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    Weapon Guide by Chris_Spades

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    /////////////////////////////GTA IV: WEAPON GUIDE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                                   By Chris_Spades
    =======================++++++TABLE OF CONTENTS++++++=========================
    This guide isn't really that long, but if you want to jump to a specific 
    section, press Ctrl and F on your keyboard, then select the "Match Case" 
    option, and search for the keyword (all in caps).
    1. +FOREWORD+
    2. +THE WEAPONS+
    (I've arranged the weapons categories as the weapon slots are sorted in-
    2. +COMBAT TIPS+
    5. +LEGAL+
    I decided to write this guide because there wasn't one out there already 
    (that I know of), and being a bit of a firearms enthusiast (not one of 
    those crazy gun nuts, though :D) I thought it could be fun.  I was a bit 
    disappointed with the selection of weapons in GTA IV, but I guess there is 
    enough to keep most happy, and certainly enough to conquer most of the games 
    fighting-based challenges.  In addition to the standard weapons, I've 
    included a basic list of environmental hazards that you'll be encountering 
    during your play that you might be able to use to an advantage.  I've also 
    written up a few basic and fairly obvious combat tips.
    The weapons' categories are listed in this guide as they as they are in your 
    inventory, and they are listed in the category with the weaker weapon 
    first.  Most weapons will appear like this:
    Weapon: (The name of the weapon in the game)
    Real name: (The name of the weapon's real life counterpart)
    Power: (The power of the weapon.  This stat was calculated by subtracting 
    the number of shots it took to make a Sanchez to catch fire, from 100.  
    The higher the number, the more powerful the weapon.)
    Approximate fire rate: (how many rounds can be fired in one second.  
    Calculated by using a stopwatch and some basic math, so this stat may not 
    be completely accurate.)
    Accuracy: (A number that I gave to the gun after testing how long it takes 
    for the reticle to expand and how big the reticle was in the first place.  
    The closer the number is to 10, the more accurate the gun is.)
    Auto-aim maximum range: (How far the auto-aim will work.  Bullets don't seem
    to travel past the max auto-aim range, so this could be thought of as the 
    maximum effective range of the weapon as well.)
    Mag Capacity: (How many shots the weapon will fire before needing to stop for 
    a reload.)
    Price: (The price of the weapon in the average gun store is listed first, 
    followed by the price at Little Jacob's.)
    Description: (A brief description of the weapon.)
    Who uses them: (A paragraph describing who you can expect to be using this 
    If you spot something wrong with this guide, or know something that I don't, 
    email me at chrisspadesfaqs(AT)aol.com.  It might be several weeks before I 
    respond, so please be patient.
    =========================++++++THE WEAPONS++++++=============================
    Hand-to-hand combat is rarely used in GTA IV, usually because everyone has a 
    gun.  In multiplayer, if firearms are disabled or if you ran out of ammo 
    you'd be better off running enemies down with a car.  See the "Combat Tips" 
    section for more info on fighting.
    Weapon: Debris
    Description: Scraps or trash around the city that can be picked up using the 
    action button and carried a short distance and then thrown like a 
    grenade or molotov.  After a certain walking distance, Niko will 
    automatically drop whatever he is carrying.  They don't do any 
    significant damage to peds, but can knock them down.  I haven't found any 
    real use for them other than entertainment, though they seem to be able to 
    bust open windows on certain cars.  AI enemies can't use these.
    Where to find: Almost everywhere.  Around docks, construction sites, and 
    in alleyways are the most common.
    Weapon: None
    Description: Niko can certainly handle himself, but the chance of getting
    killed in a fistfight is still relatively high when dealing with more than 3
    people in a row or at the same time.  Your chance of survival is nearly zero
    if anyone has fire arm.
    Weapon: Baseball Bat
    Description: A standard aluminium baseball bat usually used by little 
    leaguers and non-professional baseball players, but is also great for 
    busting limbs and cracking skulls.  It seems to cause about an equal amount
    of damage as the Knife, but with more reach and less speed.
    Weapon: Knife
    Description: A basic knife that looks like it was designed for combat.  
    You'll usually start out with this weapon in multiplayer matches in addition
    to a Pistol.  It seems to be able to attack faster than a bat, but with less
    reach and equal power.
