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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GloriousLeader

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/14/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      /\\,/\\,                                                              /\  
     /| || ||                                 _          '                 (  ) 
     || || ||   _-_  ,._-_  _-_  _-_  \\/\\  < \, ,._-_ \\  _-_   __,        // 
     ||=|= ||  || \\  ||   ||   || \\ || ||  /-||  ||   || || \\ ||_.       //  
    ~|| || ||  ||/    ||   ||   ||/   || || (( ||  ||   || ||/    ~ ||     /(   
     |, \\,\\, \\,/   \\,  \\,/ \\,/  \\ \\  \/\\  \\,  \\ \\,/  ,-_-      {___ 
    - - /, /,             ,,  |\                  
      )/ )/ )             ||   \\         '       
      )__)__)  /'\\ ,._-_ ||  / \\       \\ \\/\\ 
     ~)__)__) || ||  ||   || || ||       || || || 
      )  )  ) || ||  ||   || || ||       || || || 
     /-_/-_/  \\,/   \\,  \\  \\/        \\ \\ \\ 
        _ ,                              
      ,- - ,,                            
     _||_  ||   _                        
    ' ||   ||  < \, \\/\\/\\  _-_   _-_, 
      ||   ||  /-|| || || || || \\ ||_.  
      |,   || (( || || || || ||/    ~ || 
    _-/    \\  \/\\ \\ \\ \\ \\,/  ,-_-  
    | Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Guide  |
    | Created by: GloriousLeader            |
    | FAQ and Walkthrough                   |
    | Copyright 2008 Jeffrey Walton         |
    Version History
    Version .20 - 10/04/08 - 10/05/08
    Guide started, then quickly cut to a halt.  On 10/05/08 my 360 got RRoD.  It
    seems work on the guide has been halted.
    Version 1.00 - 10/8/08 - 10/13/08
    A good friend let me borrow his 360.  I've worked on the guide since, finishing
    up the main storyline walkthrough.  More is to come, of course, but I think
    the guide is ready for submission.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction ..................................[in00]
    + The Author
    + The Guide
    + The Game
    2. Basic Information .............................[bc00]
    + Controls .......................................[bc01]
    + Characters .....................................[bc02]
    + Factions .......................................[bc03]
    + General Tips ...................................[bc04]
    3. Main Storyline Walkthrough ....................[sw00]
    + Introduction Contracts .........................[ic00]
    - Rescue Carmona .................................[ic01]
    - Establish a Base of Operations .................[ic02]
    - "Universal Petroleum" ..........................[ic03]
    + Universal Petroleum Contracts ..................[up00]
    - "The Devastator" ...............................[up01]
    - "Phone Tag" ....................................[up02]
    + PMC Recruitment ................................[pr00]
    - "Doom Patrol" ..................................[pr01]
    - "Misha Milanich" ...............................[pr02]
    + P.L.A.V Contracts ..............................[gu00]
    - "Introduction to the P.L.A.V" ..................[gr01]
    - "Paint the Town" ...............................[gr02]
    - "Corporate Headhunting" ........................[gr03]
    - "Tropical Island Getaway" ......................[gr04]
    + PMC Contracts 1 ................................[pc10]
    - "Finding Blanco" ...............................[pc11]
    - "Get Solano" ...................................[pc12]
    - "Introduction to Allies and Chinese" ...........[pc13]
    + Allied Nations Contracts .......................[an00]
    - "Missile Commando" .............................[an01]
    - "Lost and Found" ...............................[an02]
    - "Battle for Caracas vs. China" .................[an03]
    + Chinese Army Contracts .........................[ca00]
    - "Exit Strategy" ................................[ca01]
    - "The Price of Gas" .............................[ca02]
    - "Battle for Caracas vs. Allies" ................[ca03]
    + PMC Contracts 2 ................................[pc20]
    - "Get Solano Pt. 2" .............................[pc21]
    4. Side Missions .................................[sm00]
    + Weapon Challenges ..............................[wc00]
    + Outpost Takeovers ..............................[op00]
    - Universal Petroleum Outpost Takeovers ..........[op01]
    - P.L.A.V Outpost Takeovers ......................[op02]
    - Allied Nations Outpost Takeovers ...............[op03]
    - Chinese Army Outpost Takeovers .................[op04]
    + Minor Contracts ................................[mc00]
    6. Misc. .........................................[ms00]
    + Frequently Asked Questions .....................[ms01]
    + Credits ........................................[ms02]
    + Contact Information ............................[ms03]
    + Legal stuff ....................................[ms04]
    The Author
    I am GloriousLeader.  This is my first attempt at a FAQ, so keep that in 
    mind.  There isn't much to say about me that pertains to this guide, so let's
    move on, shall we?
    The Guide
    This guide is for the Xbox 360 version of the game.  If you're looking for a 
    specific item, utilize the quickjump feature.  To the side of each item in 
    the table of contents is a short code.  Simply enter this in the data field 
    that appears in response to the Ctrl + f being pressed.
    The Game
    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is the sequel to the successful 2005 title,
    Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.  Though there have been many changes,
    players of the original should be able to adjust quickly.  The game still
    boasts extremely destructable environments, and unlike the original, trees
    are now just as vulnerable as anything else.  No longer shall your reign
    of terror from the safety of a tank come to a swift end when you hit a bush!
    Though Mercs 2 has its flaws, mostly found in the large amount of glitches,
    it's an enjoyable game that is well worth checking out for fans of the
    original and newcomers to the franchise alike.
    |  Basics  bc00  |
    This section covers the most basic aspects of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.
    Controls, character profiles, etc.
    Controls  [bc01]
    This guide is for the Xbox 360 version of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. Thus
    this section will cover controls on the Xbox 360 controller.
    + On Foot +
    Left Thumbstick - Character Movement / Press down on thumbstick for sprint
    Right Thumbstick - Camera/aiming reticule movement / Press down on thumbstick 
    for binoculars
    D-pad Up/Down - Opens supply drop/airstrike menu / Navigates menu
    D-pad Left - Switch between grenades/C4/C4 detonator
    D-pad Right - Switch weapons
    A button - Jump / Confirm / Pick up weapon
    X button - Reload
    Y button - Enter/hijack vehicle/building / Mark target for pickup
    B button - Melee strike
    Start - Brings up pause menu
    Select - Brings up PDA menu
    Left Bumper - Throw Grenade/C4 / Use C4 detonator
    Right Bumper - Switch weapons
    Left Trigger - Crouch & enter precise aiming mode
    Right Trigger - Fire weapon
    + In Boat/Land Vehicle +
    Left Thumbstick - Steering / Acceleration in heavy vehicles
    Right Thumbstick - Camera/aiming reticule movement / Recenter camera when 
    pressed down, reverse camera when held down
    D-pad Up/Down/Left - No function
    D-pad Right - Switch between first & third person view
    A button - Accelerate
    X button - Brake / Reverse
    Y button - Exit vehicle
    B button - Horn / Deactivate disguise
    Start - Brings up pause menu
    Select - Brings up select menu
    Left Bumper - No function
    Right Bumper - Switch weapon
    Left Trigger - Handbrake
    Right Trigger - Fire weapon
    + In Helicopter +
    Left Thumbstick - Movement of helicopter
    Right Thumbstick - Changes direction helicopter is facing / Aiming reticule
    D-pad Up/Down/Right - No Function
    D-pad Left - Drop/raise winch
    A button - Ascend
    X button - Descend
    Y button - Exit helicopter
    B button - Horn / Deactivate disguise
    Start - Brings up pause menu
    Select - Brings up select menu
    Left Bumper - No function
    Right Bumper - Switch weapon
    Left Trigger - Descend
    Right Trigger - Fire weapon
    Characters  [bc02]
    The three playable mercenaries are the same from the first game.  However, 
    their abilities have been changed, as have their appearances.  Also, the 
    feature where each character spoke a different secondary language has been
    removed, so you won't miss out on any dialogue due to character selection.
