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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr_MinceBoiler

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                                 Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)
                            FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr Mince Boiler
          `You don`t love the show; you don`t know who`s on it. You`re barred!`
    NOTE: This FAQ/Guide is primarily for the PS3 version of the game. As far as 
    missions and whatnot go it should be applicable for 99% of the XBOX version as 
    NOTE: I have grouped this guide together systematically. I.E. the story 
    missions for Broker, then the side~jobs. Story missions for Bohan, then the 
    side~jobs for Bohan. And so on.... 
    This guide is very much a work in progress. Keep checking gamefaqs.com for the 
    latest update. Any questions/comments can be sent to tr07mtt@leeds.ac.uk
     a. Welcome to Liberty City!                               
     b. The Five Boroughs                                      
     c. Tourist Information ~ What to do Upon Arrival           
     d. Getting Around                                        
     e. The Boys in Blue                                       
     Story Missions Walkthrough
     a. Roman Bellic
        The Cousins Bellic
        It`s Your Call
        Three`s a crowd
        First Date
        Bleed Out
        Easy Fare
        Jamaican Heat
     b. Vlad
        Bull in a China Shop
        Hung out to dry 
        Clean Getaway
        Ivan the Not So Terrible
     c. Little Jacob
        Concrete Jungle
     d. Roman (II)
        Uncle Vlad
     e. Faustin
        Crime and Punishment
        Do you have Protection?
        Final Destination
     f. Roman (III)
        Logging On
     g. Faustin (II)
        No Love Lost
        Rigged to Blow
        The Master and the Molotov
        Russian Revolution
     h. Brucie
        Search and Delete
        Easy as can be 
     i. Roman (IV)
        Roman`s Sorrow
     a. Random Character 1 ~ Brian
     b. Michelle ~ Dating Tips
     c. Random Character 2 ~ Badman
     d. Taxi Missions
     e. Vigilante Missions
     f  Little Jacob Side Job ~ Drug Delivery
     g. Vigilante Missions
     h. Most Wanted ~ Broker/Dukes  
    |                |
    | Preliminaries  |
    |_______________ |
    A. Welcome to Liberty City
    Welcome to Liberty City! Long time players of GTA will know that it is not the 
    first time we have been here. Back in 2001 the 3D world of GTA began here with 
    the first game on the playstation 2. Then, we revisited this city (for a 
    mission) in GTA San Andreas and even got to come back for a second full game 
    in Liberty City Stories. With three GTA games featuring Liberty City why did 
    Rockstar choose it as a basis for their first outing on the playstation 3` The 
    answer to that came in 2007 when Dan Houser explained `the visual make~up of 
    the city was something we could capture really well and really understand the 
    minute aspects of its personality`. As such, the Liberty City of past games 
    has gone and is replaced with a brand new one which bears some similarities to 
    real life New York City with lunatics and mob bosses galore!
    B. The Five Boroughs
    Although it is by no means an exact replica, the new Liberty does have a few 
    things in common with real life New York City. There are five boroughs in 
    Liberty City which are based, loosely, upon certain areas in New York.
    * Broker *
    Modelled loosely upon real life Brooklyn, Broker is the first Borough Niko 
    visits in the game. It is not exactly a poor, run down area, but much of it 
    is still developing with housing projects littering the streets. The most 
    important building here is Roman`s Taxi Depot and is your first port of call 
    upon arrival. Exactly why it is important will become clear shortly.
    * Dukes *
    A step up from Broker, Dukes is modelled on Queens. `Like the suburbs, only 
    worse` is how Rockstar describe it and never was there a more apt name. It 
    is home to many areas of interest such as Francis International Airport 
    and is the centre of much tourist activity.
    * Algonquin *
    Modelled on Manhattan, this thriving Borough is the `self proclaimed centre 
    of everything`. It is littered with many interesting buildings such as the 
    Empire State Building (which provides some spectacular views of Liberty City 
    from the top) as well as many bars, restaurants and strip joints 
    for your entertainment.
    * Bohah *
    Ripe for re~development and based upon The Bronx. This borough is perhaps 
    one of the more inhospitable looking boroughs as it is very much still 
    developing. It is relatively unimposing with burger bars, some clubs and 
    many inhabitants. Just watch out for muggers wanting to take your money 
    and re~arrange your facial features.
    * Alderney *
    Based on parts of New Jersey, this is the most impressive and rich of the 
    five boroughs in GTA IV. Home to Liberty Cities elite, money equals 
    popularity in this town. So best have your wallet handy.
    C. Tourist Information ~ What to do upon arrival
    The beauty of GTA games is that you can do pretty much whatever you want. If 
    you wanna go ape with an RPG, you do that. You wanna take on the cops, you 
    can. However, since this Liberty City bears no resemblance to anything 
    previously seen, I figured a few handy tips on getting started in a new city 
    would be handy.
    1. Know your territory 
    Most of the missions in GTA: IV rely on having a knowledge of the area you`re 
    operating in. For instance, should you have to go take someone out, you will 
    attract the cops attention and knowing some handy shortcuts to lose them is 
    always a good idea. Therefore take time out to drive around in a taxi 
    (you can always get one by jacking one but its often safer to pop down to 
    Roman`s taxi rank and get one there) and do a few taxi missions. Not only 
    with this quickly acquaint you with the layout of the city but its also a 
    good way to make some quick cash which is always a good thing.
    2. Make friends 
    Unlike in previous GTAs, interacting with friends is a really useful thing 
    to do. Take Little Jacob for instance. He`s a Jamaican arms dealer who 
    supplies Niko with weapons but will be more inclined to do so if you 
    befriend him and socialise with him. The same goes for Roman or anyone 
    else you meeting during your life. If you take the time to play some pool 
    or have a drink with them, they will reciprocate and help you out as well.
    3. Don`t piss people off needlessly 
    Although it is always fun to start a war with some gang members and go apeshit 
    with your latest weapon it is unadvisable upon arrival. Simply because you 
    can`t fight back as you have no weapons. Save that killing spree for later 
    when you are packing some serious heat.