    Handguns are the most common weapons, especially earlier in the game.  They 
    can work just as well as an SMG if you've planned your fight, but won't do as
    much damage as a shotgun or reach as far as an assault rifle.  There is a 
    very small zoom, which is just enough to help with making shots to enemies' 
    heads from behind cover.
    Weapon: Pistol
    Real name: Glock 17
    Power: 80
    Approximate fire rate: 2.8 RPS
    Accuracy: 2
    Auto-aim maximum range: Good
    Mag Capacity: 17
    Price: $600, $420
    Description: Probably the first gun you'll use regularly in the game and the 
    gun you'll usually start out with in multiplayer matches, the pistol works 
    well when nothing else is available and can still hold its own even when more
    powerful weapons become available.  After the first three shots, accuracy 
    becomes atrocious, so fire carefully placed shots rather than running and 
    gunning people down.  I'm actually really glad that the Glock was featured in
    the game as a standard handgun, since more police and civilians own Glocks in
    the US than any other handgun.
    Who uses them: Almost everywhere you have to fight some one is bound to have 
    one of these.  Police carry it standard, most other enemies will be packing 
    one, and a lot of everyday civilians will carry one of these.  Since they are 
    so popular, ammo is plentiful.
    Weapon: Combat Pistol
    Real name: Desert Eagle MK. XIX .357
    Power: 86
    Approximate fire rate: 2.88 RPS
    Accuracy: 2
    Auto-aim maximum range: Good
    Mag Capacity: 9
    Price: $1500
    Description: The much over-used Desert Eagle pistol.  Technically never 
    designed to be used as a combat handgun cause it's too heavy and powerful, 
    for some reason movie-makers think it looks good in films and since you don't
    need to be practical in fiction, it is seen in a lot of video games as well.
    I wish Rockstar would have been original and used a 1911 or revolver 
    instead.  Regardless, the Combat Pistol does work well in this game as a more
    powerful option to the Pistol.  It uses the same ammo, and is matches the 
    pistol in fire rate, accuracy, and range, while being more powerful.  It 
    holds less, but you should be doing less shooting.  Other than price or 
    availability, there's no reason not to go with it.
    Who uses them: The only people I've seen use these guns are well-funded 
    No video game is complete without shotguns, although they do have a bit of a 
    niche in GTA IV that usually doesn't arise often, especially out of the main 
    story missions.  The shotguns' short range power and point-and-shoot nature 
    allows them to destroy most targets at close range, but they're not precise 
    weapons and lack the range to be of much use outside of buildings.
    Weapon: Pump Shotgun
    Real name:  Mossberg 500 Cruiser
    Power: 97
    Approximate fire rate: .88 RPS
    Accuracy: 0
    Auto-aim maximum range:
    Mag Capacity: 8
    Price: $1400
    Description:  Best to leave using this gun to enemies and cops.  Although it
    is quite powerful, very little of that power ever reaches its target, and the
    pump action makes follow up shots difficult.  Take anyone outside of 
    multiplayer using this shotty seriously though, as one blast from an enemy 
    that snuck up close can remove up to two-thirds of your health.
    Who uses them: If your wanted level is high enough, the passenger cops will 
    pack these, and can put them to deadly use.  They usually won't do much, but
    it's not impossible to have a blast through the windshield of you car kill 
    you or a tire shot off as you attempt to escape.  I have also seen a 
    pedestrian pull one of these out once, after pulling his mini-van up to me 
    pissed off about something.
    Weapon: Combat shotgun
    Real name:  Looks like a Remington M1100
    Power: 96
    Approximate fire rate: 2 RPS
    Accuracy: 1
    Auto-aim maximum range: Short
    Mag Capacity: 10
    Price: $2500, $1500
    Description:  I'm unsure of this shotty's real life counterpart, but it seems
    to be a strictly semi-auto shotgun by the way the hangguard looks, although 
    when blind firing it Niko does pump it.  Best guess is that it's an M1100 by 
    the reciever and handguard shape.  Whatever the case, this semi-auto shotgun 
    is a much better choice than the pump gun.  Though it possesses less power, 
    it more than makes up for it in it's effective range.  The pump shotgun might
    take 2-3 shots taking some one down from anything further than a few feet, 
    where as this will have no problem taking some out with two shots from double
    the distance.  This gun is great for knocking enemies down and disrupting 
    their attack, but you will most likely need to follow it up with another shot
    or two for a kill.  
    Who uses them: You can get this gun inside of any police car with 5 rounds.  