    + Mattias Nilsson +
    Special Ability: Regenerates Health Faster
    Mattias Nilsson, the character who was the fastest runner in the original 
    Mercenaries, now has the ability Jacobs originally had.  As the fastest to
    heal, Mattias is recommended for new players.  Also recommended for those who
    fall under the metalhead following.  I'm sure you'll appreciate the Viking
    jokes. :)
    + Chris Jacobs +
    Special Ability: Carries More Ammo
    Chris Jacobs carries more ammo than the other mercs in World in Flames.  This
    is fitting, seeing as he gets a Rambo inspired costume.  His ability shines
    the most when using explosive weaponry, which often cannot carry more than a
    couple of shots.
    + Jennifer Mui +
    Special Ability: Runs Faster
    Jennifer Mui seems to have the least noticable ability of the three mercs,
    but this is not always the case.  Her speed makes it easier to hijack tanks 
    and escape gunfire.  However, the abilities of the other two mercs still seem
    more practical than Mui's, thus it's best to select this merc out of personal
    preference, or because of the massive amount of cleavage her catsuit costume
    reveals. ;)
    Factions  [bc03]
    There are seven factions in Mercs 2, five of which you can ally yourself with.
    Here I'll list them all, along with some basic information. The primary 
    opposing faction is NOT the only faction they will attack on sight, it's the
    faction that you can kill to raise your relationship with them.
    + Private Military Corporation +
    Location: Solano's Mansion
    Primary Opposing Faction: N/A
    This is your faction.  Its enemies and allies are dependant on your decisions.
    Unlike other factions, it doesn't have footsoldiers that walk the streets.
    However, many of the vehicles you can unlock in Eva's garage 'disguise' you
    as a member of the PMC.  It's a pretty useless disguise, since that disguise
    has the same relationship with each faction that your merc has when 
    their identity isn't hidden.  The members of this faction, with the exception
    of Fiona, are earned through missions.  When all possible members are 
    recruited, the PMC's headcount will be at five, including your merc.  
    + Universal Petroleum +
    Location: Maracaibo
    Primary Opposing Faction: People's Liberation Army of Venezuela
    Universal Petroleum is present in the beginning of the game, thus their
    equipment is somewhat lacking once the Allied Nations and Chinese Army appear
    on the map.  However, for the opening of the game, they'll be the strongest
    faction.  They also give you your first contracts in the game, so it's best
    to stay on their good side.  In the event that you piss them off, killing some
    PLAV will make amends.
    + People's Liberation Army of Venezuela +
    Location: Amazonas
    Primary Opposing Faction: Universal Petroleum
    The PLAV is a communist guerilla faction, operating in forested regions and
    using makeshift equipment.  They are present in the beginning of the game, and
    like the UP, don't have any exceptionally powerful equipment or vehicles.  
    However, they will seem weaker than the UP in general.  To increase your 
    relationship with them without bribing them, kill UP soldiers.
    + Pirates +
    Location: Islands on the upper part of the map
    Primary Opposing Faction: None
    The pirates are opposed to all factions, but there is no single faction you
    can kill to make your diplomacy bar for them raise.  They are on the map from
    the beginning, but some of their targets can only be accessed when the whole
    map is opened up.  Unlike the other factions they give no storyline missions.
    They still give outpost takeover missions, and they give some of the most
    annoying side missions from those outposts, butno story missions.  Oh, and
    they REALLY like satellites.
    + Chinese Army +
    Primary Opposing Faction: Allied Nations
    The Chinese make a return, and our old friend from the original Mercenaries,
    General Peng, is their leader.  These guys appear half way through the game,
    along with the Allied Nations.  Their missions deal with making life harder
    for the Allied Nations, as both factions have their eyes on the oil in
    Venezuela.  Killing Allied Nations soldiers gives you a diplomacy bonus with
    the Chinese Army.  Also worth noting is that their equipment is much more
    powerful than that of the factions present on the map in the beginning of
    the game.
    + Allied Nations +
    Primary Opposing Faction: Chinese Army
    This faction, also returning from the previous game, appear on the map with
    the Chinese Army, and their missions are composed of bucking heads with the
    Chinese, who you can kill for diplomacy bonuses.  Though their faction is
    called the Allied Nations, they stand for America, as character dialogue
    and their leader make obvious.  They, along with the Chinese, have very
    powerful equipment.
    + Venezuelan Army +
    Location: Everywhere
    Primary Opposing Faction: N/A
    These guys are the antagonists of the game.  They will fire on you unless you
    are disguised as one of their own, or a civilian.  At the beginning of the game
    they will be all over the map, but as you seize outposts and destroy their 
    bases their grip on Venezuela will deteriorate.  You are always hostile with
    them, thus they have no primary opposing faction.  And of course, they are
    present from the beginning to the end of the game.
    General Tips  [bc04]
    This is just some advice to help in many general situations. If you have any
    suggestions for this section, feel free to send them to me and I will credit
    you for the tip.
    + Vehicles are armor in Mercs 2.  You take no damage when you're inside a 
    vehicle that explodes, so even a weak bucket of bolts can be used as temporary
    + Keep an eye out for enemies with backpacks.  They often drop boxes of ammo
    that will give you several clips for any weapon outside of explosive weapons.
    + If you're hostile with a faction and want to make peace without paying
    an outrageous bribe, just kill members of their opposing faction.
    + Melee hits are instant kills on enemies.  Remember this, as it's often faster
    than shooting down a nearby enemy.
    |  Main Storyline Walkthrough  |  [sw00]
    The main storyline walkthrough segment of this faq is intended for guiding you
    through the main missions of the game.  It will leave out HVTs, destruction
    targets, outpost takeovers, outpost missions, and anything else not related
    to the main storyline. All of the extras will be covered later on in the
    guide.  The storyline missions are always given from the main HQ of a faction
    or from the PMC.
    Introduction Contracts  [ic00]
    These are the contracts that introduce you to the game and don't have a real
    contact.  They'll introduce you to the gameplay of Mercs 2.
    Introduction Contract #1: Rescue Carmona [ic01]
    Reward: N/A
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: N/A
    In the beginning of the game you'll find yourself in a boat with a massive
    island in front of you.  You'll have a radar with a waypoint on it.  To get
    to the waypoint you'll have to go through the rock formations to your left
    and drive towards the center of the island.  You'll find a beach where you are
    to make landfall.  Get out of your boat and follow Fiona's instructions.  Once
    you're ready, start heading up the path ahead and you'll find yourself in a
    gunfight with a handful of soldiers.
    You'll notice that even with the precision aiming mode, your accuracy is 
    very bad.  Your best bet is to run towards your target while firing at their
    head with the carbine.  Melee attacks work well too.  So keep in mind that
    running and gunning is often your most reliable strategy.
    Once the enemies are dispatched you can consider switching your carbine out
    for one of their assault rifles if it suits your fancy.  I personally find
    the assault rifle to be even more inaccurate than the carbine, but it never
    hurts to try it out.  Once you're ready to move on, approach the giant gate
    blocking your path to receive a short tutorial on how to use airstrikes.  
    Remember to get back after you call the strike in. 
    Once the gate lays in ruins continue on your path, dispatching any enemies
    in your way.  Shortly after the gate you'll encounter a soldier on a gun
    emplacement behind some sandbags.  This is the ideal place to use your grenade
    After the destruction of the emplaced gun, you'll dispatch 3 waypointed
    soldiers.  They should give you no trouble.  After getting rid of them, a
    Iguana, a basic jeep, will be dropped off for you.  Follow the road that
    goes in the general direction of the waypoint.
    You'll encounter several roadblocks, but your iguana is more than powerful
    enough to smash through them.  So pay them no mind and keep heading towards
    the waypoint.  When you reach it, you'll come around a corner to find another
    giant gate, only with a soldier equipped with a rocket launcher on top and
    two emplaced gunners on the bottom.  The best course of action would be to
    take cover behind a rock and call in the airstrike on top of the gate.  All
    three hostiles will be taken out by the blast.
    After dealing with the second gate, a tank will be dropped off for you.  Now
    the fun begins. Proceed to the waypoint, but you can ignore the path this time.
