Review by SwaggeringCuban

"This is it? Seriously?"

After all the hype this is what they give us?

First of all, lets face facts, this is a GTA game and must be compared to its predecessors.
I didn't like San Andreas, they tried to much and only some of it came off. But the good stuff, like planes, customizable body-type/hair, leveling up, driving school, gang wars got discarded.

As did color and humor. Seriously I took my game back to the store and they told me it was meant to be gray ALL the time. People say New York actually is gray and dull. Great. I am so glad they transferred all the most boring aspects of New York city into this game. Well done.

Also after playing this game for about 20 minutes, you realise people call your cell phone ever 3 seconds, this is rather annoying, but the most annoying thing is that you wont have any idea what they are saying, for the following reasons:

1. You are driving, the engine is making noise.
2. The radio is on.
3. The game only slightly lowers the ambient noise when you get a call.
4. Everyone in this game has a hokey "I vant to suck ur bludd" accent.
5. Your Xbox is on, so you can't hear anything anyway.

Sure you can turn on subtitles and turn off the radio, but part of the fun of GTA games is the radio, and if I wanted to read I'd go to the library and play Phoenix Wright.

Even your weapons are more limited now. The only BIG weapon left is the bazooka. I can understand getting rid of the useless flamethrower and mini gun, but who didn't love the M60? Destroying cars takes a LONG time too, you can shoot a care like 300 times and it wont blow up.

The storyline isn't funny like Vice City or over the top like San Andreas, it's pretty dull. Without giving too much away you are on some kind of vague revenge quest against some guys who you never see and you have no idea what they did or why. On the way you meet lots of people from behind the iron curtain.

The trials and tribulations of eastern european immigrants don't really interest me very much to be honest. People want to play games about Americans. Maybe Eastern Europeans play this game, maybe not. I don't know, frankly I don't WANT to know.

Graphics-wise the game looks good. It's like Rockstar spent the last few years exclusively working on graphics and nothing else, because that's the only thing that's improved.

Sound is poor in this game. The radio is probably the worst since GTA3 I turned it off. Not a single good song and the talk shows and commercials have lost all their humor. it's like Rockstar think overusing swearwords and more obvious in your face, preschool jokes are better than actual satire and wit.

Gameplay - triggers for accelerating/braking, I like the new drive by system, the phone in some respects is a great innovation.

Storyline - after a while I just skipped it, totally boring.

Overall 4/10. Rather play Vice City any day of the week. VROCK FOR LIFE

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/01/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (EU, 04/29/08)

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