    Oddly enough, I've never seen a cop use this shotgun.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++======SUB MACHINE GUNS======+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    SMGs don't really shine in anything other than their high fire rate and 
    ability to be fired from a vehicle.  They are a bit cheaper and a lot more 
    common than assault rifles, and have a much better range than a shotgun, 
    while still having a much higher fire rate than a pistol.  Though they aren't
    really good for any specific job, they do well as an all purpose weapon, 
    bridging the gaps, and allowing you to keep fighting without having to 
    constantly change weapons to suit the situation.  They can zoom a bit more 
    than pistols, but less than assault rifles.
    Weapon: Micro SMG
    Real name: Micro Uzi (though probably closer to an Uzi pistol)
    Power: 74
    Approximate fire rate: 10 RPS
    Accuracy: 3
    Auto-aim maximum range: Fair
    Mag Capacity: 50
    Price: $1200, $840
    Description:  Probably what most people think of when they hear the words 
    "sub machine gun," the Micro Uzi probably isn't the best choice to represent
    the ghetto blaster in GTA IV, but it's not a bad one.  The SMG (MP5) just 
    edges out the  Uzi in power, accuracy, and range.  The standard pistol 
    actually beats out this (and the other) SMG in most ways, with the exception 
    of it's full-auto capability.  If you're on foot I wouldn't recommend using 
    this unless you're firing "on the go" and need to take out a target that 
    blocks your path quickly, in which case keep it to short bursts.  This weapon
    does however makes firing from a vehicle with a lot easier; since you don't 
    really have the option to take carefully aimed shots, a spray of bullets 
    increases your hit probability.
    Who uses them: If you hear a burst of full-auto fire on the street, chances 
    are you pissed off a "good samaritan" that's packing one of these.  As long 
    as you can figure out who's shooting, removing him/her from the gene pool is
    no big task as no one really knows how to hit anything in this game.
    Weapon: SMG
    Real name: SW MP10 (MP5 derivative)
    Power: 75
    Approximate fire rate: 10 RPS
    Accuracy: 4
    Auto-aim maximum range: Good
    Mag Capacity: 30
    Price: $2500, $1750
    Description:  The SW MP10 appears to be a run of upgraded H&K MP5 
    clones/derivatives.  It appears that the majority of differences are external
    and allow for a more modular weapon.  The MP10 is just slightly better than 
    the Uzi, but enough to make a difference.  Remember to keep it to short bursts
    or single shots when doing anything other than clearing a passage way on the 
    run or shooting a single target as it comes through a tight space, and even 
    then let up off the trigger after burst of more than 10-15 rounds.  As with 
    the Uzi, I recommend you restrict the use of the SMG to drive-bys, and go 
    with a shotgun, handgun (if behind cover), or assault rifle.
    Thanks to Rivermouth93 and rbhardware_05 for pointing out the correct 
    identification of the SMG.  Go here for info: 
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++======ASSAULT RIFLES======++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    The assault rifles are probably the most practical and deadly of the weapons 
    you'll be able to use.  Fully automatic, accurate, and powerful, once you get
    a hold of them, the only reason you'll want to use anything else is because 
    of a special circumstance, or a lack of ammo.  Assault rifles can be zoomed 
    in the greatest of all non-scoped rifles, which can allow you to easily pick 
    off attackers (or defenders) with carefully placed shots to the head.  Make 
    no mistake though, these are no sniper rifles.
    Weapon: Assault Rifle
    Real name: AK-47
    Power: 83
    Approximate fire rate: 7.5 RPS
    Accuracy: 7
    Auto-aim maximum range: Far
    Mag capacity: 30
    Price: $3500, $2450 (A little unrealistic...)
    Description:  The world's most popular assault rifle, due to its low price 
    and availability, as well as its effectiveness and reliability.  A game 
    centered around crime almost needs to have this rifle in it.  Though not 
    easily comparable to the other assault rifle in the game, the M4, the gun 
    does have a few definite disadvantages.  Most notable is it's large decrease 
    in accuracy during anything other than intermittent single shot fire, which 
    means that full-auto use should be kept to short bursts for the weapon to be 
    most effective.  Firing more than ten rounds in rapid succession will usually
    only net you about 2 or 3 hits on a human target at the AK's maximum auto-aim
    range, where as a burst of three rounds will probably land about the same.  
