a heavily armored terrorist with an RPG waiting on the 
    other side. Defeat the lesser terrorists first then order your friend to 
    act as a decoy (advance or hold aggressively) then take out the armored 
    terro. Clear the hangar; we’re almost finished with this mission.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 3/3                       |
    | Find a basketball court in the far end of the hangar. Just go behind the|
    | hoop closest to the wall to find your third and final chest for this    |
    | mission.                                                                |
    Activate your GPS again to find your objective. Approach the bombs and 
    ‘use’ them for the duo to push it on the lift and have it lowered. Now 
    activate your GPS again to locate the spot where you need to step jump. Do
    so, follow the catwalk, enter the door and examine the gate to pull it 
    You’ll be out to the ship’s deck. You have less than two minutes to reach 
    the other end of the boat; the last remaining life raft is there. The funny
    thing about this is that there are still enemies attacking you, without 
    regard to their own safety. Return fire if you can but continue moving and
    evading the debris. The mission ends once you and your partner reaches the 
    escape boat.
                                Exploration Items: 3
    |     Objective: Destroy the convoy as it crosses the bridge. ($30,000)   |
    Note: Once you can freely select your missions, you can retry this part of 
    the mission to earn easy $30000. Just blow the bridge, fight your way back 
    to the hovercraft until you reach the checkpoint; then quit the game and 
    start the mission again. Do this to reach $1000000 to unlock the 
    corresponding achievement as well as enough funds to grab heavier arsenal,
    upgrade them and even pimp them up to increase aggro.
    Take the stairs up. Once you reach the top of the hill, expect some light 
    resistance but don’t let your guard down. Use the tree trunks as cover. 
    There is around 5-6 guards here.
    Trek the path down of the hill and equip your special weapon. Ignore the 
    very tranquil and overlooking view of the river and go to the edge of the 
    cliff to get a vantage point of the bridge. After the short scene, 
    immediately take aim of the bridge and shoot the gas pipe in the middle.
    You can do this in solo or co-op snipe.
    After watching the glorious explosion, a group of Chinese troops will
    magically appear near your location and will confront you. Fight you way 
    back to the starting point and enter the hovercraft.
    Just concentrate on maneuvering the hovercraft; your partner will take 
    care of the shooting. Just follow the river to reach the canal. Beware of 
    RPG troopers here as well. Activate your GPS when you are near the canal 
    to find where you can dock the craft. Just maneuver it to the green marker
    and it will dock automatically.
    |    Secondary Objective: Take down the Chinook Helicopter. ($10,000)     |
    |  Secondary Objective: Kill the first heavily armored soldier. ($15,000) |
    Get off the craft and you can do some shopping. I suggest equipping/buying 
    the Stinger now if you have the cash. You will need it to complete a 
    sub-objective later on. Go upstairs; there will be some enemies already 
    waiting ahead. Find cover immediately. There are a lot of enemies here; 
    not to mention the potshooters hiding in good sniping positions ahead and 
    across the facility. You can also use the fuel tanks in the area to save 
    ammo and kill several guards in one blast. The heavily armed guard will 
    appear from the other side of the canal and will cross the bridge. Order
    your ally to hold behind the concrete blocks and head upstairs to get a 
    good shooting position. You may also want to clear the opposite side by 
    using a grenade. Kill the heavy armored guard from that position. Beware 
    of enemy snipers too.
    You should probably hear Alice bitching right now so head back to your 
    starting position near the stairs and examine the small building to find 
    the switch. Activate it.
    Head downstairs and move the hovercraft inside the canal. Take the ladder 
    up and activate the control panel there.
    A Chinook helicopter will appear on the other side of the canal, dropping 
    some reinforcements. If you have the Stinger, lock on the Chinook to take 
    it down. The stinger will do the job better than
    the RPG since it has more ammo and has auto-lock. If you take down the 
    Chinook quickly, you will have lesser enemies to deal with.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 1/3                       |
    | Across the bridge find a small building opposite to the first panel you |
    | activated. It is near where the chinook dropped reinforcements. The     |
    | briefcase is located behind it.                                         |
    After getting the briefcase, head to the other end of the area, go upstairs
    and activate the final control panel to open the doors.
    After you do that, another Chinook (no rewards if you take it down) will 
    drop reinforcements in the other side. Clear them.
    Take the nearest stairs down and ride the hovercraft. Just follow the 
    river and dock in the wooden platform. Follow the walkway and step jump. 
    Wait for some enemies to appear before climbing up. After that, continue to 
    reach the end of the walkway and find an abandoned Chinese village.