    Your tank is more than capable of taking down trees and fences.  Once you reach
    the top of the incline, you'll see that the waypoint moves to your left, past
    a small village of shanty shacks.  Smash through these, taking out the enemies
    on top of the shacks if you please, but they really can't hurt you.
    At the bottom of the incline you'll see a river with a large estate on the
    other side.  DO NOT drive into the water, as your tank wil explode before you
    can reach the other side of the river.  Your best bet is to destroy the wooden
    path that goes half way across the river before the RPG armed soldier on it
    can fire at you.  After this, fire on the two trucks to blow them up, taking
    several soldiers with them.  Your next target is the front of the estate.  Keep
    firing on it until you see it collapse.  Now you're free to get out of your
    tank and go to the waypoint, where you'll rescue Carmona.
    Contract Complete.
    Introduction Contract #2: Establish a Base of Operations [ic02]
    Reward: Solano's Mansion
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: Rescue Carmona
    After the cutscene, you'll find yourself outside a bar with several junkers
    parked in front of you, along with a motorcycle.  Though the motorcycle may
    look appealing when compared to the other vehicles, I would advise against
    taking it, as the motorcycle's turning physics make it difficult to control.
    The junkers will be preferable here, so take whichever one you please.
    Once you've picked a vehicle, start heading down the road in the direction of
    the waypoint on your map.  You'll encounter some light resistance as you make
    your way to Solano's mansion, but just ignore it and keep driving.  Eventually
    you'll see two large banners on either side of the road with sandbags and
    an enemy gun emplacement in the center.  Go left when you reach this point
    and you will find yourself on a path that leads to the main gates of Solano's
    If you took my advice and went with a junker you're in luck, as that bucket
    of bolts will now become a battering ram.  Go straight down the path as fast
    as possible and you will smash right through the gates.  Proceed over the
    small bridge and you should see a soldier right ahead with a rocket launcher.
    Take him down with your makeshift battering ram and ditch your car, making
    sure to pick up his RPG and ammo.  Now the fun begins.
    You'll notice you have several waypoints on your map.  These are all 
    machine pistol weilding enemies that you must eliminate to proceed with the
    mission.  I tend to take them out in clockwise order, so you'll first want
    to proceed through the maze to the southwest.  Any encounters in the maze
    will be extremely close range, so go ahead and melee anyone in your path.
    One of your targets should be close to the center of the maze.  Either
    navigate to him and kill him in a typical fashion or toss a grenade over the
    hedges in his direction.  Both are effective.  Either way, I highly recommend
    switching out your assault rifle for the machine pistol.  It's an excellent
    weapon.  Also, there is a fountain in the center of the maze with several
    stacks of cash worth picking up.
    Your next target is either next to the garages to the north, or is already
    heading towards you to try to take you out.  He's just as easy to take out as
    the last, just use your machine pistol.  As for the enemies at the garage, 
    be careful when taking them out.  The people in the construction worker
    clothing are civilians, and killing them costs you money.  Also of note are the
    gas containers that look like large white tubes scattered around the garage.
    These are obviously explosive, and can do serious damage to you, as well as
    destroying the garage itself.
    After taking out the target that spawns near the garage, make your way behind
    the mansion to take out your next target.  You'll start encountering more
    rpg weilding enemies here, so be cautious.  You'll also encounter some enemies
    on a balcony you cannot get to who are using emplaced machine guns.  If you
    wish to take them out, grenades and your rocket launcher are effective. 
    In the back yard area, you'll see a couple of shotguns being dropped or laying
    on tables.  I personally prefer the machine pistol, but if you want the
    shotgun, that's your call.  But I still strongly recommend, and will assume 
    in this guide that you keep a rpg on you at all times.  Also on the tables
    you'll find cash, which is always nice.
    Finish off the last of the marked targets and make your way to the front of
    the mansion again.  You'll notice that the front doors are now open.  Proceed
    inside and immediately head to the door a bit ahead of you and to the left.
    It will shatter and a tank will be revealed behind it.  Run towards the tank
    as quickly as possible and attempt to hijack it.  If you mess up the button
    sequence, just run to the front of the tank and try again.
    After taking the tank, enemies will start rushing towards you.  Simply make
    short work of them with your cannon, dodging any rockets fired at you.  Once
    you've taken out ten enemy soldiers, it's...
    Contract Complete.
    After finishing the previous contract, you'll find yourself in your newly
    acquired mansion.  You'll want to talk to Fiona, which will bring up a menu
    with an offer from Universal Petroleum and the Emplaced Weapons Challenge.
    For help with the weapons challenges, see the "Weapons Challenges" section of
    the FAQ.
    Introduction Contract #3: "Universal Petroleum" [ic03]
    Reward: Maximum of $9,500.  $500 lost for each lost gun.
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: Establish a Base of Operations
    When you accept this contract you'll appear outside the mansion.  Grab the pink
    car to your right, but be careful.  As will be made clear to you when you get
    in, this car is Fiona's.  Thus, if you destroy it, it will cost you ten grand.
    To make things worse, it's very easy to destroy.  I recommend switching it
    out for another car when you reach the main road.
    Around the time you reach the main road, Fiona will give you a short tutorial
    on using the PDA to set a waypoint.  Just follow her instructions, then follow
    the path on your map.
    When you arrive at your destination, you'll see a blue pickup truck and many
    enemies.  Keep your distance from this truck.  If any enemies toss a grenade
    at you while you happen to be near that truck, it's game over, or a serious
    loss of profit.  So you want to take the enemies out while keeping your
    distance from that car.  Don't miss the guy on the boat.  When everyone is
    dead, get in the truck and begin driving down the road VERY CAUTIOUSLY.  The
    objective of the mission is to get the weapons in the bed of the truck to
    the destination without too many falling out.  Being hit by another car, or a
    powerslide, can be an instant game over.  Drive like you would in real life.
    Brake gradually, make sure the road is before turning, don't go too fast, and
    be aware of your surroundings.  Extra caution is required, as the truck's
    turning isn't too responsive.
    Follow the waypoint on your map along the road, and eventually Fiona will call
    you to alert you Solano's reinforcements are on their way to stop you.  Don't
    pay this any mind.  Keep driving carefully as you have been.  You'll take
    damage from Solano's men shooting at you, but their attack will be short lived,
    as Maracaibo should be just up the road, where Universal Petroleum patrols
    will keep Solano's men occupied.
    Once in the city, just casually carry on to the destination, parking in the
    marked area and exiting the vehicle with (hopefully) all of the weapons still
    in the back.
    Contract Complete.
    Universal Petroleum Contracts [up00]
    Universal Petroleum will give contracts from the giant black tower in
    Maracaibo.  UP will be your first contact in the game, so keeping a good
    relationship with them in the beginning is advisable.
    Universal Petroleum Contract #1: "The Devastator" [up01]
    Reward: $25,000
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Universal Petroleum"
    When the mission starts, grab a car and head towards the waypoint.  You'll
    be heading through a warzone, but your destination is held by the UP, so you'll
    be safe there.
    When you arrive, you'll see that it is not this most righteously bodacious
    vehicle known as "the devastator" that everyone's talking about that is marked,
    but rather some random guy.  But do not fret, for he knows where the
    devastator is!
    When you speak to him a new waypoint will appear on your map.  Run towards it.
    You may get excited when you see the tank, but there are tanks all over this
    game.  It's the alleyway behind the tank that holds the magnificence of
    "The Devastator".  Run into the alleyway and take a moment to bask in the
    glory of your objective, then mount your most excellent steed and make your
    way back to the HQ.
    The rest of the mission is pretty straight-forward.  Head to the waypoint while
    listening to the comments of those who are so lucky as to catch a glimpse of
    the Devastator.  When you arrive at the waypoint, park in the yellow circle
    and exit the vehicle, and never forget the day that you controlled the most
    righteous vehicle in all of Venezuela. :)
    Contract Complete.
    Following completion of "The Devastator", spare parts can be found around the
    map. These parts look like small orange boxes, and collecting them makes
    more cars available for purchase from Eva's Garage.
