Review by marioinblack

Reviewed: 12/13/06

A game that embodies the college hoops atmoshpere.

College Hoops 2k7 is a must have for any fan of NCAA Basketball. With the lackluster sport titles EA has put out for the 360, and the fact March Madness 07 isn't coming out until January, I would highly recommend College Hoops over the EA counterpart.

Gameplay (9.5/10):
Always the most important aspect of any game, the gameplay of College Hoops 2k7 is fantastic. The player control is very realistic. Players can't simply just make a few crossover moves and be directly under the net, you have to work it around some and work your way inside. Also the AI doesn't make covered shots often, and doesn't go on unrealistic scoring spurts to keep the game close. The one thing that can be a problem is the AI not going back to play defense, letting the open player get behind them on the inbounds pass. Otherwise their defensive play is realistic.

Some of the nice things to note is different players have different free throw styles. Y, ou can't just dunk on top of everyone, generally you have to take a contested layup which are not guaranteed to go in. The ball doesn't move like a vacuum toward players hands. Team unity is a major plus, players will play sloppy with low unity, but will play solid and have a better chance at hitting open shots with higher unity.

Sounds (10/10):
The sounds of College Hoops 2k7 are great. The announcers are not repetitive or annoying, but actually very good in this game. The crowds are phenomenal in the game. They will yell "Three" when your player attempts to make a three point shot, and chant "Air ball" when the opposing team doesn't hit anything on a shot. They get very loud when in a close game, they will try and disrupt the opposing team offense by keeping loud, and exploding in cheers when the home team makes a basket. They also get very quiet when the home team starts losing by a large amount. Also, the crowd will be much louder when they pack the house, as opposed to the smaller crowd for a lowly ranked team. Cheerleaders will also chant on the home team, and the bands will strike up the fight song before the game and during timeouts.

As for the game itself the sounds embody what basketball is all about. Just about any sound you hear in a real basketball game can be found here. From the shoes squeaking on the floor, to the grunting when a player runs into another player trying to draw a charge.

Graphics (9/10):
Graphics are something else in this game. Like just just about all next generation games for the 360, the graphics are superb. The players look very realistic. You can see their muscle definition, and veins along their arms. The jersey itself looks great. You can see a bit of reflection of the players on the floor. Also the ball itself looks great. Some of the little things could be a bit better, but all in all the Graphics are suburb.

Game Modes (10/10):
This game offers a great variety of game modes. You can create a coach and start a legacy from a small school, and try and work your way up the coaching ranks to a national power, or you could start at major school, and build a dynasty there. There's a practice mode in the game where you can work on drills. A tournament mode also is included.

Miscellaneous (10/10):
One of the major things this game has to offer is the chant creator. You can create chants for your team that the home crowd will shout out on occasion during the game. While there still needs to be improvements, the chant creator is still a great addition to the game. I've been able to create a few chants that flow very well. A list of some of the other things the game offers. A trophy room to pile up some hardware and keep tabs on your coaching and playing accomplishments. Record books for the nation and school, so you can try and go out and rewrite them. There's an area to purchase new jerseys and classic teams with points gathered from in-game accomplishments. Also there's a couple of mini games to have your own fun with.

Overall (9.5/10):
Great basketball game all around. If you don't have it and your a fan of college basketball, I'd highly recommend picking it up. It's a great game to play your friend in, play an opponent online in, or just play single player. It's not very easy to get tired of this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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