    There will be two guards here. If you have a sniper rifle, take out the guy 
    to the right since he has a RPG. You can go either straight ahead or right 
    around the village to clear the first wave of guards. I suggest ordering 
    your partner to aggressively clear the area ahead while you provide 
    covering fire.
    |Secondary Objective: Retrieve the satellite data from the laptop($15,000)|
    After clearing the village, two more Chinook helicopters will appear. They
    will be dropping reinforcements in both ends of the village. Order your 
    partner to regroup and find a good building to take cover. Guard the doors 
    since the enemies will always try to flank you from behind. Once you 
    thinned the enemy force a bit, go for the offensive and clear the enemies. 
    Some of them have even secured good positions so you may need to change 
    your positions to draw them out.
    After clearing the second wave of enemies, the steel rolling door in the 
    far corner of the village will blow up, releasing another wave of enemies. 
    Clear them all and make sure to grab all the ammo bags you can get.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 2/3                       |
    | Find a two-storey house in the other side of the stream. The chest is on|
    | the second floor.                                                       |
    Enter the blown up door and examine to rolling door for the pair to lift 
    it and reach the next part of the area.
    |             Objective: Use cargo train for extraction ($0)              |
    You can do some mid-mission shopping here so change your Stinger with an 
    ordinary sniper rifle. You’ll see the laptop over a crate so examine it for
    an easy $15000. Lift another door to reach the next area. This next area 
    has a lot of enemies waiting so you may order your partner to move ahead 
    and take cover while you snipe enemies at a distance.
    Just stay in cover and take out enemies slowly but surely. Avoid staying 
    close together or you won’t cover each other’s back. Well placed grenades 
    can take out those pesky enemies at hiding.
    After clearing the area, head inside the building. You may enter through 
    the front door or to the side. Kill the initial enemies guarding the 
    floor. Now you’ll have two ways to go up; take the elevator or the stairs.
    If you take the stairs, there is a turret above waiting to make minced 
    meat out of you. If you take the elevator, there will be soldiers with 
    shotguns waiting to make gore shake out of you. Either way you’ll be 
    walking into an ambush but I’d say take the elevator. Make sure to check 
    your GPS around to know the location of the proximity mine.
    Kill the gunner for your partner to join you. Step jump to the nearest 
    elevation; don’t climb up yet. Wait for the enemies to appear then pull up
    your partner.
    The place will be swarming with enemies so take cover immediately and 
    avoid moving forward hastily. There is a heavy armored soldier among the
    fray so take out the small fries first to stop them from getting on your 
    way. Beware of the proximity mine around as well. Continue upstairs
    and continue killing the enemies. Once done, lift the rolling door to reach
    the next area.
    Once outside, take cover immediately and order your partner to aggressively
    hold the position. You can then move around the dump to the right to flank 
    the enemies. There will also be a heavy armored target ahead. You can 
    actually take this guy with a direct stinger or RPG hit. You can also just 
    throw a grenade to knock him, turning his back then shower him with 
    There will also be enemy reinforcements that will be dropped via chinook. 
    Eliminate all of them.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 3/3                       |
    | Head to the far corner of the area where there is a truck sitting. The  |
    | briefcase is in the back, beside the green cargo container.             |
    Lift the door beside the staircase. You’ll be thrown back by the explosion 
    and a back-to-back sequence will trigger.
    After the sequence, enter the factory and clear the enemies inside. There 
    is a lot of cover inside that you and your enemies can use. Order your 
    partner to stay behind the middle track while you take the upper levels. 
    This way you’ll have a better position and you’ll avoid getting flanked 
    from above. After killing the initial wave, more will come via helicopter.
    Eliminate them and proceed to the control panel in the far end of the 
    More enemies will appear after using the control panel. Defeat them then 
    take the door in the other side of the factory. Activate your GPS to find 
    the last proximity mine and destroy. There will also be a last pair of 
    enemies waiting on the other end.
    Just approach the large dumping machine and use the rods to open the 
    loading bay. Mission accomplished.
                                    Florida, USA
                                Exploration Items: 2
    Welcome to the last stage. Since you’ll be fighting against SSC now, expect
    a lot of heavily armored soldiers. Also, ordinary enemies here have 
    increased defense, thanks to their wellsupplied armors, courtesy of the 
    company. After the intense scene, you’ll find yourself in a hovercraft in 
    the middle of the hurricane and flood-ridden city of Miami.
    |            Objective: Find and eliminate Ernest Stockwell. ($0)         |
    |   Objective: Find and rescue Murray, get her to the extraction point    |
    |   alive. ($35,000)                                                      |
    Just drive the hovercraft to the end of the corridor and park it to the 
    side. You can actually use the turret to rain some lead to incoming 
    enemies but I prefer using the sniper rifle while my partner has advanced
    a bit and takes their attention.
