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"GTA IV Finally has come of age and your invited to the party"

I like most people have been waiting with baited breath for months now for the release of GTA IV. It is a genuine pleasure to be able to say that the wait has been worth it. Rockstar have proved just how good game developers can be and should be justly proud of this spectacular game.

Graphically this has really come on when you compare it to the previous games. The city is literally crawling with people and cars there seem to be no limit to the number that can appear on screen at any one time. Everything feels more solid now and has a realism to it that has been missing somewhat in the past. It's a grittier more realistic world. The addition of a large number of interiors is a real bonus you can now play pool, darts, bowling or watch a cabaret act. Or how about a private dance at a lap dancing club, just the one dance will really show you how far the game has advanced it costs $60 dollars a dance but trust me it's worth it. The people you encounter are more expressive then we have seen before even people in the street will look at you with undisguised terror or revulsion depending on how you behave. The city looks great from the vendors selling hot dogs to skyscrapers covered in neon and everything in between and the attention to detail is breathtaking. Even right down to the way litter blows down the street after the pedestrians have finished with what they are holding and toss it away. Cars look great at have shiny pristine bodywork that smashes up and a particularly satisfying way. And the way a pedestrian is slams into a car and crumples will make you wince the first time you see it. The only real let down is it can be very dark. At night it can be almost impossible to find your way around but even a dingy alleyway during the day can be tough. No one not even Rockstar seem to know why this has been happening to so many people it does not seem to have been picked up during testing. But they are looking into it and hopefully will rectify it soon.

When I think of sound I quite naturally think first of the radio. It's difficult to imagine just how they got so many songs onto one disk. The selection is as always varied you will never be short of things to listen to as your driving along. City sound is also excellent. Passers by chatter to themselves and each other and even on mobile phones. this is well worth listening to as it provides moments of utter comedy gold. There's very little else to say. GTA has always had excellent sound and this one is no exception.

Utterly totally and completely brilliant. There is so much to do. The missions are the ever familiar driving and shooting type. But that's what I want when I put on this game so it's nice to see they have no played about too much with a winning formula. But its all the other things you can do that raise this game above the rest. All the activities available. Some I covered in the graphics section but there are so many more. One thing that really stuck out for me was the television in your flat. With many channels to choose from there are whole host of programmes to watch. I recommend the republican space cartoon show. A brilliant but biting parody of American foreign policy. As always prostitutes are available for your pleasure. This time they charge different amounts for different services and you see the prostitutes in very suggestive positions. This is as close to sex being displayed in computer games as I think we are likely to get for some time. The police are a much tougher challenge this time round but you have a much better chance of evading them. You must loose sight of them and get out of the area. Constantly switching cars or changing from running to driving quickly can all help you escape, it's a much more convincing game of cat and mouse than before.

This review has barely scratched the surface of what is quite simply the most immersing game to date. It will keep you entertained for months. If you own a 360 or a PS3 this game is one you must own. Consoles have finally caught up with what GTA has always wanted to do . the result is a game that will take it's place quite correctly amongst the greatest games of all time. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/05/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (EU, 04/29/08)

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