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GTA IV: Hype and hysteria, don't be charmed.(single player review)05/28/08angelGP32
Fanboys will hate me for this....05/27/08BoyLover X
Fun at some points, but after the inital shock wears off, it feels like a step backwards06/02/08CannabisLecter
Let us pretend, for a minute, that this game was not called "GTA4". seems to suddenly be universally panned!05/18/09cantibacterial
Well... it's different.12/09/08Richtor
It's hard to get much better than this.05/06/08SlurptasticJive
Great game, but it has its flaws.05/12/08Wraith313
GTA IV won't meet the hype. A pretty average game overall.07/17/08Achristianskate
King of the Sandbox05/15/08AK_the_Twilight
People begin GTA IV expecting plenty of laughs and maybe some hookers. What they get is an unforgettable story of a lost Russian immigrant.05/19/14Archmonk Iga
The Series Matures… And Loses Its Soul in the Process07/19/10BloodGod65
far from perfect, and not very close to great12/18/09dante1st
GTA4 -- Friend or Foe?05/08/08DarkSoldier
A Decent Title Caught in the Hype Machine12/08/08dradsre
Same old, same old.06/13/08GodOfWarFanatic
Make Your Decision05/19/08horror_spooky
After All the Hype, Is It Worth It?05/12/08jmd777
Grand Theft Auto IV, a game you can't afford to pass.02/09/09jofan16
Grand Theft Auto 4 is an invitation to experience the wonderful possibilities of Liberty City and its underground world.05/24/17Junior_AIN
Hours of gameplay, but the serious story replaces some of the fun.09/03/08kennykaos317
The best Grand Theft Auto to date.05/21/08kiriyama2
Making even the small moments memorable.05/12/08MeIchiah
I'm in a Liberty City state of mind...nah, that doesn't sound right...08/06/12nastynate3118
Step into another world, into another life...08/22/08nintendosega
GTA starts to feel a wee bit old02/17/09Osafune2
I ordered fries with that; where are they?05/27/08p0lar_bear
Grand Theft Auto 4 Review (360)08/21/08Reuptake
The series that never got it quite right.07/28/08RingsOfUranus
Ironic. The Euphoria engine does everything but make me happy05/26/11roadlizard
Sucker Punch05/27/08Rottenwood
Solid game that is lacking too much = 7.605/16/08Slawdigi
If I Wanted Reality, I Wouldn't Play Games01/26/10thirtyninesteps
Proof that realism does not equal fun.10/24/13TKDBoy1889
Not A Bad Game By Any Means... Just Doesn't Feel "Next-Gen"05/06/08YamiYaj

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Feels like a logical progression from the previous games, nothing more05/05/08CocoaPistolero
As expected, a good game09/29/08BlackbeltB
Best. GTA. Ever.05/05/08BlazeJordan648
Good, not great and not nearly brilliant enough05/20/08bryannm
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SOCCER MOM...05/30/08cadet_stimpy
An Excellent Addition!01/05/09CorneliousJD
Ignore The Haters. GTA4 IS a great game.05/30/08DarkElf2112
Grand Theft Auto or Suck Barrow Bicycle06/16/08DerkaJeehod
One small step for Rockstar, and one giant step for GTA03/04/09Dethcloxy
A Brand New Standard Has Been Set04/30/08dizzyjay2
Stunning visuals and an amazing storyline makes this game a masterpiece.12/14/09Dragon66116
A Fun Experience Hampered by its Storyline12/05/08Hurgle77
So many little things can make an already good game great!05/01/08Ignoranc3
A step back for Rockstar, definitely overhyped.07/28/08imationdaman
Another great GTA, but with so many things missing.05/09/08imthejugganautB
A solid game, but dont buy into the hype07/09/08javit4
You guys need to cut GTA IV some slack06/13/08jreed1337
Grand Theft Auto 4: The Most Overrated Game of All-Time05/12/08kayray44
Gaming forever has been changed.05/05/08Kuuten
Style over Substance08/25/10Lord_Mataeus
I used to hate sandbox crime games, then I met Niko Bellic07/02/09MantleNotMouse
A Good Game but a move in the wrong direction.02/19/09Mephistofun
For all of it's flaws it stands as a notable peice of art from this era. (minor spoilers about plot)06/08/09MortimerBrewstr
GTA IV Finally has come of age and your invited to the party05/05/08mushandin
The detail's in the devil.01/14/09neonreaper
Good Game07/15/08oisrhgt8947
A living entity. Almost perfect. Almost.05/05/08PatrickRes9
Why GTA 4 is the best in the series so far.09/22/09roboc94
Grand Theft Auto 4. So good, even Jack Thompson is playing it.05/15/08satinangora
Still the game you love just with a little less than before.07/07/08seRIOusly_kool
Once again, a solid GTA.08/05/08seRlOusly_kool
This is my favorite game of all time, and it is for a reason.08/05/09Sk8ordie985
Good driver, bad shooter.09/25/13SquallEX8
Jack of all trades, Master of none07/21/09sravankb
This is it? Seriously?07/01/08SwaggeringCuban
Not as good as expected to be, but still fun.06/18/08TheStealthMan
GTA4 - Two steps forward, two steps back.05/19/08Thirdrail1
Great game, but not spectacular.05/05/08thisispurecrap
Flawed but Spectacular08/11/08Titan343
This game isn't perfect... it's the closest thing to it.05/09/08Udiie
Viper619's GTA IV Review05/05/08Viper619
Liberty City on Steroids06/30/10wildcatz08
Almost like a second life, and it's worth living.05/12/08XDeragusX

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