    4. Make a note of useful spots 
    As in previous GTA games there are many spots that you will need to visit
    Again and again. Hospitals, Gun Retailers, bars, restaurants will all be
    recurring destinations for you. The trouble is finding them again if 
    You`re new. So, make a note of them on your map using the square button 
    to put a cross next to that important place of business.
    By following these handy tips, survival in this bustling metropolis will be 
    made a lot easier for yourself.
    D. Getting Around
    In previous GTAs the easiest way to get around was to simply jack a car and 
    drive drive drive! However, the police are much more alert and jacking a 
    car in view of them will result in a lot of hassle. Thus, there are other 
    ways of getting around.
    Taxis ~ Since your cousin Roman owns a taxi depot this is the easiest way of 
    getting around. Either go to the taxi rank or, if you see one passing by 
    simply stop and press L1 to flag it down, then triangle to get in. It may 
    cost a few dollars but it is easier than having to avoid the cops before 
    going to wherever you want to go. Alternatively, if you don`t wanna part with 
    as much cash simply open your phone`s contacts book, select Roman and 
    `Car Services` to get your cousin to send a taxi to pick you up wherever you 
    On foot ~ Again easier but slower. If you`re only going a short way then try 
    walking. This may seem daft but by walking to places often see things that you 
    would miss if you went zooming past in a taxi or car. For instance, it allows 
    you to take in specific buildings like a new club which allows you to take a 
    friend there, build up your relationship with them and get them to do more for 
    Trains ~ Players of GTA III will remember the trains that zipped around 
    Portland that you could catch. Well in GTA IV they are back and infinitley 
    different and more useful.  For certain story missions, like Vlad`s, you
    have to use them but they can be used any time. Simply go to the station
    and when the train arrives press Triangle/Y and you will be taken to your
    destination. A good alternative to using a taxi.
    Cars/Bikes ` Of course, there is always the good old fashioned mode of
    transportation. Jack some poor bastard and drive drive drive! To do
    this, simply approach your car of choice and press triangle. If it`s got
    someone in it, Niko throws them out. If its stationery and locked then
    you get to see a rather cool animation of Niko smashing a window and
    hot~wiring the car.
    Helicopters ` Further into the game, the helicopter makes a come back and
    it is a bitch to fly. Expect to crash into a few buildings before the
    helicopter`s super sensitive steering becomes a habit. As with cars, these
    require a little fiddling with before you can use them.
    E. The Boys in Blue
    Players of any GTA will know about the boys in blue. Patrolling the streets 
    of Liberty City protecting its inhabitants are the cops. Sometimes useful, 
    sometimes a royal pain in the ass. Either way, they are different than 
    previous GTAs so bear a few points in mind when dealing with them or starting 
    to commit a crime.
    Intelligence ~ Intelligent cops` Hard to believe I know but they are more 
    intelligent in GTA IV. If they see you jack a car or shoot someone for 
    instance they will chase you and call for back up. Also, if someone else 
    saw you do something not quite kosher they will call the cops and they 
    will be their in seconds. Furthermore, the fact that all the streets are 
    named means that, even if you go out of a particular area, they will simply 
    call for backup in the area you escaped to.
    Pay N` Spray ~ In previous GTAs, unwanted legal attention was solved by 
    simply popping into the local pay n` spray. Although they are still 
    present they are not as useful. If the cops see you going in to a pay 
    n`spray they simply wait for you to come out and it has no effect on 
    your wanted level like it did before. Therefore, it is advisable to 
    find other means of getting rid of the heat.
    How they track you ~ Previously, police attention was noted by a `LCPD 
    Freeze!` or similar cry followed by a star or two appearing on your 
    wanted level. While this still happens, your radar now plays a part in 
    the proceedings. When one star or more is gained a flashing area will 
    appear on your radar. In order to get the wanted level down again you 
    must get out of this area without the police seeing you. If you do, 
    all is well. If not they will continue to chase you and, using the street 
    names to tell where you are, they will communicate with each other. 
    Fortunately, unless they see you they cannot catch you (as in real life) 
    so haul ass out of sight and you will be fine. To make things a little 
    easier, the cops who are nearby are denoted by little blue dots on your 
    radar so you don`t have to worry about spotting them for yourself.
    Be careful when car~jacking ~ In GTA IV you have to do a whole lot more
    than pressing triangle and driving away to jack a car. If it`s stationary
    you have to break a window to get in and then hotwire it. This broken
    window can and will attract the police attention. So be warned.
    Wanted Level Breakdown ~ As always there are 6 levels that can be filled
    in your wanted level. 
    One Star ~ Nothing to write home about. A couple of cops chase you and
    one police cruiser with 2 cops inside it.
    Two Stars ~ Little bit harder to shake off but not much. Cops now start
    shooting at you with their pistols. Also one more police cruiser is
    Three Stars ~ Roadblocks are now brought into operation and police SUVS/
    Helicopters are unleashed. Helicopter`s are hard to shake off owing to 
    their spotlight, which tracks you at night and the sniper that fires
    at you from above. Also, predators are brought out to bar your exit via
    Four stars ~ Now its time to bring out some big guns. The Annihilator
    gunship and assault rifle wielding helicopters join in as do NOOSE. 
    These are highly trained hitmen who will do anything in their power
    To take your ass down. Roadblocks now have FBI Agents posted at them 
    who also block all exits and try to trap you on your current island.
    Five Stars ~ Similar to four stars just more of it.
    Six Stars ~ Woot! Time to bring out the big guns fellas! It now 
    escalates from a perfectly legal apprehension mission to a take the sod
    down shoot out between you and Liberty Cities finest. Stay alert and near
    a gun as the boys in blue throw everything they got at you.