    Universal Petroleum Contract #2: "Phone Tag" [up02]
    Reward: $500,000, 250 Oil, Ewan Joins PMC
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "The Devastator"
    After accepting the mission bring up your PDA and mark the western-most
    waypoint.  This will be our first target.  Dodge any roadblocks on your way
    there, they aren't worth the time it takes to destroy them.
    Once you arrive at the waypoint, you'll see that there's a SAM on the map.
    You'll want to take this out, so drive into the base, ignoring the soldiers
    firing at you, and you'll see two multi-story carparks.  The SAM is on top of 
    the northenmost one, so ascend that parking garage.  You'll want to be on foot
    when you get to the top story of it.  Just shoot the other soldiers on foot
    and hijack the SAM, shooting the previous pilot with the vulcan cannon.  You'll
    then want to switch to the SAM's anti-air missiles, and shoot down the chopper
    patroling around the base.  After that, get out of the Scorpion and walk to the
    southern wall of the carpark.  You'll see the listening post delivery become
    available to you.  Select the delivery and attempt to toss it at the car park
    across from you, where the waypoint is.  Even if you don't get the smoke
    signal on top of the car park where the waypoint is, the post will be dropped
    off as if you did.
    Descend the parking garage and hijack a car upon reaching the bottom.  Now look
    at your map.  You should see a runway to the west.  Go to this runway to find
    a Kestrel helicopter.  Take it and head to the northeastern waypoint.
    In front of this base you'll see a tank patrolling.  Blow it up with the
    Kestrel's missiles, but use them sparingly.  After the tank, shoot the gas
    container with the helicopter's machine guns to take out several of the foot
    soldiers, then use your missiles on the small stone building across from the
    yellow circle in which rpg soldiers are respawning.  Once you've done this
    and reasonably cleared out resistance, land and call a listening post delivery
    in the highlighted area.  This causes a timer to appear, so hop into your
    helicopter and go to the last waypoint.
    When you arrive at the last base, land on the dock behind the base near the
    buncle of cash.  When you get out, toss a grenade at the gate, then proceed
    through, killing any footsoldiers in your way while heading towards the tank.
    When you get to it, take out the soldier in the machine gun turret (if there
    is a soldier in it) and hijack the tank.  You can then use the cannon on the
    tank to make short work of any resistance.  After killing your opposition,
    call in a listening post delivery in the marked area, then go to your
    helicopter and wait for the waypoint to stop jumping around.  Once the
    hostage has been marked as a waypoint, set out in your helicopter.
    When you catch up with the armored truck, lower your helicopter and use the
    winch to pick the truck up.  The game will treat this as you hijacking the
    truck, so gently put it back down, land your helicopter, then get into the
    truck and drive to the UP HQ.  When you get there, drive into the marked area
    and the executive will get out.  Ewan, the helicopter pilot will then come
    to pick you up.  Hop into his helicopter and select your base as the
    Contract Complete.
    You now have a helicopter pilot.  This opens up a handful of things: the
    ability to call in supplies and vehicles, instantly be transported to a
    friendly outpost or hq, or have Ewan come and pick up marked supplies,
    airstrikes, or bundles of cash.  You can also talk to him at the PMC
    to get a waypoint showing the location of the mission to recruit Eva, a
    Also of note, the UP HVTs have been marked on your PDA along with the
    destruction targets.  Starting now, any P.L.A.V members you kill go toward
    a standing bounty count, with certain amounts of kills unlocking items for
    purchase from the UP.  To see this information, bring up the "Factions" tab
    on the PDA and select "Universal Petroleum".
    Universal Petroleum Contract #3: "Leave No Trace" [up03]
    Reward: $995,000
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: Altagracia Outpost
    You're going to want a tank for this job.  I recommend the Light Mantis Tank,
    which is unlocked by just turning one UP HVT in.  Make sure you have one in
    stock and head to the waypoint.
    When you get to the waypoint, you'll find a group of enemies.  Fire a rocket
    at one of the vehicles and the blast should wipe them out.  Head inside the
    marked building and you'll find a small group of UP soldiers and the executive.
    Talk to the executive to make him follow you and go back to your vehicle.
    He'll get in after you.  Now go to the next waypoint.
    When you arrive, let the executive go into the warehouse, then get on the
    boat behind the warehouse.  Now Fiona will give you instructions on where
    enemies are coming from.  Run back and forth between the mounted guns to take
    out the enemies as they show up.  After this, get back in your vehicle and let
    the executive get in, then set out for the next waypoint.
    Before letting the executive go into the warehouse, call the tank in, and put
    it somewhere that allows you to see all three intersecting roads at the
    warehouse.  After that's done, let the executive go into the warehouse and get
    into your tank.  The enemies will start coming at you.  One shot from your
    cannon should take each one out.  The tank will make this very easy, and
    you just have to hold them off until a helicopter pilot sends you a
    transmission telling you he's dropped a gift off for you on the roof.
    Climb to the top of the metal platform behind the warehouse and get the
    anti-air missile launcher, and start shooting down the incoming helicopters.
    Shortly after this sequence starts the executive will finish with the
    documents.  Go back downstairs, grab a vehicle and head to the new waypoint.
    Once you get to the waypoint, drop the executive off and...
    Contract Complete.
    PMC Recruitment [pr00]
    This section deals with the missions you must complete to get Eva and Misha
    to join the PMC.  These are required before moving on with the story.
    PMC Contract #1: "Doom Patrol" [pr01]
    Reward: Eva Joins PMC
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Phone Tag"
    First off, to get this contract you have to talk to Ewan, the helicopter
    pilot, about Eva.  This will mark a location on the map with a new icon.  Go
    to this icon and enter the building that is marked to begin the contract.
    For the beginning, just drive through the checkpoints, plain and simple.  Also,
    keep the car in good condition.  You'll be driving it for a while.
    After driving in a circle around Eva's block, the checkpoints will lead down
    to a dirt path, which leads to the quarry.  If you haven't pissed the P.L.A.V
    off, your life will be easier for this mission.  They'll distract Solano's men
    who would otherwise be shooting at you.  You'll eventually go through a gate.
    Just keep following the checkpoints here, and using the car's special ability
    to hop over the rock formations in your way.
    Keep an eye out for a checkpoint in front of a giant bowl with roads going
    around it.  When you get here, just drive into the bowl and go up the ramp
    on the opposite side of it.  Do not hit the tran carts after the bowl.  They
    will heavily damage your car.
    Later on you'll come to a checkpoint that requires you to use the car's
    jump ability on a ramp to get over a large canyon.  Use the jump just as your
    front tires are leaving the ramp, and you should make it across.  Be prepared
    to move quickly after the jump, however, as enemies will start shooting at you
    on the other side of the canyon.
    Nothing's really changed, keep going through the checkpoints, only now
    you need to keep a good pace to avoid taking too much damage.  Be cautious
    with enemy soldiers around, as some have rockets.
    Shortly after encountering enemies, it'll seem that you are alone again, but
    the enemies will start setting off booby traps on the road.  These are not
    really that dangerous, just stick on the side of the road farthest from
    the trap and you'll get by them in time. 
    Just follow the checkpoints back to Eva's shop, and your done.
    Contract Complete.
    You now have Eva, the mechanic.  You may have noticed some orange cases laying
    on the ground around Venezuela.  Those are spare parts.  Collecting those
    will unlock new vehicles in Eva's shop.  Unlocking Eva also gives you the
    grappling hook, allowing you to hijack helicopters.  Talk to Eva at the PMC
    and you can get Misha's location.
    PMC Recruitment Contract #2: "Misha Milanich" [pr02]
    Reward: Misha Joins PMC
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Doom Patrol"
    To get this mission, you must have gotten Eva and talked to her about Misha.
    The location where you receive this mission will then be marked on your map.
    After receiving the mission, grab one of the jet skis and head toward the
    waypoints.  Stop at the beach on the southwest side of the island that the
    waypoints are on and come ashore.  You'll meet some resistance, so dispatch
    them with whatever weapon you're using.  On your map you'll see a tank nearby.