    The other, slightly less noticeable disadvantage to the Carbine Rifle is the 
    slightly shorter auto-aim range, which although barely noticeable, is still 
    significant.  Interestingly, the fire rate seems to be about the same, at 
    around 420 - 480 Rounds per minute, which is significantly slower than the 
    real AK's 600 RPM.
    Who uses them: I haven't seen anyone outside of missions and multiplayer use
    one of these.  When one is being used against you, be sure to get down and 
    take cover.
    Weapon: Carbine Rifle
    Real name: M4A1
    Power: 83
    Approximate fire rate: 7.5 RPS
    Accuracy: 9
    Auto-aim maximum range: Very far
    Mag capacity: 30
    Price:  $5000, $3500
    Description:  Your basic M4A1 carbine, with the carrying handle removed and 
    replaced with an LMT BUIS.  Not really surprising that it would
    be in this game, though it would probably be easier to get a full length M16 
    in real life (though I don't browse the black market for illegal 
    firearms...).  The Carbine Rifle is superior to the Assault Rifle (AK) in 
    accuracy and range, but is matched by power and fire rate, and at a 
    disadvantage when it comes to price.  The Carbine Rifle can easily pick off 
    target from a distance with carefully placed shots to the head.  Although the
    M4's accuracy won't degrade as quickly as the AK's, I still recommend keeping 
    it to burst fire or careful semi-auto shots when dealing with human targets.  
    Who uses them: One thing to be wary of is the LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) 
    that carry these, as they can be more dangerous than shotguns since they can 
    hit you at a greater distance.  Most police that guard the subway and airport
    carry these, but getting the appropriate wanted levels will attract the NOOSE
    (SWAT) and FIB (FBI) armed with these effective rifles.
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++======SNIPER RIFLES======++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Sniper rifles really only have one practical use in offline GTA IV, and that 
    is to shoot people without them being able to return fire effectively.  In 
    multiplayer, lag makes these rifles a little less practical, but since the 
    enemy players are human, they have little chance of figuring out where the 
    shot is coming from before you can shoot them or get away, which is the 
    actual idea of sniping.  Both rifles have a scope with adjustable zoom, and
    realistically Niko's aim is steadiest when crouched.
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Real name: M24A2 (loose designation, basically a customized Remington 700)
    Power: 93
    Approximate fire rate: 1.2 RPS
    Accuracy: 10
    Max range: Infinite
    Mag Capacity: 5
    Price: $6000
    Description: A standard bolt-action rifle with a scope attached.  It is a 
    good rifle for basic sniping/sharpshooting, but choose the PSG-1 if you are 
    given the choice.  The in-game model looks to be customized Remington 700 
    with a detachable box magazine.  The US Army designation for a similar weapon
    is "M24A2," but the in-game model has a few small differences.
    Who uses them: A few bad guys in missions use these, but seeing anyone with 
    one of these is pretty rare.
    Thanks to Greg Johnson and anonymous for help with identifying the rifle.
    Weapon: Combat Sniper Rifle
    Real name: PSG-1
    Power: 93
    Approximate fire rate: 2.5 RPS
    Accuracy: 10
    Max range: Infinite
    Mag Capacity: 10
    Price: $8500, $5000
    Description: A semi-automatic sniper rifle with a large magazine capacity.  
    Not much better than the standard rifle, but enough to make a difference.  
    The fire rate especially makes it better since you can't always guarantee a 
    kill with one shot, especially in multiplayer games.
    Who uses them:  No enemies in the main game.
    +++++++++++++++++++++======ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADES======+++++++++++++++++++
    There is only one RPG in the game, so I'm just going to describe that intead 
    of mentioning anything more here.
    Weapon: RPG
    Real name: RPG-7
    Power: 100
    Approximate fire rate: .33 RPS (3 second reload time)
    Mag Capacity: 1
    Price: 15,000
    Description:  Very cool, but very expensive and hard to find.  The RPG can 
    dish out damage like no other and can destroy anything within one shot, but 
    can be difficult to use and some what unpredictable.  Firing a rocket at the 
    ground at a shallow angle will cause it to skip off and follow the ground or 
    bounce away.  For a guaranteed kill, you'll need to hit your target, or 
    something close to your target at a 90 degree angle.  Remember to take the 
    RPG's travel time into account and aim ahead when dealing with moving 
    targets, and don't forget that the RPG has a small zoom feature.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++======THROWN EXPLOSIVES======+++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Thrown weapons are among the most lethal and difficult to use in the game.  