    NOTE: In the early stages only 4 stars can be obtained.
    |                |
    | Story Missions |
    |_______________ |
    <The Cousin`s Bellic>
    Welcome to Liberty City, land of opportunities. As Niko arrives at his new
    home it becomes clear that Roman was exaggerating somewhat about his wealth
    and success. Furthermore, he`s too `happy` to drive so Niko takes the wheel
    as they go home. As it`s the first mission of the game this shouldn`t cause
    too many problems. Get into the car and you`ll notice a yellow line on
    your radar. This is your GPS and is your friend until you get to know the 
    city better. Follow the yellow line and you`ll arrive at Roman`s apartment in 
    Hove Beach. If you want to save your game then feel free to do so. Simply 
    approach the bed and follow the prompt to save and advance time by six hours. 
    Additionally, as you came in you may have noticed the yellow `Reserved` marker 
    on the pavement which is your `garage`. To save vehicles simply park them in 
    this spot.
    Mission Complete!
    At this point you can explore Liberty City and do whatever you like. For a 
    few suggestions, see  `Upon Arrival` or the `Sights and Sounds` section.
    However, let us press on with Roman`s missions for now.
    It`s Your Call
    Once you have acquired a feel for the controls and Liberty City, follow
    your radar to the R icon which is Roman`s, somewhat floundering, taxi
    business. During the cut scene Roman tells Niko that, surprise 
    surprise, he has debts and wants a lift to the Hardware Store in Dillion
    Street. Either jack a car or simply take the cab conveniently placed
    in the garage of the taxi rank (note this is always there) and trot
    on over to the hardware store. Once there, Roman heads inside and leaves
    you outside. When he goes inside, wait for a few seconds then press up
    and select Roman`s name from the contact list. Ring him and he`ll tell
    you how he`s cleaning up. Now the loans sharks will appear so ring Roman
    back and let him get back in the car. On your drive back to the taxi firm
    the loan sharks will accost you, ignore them and park in the designated 
    spot outside.
    Mission Complete!
    Three`s a Crowd
    When you`re done with the last mission, Roman will text requesting your
    help so head back to the taxi rank to trigger the next mission. This is a
    fairly simple driving mission but it is good for learning a little about 
    the layout of Broker. Take the taxi provided and follows your GPS to the 
    Subway station. Park in the designated spot and honk your horn to attract
    Michelle and Mallorie`s attention. When you`ve driven them back to their
    Apartment, Mallorie suggests you should get some new threads and tries to
    set you up with Michelle. After they`re gone, Niko calls Roman who suggests
    the clothes store in Mohawk so head there next. Once inside, you can pretty
    much chooses whatever you want so customize Niko how you want to and then
    head back outside where Niko calls Roman and tells him about his new look.
    Mission Complete!
    First Date
    Time to start dating girls. Press up and select Michelle from your contacts. 
    Niko will then ask her out for a date which she accepts. Grab a car or take a 
    taxi over to her place to begin your first date. As Niko doesn`t know many hot 
    spots, Michelle suggests the carnival so take a spin in that direction. Upon 
    arrival, the carnival is closed so Michelle says she knows a good bowling 
    alley nearby. Hop back into your car and head there. Enter the building and 
    approach an empty lane to begin bowling. After completing five frames of 
    bowling, Michelle wants to go home so take her there.
    Mission Complete!
    You now have a girlfriend, to date her simply open up your phone and select 
    her from your contacts list. You can, of course, wait till she calls you but 
    you get more from her if you do the chasing. For details of how to please her 
    and other girlfriends in the game, check the appropriate section.
    Bleed Out
    Roman will give you another call and a blue marker appears. Follow your radar 
    to it and you`ll find it is the basketball courts. As you trigger the mission, 
    you find Bledar and Kalem (loan sharks) kicking seven bells out of Roman. 
    Naturally this doesn`t go down too well with Niko and he steps in. Press L2 to 
    target Bledar and then press triangle to punch him, circle to push him, and X 
    to block his attacks. You can use them in any combination and taking him down 
    shouldn`t prove too difficult. Next, Kalem starts on you and the same routine 
    applies. Keep hitting and kicking him till he goes down. Once the two goons 
    are gone, Dardan (another loanshark) legs it. Chase time. Grab your car and 
    zoom after Dardan, making sure not to lose him. After a bit, he gets out of 
    his car and climbs a nearby staircase. Follow him and either push him off the 
    roof or beat the hell out of him. When he`s been dealt with it is a simple 
    matter of driving Roman back to the cab office in Broker.
    Mission Complete!
    Easy Fare
    Back at the cab office, Vlad is giving Roman a hard time over the money he 
    owes. He suggest Niko and Roman do him a few favours to clear them and so Niko 
    gets another assignment. Grab the taxi in Roman`s garage and head up to 
    Rotterdam Hill using your GPS to guide you. Once there, Jermaine who is a 
    regular of Vlad`s gets in and asks to be taken to Masterson Street and another 
    dot appears on your radar. Head on over there and watch as Jermaine goes to 
    get the stolen gear. Suddenly, the cops swoop in and its time to high tail it 
    out of there! Drive off and Jermaine tells you to lose the heat. The flashing 
    circle on your radar is the cops line of sight, get out of there and you`ll be 
    fine. As its only two stars it won`t be that big so simply get some gas on and 
    speed down the road. Once out of the circle just hang around and do nothing 
    illegal and they will soon go. After the heat has been removed Jermaine wants 
    you to take him to a garage in Gibson Street so do this and you`re done!
    Mission Complete!
    Jamaican Heat
    It`s time to do another favour for Roman. Grab the taxi from Roman`s garage 
    and Head on over to South Slopes where Little Jacob is waiting for you. Honk 
    your horn to get his attention and he will tell you where he wants to go for 
    his meeting. Drive on over there and he tells you to go to the vantage point 
    and oversee the proceedings. Pretty soon a trio of gangsters arrive on the 
    scene so, using the L2 to target each on and R2 to fire, pop a couple of 
    rounds in to them. Once those are down, a fourth appears to your left in a 
    doorway so cap his ass and then return to Little Jacob. Now, hop back into 
    your car and drive Little Jacob back to the cafe.
