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"Best. GTA. Ever."

Graphics- 10

I know I will get some funny looks for giving this such a high graphics score, but if you look back at the previous GTA games, then look at GTA IV, the graphic changes is simply amazing, there are better graphics on xbox360 games and most people know that the GTA series has never been known for it's "Top-of-the-class" graphics, but by GTA standards, these graphics are well done. There is so much detail in pretty much everything, the people, the weapons, the environments, the cars, all down to the tires on the bikes, doesn't really get no better than this for a GTA game, Rockstar have really pushed it to the limit, good thing it worked.

Game play- 10

Well gameplay on the surface is very basic. Shoot, kill, steal, save and repeat, that's only on the surface though. Although the above things are still in(Well it's grand theft auto, what were you excpecting?) Rockstar have made this game alot more realistic this time around, Niko can't run around like some super human, he can't fall of a rooftop and go jog it off. Nope, Niko and everyone around him acts realistically to the things around them, one of the reasons I love this game so much is just how much has been added to make it more realistic. There is pretty much everything you'd see in a modern day city in this game, from the people actually wearing helmets when wearing bikes to the people hanging on back of a garbage truck gathering bags

Sound- 10

Soundtrack first of, no matter what, there IS something you will like on the game's soundtrack, there is no biased amount of each genre of music on each radio station, from old school hip-hop, to death metal. From soul music to music in some foreign langague(Not quite sure what langague it is, so I'l just leave it at that) There is no way you can completely hate this soundtrack, if I'm being honest. As for the gameplay sounds, there's not really much I can say except everything sounds exactly how it's meant to sound, firing a AK sounds like how a AK would in real life, screeching to a halt in a car is exactly how it would be if done in real life and so on

Story- 10

I'm sure the majority of you have seen the GTA trailers, or at least read the brief story overview of the game, but if you not, the storyline is Niko(Main character) moves to Liberty City because his cousin(Roman) tells him how he's living the "American dream" and how great his life is since living there, Niko gets there and it's nothing like that. He also founds out Roman has managed to get himself in alot of trouble. That's the basic outline of the story in a nutshell, as you can except from a grand theft auto game there are many complications and plot twists along the way, but I will avoid any mention of those due to spoilers

Replay value- 8

Replay value, as of writing this review, I haven't actually finished the missions through at least once, so I cant really give a fully accurate opinion on replay value in the game, but I'm going to give replay value a 8. For one, the missions last a very long time in my opinion, so that will keep you going for a long time, possibly even a few weeks if you don't play much a day... After you've completed though, of course there is things to do, the sort of stuff you'd except from grand theft auto. The hidden packages,(Now called flying rats I believe) the races, the odd easter egg and there's also some added side missions, such as the delievery missions and others I'll leave you to find out on your own. The reason I didn't give the replay value a 6 instead of a 8 is down to one thing, achievements. Some people obsess over achievements, others don't care, but regardless of how you look it, achievements add extra gameplay time, although some are quite odd(Such as flying a helicopter under a bridge 14 times) achievements are still a fun addition to add to this already amazing game.

Buy/rent: Definite buy and I'm not saying that based on the fact you wont beat it on the rental time, this is the game you will come back and play again and again, this is the game you will play just to admire it.

This is truely a huge step from the previous games, thankfully Rockstar have definitely taken a step in the right direction

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/05/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (EU, 04/29/08)

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