    They can be extremely effective when dropped from a moving vehicle, thrown at
    a large group of people, or tossed behind an enemy's cover.  Though they are
    extremely effective, care must be taken to ensure that you do not blow 
    yourself up or burn everything down in the process.
    Weapon: Grenade
    Real name: Looks like an M61
    Price: $1000, $700
    Description: The more powerful and practical of the two thrown weapons, 
    though it is also the more dangerous as well, since it can bounce off of 
    walls and explode.  If you're going to bother with explosives I recommend you
    use these, as their effective blast range is a lot bigger than the Molotov's,
    and the grenade also takes out vehicles a lot more often and quickly.  You do
     need a bit more practice in order to use these without killing yourself 
    though.  The grenades have a 5 second fuse, which can be cooked (held in your
    hand for longer to shorten the fuse) to prevent enemies from having a chance 
    to move away from the grenade or to have the grenade explode a certain time 
    after being thrown out of your car.  If you're still holding on to the 
    grenade after 3 seconds, the fuse will beep, signaling you to get rid of it 
    quickly.  Don't forget that it takes Niko a few moments to do the actual
    throwing of the grenade.
    Weapon: Molotov
    Real name: Molotov Cocktail
    Price: $500, $350
    Description:  Generally a lot less effective and lethal than the grenade, but 
    still able to kill and destroy stuff easily.  Almost all people caught on 
    fire as a result of the Molotov will burn to death, and a direct hit on a car
    will often result in a tire catching on fire and exploding, but usually 
    won't completely destroy the vehicle.  You can light yourself on fire with 
    one of these things, but in single player you have to have reduced health 
    already for it to kill you.  Because the Molotov explodes as soon as it hits 
    something, it requires a bit less skill to use effectively on foot, but makes
    it a lot harder to use in a vehicle.  Really, grenades are just so superior 
    that I can't recommend Molotovs.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++======ENVIRONMENT HAZARDS======++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This section is for those that need pull off some sort of James Bond stunt 
    to get out of a situation, as well as providing other helpful info on things 
    related to firefights and other combat, such as why you shouldn't take cover 
    behind hot dog stands.
    Hazard: Propane tank
    Danger: High
    Description: Pretty much a basic 17lb propane tank commonly hooked up to 
    residential grills, but red in color.  The explosion they create is 
    tremendous, and possibly more powerful than a grenade's.  Shooting them will 
    usually blow them up in 1-2 shots, and fire will take some time to cause them
    to rupture and pop.  Running over them with a car will cause them to explode 
    instantly, as will an explosion from an outside source (such as a grenade).
    Where to find:  Loose tanks are pretty rare, but can still be found, 
    especially in missions.  The easiest place to find a tank of propane is 
    inside or on a food vendor's stand.  Not all have them, and some of the ones
    that do will have them hidden in a compartment where the vendor stands.  
    Mostly, you just have to be careful about not crashing into the stand, as 
    that will almost always destroy your car.
    Hazard: Large propane canister
    Danger: High
    Description: Tanks filled with flammable gas, probably propane.  One of the 
    tanks I've seen is tall (looked a lot like a helium tank, for those that have
    seen one) and gray, and the other is a huge tank like you might normally find
    at gas stations or places that refill the small tanks.  The tall ones are 
    slightly tougher than the standard red propane tank (described above) and
    take a few more shots to destroy, where as the huge ones are a lot tougher 
    and require a lot of firepower to cause an explosion.  Despite their size, I 
    Have not noticed any difference in strength of the explosion they generate.
    Where to find: The only place that I've seen either is at gas stations, but 
    I've only recently discovered their existance.  Be aware that the tall ones 
    look exactly like tanks found in the bins labelled "empty," which are not 
    Hazard: Gasoline pump
    Danger:  Medium
    Description: Your everyday gas (or petrol, to some) pump.  They're not too 
    dangerous to you or your enemies, since they require a few shots to destroy 
    and the resulting explosion isn't too powerful.  They're also protected by 
    bars, so it's pretty hard to accidentally crash into them.  Usually one tank 
    exploding will not cause another to explode.
    Where to find: Erm, can only be found at re-fueling stations.  Gas stations 
    are usually found at car washes, but there are plenty of exceptions.