    Mission Complete!  
    After completing `Jamaican Heat` Roman will call you and tell you that if you 
    ever want to help out the family business and drive for him then all you need 
    to do is call him. Driving taxis is a good way to get to know the city so feel 
    free if you fancy a little exploring and check the Miscellaneous section for 
    Broker/Dukes for more information. Right now though we got an appointment with 
    Vlad for some more fun!
    Vlad is a Russian mobster who Roman owes money to. So, to help clear Roman`s 
    debt, Niko decides to do Vlad a few favours as well as make a few extra 
    dollars for himself along the way. You can find Vlad at the Comrades Bar just 
    opposite Roman`s apartment so proceed there for your first assignment.
    Bull in a China Shop
    The owner of a china shop on Camden Avenue owes Vlad some protection money and 
    so Niko is sent to give him a little reminder but Vlad doesn`t want him hurt. 
    Using the yellow GPS on your radar, head over to Dukes and the china shop. 
    Upon arrival, the china man makes it plain that he isn`t scared at all and 
    locks his doors. Head around the back to the green dumpsters and some bricks. 
    Following the on screen prmpts, pick up a brick and head back to front 
    windows. Lob the brick through the window and, hopefully, the glass will 
    shatter. If it doesn`t simply grab another brick from around the back and try 
    again. Once the window is broken however the china man quickly pays up and all 
    that remains is to give the money to Vlad back at the club. Either take a taxi 
    back (the easiest thing to do) or simply drive back to Vlad`s using the yellow 
    GPS on your radar. Walk into the marker to complete the mission.
    Hung out to Dry
    This mission is similar to the last one. This time it is a laundry that won`t 
    pay up and Niko is sent to recitfy the situation. Follow your yellow GPS to 
    the laundry in question and walk into the yellow marker to trigger a cut scene 
    whereby the owner throws laundry at you and legs it to his van and drives off. 
    Quickly, nab a car and chase after him. Refrain from using firearms to stop 
    the van as this will normally result in the vehicle being blown up and the 
    shopkeeper needs to stay alive, plus you`ll probably get the cops after you. A 
    much simpler method is to continually ram him until he stops and finally pays 
    up. Afterwards, Niko calls Vlad to report another job well done.
    Clean Getaway
    Some guy named Jimmy owes Vlad`s boss, Mikhael, some money and is refusing to 
    pay up. So Vlad wants Niko to steal his posh new car, re~spray it and get it 
    to Vlad`s lockup. 
    Vlad refuses to give Niko a lift and suggest he takes the train. Head up the 
    street and follow the yellow blip to the train station. Make a mental note of 
    this location as the train is a very useful way of getting from one end of the 
    city to another later on in the game. Step into the yellow marker and you will 
    see your next destination, the station platform. Go into the station and up 
    the ramp to a set of stairs. Climb these and turn left at the top and you`ll 
    emerge on the station platform. You will now be told to wait for the train to 
    arrive which shouldn`t take too long. It`s the blue dot on your radar so wait 
    till it stops in front of you and then press triangle to enter the train.
    The train drops you off at the East Island City Station so disembark and 
    follow your radar to the car Vlad wants. Upon arrival, Jimmy will try and 
    prevent you from stealing the car so knock him out and then enter. Niko will 
    the phone Vlad who says he wants the car cleaned before its delivered so 
    follow the yellow GPS signal to Saratoga Avenue and the car wash. Drive inside 
    and either watch the cut scene (which is rather impressive) or press X to skip 
    ahead. Once the car is cleaned you need to deliver it so follow the yellow GPS 
    to Vlad`s lock up and drive it inside. Then get out of the car and walk 
    Mission Complete!
    Ivan the Not So Terrible
    An associate of Vlad`s, Ivan, has pissed him off so Vlad has arranged for Niko 
    to catch him robbing Roman`s taxi depot. The idea is for Niko to kill him and 
    make it look like self~defence during a robbery.
    Grab a car and head to Roman`s taxi depot in Broker. As you pull up, Ivan is 
    all ready legging it so speed after him and keep following him until he stops 
    at a construction site in Hove Beach. At this point he abandons his car and 
    runs off on foot so high tail it after him, using triangle to climb up any 
    ladders you encounter. After arriving on the roof, Ivan still won`t give up so 
    keep chasing him and jumping over roof tops using square and eventually he 
    stops right on the edge with nowhere else to run to.
    This is where you get a choice. At certain times in the game you have a choice 
    as to whether you kill a character or let them live. Think carefully as some 
    have story repercussions later on. Fortunately, whether Ivan lives or dies 
    makes little difference. If he lives he turns up again as a Random Character 
    after you complete `Actions speak louder than words` and is a fairly lucrative 
    source of income. But apart from that he doesn`t do much so either save him or 
    waste him. You`re the boss!
    Mission Complete!
    After choosing and completing the mission, Niko calls Vlad to say Ivan is 
    `gone`. Far from thanking Niko, Vlad taunts Niko which sets the stage for a 
    showdown with Vlad a little later and ends your work for him. Now though, time 
    to take care of Little Jacob who we helped out back in `Jamaican Heat`.
    Little Jacob is a friendly Rasta who, after seeing him in action, trusts Niko 
    and is willing to give him further work. You can find Little Jacob at his 
    place on Dillon Street so head there when you`re ready.
    Concrete Jungle
    Little Jacob has a meeting arranged to make a deal and he wants a driver and 
    back up, both of which would be you. Nab yourself a car and follow the yellow 
    GPS trail to the meeting place. Upon arrival, Jacob tells you to head round 
    back and keep watch so turn left and drive down the nearby alley. Shortly, 
    Niko receives a call from Jacob who reports the deal just went bad and wants 
    you to nail the thieves before they escape. The three dealers in question 
    burst out of a door nearby and there are two ways to deal with them. Firstly 
    get some gas on and mow them down in one go. Or two start blasting them with 
    your pistol. Either way works but mowing them down is easier as it is less 
    likely to attract unwanted attention.