    Go to it, but be ready to dodge it's shells as you run towards it to hijack
    Once you have the tank, go up to the SAM marked on your map and destroy it
    with your tank's turret, taking out any other opposition as well.  After the
    SAM is down, proceed along the path in your tank, taking down anything in your
    way.  As you go, watch your map so you know where to get out of the tank and
    mark the bunker busters.  Once they've all been marked and picked up by
    Ewan a new waypoint will appear on your map, but it's on another island.
    Conveniently, an enemy helicopter will head your way.  Use your grappling
    hook and hijack that helicopter, then set out for the other marker.
    Before you get to the marker, make sure you're disguised as one of the VZ, then
    land close to the tank.  As soon as your feet touch the ground, make a run
    for the tank and hijack it, and take out any opposition in the area.  Take
    particular note of the guys in the towers.  Once you've taken out the majority
    of enemies in the area, equip your bunker busters from the PDA and go to the
    waypointed building.  Call the bunker buster in on that building and watch
    the fireworks.
    Contract complete.
    You now have all the characters than can join the PMC.  Misha brings an
    important feature to the table.  He's able to drop airstrikes.  It's
    recommended that you do some outpost takeovers so you can purchase more fuel
    storage tanks, as Misha will end up using a good bit of fuel.
    P.L.A.V Contracts  [gu00]
    The P.L.A.V are a communist guerilla faction, and as would be expected, they
    operate in forested areas and use secondhand equipment.  Like the UP, they
    give HVTs, destruction targets, and standing bounties, but also have an extra
    job available, billboard destruction.  Destroying the billboards around
    Venezuela earns you money and unlocks things in the P.L.A.V shop.
    P.L.A.V Contract #1: "Introduction to the P.L.A.V" [gu01]
    Reward: None
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Phone Tag"
    This isn't a mission, just a cutscene.  You get it at the PMC from Fiona. It
    marks the location of the P.L.A.V HQ on your map.
    P.L.A.V Contract #2: "Paint the Town" [gu02]
    Reward: $750,000
    Bonus: $500,000; No Civilian Casualties
    Prerequisite: Orinoco River Outpost
    When the mission begins, mark one of the waypoints and grab any vehicle, then
    start heading towards it.  On the way to your target you'll come across several
    tanks.  Hijack one and use it to destroy the marked buildings and any
    opposition you come across.
    After all three buildings are destroyed, the waypoint will move to the church.
    Quickly get there and make sure you have full rocket launcher ammo and five C4
    charges.  This will be the toughest fight in the game yet.
    In the beginning of the fight, tanks will start coming in from the east. Be
    prepared by manning the large stationary cannon in between the two recoiless
    cannons on the east side of the building.  Then simply shoot at any tanks you
    see.  After this, run to the west side and get on a recoiless rifle if
    possible.  If they've already been blown up, just get out your rpg and use
    that to fend off enemy tanks.  There's plenty of ammo for it laying around.
    The rest of the fight will be spent running around firing at enemy tanks
    with the rpg, as by this time the stationary guns are mostly destroyed.  Keep
    the church in good condition until the yellow bar fills up.
    Once the bar is full the waypoint will move to the stadium.  Grab any vehicle
    and make your way there.  Once you arrive, you'll be attacked by a helicopter.
    Use your grapple hook to hijack it, then quickly land it to have it out of the
    way.  After this,carefully make your way across the center of the stadium,
    killing enemy soldiers with your automatic weapon.  When you reach the HVT,
    rifle butt him and subdue him.  It is recommended you then carry him to one of
    the jeeps and load him into it, then drive to a safe location to extract him.
    Contract complete.
    P.L.A.V Contract #3: "Corporate Headhunting" [gu03]
    Reward: $300,000; Unlock: Castro Attack Chopper
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: Eastern Merida Outpost
    First, head to the restricted area with two targets in it.  When you get there,
    find a light mantis tank and hijack it.  Once you have a tank, carefully make
    your way to your assassination targets.  With this much power, killing one
    person on foot is easy.  You don't even have to get close, just get somewhere
    that gives you a view of where your map says the target is, and fire in their
    general area.  Since they can't be taken alive, this is a very simple contract.
    After taking out the two targets in one area, drive to the PMC which is
    relatively near your position.  Once you get there, go to the dock around back
    and hop in one of the boats and head towards the target at the UP Depot
    Outpost.  Once you're relatively close to the depot try to fire the missiles
    from the Triton at the assassination target.  If this doesn't get him, swim
    to the dock and take him out personally.  After he is done, beach yourself
    somewhere that the UP soldiers don't control and grab a land or air vehicle,
    then head to the last target.
    The target at the airport is easy.  Run into the restricted area, hijack the 
    mantis tank, and kill the target.
    Contract complete.
    P.L.A.V Contract #4: "Tropical Island Getaway" [gu04]
    Reward: $850,000
    Bonus: $500,000; Destroy all VZ Barracks
    Prerequisite: "Jungle Cruise"
    When this mission begins, have Ewan pick you up and take you to the PMC for
    a Triton Patrol Boat.  Head to the waypoints, using your missiles to take
    out the many enemies hanging around the opening in the island.  After clearing
    any resistance, carefully meneuver through the mines, then go forward to the
    docks and beach the Triton.
    Immediately start moving West, destroying the cement baracks on the beach with
    C4 along the way, but do no go up any inclines.  Eventually you'll see a
    staircase leading up with several machine gun emplacementson it.  At the top,
    there will be two recoiless rifle emplacements.  Make your way up this
    staircase, rifle butting any enemies on the machine guns, and
    then use one of the recoiless rifles to blow up the two barracks in your
    field of vision.  Also of note, there is a jammer to the right of the
    recoiless rifles, so go ahead and hijack it and drive it up the path.
    You'll eventually reach a wooden cabin with RPG soldiers spawning in it.  Let
    them blow up your jammer and return fire at the cabin with your own RPG.
    After two rockets, it should be down, so clear out any other soldiers and
    keep heading up the path.
    You'll soon see a SAM.  Either shoot the soldier already using it or hijack it.
    Either way you'll want to shoot the two nearby barracks with the anti-air
    missiles to destroy them, and the vulcan cannon is effective against any
    footsoldiers around.  Once the area is cleared, keep moving alone the path
    until you get to two more barracks.  There's a set of stairs leading up onto
    one of the walls just beside them.  Use these stairs for cover until the rpg
    soldiers are reloading, then run up them and jump off the wall onto the top
    of one of the buildings.  Here you can take out the other rpg soldier spawn
    building quite a bit easier, and it also makes a get spot to take out the other
    soldiers in the area.  Before you jump off of the rpg soldier spawn, make sure
    you toss a c4 onto it and blow it up after jumping.  The area is now clear
    to continue on, but do not take the path.  Instead, climb the stairs again and
    run along the wall.  This will keep you safe from the emplaced recoiless cannon
    at the castle's entrance.
    Keep running across the wall until you can jump down behind the recoiless
    cannon, but don't jump quite yet.  Instead, pick off any enemies you can see
    below, then jump down and proceed up the stairs north of the gun emplacement.
    The fighting here is straightforward.  Just make your way to the center of the
    castle, which is where the waypoint is.  When you reach the waypoint, look
    south and you'll see two recoiless cannon emplacements.  Use these to take out
    any opposition, and destroy the jammer.
    The cheapest way to destroy the three primary targets is to fire at the marked
    tower with one of the 105mm Artilleries until it is destroyed, then lay three
    c4 across the bridge, and detonate them once you're standing on the last
    target, the castle itself.  For the actual castle, a airstrike is almost
    mandatory.  Artillery bombardments can be found around the castle, so throw
    a beacon for one of these down in the center of the castle, where the jammer
    was, then sprint to what was once the bridge and jump into the water as the
    castle crumbles.
    Contract Complete.
    PMC Contracts 1  [pc10]
    PMC Contract #1: "Finding Blanco"  [pc11]
    Reward: $650,000
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Misha Milanich", "Phone Tag", "Tropical Island Getaway"
    Note: In this guide, I'll cover how to take Blanco alive, but it's worth
    mentioning that taking him alive means you'll be passing up one of, if not the
    best weapon in the game: the hunting pistol.  Unless you're going for the Aces
    High achievement, I'd recommend killing him and picking up this weapon.