    Hazard: Exploding cars
    Danger: High
    Description: Exploding vehicles need no introduction when it comes to GTA 
    games.  Vehicles in this game luckily enough don't explode when flipped on 
    their rooves, but will still explode because of damage caused by fire, 
    gunshots, explosives, or just general bad driving and abuse.  At first there 
    will be a small fire in the engine area, which means that you should be 
    ready to ditch your car within the next minute (unless further damage is 
    caused, reducing your time), followed by a larger fire from the gas tank, and
    then finally a not un-substantial explosion.  The first fire will not hurt 
    you, but standing close to the second fire will cause the person to ignite, 
    and then he/she will roll around on the ground, and generally not get up 
    quickly enough to outrun the explosion.
    Where to find: I don't know what to say if you haven't guessed by the game's 
    title that cars are going to be everywhere.
    Hazard: Fire
    Danger: Medium
    Description: Like in San Andreas, fire will spread around and continue to 
    burn most of the times one is started.  Even though the fire department 
    doesn't won't show up and you can't extinguish fires yourself, a raging 
    inferno is very uncommon, and usually any small fires aren't dangerous.  
    People will ignite if they stand in the flames and roll around uncontrollably
    ("Stop, Drop, Roll!" does help a bit...), but usually can run through small 
    fires unharmed.  A car driving through a fire will also usually suffer no 
    damage, but occasionally a tire might catch fire and pop.  As long as you 
    keep your distance or don't hang around in the fire, you should have nothing 
    to worry about.
    Where to find:  No where, or any where.  I haven't seen an actual damaging 
    fire that was already burning, and fires can be started everywhere except the
    ocean with the proper equipment.  Burning barrels won't harm your (or anyone 
    else's) character.
    Hazard: Fire hydrant
    Danger: Medium
    Description: Meant to have a fire hose hooked up to it for dousing a fire in 
    water, kids can open one up for some relief on hot summer days.  Since there 
    are no kids in GTA, and the firefighters usually don't show up for fires let 
    alone do anything to put them out, these have no other use than to be 
    annoying in Liberty.  Knocking one over with a car or explosives allows a 
    high-pressure stream of water to be sprayed out from the ground which will 
    knock anyone over that stands above it, as well as having the capability to 
    flip unusually light cars.  The main hazard from these is upsetting your 
    combat ability during a firefight.
    Where to find: Easily found on the edge of most sidewalks, these can be a bit
    hard to spot amongst all of the trash and stuff there. 
    Hazard: Gas lines or canisters
    Danger: Medium
    Description: Pipes or canisters that carry some sort of pressurized gas.  
    Shooting one will put a hole in it, and cause the flammable gas to shoot out
    and ignite, creating a small flame.  Standing directly in the flame, as you 
    may have guessed, will cause your character to ignite.  I haven't seen AI
    characters get harmed from the flames.
    Where to find: You can mostly find the pipes around industrial areas.  The 
    only place I've seen the canisters is on the back of forklifts.  There are 
    also gas tankers that will spit fire out.
    ===========================++++++COMBAT TIPS++++++===========================
    These are just some observations that I've made and strategies that I've 
    developed after playing GTA IV both on and offline.  Fighting online is a lot
    different than fighting offline, and even then fighting differs depending on
    (in the case of offline) enemies and game types (in the case of online).
    +++++++++++++++++++++++======HAND-TO-HAND TIPS======+++++++++++++++++++++++++
    *Press the left trigger in to lock on to your target and go into combat mode.
    *Press the X button (A on X360) to block, which allows only a small amount of
    damage to take effect.  Tapping it right before an opponent strikes you will 
    allow your character to dodge the attack completely.
    *Pressing an attack button after dodging an attack will cause your character 
    to counter-attack, which allows you to inflict damage on a defenseless enemy.
    If your enemy has a melee weapon, your character will disarm him/her and 
    allow you to use his/her weapon.
    *Press Triangle and Circle (Y and B on X360) to punch or use your melee 
    weapon, and Square (X on X360) to kick.
    *If at all possible, never attack anyone using hand-to-hand combat.  It's 
    almost always much easier and safer to use a firearm or vehicle.
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++======ALL-AROUND TIPS======++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    *Stay away from "Classic" control setup.  It might be easier to use at first,
    but it will limit your combat effectiveness.
    *Press the left trigger in halfway for free aim, and all the way for 
    auto-aim.  You can hold the trigger halfway in to be able to use auto-aim more
    *While locked on to a target in auto-aim, a faded reticle indicates that your
    target is not in your sights, where as a bright white reticle means you can 
    hit the target.