    Once all three dealers have been dealt with head back to the blue icon on your 
    radar and pick Little Jacob up. He is mighty annoyed and says `Badman` wants 
    revenge on the dealers who set him up. It seems they have a place nearby which 
    Jacob suggests you `clean out`. Head over there and follow Jacob up to the 
    front door. Draw your pistol and press R1 to take cover behind the wall as 
    Jacob kicks the door in. Making sure to avoid taking too much damage, use L2 
    to target the two dealers just inside the door and nail them. Once they;re 
    down, there is a third which Jacob can`t get a good shot at and he asks you to 
    tryu from the window. Push the L3 stick to crouch and then crawl along to the 
    left under the window sill. Look right and you should just be able to see the 
    dealer just near the door so quickly nail him. Quickly get up (tap L3 again) 
    and, keeping your pistol drawn, follow Little Jacob into the living room and 
    hide behind the sofa with him.
    Two more dealers will come bursting into the room at this point so, like 
    before, take them both out. The camera now draws your attention to the first 
    aid packet on the table to grab that and then follow Little Jacob outside 
    again. Jacob then asks you to take him back home. All that shooting may have 
    attracted some heat, it shouldn`t be more than two stars maximum so simply 
    drive around for a bit and get out of the blue circle to lose them. Then drive 
    Jacob back home to complete the mission.
    Little Jacob ain`t happy. It seems drug dealers are mustling in on his 
    territory and he wants them out sharpish. He asks Niko to tail one back to 
    their hideout then wipe them all out. Fun!
    Grab a car or taxi and head on over to Franklin Street where a local dealer is 
    just finishing off. He begins to walk home and it`s important he doesn`t see 
    you following him or the end gun fight becomes a little more tricky. Stay a 
    safe distance and try not to run as you then get too close. Also, watch out 
    for Roman, when I did this mission he phoned me and spooked the guy so make 
    sure you`re far enough away so he won`t hear the phone. After a while, he 
    wanders into an apartment block so follow him in and up the flights of stairs 
    to the top floor. Now, equip your pistol and get ready for some firing. Push 
    R1 to take cover behind the door and open the door. You may need to shoot the 
    lock off as sometimes the dealer locks it if he thinks he`s been followed. 
    Either way, nail the dealer to the right of the door and use the nook he was 
    in for cover as you take out the two by the kitchen door. Now run to where 
    they were and, using the wall as cover, take out the remaining thugs in the 
    back area.
    After they are all disposed of, Niko calls Little Jacob and tells him so. 
    Little Jacob now becomes another friend and will call from time to time to ask 
    if you fancy doing something. When he does, check the `Friends` section of the 
    Broker Walkthrough to maximise your success on nights out with Jacob. You have 
    also unlocked another random character, Badman, for whom you can do some drug 
    dealing. See the Random Characters section of the Broker walkthrough for more 
    We have now finished Little Jacob`s missions. Assuming you have also done all 
    four of Vlad`s missions, Roman will call so head back to his taxi rank.
    Upon arrival, you find Roman is heartbroken having just found out that 
    Mallorie has been cheating on him with Vlad. Obviously Niko is not prepared to 
    stand for this and sets off to finish Vlad off once and for all. Which 
    Uncle Vlad
    Grab a car and head over to Comrades Bar with Roman. When you enter, Niko 
    confronts the Russian who promptly legs it and his thugs bar your exit. 
    Tempting though it is, don`t waste valuable time beating the hell out of them, 
    prioritise and chase after Vlad. Outside on the street, Vlad speeds off in his 
    car so quickly enter the car you left outside (as that`s where Roman is) and 
    pursue him. Vlad takes a somewhat random route through town but don`t lose him 
    and continue your pursuit. Eventually, he abandons his car and runs off on 
    foot. Get out of your car and run after Vlad who eventually stops and a cut 
    scene ensues, featuring a rather pleasant exchange between the two of you. 
    Once you gain control again, waste Vlad and then return to your car where Niko 
    tells Roman all about it.
    Shortly after `Uncle Vlad`, Roman calls and tells you he is on Tulsa street. 
    Follow the `R` icon to his location and enter the marker to trigger the first 
    mission for Faustine, head of the Russian Mob.
    Crime and Punishment
    During the long cut scene you are introduced to Faustin and the Russian Mob 
    who aren`t too happy you rubbed out Vlad. In exchange for not killing Niko and 
    Roman, Niko must perform a couple of local jobs for them. The first is to 
    capture a shipment of TVs that are being shipped in by van and take them to 
    Faustin`s lockup. Unfortunately, there isn`t just one truck; there are three 
    of them so you have to keep hijacking vans till you get the right one. To do 
    this you need a cop car so you can pull the vans over. There are ways of 
    getting a police car but, fortunately, you don`t need to use any on this 
    occasion. Simply turn left and follow the siren sounds and a police car will 
    show up. Now wait till the two cops are out of sight then nick the car to get 
    your next set of instructions from Dimitri, Faustin`s associate. The three 
    trucks will appear as blue dots on your radar. It doesn`t matter which you 
    pick first as the correct van is nearly always the last one you check. When 
    you get close to a van you need to pull it over. To do this turn on your 
    police siren and stay close behind the van until it stops. Then, get out of 
    the car and approach the driver to trigger a cut~scene in which the driver 
    shows Niko what he`s carrying.
    When you eventually pull the correct van over, be ready as the passenger will 
    also get out and shoot at you when you steal the van. Ignore him as shooting 
    him just gets you an unnecessary wanted level and speed off down the road out 
    of his range. Now it is a nice simple case of driving the van to Faustin`s 
    lock up so follow the yellow GPS marker on your radar to it and drive inside.
    Mission Complete!
    Completion of `Crime and Punishment` unlocks two rather lucrative side 
    missions which you can try. `Most Wanted` and the familiar `Vigilante` 
    missions from previous GTAs. See the appropriate section for more details.
    Do you have Protection?
