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"Not as good as expected to be, but still fun."

Don't get me wrong, the game itself can be pretty fun and a good way to pass the time, but the game has its flaws as well. In this review I will be rating all the aspects of the game, as well as telling why I rated them like I did. Let's get right down to it.

Game play - 7/10

I'm going to be honest here. The game amazed me with its mechanics and how realistic they made things. You can actually fly through the windshield whenever your car crashes into a wall, and people actually react to certain body parts whenever you shoot them there; however, there were certain things that disappointed me with the game play and features. For starters, they removed a good lot of what made things fun in the previous games such as the rhino tank, jet pack, airplanes, and one of my personal favorites: the pedestrians riot cheat. I don't understand why they had to remove things. They should have just kept those fun things and added new ones. Also, the weapons arsenal doesn't exactly speak for itself. Only TWO melee weapons(excluding fists)? Wow. But despite the negatives, the game can get pretty fun once you find something you like about it. I like having shootouts with the cops inside the hospital and that can actually be rather fun, as well as hopping on a motorbike and just doing insane stunts. Overall, the game play is fun but the fun features that were in the past games were taken out and that is very disappointing.

Sound & Music - 2/10

Boy, if there is one thing that didn't impress me about this game, it is the music. Whenever I hop into a car I just shift through the radio stations to find one that isn't garbage. Most of the stuff on the radio is boring and not very adrenaline-pumping. The gunshots don't even sound that real. The radio in the previous games was enjoyable and had some pretty decent songs, but in this one I was only able to find about 2 halfway decent songs. They really could have put more thinking into this concept, because music is one thing that can really boost your playing, especially when being chased by the cops or doing a "rush to this location" mission.

Graphics - 9/10

All I can say is, best of all the GTA games. The graphics were amazing. I liked how decent the weather effects were and how realistic things look in the game. The cars all look nice, no matter how bad the car may be, as well as the bikes and helicopters. Although, there was one flaw I didn't like. I didn't like how the guns looked, to be honest. A lot of them look like toys and fire like them too. Some people would probably disagree with me here, but I'm just giving my honest opinion here on the weapons; they look bad.

Story - 6/10

I'll admit, the story did have some good details in it, but overall it was just kinda "meh". I won't go too deep into the story, and won't spoil anything for you, but basically you're a foreigner coming to America to escape to a better country and live a better life, and to look for some "work". The main thing I don't like is the city itself. You're in Liberty City, the same city as GTA3, however it looks absolutely nothing like the old city. None of the districts are named after the old city and none of the aspects of the old city apply to this new one.

Overall - 6/10

I like the game. I still play it, because I can find things that are amusing and keep me busy for hours, but in all honesty they could have done a lot better with this game. The sequel we've all been waiting for? Not quite. A fun game still? Yeah I'd say so. I just wish they had touched up the game a lot more before they released it. So much more was needed. My advice is to try it out before you actually buy it, because you may or may not be satisfied.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/18/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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