    *While in free-aim, press the right trigger in halfway to shrink the target 
    reticle a bit and allow for a more accurate shot.
    *While walking and equipped with a weapon, press the right trigger in halfway 
    to go into free-aim.
    *Press the right button (R1 on PS3) to go into cover.  If you're a few feet 
    away from any cover, your character will slide in the direction he/she is 
    moving in to take cover.
    *When in cover mode, firing without aiming will cause your character to blind
    fire (fire without looking), which leaves only a small part of his/her body
    exposed, though it is much less accurate than traditional shooting.
    *While behind cover, pressing the right trigger in halfway will allow you to 
    free aim without having your character stick their head out from behind the 
    wall.  You can even zoom with non-scoped weaponary.
    *While aiming, pressing square (on PS3) or X (on X360) while pressing the left
    analog stick left or right will cause your player to do a roll.
    *Press the left analog stick in to crouch.  Crouching makes fire more 
    accurate, and also makes your character a harder target to hit.
    *Press in the right analog stick to zoom non-scoped weapons.  Zooming 
    generally makes it easier to see your target and allows for more precise 
    *While locked on in auto-aim, you can use the right analog stick to aim at a 
    specific part of the target while the aimbot follows their movements.
    *Never fire continuously for more than 5-or-so rounds.  After that most of 
    your shots will miss their target.
    *Although you can shoot out tires, it is generally more trouble than it's
    worth.  The driver is usually easier to hit, and even if you can easily hit
    the tire, it will take some time to shred off of its rim and cause the driver
    to easily lose control.
    *By pressing L1 (or LB on X360) and a D-pad button, you can quickly select a 
    weapon. Press up once for assault rifles, twice for the SMG, left for 
    handguns, right for thrown weapons, and down for shotguns.
    *Reload whenever you get the chance.  Any left over ammo in the mag will be 
    *When moving, your aim becomes less precise, so whenever you're firing at a 
    target that doesn't see you, it is usually more effective to fire from one 
    *When aiming, you can press the run button (X on PS3, A on X360) to move 
    faster.  This will make your aim even less precise, but will make it 
    easier to move away from fire and into position with a lower chance of 
    getting hit.  Online, your character automatically moves at the highest
    *Although you can sometimes hit enemies by firing when stumbling or knocked 
    down, I highly recommend against it, since more often than not you'll end up 
    literally shooting yourself in the foot (or face).
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++======OFFLINE TIPS======+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    *Unless you're making an escape or trying to move to a different area, always
    stay behind cover while firing a gun.
    *Tossing a grenade into a crowded room from behind cover is a great way to 
    get rid of a group of enemies.
    *When fighting against police forces, it is almost always better to fight off
    just enough of them to get by.  Going toe-to-toe with all of them will just 
    attract more of them, usually the more powerful NOOSE or FIB.
    *You can dial 911 on your cell phone by pressing up on the D-Pad twice.  
    After you are connected, press 1 for police, 2 for ambulance, and 3 for the 
    fire department.  The police will attack anyone seen commiting a crime 
    (including Niko), which can aid you in your fight.  Medics will heal you 
    (usually at a hefty price), and the FDLC will bring you a cool truck. 
    *Never point a gun or kill the guy at the illegal gun stores.  He usually 
    won't be difficult to kill, but his death will cause a group of others to
    take vengeance on you, and even if you defeat them you will not be allowed 
    at that shop again for some time.
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++======ONLINE TIPS======++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    *Rolling at the last minute will allow you to dodge enemy vehicles while 
    being able to maintain fire on the driver for the maximum amount of time.
    *Going into cover mode is usually not the best route to take when fighting 
    against human players online.  Usually they can still hit you, and it will 
    take your character a while to draw his/her weapon out to fire.  It is still 
    a great idea to stand behind a wall or crouch behind a car when making an 
    assault, but not if they already know you're there.
    *It is almost always better to go for a head shot than a body shot when 
    fighting an enemy player head on.  Usually they will be going for the center 
    of mass, which will usually kill slower.  Countering with the same strategy
    will almost always end up with both of you dying.
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++======VEHICLE TIPS======+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    *Using your vehicle as a weapon can usually work out in your favor, as it 
    usually kills faster and more efficiently than shooting from your car.  Be 
    sure that you can kill your target, otherwise he/she may get up and start 
    firing at you, or be able to dodge your car and kill you.
