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"Ignore The Haters. GTA4 IS a great game."

It has been exactly one month since the release of GTA4 and I have been through it twice. I think I am qualified to give a thorough review of this game. My conclusion is as follows:

Story - Second to none. The tale of Niko Bellic is extremely compelling with player decisions that have a profound effect on the game. You must play the game through twice to get the full experience. I can think of no other game before or since that actually provoked an emotional response from me. I actually regretted some of my actions and vowed to be different on my next play through.

Graphics - This is a favorite target for the haters. All I have to say is, walk down the streets of Algonquin and just look around. The size, scope, and detail of the city easily forgives character textures or the odd pop-up. How on earth anyone could find fault with anything graphically in this game when standing on the corner of GTA4's version of Times Square is beyond me.

Sound/Voice Acting - The talent and attention to detail is very evident here. The literally hundreds of different voices interacting around the city never ceases to amaze me. The character voice work is excellent as well. To compare the voice work in GTA4 to any other video game would be an insult. Only Bioshock would even be in the conversation. More likely the dialogue in GTA4 would be compared to a feature motion picture.

Game play - Terrific. The shooting mechanic has been upgraded and it shows. many complain about the driving. It is fine, they just need to get better at it. The replay value is off the charts. You should be able to get 80+ hours of game play just out of the single player campaign alone. When you add the multi-player facet to the mix you get a ton of entertainment for a mere $60. I boggles the mind that someone will pay that same $60 for a clearly lesser game without complaint but this masterpiece gets constant criticism. Frankly, GTA4 is a bargain at double the price!

In conclusion, I fail to see how any gamer can not enjoy the humor, the action, and the engrossing world of Liberty City. Any flaws in the game are more the fault of the 360, rather than the brilliant offering of Rockstar games. When you stop and consider the breadth and depth of this game, I defy anyone to point out a similar experience on any console, anywhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/30/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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