    There will numerous enemies in the first floor alone so taking them out 
    using the sniper rifle will
    be a great idea. If you want to do it like most people do, you’ll press 
    forward slowly, moving from cover to cover. Since the covers are just 
    located on the left side, you won’t be able to shoot the enemies hiding on
    the right side. If you have the sniper rifle, you can just get some free 
    shots by targeting their limbs.
    Once that is cleared, move forward. There are two sets of stairs here; 
    straight ahead will take you
    to the main group of enemies while the other will take you a safer 
    distance away from them. In case you want to approach them head on and take
    the stairs ahead, remember to use the riot shield.
    After clearing the enemies in the second floor, find another stairs going 
    up. Go through the door to reach the next area.
    |        Objective: Find and eliminate Phillip Clyde. ($20,000)           |
    |       Secondary Objective: Kill Smiley's Bodyguard #1 ($5,000)          |
    |       Secondary Objective: Kill Smiley's Bodyguard #2 ($5,000)          |
    |       Secondary Objective: Kill Smiley's Bodyguard #3 ($5,000)          |
    |       Secondary Objective: Kill Smiley's Bodyguard #4 ($5,000)          |
    This area is swarming with enemies. Two heavy armored guards will be here 
    and enemies will start flanking you by occupying the lockers behind. If you 
    want to play it safe, you can use the higher ground you have to your 
    advantage. You can order your partner to hold that position and take the 
    attention while you clear the enemies by the lockers.
    Don’t move from your position until you defeat a good number of enemies 
    from your position. Once you thinned the enemy ranks, regroup with your 
    partner and ask him to hold the position in front of the heavy soldier. 
    Slowly move to the right, near the windows. Enemy reinforcements will rappel
    down to you so holding this position will allow you to ambush and prevent 
    them from flanking you. Just be patient and avoid moving forward too often;
    press forward too fast or you’ll find yourselves surrounded. Though the 
    enemy seemed to be endless, the numbers are finite. Just keep on killing 
    whoever is unlucky enough to eat your bullets and you should be able to 
    clear the area.
    After clearing the enemies, the rolling doors in the baggage area will 
    also open. Two enemies will act as sentries on the two baggage claim 
    terminals. You can just use grenades or rush them to flush them out. You 
    can then use the terminals as cover while more enemies start to swarm in.
    Again don’t be hasty here; the enemies will be aggressive enough to rush 
    to your positions and attempt to flank you. Have your partner stay in 
    cover and fire while you move in to flank some enemies yourself. Once 
    cleared, take the stairs going up to reach the upper level.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 1/2                       |
    | Kill all the guards in the small office in the upper level. Find the    |
    | chest in the right corner beside the trash bin and fire hose panel.     |
    After getting the briefcase, activate the controls just outside the office.
    The ramp will get stuck so you’ll need to remove the obstacle.
    Go back to the lower level and enter the small corridor underneath the 
    ramp. Kill the two guards, go upstairs and kick the obstacle along the 
    Examine the ramp to push it in place then go around, use the ramp and kill 
    the guards guarding Alice. Examine the gate to open it.
    After the scene, let your partner lift Alice then go back down. There will 
    be enemies waiting at the end of the ramp so advise your partner to hold 
    until you clear all enemies. Make your way bag to the waiting area. The 
    gates to the side will open. Clear enemies as you go.
    Continue clearing the enemies; another heavy armored guard will appear near
    the end of the corridor. Since your partner is carrying Alice, it will be 
    unwise to put them in unnecessary danger. Just use the grenades to knock 
    the heavy guard off and shoot his back while he is lying on the ground. 
    Have your partner bring Alice near the end of the corridor. Lift the gates 
    to the next area.
    | Objective: Eliminate Richard Dalton before he kills Ernest Stockwell($0)|
    |          Objective: Ride the monorail to the SSC Tower. ($0)            |
    In the next area, you can do some mid-mission shopping as well. Ride the 
    hovercraft. Enemies in hovercraft will intercept you. I suggest keep going 
    straight, even through dry land. Once you reach the next large area, head 
    right and straight. Activate your GPS to get directions to reach your 
    objective. You’ll need to dock your hovercraft when you reach the power 
    There will be some enemies inside as well so clear the area before you 
    start your objectives.
    Activate the panel nearby to cut off the power. Order your partner to 
    advance then turn the power on. Wait until he confirms that the power to 
    the monorail has been diverted already. Turn off the power again and return
    to the hovercraft.
    Head out again to stormy waters. It’s hard to give general directions here
    so activate your GPS to find where you’re going. Once you find the place 
    to dock, reduce your speed and carefully maneuver your craft in place.