    Head back over to Faustin`s house (the `F` icon on your radar) to trigger the 
    next Russian Mob mission. It seems there is a porn shop over in Hove Beach 
    whose owner has not been coughing up enough dough from his new venture. 
    Faustin thinks it is time to rectify this and sends Demitri and you over to 
    pay him a little visit.
    Nab the, rather flash, red Turismo parked in the driveway and head on over to 
    the `peep hole`. Follow Dimitri downstairs to get a cut scene in which Joseph, 
    the proprietor is confronted by Dimitri. When Joseph still refuses to pay up, 
    Niko is given a gun by Dimitri and told to intimidate Joseph with it. Press L2 
    and target Joseph (he has a red arrow over his head) who pleads with Niko. 
    Dimitri suggests injuring one of his associates and the target switches to 
    Brett who is stood next to Joseph. Ignore his offers for a film career and 
    shoot the git in the leg as per the on screen instructions. This does the 
    trick and Joseph pays up.
    Having obtained the money, Dimitri wants to go to a gun shop in Dillion Street 
    so hop back into the car and drive him there. Enter the gun shop and watch the 
    tutorial on how to use the store. At the moment, there is only one weapon you 
    can purchase so head over to the Micro SMG (with the green marker over it) and 
    press L1 to `purchase` it.
    Now, Dimitri wants to go back home so head back outside and into your car. 
    Follow the marked yellow GPS route back to his house and park in the yellow 
    Mission Complete!
    Final Destination
    Faustin and Dimitri have just discovered that the authorities are getting wind 
    of their operations which leads them to suspect there is a rat. This rat goes 
    by the name of Lenny and must be eliminated. He is arriving at the train 
    station in South Bohan so this would be a good place to take him out. Nab a 
    car and head on over to the station. Once there, ascend the stairs on to the 
    platform and wait for the train to come in. Lenny will get off the train with 
    some protection. The guy protecting him can be taken out swiftly but, Lenny 
    always runs off just before a train passes through and you can`t get a shot at 
    him. Chase him along the platform and try to nail him before he gets to his 
    parked car. If not, chase him and drive by his ass till he falls. When he`s 
    gone, Niko calls Faustin to report the successful hit.
    Mission Complete!
    Roman now phones up and tells you to come and see him back at the taxi depot. 
    Upon arrival you meet `Brucie` who is a new friend of Roman`s. Roman insists 
    that you need to get online and directs you to the TW@ internet cafe. 
    Logging On
    Follow the yellow GPS marker to the internet cafe and enter it. Head to the 
    information desk and the lady working there tells you that you`re all ready 
    set up and good to go. Approach an empty computer and press L1 to begin using 
    it. Using L3 to move the cursor, click on the WEB icon and then `CHECK MAIL` 
    to check your email. When prompted to, click the `positive reply` button to 
    set up your email account. Feel free to browse the internet now (it is quite 
    amusing) but, in terms of the mission, we are done here for now so log off and 
    exit the cafe when you`re done surfing.
    Mission Complete!
    You will now get another call from Roman who tells you about Brucie. Brucie 
    loves fast cars and he will email you about cars he wants which provides yet 
    another lucrative side mission for you. Be sure to check the appropriate 
    section for more details. For now though, we have a little unfinished business 
    with Faustin.
    No Love Lost 
    Niko walks in on a little domestic between Faustin and his wife. He says that 
    his daughter is a `spoilt, out of control whore` and he wants you to go to 
    Firefly Island and check on her. If you happen to find her no good biker 
    boyfriend is there too, kill him. Grab a car and head for Firefly Island using 
    the yellow GPS marker to guide you. When you get there, there is a cut scene 
    during which the biker dude threatens Niko and takes off to gather his 
    Leap aboard the nearby PCJ~600 and high tail it after him. You can now perform 
    drive bys and are given a tutorial on bike combat. The most important thing 
    here is tapping. When braking to go around a corner merely tapping the brake 
    button will suffice. Also, ease off on the acceleration when going around 
    corners in order to stop yourself from spinning out of control. It is easier 
    to forget about shooting and concentrate on following since an easier 
    opportunity to wipe the guy out will present itself shortly. Eventually `The 
    Lost` meet up with their leader and you now have multiple targets. By all 
    means try and take some of them out on the bike but be wary of maintaining 
    control of the bike when driving it. Soon, they all veer off into a wooded 
    area and dismount to make a stand against you. Quickly dismount and use R1 to 
    take cover behind a nearby tree. Using L2 auto aim, pick off one biker at a 
    time by manoeuvring from tree to tree and keeping out of the line of fire for 
    as long as you can. 
    Once all the bikers have been disposed of, Niko calls Faustin to report the 
    hit and the R icon appears on your radar, indicating that Roman is open for 
    business once again. Ignore him for now though and continue with Faustin`s 
    Mission Complete!
    Rigged to Blow 
    After a lengthy cut scene during which some more of Niko`s past is revealed, 
    Faustin tells Niko about some guy who owns an auto parts garage who isn`t 
    paying up. He wants Niko to go jog his memory a little.
    Follow the blue dot on your radar to where the truck is parked outside a 
    factory. Once inside careful driving is important. The truck is loaded with 
    explosives so I highly advise against go ape shit. Take it nice and easy when 
    driving to the auto parts garage. En route to the garage, you will notice a 
    green light on the truck`s tailgate. If the truck starts taking damage, the 
    light will flash red. The faster it flashes red the more likely the explosives 
    are to explode before arrival at the garage. So drive carefully and use this 
    as an indicator of the damage you`re taking.
    Once at the garage, park the truck inside and press the action button to 
    ignite the explosives. Now get out of the truck and run like hell away from 
    the garage to avoid a wanted level and being hurt in the explosion. After a 
    really cool cut scene, Niko calls Faustin to report the successful attack.
    Mission Complete!