    In the beginning of this mission, grab a Triton and head out for the oil rig
    Blanco's on.  When you get to the rig, you'll see enemy AA boats on your
    radar.  The Triton's missiles are very effective against these, so take them
    out.  After this, it's advisable you hijack the helicopter flying around and
    crash it into the water.  Now, go to the southwest support of the oil rig
    and climb the latter.
    Once up the latter, take out the soldiers on the catwalks and put a c4 on each
    support, then go up the staircase.  Here, you have to quickly take out any
    soldiers on the ground.  Do not enter the room Blanco is in until all soldiers
    on the rig are down.  Avoid putting any explosive containers between yourself
    and your enemies, as their AI is quite poor, and they'll happily blow the rig
    to get to you, which will cause a mission failure.
    Once the rig is clear, go to the waypoint and watch the cutscene.  Afterwards,
    wait for your merc to recover from the explosion and jump the railings to land
    next to Blanco.  Quickly melee and subdue him and call for an extraction.  If
    you try to destroy the enemy spawns it'll blow the rig, so ignore them and
    focus on getting Blanco on a chopper.  As soon as Ewan has made off with him,
    get to the big helipad, detonate your c4, and jump into the water.  All that's
    left to do now is enjoy the fireworks.
    Contract Complete.
    PMC Contract #2: "Get Solano"  [pc12]
    Reward: None
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Finding Blanco"
    Hop into the helicopter at the start of the mission and let Ewan bring you
    in near Solano's position.  Your first order of business is to get a vehicle.
    It'll need to be sturdy, and fast.  I was lucky enough to find a Thunder
    at the intersection Ewan drops you off at.  But anything to that effect
    will work.
    Once you have a vehicle, simply follow the road.  The roadblocks can easily
    be smashed through.  You only need to watch out for recoiless cannons.  As
    long as you dodge those, you're in the clear.
    Eventually, a helicopter will come in over you and attack.  Hijack it.  As
    soon as your merc is inside of it, get it away from any SAMs and get enough
    altitude to fill the diguise bar.  Once you're disguised as the VZ, land a
    good distance away from Solano's bunker while still being in front of it.
    Before you call in the bunker buster, however, take out the two SAMs on the
    paths left and right of the bunker.  Once they're dealt with, call in the
    bunker buster, and immediately get in your chopper and start gaining altitude.
    Fiona will radio you and tell you that the PMC is under attack.  Keeping your
    altitude, start moving in the direction of the PMC, making sure to keep within
    the area visible on your map.
    When you arrive at the PMC, make sure you bring the helicopter down to a low
    altitude quickly, as there will be several anti-air vehicles waiting for you.
    Get out of the helicopter and hijack one to recover any lost health.  It's
    also worth noting that it's possible to hit enemies with anti-air missiles,
    but you have to get pretty close. 
    On the small bridge in front of the mansion there will be two tanks.  Hijack
    one and use it to destroy the other.  When you are the last one standing,
    destroy your own tank to start the next part of the mission.
    Now you'll see a group of tanks rolling into the grounds of the PMC at crazy
    speed(for a tank).  You'll repeat the same old strategy here; hijack tank,
    fire at other tanks, ditch and hijack another tank in the event yours catches
    fire.  After the second group goes down, the waypoint will move to the front
    door of the PMC.  Enter the mansion.
    After the cutscene, Carmona will make a run for his car.  Chase him down and
    hijack the car as soon as he gets in it, then get out and subdue him.  Take
    out his soldiers and call in an extraction.  If he gets away in his car, just
    medivac to retry the mission.  Once Carmona has been carried off, it's...
    Contract Complete.
    PMC Contract #3: "Introduction to Allies and China"  [pc13]
    Reward: None
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Get Solano"
    This isn't a mission, but rather a short cutscene.  This will make Allied and
    Chinese contracts available.
    Allied Nations Contracts [an00]
    The allied nations enter the game at the same time as the Chinese.  Eventually
    you'll have to choose between helping the AN and China, as the two are sworn
    enemies.  The Allies introduce quite a bit of new equipment, so I would
    recommend trying out the weapons you see their infantry carrying.
    Allied Nations Contract #1: "Missile Commando"  [an01]
    Reward: $5,000,000
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: Southern Caracas Outpost
    Before you start this mission, make sure you have a Fuel-Air RPG.  If you
    don't, they can be found on Chinese soldiers, so take out a few and try to
    get one.  It also would benefit you to be friendly with the Chinese for
    this mission.
    When the mission starts, grab a vehicle from the allied base and start heading
    to the waypoints.  The road is being shelled, but the likelihood of it hitting
    you is slim.  Just drive as you normally would until you get to where you are
    seeing mostly Chinese soldiers.  If you're friendly with them, just take your
    Allied disguise off by honking.  If you are hostile with them, get a civilian
    vehicle and use its disguise to get close to the waypointed artillery.
    Once you're up close, use either your Fuel-Air RPG or c4 to take out the
    artillery.  Now the Chinese will shoot at you regardless of your alliance.
    Make your way to the next artillery, grabbing an armored vehicle if one becomes
    available, and take out the next artillery.  The third is no different.
    The waypoints now will move to the river.  You'll want to make sure your
    fuel-air RPG is fully loaded, then grab an armored vehicle and head directly
    towards the river, smashing through any shanty shacks in your way.  When
    you reach the river, take out anyone who would interrupt your aiming and fire
    at the ships with the fuel-air rpg.  A direct hit will instantly kill them.  If
    you run out of ammo for the fuel-air, take out the infantry around you.  Some
    will drop rockets.
    After this, you'll be sent back to the area the artillery were in to take out
    some marked commanders.  This is where the sheer power of the fuel air rpg will
    really be exposed.  Two of the commanders are on buildings.  Simply fire a
    single fuel-air rpg round at the building they're on and you can move on to
    the next target.  With that weapon in hand, eliminating the commanders should
    be a breeze.  When the last falls, it's...
    Contract Complete.
    Allied Nations Contract #2: "Lost and Found"  [an02]
    Reward: $10,000,000
    Bonus: $4,000,000 for each AN prisoner extracted.
    Prerequisite: "Missile Commando"
    First, grab any car and start heading for Northeast Caracas.  When you arrive,
    look directly east of where the highway curves and you'll find an ambassador
    gunship sitting on a beach next to some AN soldiers.  Grab this gunship and
    carefully start making your way to the island with the waypoints on it.
    You'll want to head for the southernmost bonus objective waypoint first.  As
    the island comes into sight, have the anti-tank missiles ready and keep the
    crosshair to the right, and you'll lock onto an SAM before it has a chance to
    fire at you.  After destroying it, use your helicopter to clear any enemies
    from the air, and when it's all clear, land near the prisoner.  Untie him and
    call for an extraction.  Once it arrives, you may have to get into the
    extraction helicopter to get the prisoner to get the prisoner get in.
    After this, get back in the ambassador and follow the path from above.  When
    you get to the first intersection, land and exit your helicopter.  Take out
    a laser guided bomb, laser artillery strike, or any other long distance
    airstrike, and take out the marked boat after eliminating any opposition that
    could disrupt your aim at the intersection.
    Now head towards where the boat you called an airstrike on used to be.  On
    your way there you'll see a dirt path leading north.  Follow it.  On it there
    will be a tank, which you should hijack.  Now start making your way to the
    second waypoint.  If another tank destroys your own, hijack it.  Once you get
    to the second target, don't even bother getting out of your vehicle, just blow
    it up with the tank turret.
    The next bonus target requires a lot of hassle, but if you want the extra
    four million, start heading to his location.  As you get there, take out anyone
    in your way, but keep away from him even after taking out the tanks and
    soldiers near him.  You also need to take out the SAMs on the beach, the tank
    south of the prisoner, and all of the tanks, SAMs and whatnot in the area
    northwest of the prisoner.  This can all be accomplished with tanks and the
    fuel-air rpg.  Once everything is dead, go back to the prisoner, free him,
    and call in an extraction.  After the second prisoner has been safely
    evacuated, grab any vehicle and head to the third target.  This one is simple,
    a fuel-air rpg round to the target should finish this mission.
