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"A solid game, but dont buy into the hype"

I remember getting this game at the midnight release after driving home I played the game for hours. After the initial shock wore off I thought "Was it worth the hype?"

Graphics 10/10
This is game strong point. Everything in this game is absolutely stunning. The city actually feels like it is alive. At night the city lights up. The weather effects are beautiful while it is raining you can actually see the rain pelting your windshield. When its sunny you can see the reflection of the sun on glass. All the citizens look different from one another. Explosions look great. The fire effects are great. In short everything in this game looks amazing,

Sound 10/10
This is another one of the games strong point. If you just take a moment and walk around the city you can hear citizens carrying out conversations. All the talk shows are hilarious from start to finish. The guns finally sound like actual guns, and they did a great job with that.

Story 10/10
The story in this game is probably the best out of all the GTA's. You play an immigrant named Niko Bellic who is fresh off the boat from Europe meeting up with his cousin Roman, you slowing discover the underground crime of Liberty City. As the story progresses you learn about why Niko wanted to escape his past in Europe. The story really draws you in.

Gameplay 5/10

Now the biggest part of the game is where it lacks the most. All the missions have been done before in previous GTA's and they just keep going them going on this installment. They have added the ability to have relations with other characters. At first it seems like a welcome change but after a while it get tedious and boring. Though alot of the missions might change when Rockstar releases DLC, but until now 5/10

Multiplayer 6/10

Now a lot of the hype came from multiplayer. Though its fun with friends alot of the game types such as Deathmatch depend alot on your Internet connection. Most of the games just besides free play feel as if they were added in last minute. If you and your friend crash a car, most of the time only the driver will be able to see the damage, though its not a big deal it still takes away from some of the fun. Another thing that is really annoying is the community, im not putting this into the score but I still think it needs to be mentioned. You always have one person who will run around and kill people even if everybody else is killing cops or trying to do something fun, which can really take away from the fun.

So in the end it is an enjoyable game but it deffinatly was not Rockstars best.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/09/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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