    The Master and the Molotov 
    These missions aren`t technically for Faustin but I put them under his heading 
    as they are for Dimitri who is Faustin`s associate. Head over to the DR icon 
    on your radar to trigger a cut scene. Here, Dimitri reveals that Faustin`s 
    recklessness has put him in a very tight spot. Additionally, since Niko took 
    out Petrovic`s son (Lenny) he is in a tight spot as well. The only solution 
    for both men is to eliminate Faustin. Unfortunately for you, Faustin is at his 
    club and is very well protected.
    Grab some transport and head over to Faustin`s club and into the yellow marker 
    to trigger a cut scene of Faustin arriving with his goons. Dimitri then texts 
    you, telling you about some `protection` he`s left for you around the back of 
    the club. Follow the green dot on the radar and pick up the armour from behind 
    the green dumpsters. Now return to the front of the club and enter.
    Immediatley nail the two goons in front of you and then take cover behind a 
    table as more goons begin firing at you. Faustin is at the other end of the 
    room, behind the right end of the bar. Keep firing and taking cover as you 
    progress toward the bar and take out as many goons as you can. When you get to 
    the bar, Fuastin yells for backup and legs it out of the back door. Follow him 
    but be wary of two sets of goons waiting for you. The first is in the exit 
    hallway just beyond the swinging door and the second is in the back alleyway. 
    Gun them down and, if you can, nail Faustin. If you can`t get him here then 
    run after him up the stairs and on to the roof. After ranting and warning you 
    against Dimitri, Faustin finally gives up so shoot him a couple of times until 
    he falls dead.
    Niko will now automatically call Dimitri and report the successful hit. 
    Dimitri thanks Niko and says the money will be at the warehouse on Monahet and 
    that Niko should come alone to get it.
    Mission Complete!
    Russian Revolution 
    NOTE: Before beginning this mission, make sure you have full health, full 
    armour and a shed load of ammo for your pistol. A Micro~SMG would also be a 
    good idea if funds allow but is not essential.
    After calling Dimitri, Niko gets a call from Little Jacob who warns him that 
    the Russians are very pissed off at him for killing Faustin and offers some 
    assistance at the Warehouse. When you have all of the above, proceed to the 
    warehouse and into the marker to meet up with Little Jacob and trigger a 
    lengthy cut scene. During the cut scene Bulgarin, a figure from Niko`s past 
    shows up along with a gang of men who open fire on Niko and Little Jacob. Get 
    ready for a gun fight! 
    Take cover behind the boxes in the warehouse and use the L2 targeting system a 
    lot to help you locate specific enemies. Although taking your time is 
    advisable, don`t go too slowly as Little Jacob takes a lot more damage in a 
    shorter space of time than you do and if he dies you fail the mission so keep 
    on your toes and gun down foes left and right to stop Jacob dying. Follow the 
    on screen hints when they appear about blind firing (a less accurate but more 
    effective in terms of minimising damage taken method of firing) and also fire 
    in short bursts to maximise weapon accuracy.
    Once the majority of goons are gone, Bulgarin and Dimitri escape and cop cars 
    come screaming in and surround the building. Before you go anywhere, take out 
    the guy sitting just above the exit. Leg it outside the front entrance and 
    take out the two cops waiting for you by your getaway car and then enter the 
    car. Once Little Jacob gets in, floor it and haul ass out of there! Although 
    the on screen prompts say to get Little Jacob back to his place your goal 
    should primarily be losing the cops so focus entirely on speeding out of the 
    flashing blue circle on your radar.
    Once the heat has been lost, take Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe where 
    the friendly Rasta advises you and your cousin to lay low for a while. Phone 
    Roman and he asks you to meet him in the alleyway just off Hopper Street in 
    East Island City. This we will do but Brucie has some business that is very 
    profitable so we`ll deal with him first.
    Mission Complete!
    You may remember Brucie from `Rigged to Blow` when you met him with Roman at 
    the taxi depot in Broker. After completing that mission, Roman phoned to say 
    Brucie had some work for you. He can be located at his Auto shop in Broker`s 
    East Hook district so head on over there for your first mission.
    Search and Delete
    Brucie`s first mission is perhaps one of the most fun thus far. A guy named 
    Rivas is a witness to some dodgy dealings of Brucie`s so Brucie wants him 
    dead. But, all his details are on police file so you need to hack the police 
    computers that are placed inside police cars to find out where he is. The 
    easiest way to get the police attention is to flip open your cell phone and 
    dial 911. This will get a police car sent to wherever you are. Do so then, 
    when the police aren`t looking, get into the car and drive like hell out of 
    there. This will certainly get you a 1 star wanted level so quickly drive 
    outside the blue circle to lose it. Then pull over and Niko will automatically 
    call Brucie.
    Brucie tells you that the guy`s name is Lyle Rivas. From the police computer`s 
    main menu, select `SEARCH POLICE RECORDS` and then `DEARCH BY NAME`. Punch 
    Lyle Rivas into the field bar and click on `SEARCH`. This will bring up his 
    address so that`s where we`re heading for next. As always, use your GPS 
    tracker on your radar to located Rivas` house. Once there, park your car out 
    front and enter through the front door. During the ensuing cut scene Rivas 
    makes a run for it out of the bathroom window. Quickly, head outside and into 
    your car. Keep on Rivas tail and, when he`s in range, pepper his car via 
    drive~by or keep ramming him. Eventually, when he`s taken enough damage he 
    will get out of the car. Now, simply floor it and run him over to complete the 
    Mission Complete!
    Easy as can Be!
    This is the first mission I did that I thought was a real pain in the ass as 
    it relies on you having good drive~by skills and plenty of ammo. It turns out 
    Rivas left behind a rather nice looking car in Yorktown Avenue that Brucie 
    wants Niko to go pick up. Risk~free he says. Making sure to have your 
    Micro~SMG equipped, head on over to the car using your GPS navigator to guide 
    you. Once there, hop inside the car to trigger a cut scene where you become 
    surrounded by three machine gun wielding enemies who don`t want you to have 
    the car. It is possible to out run them in your car but it is incredibly hard 
    as they are literally on your ass the entire journey and the likelihood is the 
    car will be destroyed before you get there. So, we need to get rid of them 
    before proceeding.
