Review by wildcatz08

"Liberty City on Steroids"

Graphics 10/10: Okay so we all know that the 360 has the best graphics in the world. GTA 4 is no exception. This game is detailed in every way. The main character Nico's every move is shown with accurate detail from the expressions on his face to the way he struts when he means business. The vehicles for this game are defined. Even the secondary characters in this game look real (the police will be the main secondary characters :)

Story 9/10: I give the story a 9 only because I thought it was too easy to beat and it was very discombobulated. The mini missions where the gamer can choose which person to accept a mission from are very independent. They follow a story line but they all have their own independent goals from each other. It's great if the gamer likes the separate smaller missions but will be a bit of a disappointment if the gamer was expecting a long continuous connected story line.

Sound 10/10: From the roar of the engine of a bad ass sports car to the sound of a machine gun being fired by a trigger happy gangster the sound is incredible in Grand Theft Auto 4. I think this game did an exceptional job of making the gamer feel like he/she is on the streets of liberty city. The strong accent Nico and his cousin Roman have give the game even more richness in sound.

Difficulty 8/10: Although Nico does have to go through very tough missions at times where literally the whole city is nipping at his heels the game can be beaten quite quickly if the gamer saves regularly. I would say with a commitment of 4 hours a day this game can be beaten in less than 2 weeks.

Characters 10/10: This to me is the best part of the game. This game offers a variety of characters from the cocky but bizarre Bruce to the strong and sarcastic main character of Nico. Nico will meet many different characters throughout the story: some will betray him, some will help him, and some will die at his hands. The character depth and uniqueness is fresh and rich. It makes the story that much better and adds a few laughs along the way.

Overall 9/10: Overall I would say that GTA 4 is a must play game for anybody who likes a good 3rd person shooter/driving game. Once the story line is over there is still plenty to do with the mini missions such as racing. It is a game that can be played for hours and if you get sick of shooting people or blowing up things that's okay, just drive around. Jack a car or a bike and late at night find a prostitute. The gamer will feel right at home. Buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/30/10

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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