    Head upstairs and enter the monorail. Examine one of the panels and your 
    partner will access the other side. Once moving, you can enjoy the peaceful
    ride. But not for long…
    Stinger soldiers will appear from buildings. If your eyes are quick enough 
    to locate them and shoot them, you can possibly stop them from firing. 
    There will also be enemies in terminals so be cautious. You will endure 3 
    stinger shots before reaching your next objective.
    | Objective: Clear your name by uploading data incriminating Dalton. ($0) |
    Go to the right, so you can co-op snipe two guards. Enemies will start 
    rushing in so order your partner to advance a bit to get their attention. 
    You can stay near the entrance to provide covering fire with your sniper 
    rifle. If you don’t have any special weapon ammo, head back inside then 
    exit to the left to get behind the enemies.
    Some enemies may fall back to the main building but don’t just go in to 
    pursue them. Regroup with your partner and slowly approach the stairs. 
    Kill any enemy nearby then rush inside and take cover in the nearest cover.
    Order your ally to hold that position and wait until he builds the aggro.
    Quickly move while in stealth then find another cover. If you can, snipe 
    the RPG troopers upstairs since they can be a problem in the long run. 
    Otherwise, kill all enemies within your sights.
    This area has probably the most number of enemies than any part of the game.
    Avoid pressing forward too much or you’ll find screen bloody red in a few 
    seconds. Also avoid straying from your partner too much. Kill the heavy 
    armored guard as you normally do. More enemies will start pouring from the 
    stairs so be patient and kill them efficiently without endangering yourself.
    Once you take control of the area and clear all the enemies, examine the 
    elevator in the middle. Head to the second floor and find some more 
    enemies. There is also a riot shield nearby that you can use.
    With or without the riot shield, press forward the second floor to reach 
    the other side. There are a lot of covers here that you can use. There is 
    also another heavily armored soldier; its one of Clyde’s personal 
    bodyguards, actually. Flank him and kill him to earn your reward.
    Enter the door to the side and follow the corridor. Open the door, kill 
    the lone guard inside and examine the terminal to power the elevator. Head
    outside and find some more enemies waiting for you.
    Aside from the enemies on the second floor, there will also be enemies in
    the ground floor. Use
    your position to snipe out enemies/limbs you can target. You can also order
    your partner to advance and hold the position in front of the elevator to 
    get the enemies’ attention and give you the chance to score some free kills.
    Go back to the lobby and examine the computer in the reception desk. The 
    elevator will start moving without you so you’ll need to work your way to 
    the third floor. Of course, trigger-happy enemies will be waiting for you 
    there. Just kill them all.
    |                               Intel Briefcase 2/2                       |
    | The final briefcase is located in the far corner of the third floor.    |
    | Just go around the area opposite the stairs to find it. The             |
    | corresponding achievement should unlock as well.                        |
    Now head back to the elevator and press Y to jump over the elevator to 
    reach the next area.
    When you reach the next area, step jump and you’ll be in for another 
    back-to-back sequence. After the B2B sequence, move on, enter the open 
    door and follow the stairs down for some scenes.
    Once in control, quickly move to either side of the room. The left side 
    has a lot of enemies but has the most covers as well. If you want, you 
    can have your partner hold a position there while you sprint to the
    opposite side and encircle your enemies.
    Once the small guys are taken care of, you can safely get behind the heavy 
    soldier. Don’t worry; even if he sees you (behind the staircase) he won’t 
    fire his RPG for some reason. You can flank him easily.
    Now, examine the computer terminals behind you to upload Stockwell’s data.
    There are four of them; you can just your GPS to find all of them. Once 
    done, take the stairs up.
    Expect heavy resistance on the second floor. Quickly move behind covers to 
    avoid getting hit by the turret in the other side. As usual, order your 
    partner to act as bait while you safely take out the enemies.
    Take the last stairs up and face Clyde. There will be a wave of enemies 
    that will attempt to stop you and a heavy soldier as well. Beware of the 
    psychopath’s sniper rifle; it can deal critical damage and can knock you 
    back good. Take care of the ordinary soldiers first then order your partner
    to take all the brunt for a brief time. You will know where Clyde is 
    hiding by looking at his off-placed shadow.
    Once the guard has been taken care of, you can easily (and cheaply) win by 
    order your partner to aggressively hold his position in the other side 
    opposite of Clyde while you sneak behind him. You can then take cover 
    behind an obstacle beside him. He will try to shoot you and exhaust his
    ammo. While reloading you can then spring out from cover and shoot him. 
    Repeat until he’s killed.
    Watch the last scenes and that’s it.
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