    Contract Complete.
    Allied Nations Contract #3: "Battle for Caracas Vs. China"  [an03]
    Reward: $25,000,000; Nuclear Bunker Buster
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Lost and Found"
    This mission is very easy for one so close to the end of the game. All you
    need to do is go to a target, snatch one of the heavy tanks, and blow up the
    target.  Once you do that, head on to the next one and repeat.  The tanks that
    can be found on this mission are very powerful, and should make it really easy.
    There should be no trouble until you reach Peng.  If you want to take him
    alive, you need to circle the castle and take out everything on the ground and
    in the towers.  Once this is done, grab a sniper rifle from one of the dead
    watchtower soldiers and pick off all of the enemies in the castle.  The ones 
    armed with fuel airs can easily kill Peng,so it's vital they be taken care
    of.  Once this is done, it's a simply matter of working your way across the
    castle and rifle butting Peng.
    Contract Complete.
    Chinese Army Contracts  [ca00]
    The Chinese Army will enter the game halfway through, and like the allies,
    introduce a lot of new technology, most noticably the fuel-air rpg.  This
    is a must have for the rest of the game, so make sure you pick one up off
    of a Chinese soldier.
    Chinese Army Contract #1: "Exit Strategy" [ca01]
    Reward: $5,000,000
    Bonus: $50,000 ; Destroy three marked buildings
    Prerequisite: Southwestern Cumana Outpost
    This mission can be difficult if you don't know how to do it.  Fiona will
    advise you to take out the enemy SAMs before attempting to save the Chinese
    soldier.  This will not work.  To beat this mission you'll need either a
    AN or UP helicopter.  The Rogue Assassin works very well.  Wait until you're
    disguised and fly on top of the building where the Chinese agent is.  Get out
    and QUICKLY untie him and make sure he is following you.  Stand right next to
    the door to your helicopter so that the prompt to press Y to pilot the
    helicopter is at the bottom of the screen.  Now, call in one of the free
    rocket artilleries in the center of the plaza in between all the bonus
    buildings.  The second you leave the screen showing the overhead view, you
    must get into the helicopter and leave as fast as possible.  The whole area
    will go down in a cloud of dust in a matter of seconds.
    The Rogue Assassin can take one or two rockets, but it's fast enough to only
    give the SAMs time to fire one off.  Once you've gotten away from the buildings
    it's a simple matter to fly back to the Chinese base.  Just land in the yellow
    circle and the Chinese agent will have been safely transported.
    Contract Complete.
    Chinese Army Contract #2: "The Price of Gas" [ca02]
    Reward: $10,000,000
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Exit Strategy"
    Start this mission off by either using the transit feature to go to the UP
    depot base or, if hostile to UP, just drive there.  When you arrive, you
    need to decide if you want to do things the cheap, hard way, or the easy 
    way that utilizes an expensive airstrike.  For the latter, simply carpet bomb
    the hell out of the depot, which should take care of the base very quickly.
    If you take the cheap route, you'll want to grab a mantis tank and start
    hammering at the building.  This will take a while, and you'll have to 
    ditch your first tank and hijack another eventually, but it gets the job
    After that's done, head to the UP hq.  This one's quite a bit easier than the
    last.  Simply grab one of the tanks near the hq, blow up the gate, roll in
    and take out the jammers, then toss a bombing run smoke grenade at the door
    where you enter the building for missions.  After this, head out towards
    the bridge.
    On the bridge, take out the jammers and SAMs with a tank.  You want to get all
    three segments, so start on one side and make your way across, hitting each
    segment with a bombing run or other cheap air strike.  When the bridge falls,
    the mission ends.
    Contract Complete.
    Chinese Army Contract #3: "Battle for Caracas Vs. Allies" [ca03]
    Reward: $25,000,000; Nuclear Bunker Buster
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "The Price of Gas"
    Start the mission by heading just a bit south and grabbing the Iron Mountain
    Heavy Tank next to the watchtower.  This tank is very powerful, and will
    be your primary weapon in destroying the targets.
    This mission will be simple.  Just use the tank to fire on the targets, and
    they will fall fairly quickly.  Things don't get difficult until you go for
    When it's finally time to verify the AN leader, grab one of the Ambassador
    choppers and get an AN disguise, then head to the AN base.  Here, you'll
    you'll want to quickly take out the SAMs with the anti-tank missiles.  Once
    that's done, land and subdue Joyce, and quickly take out any RPG wielding
    enemies nearby.  This part will be a matter of cleaning out light vehicles
    and infantry, so it should be no problem.  When it's mostly clear, call in
    the extraction for Joyce.
    Contract Complete.
    PMC Contracts 2  [pc20]
    PMC Contract #4: "Get Solano Pt. 2"  [pc21]
    Reward: $25,000,000; Unlock: Nuclear Bunker Buster
    Bonus: None
    Prerequisite: "Battle for Caracas Vs. China" or "Battle for Caracas Vs. AN"
    This is the final mission, which begins immediately after the battle for
    Caracas.  Solano now has nowhere to hide, so head out to his base.  A chopper
    is recommended.
    Keep a high altitude when nearing Solano's bunker to avoid getting anti-air
    artillery fired at you.  When you reach it, land to the best of your abilities
    and hijack the tank right in front of the bunker.  Use this to decimate
    the men defending the bunker and the anaconda that should have taken off upon
    your arrival.
    After all the enemies are dead, call in the bunker buster and enjoy the
    .... The bunker still stands? Well, we all saw this coming.  Run inside and
    into the highlighted area to trigger the last fight with Solano, which
    will be in the form of a button pressing sequence, much like when you're
    hijacking a vehicle.  If you are having trouble with this fight, the sequence
    is: B, Pull Left Analog Stick Left, A, Pull Left Analog Stick Right, X.
    Contract Complete.
    Congratulations! You've completed Mercenaries 2: World in Flames!
    |  Side Missions  |  [sm00]
    Here I'll cover the missions that do not relate to the main storyline.  Weapon
    challenges, outpost takeovers, outpost side missions, etc.
    Weapon Challenges [wc00]
    Weapon challenges are the first side missions you'll get a chance to complete.
    They're typically considered easy on the first two levels, but many people
    have problems with the third levels.  The rewards for these challenges are
    wagered money, Fiona's Favorites supply drops, and alternative costumes.  
    All of these missions are given by Fiona at the PMC.
    Emplaced Weapons Challenge
    Level 3 Completion Time: 1:30:00
    Prerequisite: Establish a Base of Operations
    Difficulty: 7/10
    This is the first weapon challenge, and a more difficult one at that.  In the
    beginning, you'll want to sprint to the first set of emplaced weapons, machine
    guns.  The most important thing to remember in the first segment is that you
    don't have to hit the busts themselves to destroy them, hitting the pillars
    they're on works just as well.  You can destroy them quicker if you aim mostly
    for the pillars.  Try to get them all in one sweep.
    As soon as you see the last one shatter, leave your machine gun and sprint to
    the next segment, where you'll be using a grenade launcher to hit cars flying
    from different directions.  This one requires a feel for the trajectory of
    the grenade launcher's projectiles.  Use your map and try to get the ones
    coming from behind you when they're still in the air.  The same applies to the
    cars coming over the hangar.  The rest, wait until they hit the ground to shoot
    When the last car blows up, sprint to the last segment.  Here you'll be
    using a faster grenade launcher to take out a bunch of statues.  Don't let off
    the trigger.  Rain the grenades down onto the statues and when you feel like
    you've got them all, sweep across the statues on your left, still holding down
    the trigger. 
    Grenade Launcher Challenge
    Level 3 Completion Time: 1:00:00
    Prerequisite: Emplaced Weapons Challenge
    Difficulty: 5/10
    The next challenge is easier than the first, you'll be happy to hear.  This
    one deals with the grenade launcher.  The first section of the challenge is
    simple, shoot the three statues and destroy them, then sprint to the next set
    of sandbags.  Reload as you sprint, and start adjusting your camera in the
    direction of your targets before you actually get to the sandbags.