    *While driving, it is always a great idea to press L1 (LB for X360) to break 
    out the window and prepare for shooting as soon as you enter a vehicle.  It 
    saves a precious second when you do need to shoot.
    *Press Square (X on X360) to switch between weapons while in a vehicle.  You
    can only use thrown weapons, handguns, or SMGs while in a car or on a bike, 
    but you can also use assault rifles if you're a passenger in a helicopter or 
    *While riding as a passenger, you can press the left trigger to aim out of 
    the window to get ready to shoot, and the right trigger to fire.  This 
    usually makes it easier to hit targets that just pressing L1 when needed.
    *As a passenger, you can still press the right analog stick in to to zoom, 
    though it will affect the speed you can turn.
    *When flying a helicopter, if you can keep the chopper steady, it is usually
    more effective to have a passenger with an assault rifle to shoot at ground 
    targets than to try to get them yourself with the heli's miniguns (if it has 
    *If you are a skilled helicopter pilot and have targets out in an open 
    area, it may be most effective to hit your target with the heli's main
    rotor.  I've seen this used to great effect on vehicles, and to a 
    somewhat lesser extent, people on foot.  I would not use this 
    technique offline where health is not available.
    *Holding Square (X on X360) while in a vehicle will turn on the vehicle's 
    high-beams, which may allow you to see a bit better. 
    *Vehicles shot in gas tanks will catch fire and explode much faster than if 
    they were shot at any where else.  Shooting the tank will cause if to catch 
    fire without having the engine ignite first, which usually saves 60 seconds.
    *Though no where near as durable as the Rhino tank from previous games, the 
    Enforcer is the closest thing you can get ion GTAIV.  It is highly resistant 
    to standard weapon fire, and the windshield is bulletproof.  However, it is 
    just as vulnerable to fire and explosives as any other vehicle, and all seats
    offer only a limited area where you can fire.  It's also relativel slow and 
    large, and tends to roll over easily.  It is easy to recover from most flips,
    =======================++++++CREDITS AND THANKS++++++========================
    98% of the information used in this guide was either already in my brain or 
    discovered through testing in-game by myself.  This section if for that other
    2% (and in case some one contributes in the future).
    Thanks to:
    en.wikipedia.org, for having info that helped me positively identify the type
    of AK, MP5 and grenade in the game.
    world.guns.ru, for helping identify the type of MP5, AK, and shotgun, as well
    as being a great and reliable source of info since I first discovered it two 
    years ago.
    aluding fox, for helping to identify the Combat Shotgun.
    Greg Johnson, for help with identifying the Sniper Rifle.
    Anonymous, for help with identifying the Sniper Rifle.
    Rivermouth93, for pointing out a more accurate name for the SMG.
    rbhardware_05, for helping with the SMG's real name.
    GameFaqs.com, for hosting this guide and providing info about how to write
    this guide.
    Super Cheats.com, for hosting this guide.
    neoseeker.com, for hosting this guide.
    All of the people that helped create GTA IV, without them I would have alot
    more spare time.
    And of course, you the reader and fellow player, for no reason other than 
    giving this guide purpose.  I hope you play on the X-Box 360 so I can 
    continue to massacre all of the PS3 players with my techniques. :D
    ========================++++++VERSION HISTORY++++++==========================
    ****VERSION 1****
    (Release Version)
    ****VERSION 1.01****
    (Small mistake corrected, copyright info expanded and updated and thanks 
    ****VERSION 1.1****
    (Small mistakes corrected, updated gas lines info, added large propane tanks 
    as a hazard, updated fire hydrant info, updated debris info, updated combat 
    shotgun info, updated SMG info, updated sniper rifle info, updated thanks,
    added 2 tips to "all-around section, added one tip to vehicle section.)
    ****VERSION 1.2****
    (Added one tip to vehicle section, updated thanks.)
    ****VERSION 1.3****
    (Added vehicle tip on Enforcer, updated sniper rifle name, updated SMG name
    and description, updated info on M4, updated contact info, updated info on 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances without my permission 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2008 Christopher Nordt
    The only sites that have permission to use this guide are:
    Super Cheats (http://www.supercheats.com/index.htm)
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)
    Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/)
    For permission to use this guide email at chrisspadesfaqs(AT)aol.com.  If 
    this guide is being hosted at any place other than the ones listed, please 
    notify me.

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