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Just to start off, this game is amazing. If you have ever liked a previous grand theft auto game, or just like the "sandbox" style game play, this is your game. It holds true to the series while making everything much more realistic. Its a breath of fresh air, providing so much to do constantly, I never know what to do next. I'll just cut to the point though.

Graphics: (9/10) This is what a next gen game should look like. There is so much detail in nearly every aspect of the game. Down to the papers floating around the street, to the dazzling lights as you fly over the city. It has very short loading times, if any, so your never left waiting. The cars look fantastic, heck everything looks fantastic. The only thing that makes it not perfect is some things don;t load "right away" for a second or so, barely noticeable. But still there.

Controls: (7/10) This is what I would consider the weak point of the game. It has new controls, a new aiming system, new driving controls. You get used to it, but theres always just a little something annoying when trying to turn around fast while walking or running. Other than this the driving scene is quite good, although not the best. I got used to it quickly.

Plot: (10/10) Although what seems to be a slow, weak storyline in the beginning grows into an engrossing story. Niko is such a vivid and realistic character. You can't help but grow to like him through the stories missions and characters. Each person you meet has a funny character to them, and each mission further deepens the story. The game even gives you certain choices that can effect you later on, bringing you closer to the games plot.

Sound: (10/10) The sound in GTAIV is what brings the city and all its inhabitants to life. Just walking down the street makes you feel like your standing right in New York City. Every person, even the ones just walking by all have something to say, everyone with a different voice. The voice overs are great, too. Every character really matches, it just all clicks perfect. This is where this game truly shines.

Replayability: (10/10) This game is so deep, its truly amazing. Theres SO much to do. Whether you want to take your girlfriend out for a date to go play some darts, hang out with your cousin and get drunk, do missions for money, search for Police Most Wanted, just cause chaos, or win some money in car races, theres something here for almost everyone. Theres so many things to do I don't know how long it will take me to do everything, if I ever will. This is one of the games you have to buy, not rent. Even after beating the main storyline, it has extra missions from citizens, friends, races, vigilantes, so much to do.

Overall: (9/10) This game is just great. Everything comes together in a good fit, making the overall GTA experience so much more realistic and vivid. Although a step back from the many things to do in San Andreas, its more fitting and relaxed, with much more detail put into ever corner and street. This is a great installment to the series, nearly perfect.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/05/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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