    For the second segment, just shoot the red barrel in the middle.  When it
    explodes, it will take the three cars with it.  Once again, sprint, reload,
    adjust camera.
    The third section is my least favorite, despite its simplicity.  Hit the three
    statues on top of the hanger.  This requires a good feeling for the arc the
    grenade makes.  After the third statue goes down, make your way to the next
    sandbag, preparing in the usual fashion.
    At the fourth section, just start shooting the statues.  There isn't much
    technique involved.  Just remember to take advantage of the area of the
    explosion.  After taking down the last statue, move on to the next segment.
    The last section has several walls with the targets behind them.  You need to
    make an explosion right beside and a bit behind the wall so that the target
    is in the radius of the explosion.  For the most efficiency, work in a sweep.
    Pistol Challenge
    Level 3 Completion Time: 00:45:00
    Prerequisite: Grenade Launcher Challenge
    Difficulty: 3/10
    This is the easiest of the challenges in my opinion.  Start out by running
    to the first sandbag and shooting the three targets without using precision
    aiming.  If you try to use it, you'll waste time with your merc crouching,
    then having to stand back up whenever they shoot.
    Sprint to the next segment, reloading en route, and be prepared for the
    targets to be on your left.  Get behind the sandbags, shoot each one, and
    you're on your way to the third segment.
    The third is virtually the same as the second, only it's on the right side.
    The fourth has three targets that are spread out. When you approach the
    sandbag, have your crosshairs slightly to the right so you can make your
    way left in a sweeping motion.
    For the fifth segment, you want to be looking to the far left or the far right
    when coming from between the shipping containers, then work your way across
    from where you started.  After taking out the first set of targets, a second
    set will pop up.  Just repeat what you did for the first set, only in the
    opposite direction. The second set are further away than the first.  Be
    prepared for some of the targets to take two bullets instead of one, though
    this issue seems to not surface if your merc is right up against the sandbags.
    Sniping Challenge
    Level 3 Completion Time: 00:35:00
    Prerequisite: "Phone Tag"
    Difficulty: 4/10
    The sniping challenge is often considered the hardest challenge, and is
    sometimes considered impossible when attempted solo.  That is incorrect.  I
    have beat it solo on level 3, as have many others, and technique isn't even
    an issue.  It's all about memory and method.
    The most important thing to remember about this challenge is that hitting every
    target within the time limit IS impossible.  But we won't be hitting every
    target.  What you must do is fire at the explosive barrels and allow the cars
    next to them to all explode, then memorize which targets still stand
    afterwards.  Then, with this in mind, go through and shoot the barrels, then
    while the barrels explode, quickly take out all of the targets you know won't
    be affected by the blast.  Also keep an eye out for Ewan and the statue you
    can shoot for bonus time, and the truck that carries a statue towards the
    main gate as well.  With this method you'll find that the sniper challenge
    is very much possible, and even easy. 
    Outpost Takeovers [op00]
    This section covers the missions that you get from outposts that require you
    to take over other outposts for a faction.
    Universal Petroleum Outpost Takeovers [op01]
    Altagracia Outpost
    Reward: $300,000; Unlock: UP Tank Attack, Raven, C4 Supply Drop, PMC Fuel
    Storage Upgrade
    Prerequisite: "The Devastator"
    Contact: UP Depot Outpost
    This is a straightforward outpost.  Simply drive in through the entrance, kill
    any opposition, and call in a UP strike team.  There's no alarm at this base,
    so the enemies put up no challenge.
    More coming Soon!
    P.L.A.V Outpost Takeovers [op02]
    Orinoco River Outpost
    Reward: $300,000; Unlock: Marinez APC, Artillery Strike, Support Weapons Drop,
    PMC Fuel Storage Upgrade
    Prerequisite: Introduction to the P.L.A.V
    Contact: Southeastern Amazon Outpost
    This is a very straightforward outpost.  The area the outpost is in has no
    real fortifications or enemy spawns.  Just shoot any enemies that are there
    and call in the guerilla commandos to take the waypointed building.
    Eastern Merida Outpost
    Reward: $300,000; Unlock: Cavalera Light Tank, Chinese Sniper Kit, PMC Fuel
    Storage Upgrade
    Prerequisite: Orinoco River Outpost
    Contact: Orinoco River Outpost
    This is a pretty easy outpost.  Climb up the hill behind the outpost so that
    you are behind the mansion you have to send troops into to take the outpost,
    then run down the hill and hijack the enemy tank.  With this, blow up the
    building that spawns enemies and take out any resistance, then call the
    guerilla commandos in just in front of the mansion.
    Southwestern Amazon Outpost
    Reward: $300,000; Unlock: Castro-V Attack Copter, PMC Fuel Storage Upgrade
    Prerequisite: Eastern Merida Outpost
    Contact: Eastern Merida Outpost
    Another basic outpost.  Hijack the tank, kill the opposition, you know the
    Allied Nations Outpost Takeovers [op03]
    Southern Caracas Outpost
    Reward: $1,000,000; Carpet Bomb x2, Guardian Artillery x1, Unlock: Anti-Tank
    Missile, .50cal Anti-Material Rifle Kit, Laser Guided Bomb, PMC Fuel Storage
    Prerequisite: "Introduction to Allies and Chinese"
    Contact: Southwestern Caracas Outpost
    For this one, the easiest way to clear the base is to drive in under a
    civilian disguise and wait until the tank driving around is closest to the
    east enemy barracks.  At this point, hijack it and blow up the barracks before
    the RPG soldiers start firing.  Then take out the other two barracks long range
    and call in the ally soldiers to take the outpost.
    More Coming Soon!
    Chinese Army Outpost Takeovers [op04]
    Southwestern Cumana Outpost
    Reward: $1,000,000; Rocket Artillery Strike x2, Unlock: Tank Buster, Tempered
    Hammer Artillery, Anti-Air Kit, PMC Fuel Storage Upgrade
    Prerequisite: "Introduction to Allies and Chinese"
    Contact: Northern Cumana Outpost
    No new strategies here.  Hijack the tank, take out the barracks, call in 
    the Chinese commandos.  However, while you're doing this outpost, you would
    do well to take a fuel-air rpg from one of the Chinese soldiers.  It will
    take the place of the normal RPG from here on out.
    More Coming Soon!
    Minor Contracts  [mc00]
    Coming Soon!
    |  Misc.  |  [ms00]
    Frequently Asked Questions  [ms01]
    1) Is killing Blanco the only way to get the hunting pistol?
    A) Yes.  There are no supply dropoffs or enemies that drop the hunting pistol.
    2) How do I capture (Insert HVT Here) alive?
    A) As much as I'd like to help everyone with the HVTs, Mercs 2 didn't name
    the bounties, so it makes it hard to tell how to capture each one.  Typically,
    you're best off eliminating rocket launcher wielding enemies with a sniper
    rifle from a distance, then moving in, loading the hvt into a car, and getting
    them out to extract elsewhere.
    3) I loaded my game and I'm not playing as the same merc anymore! Help!
    A) This is a glitch that occurs when you play online.  There's no known way
    to fix it as of now.
    4) How do I get 1 billion dollars?
    A) Winching challenge.  The minimum bet will go past 5 million, making it the
    most profitable wager.
    Credits [ms02]
    Thanks to Gamefaqs, for giving me a place to post my faq, 
    Thanks to Shaun, for letting me borrow his 360 when mine RRoD'd,
    Thanks to Pandemic, for developing the Mercenaries franchise,
    Thanks to Demented_Joey, for sending me some of the hardware I used while
    writing this faq,
    Thanks to Katie, for making every day a good one and motivating me to write,
    Contact Information [ms03]
    My e-mail address is Glorious_Leader@yahoo.com.  If you have information
    for the guide, make sure you put "Mercenaries 2" somewhere in the subject of
    the e-mail, or I probably won't even give it a second glance.  Spam mail will
    result in the sender being blocked.
    Legal Stuff [ms04]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.

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