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"One small step for Rockstar, and one giant step for GTA"

First things first, I picked this jewel of a game up about 2 days after release. I had to fight hordes of shoppers to get it, and boy was it worth it! GTA IV has recieved unprecedentedly positive rviews and is universally acclaimed as a perfect game. Here is my completely honest review for GTA IV

STORY: 10/10
This game has the most mature story in the GTA series. You're Nikko Bellic, the rough-in-tough Baltic immigrant fresh off the boat in the land of freedom. Your cousin, Roman, Sent you emails about how life in Liberty City was the American Dream. You read these emails, and you came to experience it yourself. Turns out, your cousin lied! He's actually a very poor person, with a cramped apartment in Liberty City's poorest neighborhood. Eventually, you and your cousin experience the darkness that follows when you don't have money in the City of Happiness. You get dragged into a criminal underworld, doing hits to get a little cha-ching, smuggling drugs, all the bad things.

Great graphics were expected, mega awesome graphics were given! The city has sooooo much detail, from cracks in buildings, to the graffiti on the walls. You'll occasionally notice some pop-up, or unloaded textures, but oh well. The citizens all look insanely detailed. The water is ,simply put, amazing. It reflects in real time, and moves incredibly realistically.

The controls are all mapped to a button that feels great. Car handling is extremely realistic, thanks to Rockstar's RAGE engine, which is also found in Midnight Club Los Angeles. Then there is Euphoria, the physics engine. It does absolute wonders on rendering deaths after a burst of machine gun fire. The rag-doll provided seems alot more natural than other games. The best example of this is the good ol' drunk sequences. Phone up a friend and hit up a bar. Then you stumble out, drunk as a fairy. I bet you 100 dollars you won't be ABLE TO WALK WITHOUT TRIPPING OVER SOMETHING. It's even better when you land on a pedestrian.

Sound: 8/10
I think the actual sound effects are realistic as can be. I just didn't like the music selection found this time around. In the other games, I always had at least 20 songs I liked, In this one, I have like 7. The voices are simply superb. Citizens say funny ass dialogue when something happens. The accents sound authentic too. You'll hear some Russian, Spanish, and some American accents as you play. . You can also hear a difference in cars. The crappy ones will obviously sound worse than richer looking ones.

FINAL VERDICT: Buy. This. Game.

-Awesome story with moral choices to be made.
-Great graphics
-Funny dialogue

-Always getting run over >.>
Do yourself a favor, and don't listen to those negative reviews. This game kicks ass and every magazine on gaming backs me up.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/04/09

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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