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"Another port of Sonic 1, but luckily, it's not screwed up"

Ah Sonic, those old screenshots of the Genesis games practically define my childhood. Sadly, those are the only Sonic games anyone is gonna want to remember. We have here yet another port of Sonic's first outing, but this time done right. No glitches, no ineffective powerups, just good ol' Sonic, as you remember him.

Surprisingly, while still old, the graphics look nice, especially with the new smoothing option added in. Nothing really new though. The water in Zone 1 still glistens as beautifully as ever, Sonic's whirlybird feet spin as fast as before, and the bonus stages are as psychedelic as they were the first time we experienced them.

Grade: B- - (does that count as a double negative?)

Again this seems to be arguably the same. But if you grew up with Sonic, how can you not want to listen to "Seeaagaaa!" and then the main theme, no matter what form it's in? Still, the sound remains crisp and adds the perfect touch and atmosphere to the levels, as always.

Grade: C+

This first entry into Sonic's convulted game-ography identifies why Sega was giving Nintendo and it's red-hatted plumber a run for it's money. The game functions by only moving the analog stick and pressing "A", but yet, it sucks you in. The signature speed is there, as it should be, with no teammates, no uzis in your hands. It's as Sonic was supposed to be. Yet again, this port features bare-bones extras, only adding the typical Xbox Live treatment: Leaderboards and Achievements. They do have one more feature however, saving gamers everywhere from a lot of frustration. The ability to save anywhere. Yes, that's right, even awful gamers like myself can finally beat the old school Sonic games! Of course, there was a similar option in the Mega Collection a few years back but never as useful as this.

Grade: A

Overall: B-
This is a nice nostalgic piece of gaming history and perfect for anyone who's only played the mediocre releases of the last decade. However, if you played the ports before (e.g. Mega Collection, Genesis Plug'N'Play) then you wouldn't be missing anything. Still, $5 is a good price and I can't wait for any more old Genesis releases, especially the gem of Sega, Sonic 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/16/07

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