    The first car is directly behind you so swivel the aim around to face the car 
    and fire a couple of rounds at the windscreen which should take out the two in 
    that car. Next, there is one down the alleyway leading out on to the street so 
    swivel the aim around and blast them. The third pair will only emerge after 
    you come out of the alleyway so carefully drive the Oracle out on to the 
    street and the third car will start firing at you. Quickly fire a couple of 
    rounds at the firing passenger and then take out the driver when he starts.
    Having disposed of these three attackers the drive over to Brucie`s lock up is 
    ten times easier. Only trouble is, all this firing will have probably 
    attracted some police attention (it shouldn`t be any more than two stars 
    maximum) so take a moment or two to lose the heat before following your GPS 
    back to Brucie`s lockup and parking the car inside. Niko will then phone 
    Brucie and inform him that the car is safely in the lockup.
    Mission Complete!
    You may recall after finishing Faustin`s missions, Roman called asking you to 
    meet him in an alleyway off Hopper Street. This is where we`re now headed so 
    head on over to the `R` icon whenever you`re ready to trigger the final 
    mission of Broker.
    Roman is in trouble yet again and Niko is wanted by the Russians for killing 
    Vlad so the pair of them need to get out of Broker for a bit. Roman knows just 
    the place........
    Roman`s Sorrow 
    Roman tells Niko about his dream which ain`t half bad and its possible. He 
    says he has something important to show Niko back at his apartment so that`s 
    the first port of call. Head on over to Roman`s apartment and you`ll see a 
    slight spanner has been thrown in the works. Someone has burned Roman`s 
    apartment to the ground! Roman then says he wants to go the cab depot so head 
    over there and you`ll find yet more sorrow for Roman. The cab firm is burning 
    too! A very pissed off Roman phone`s Mallorie who says that both cousin can 
    come stay with here In Bohan for a bit till things quieten down. I would 
    suggest grabbing a taxi as it is quite a long haul to Bohan but feel free 
    drive yourself if you want to check out some scenery along the way. Either 
    way, upon arrival at Mallorie`s apartment step into the yellow marker to 
    trigger a cut scene.
    Mission Complete! 
    And you now have a new safe house in Bohan. Welcome!
                          Miscellaneous Projects ~ Broker/Dukes 
    The completion of `Roman`s sorrow` concludes the story mission for Broker. 
    However there is tons of stuff still to do which is what this section is 
     a. Random Character 1 - Brian         
     b. Michelle ~ Dating Tips
     c. Random Character 2 ~ Badman
     d. Taxi Missions
     e. Vigilante Missions
     f  Little Jacob Side Job ~ Drug Delivery
     g. Vigilante Missions
     h. Most Wanted ~ Broker/Dukes  
    A.	Random Character 1 ~ Brian 
    After completing `It`s Your Call` for Roman you unlock the first random 
    character of the game. Brian can first be found next to Roman`s taxi depot. 
    Just follow the blue icon on your radar and you will find him standing by 
    himself outside the taxi rank. 
    <First encounter>
    Approach Brian next to Roman`s taxi depot in Broker and Niko will 
    automatically talk to him. After laughing at you for a bit he hands you $100. 
    End of mission.
    <Second Encounter> 
    Brian can next be found lurking near Vlad`s club (Comrades Bar) in Shotter. 
    This time it`s not quite so easy and he wants you to help him `collect the 
    biggest rock in the world`. Follow the yellow GPS signal to the marker near 
    the entrance to an alley. Brian then gets out and makes the deal. Now all you 
    need to do is follow the yellow GPS blip a few blocks and drop Brian off at 
    his destination. Easy eh?
    <Third Encounter>
    Brian can finally be encountered in Downtown where he has cleaned up his act 
    somewhat and is now engaged. He says he wants you to take him to some old 
    dealer friends of his who he feels he needs to apologise to. Hop in a car and 
    drive him over to the yellow blip on your radar. Unfortunately for Brian, the 
    dealers don`t accept his apology and whack him with a baseball bat. Get out of 
    the car and take out both dealers. Now return to the car and wait for Brian to 
    get in before taking him back to Wappinger.
    B.	Girlfriend 1 ~ Michelle
    After dating Michelle in `First Date` as part of a story misson you van 
    arrange to see here any time you`re not on a mission until after you complete 
    `Snow Storm` for Elizabetha. She can be contacted any time from 6:00am to 
    When you go pick her up there are some cars which will make a bigger 
    impression on her than others. See the list below for further details:
    YES!                                    NO! 
    Roman`s Taxi                            Futo   
    Merit                                   Fortune 
    Voodoo                                  Uranus 
    Banshee                                 Primo 
    Blista                                  Solaire  
    To get the date off to a good start, always be sure to wear some Russian 
    clothes (low style) and a hat or some glasses as she seems to like those. 
    Never go and see here wearing Modo gear (mid~style) or clothes bought from 
    Perseus (high style).
    It is also important to know where to take a girl on your dates since this is 
    key if you want to get anywhere with her. The following list shows what`s hot 
    and what`s not in Michelle`s eyes: 
     ______                                     ________ 
    |      |                                   |        | 
    | Food |                                   | Drink  |     
    |______|                                   |________| 
    Cluckin` Bell      5                       Comrades Bar      6 
    Burger Shot        5                       Beer Garden       7 
    Diner              6                       Lucky Winkles     7 
    Pizza This         6                       Jerkov`s          5  
    Mr. Fuk`s          5                       Club Liberty      5 
    Superstar Cafe     5 
     ________                                   ________ 
    |        |                                 |        | 
    | Games  |                                 | Shows  | 
    |________|                                 |________|
    Bowling            6                       Cabaret           5            
    Darts              8                       Comedy            8 
    Pool               8 
    Strip Club         0 
    NOTE: The more times you take Michelle somewhere, the lower her opinion of it 
    drops so be varied in your choice of venue for a date.
    More to follow!

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