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"Almost like a second life, and it's worth living."

Grand Theft Auto. It is a very popular game series. Created by Rockstar North, it has had monumental success. Finally, after years of waiting, Grand Theft Auto IV has graced our presence. And oh boy, is it a presence worth the attraction.

Gameplay - The best part of the Grand Theft Auto series. It has improved drastically in GTAIV. This is where the, "second life," part comes into play. It's almost like living in a new reality. You can make friends, you have a cell phone, you can watch TV, you can sleep, you can change clothes, you can steal cars, you can kill people, you can have massive shootouts with the police and gangs, you can have sex, you can take girls out on dates, you can get drunk, you can play darts/pool/bowling... The list goes on and on. If doing the story is not your thing, do not fret. There is enough to do in this game, that it is still worth buying, let alone renting. (10/10)

Multiplayer - Yes, that's right folks, I can actually give a multiplayer rating for Grand Theft Auto IV. Why you ask? Because they finally implemented one of the most brilliant online mechanics ever. This game has 15 different online modes, with up to 16 people playable in each. It is simply unbelievable. If you don't like the games, (which I'm sure you will), you can play Free Mode with your friends, and make up your own games! There is just so much to do! The multiplayer feature is one of the attributes on your cell phone. Finally, GTA has brought us something that everyone has been craving. They did it dead-on too. It's to die for. (10/10)

Graphics - This is the toughest thing to vote on. No one agrees with anyone else when it comes to graphics. It doesn't matter what game it is. There are some games that are undeniably gorgeous, that still get criticized. Well, in my opinion, the graphics in this game are amazing. It looks just like New York. The game's weather effects are simply incredible as well. Once you see it rain, you will be amazed. It really looks like real life. The buildings, time square, pretty much all of the main highlights in New York are so immerseful, and look so real. It's one of the best graphical games on Xbox 360. Rockstar did brilliant when it came to merging graphics with such a massive world. (10/10

Sound - One of the contacts in the game is very hard to understand. I would say his name, but I don't want to spoil anything for any of you reading this whom have never played it. However, besides that, the sound is perfect. The horns of cars in the distance. Helicoptors flying overhead. Cop sirens chasing after other cars. Screaming, and cursing by pedestrians as they run away from gunfire. The radio stations, and the television are also very neat, and sound real. (10/10)

Story - The bread and butter of the GTA series. This time around, you can actually build up your relationships with contacts as you progress through the game. There are many cool, decisive decisions in the story as well. It really sucks you in this time, and is easily the best so far in the GTA world. Niko Bellic has an interesting life, and some interesting friends. It's up to you to find out for yourself. (10/10)

Overall - The best game in the series, hands down. If you like killing people, making love to women, going to strip clubs, making friends with people, watching television with your hands down your pants, and sleeping in your clothes, then this is the game for you. It is an amazing feat, and Rockstar really showed they could accomplish the best game ever. It has lived up to the hype, and I hope you enjoy it. (10/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/12/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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