Review by WADark

"A interesting concept, a good try, but still falling short"

As a fan of the DDR series for a few years I always enjoy when the next one comes out. I had been anticipating the release of this game for a while. When I started the game I was impressed by the visuals and the songlist. However, the game becomes little more than a frustration at best.

1. Audio

The songlist in this game is a little more mainstream than some of the previous DDR iterations. It includes significantly more songs that I recognize from the radio and such than any previous game in the franchise. Songs like Every Time We Touch by Cascada and Run It by Chris Brown make this game a litte more interesting to me. Overall, the music is good and the audio quality is great, just like expected.

2. Video

The developers made no attempt to hide their wishes to go overboard on the visuals. They took full advantage of the graphical power of the 360. Unfortunately, in a game where concentration is paramount, the blaring, colorful backgrounds serve little more purpose than to distract the player.

3. Performance

Personally, I had some major problems getting this game to work. It kept locking up on load screens and even when it didn't lock up, would load very slowly. Perhaps that was my system but I suspect it was not.

4. Fun

This game, simply, is not as fun as previous DDR games. The quest mode is an interesting concept that is utterly destroyed by poor design and implementation. This problem is made even more crippling by the fact that it is the ONLY method by which to unlock new songs for Game Mode. Simply put, the quest mode has you traveling around North America completing challenges in different states to earn money and, hopefully, unlock songs. However some of the challenges make this game almost inaccessible to beginner players. Most of the challenges revolve around dancing well enough to fill a red bar, while some involve getting a certain combo length. The core of the problem is that on beginner, light, and sometimes even difficult mode, its literally impossible to complete the challenge in a single song, no matter how well you dance. In the simple "Dance Battle" challenges, this isn't a problem since if you fail on the first song, your progress carries over to the next song until you win. But on the "Fanbase" challenges, the progress does not carry over, making it completely impossible to unless you play on the higher difficulties.


My high expectations were met with glaring failure in this game. The unrelentingly frustrating quest mode and constant freezes on loading screens are not compensated for with the good music. Unfortunately, this game just doesn't reach the standards set forth by the DDR Franchise. Better luck next time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/06/07

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